Tracy Porter

Poetic Wanderlust With Tracy Porter

Add a warm bohemian vibe to any room of your home with Tracy Porter‘s collection of bedding, dinnerware, rugs and décor, new to BTR Home!

Tracy Porter Style

Tracy Porter’s signature globally-inspired, emotionally-engaging designs capture a spirited blend of modern and soulful. From home décor to fashion, Tracy offers the world an enchanting fantasy. Her exuberant colors and pattern combinations offer an element of surprise as they are layered with whimsical flirty touches, as well as vintage and folkloric elements all kissed with a bit of bohemian elegance.

Boho Chic Style

Tracy’s enthusiastic message paired with her easygoing style have garnered her a following that spans women of all ages who crave a stylish voice, encouraging them to be true to themselves and follow their passions. Her soulful approach to living in the countryside with her husband and business partner, John, and their four rascally boys, continues to inspire her design process.

Poetic Wanderlust

As a style expert, Tracy has appeared on numerous television shows, including Oprah, HGTV and E!Style. Tracy has also been featured in multiple magazines including O, House Beautiful, ELLE, Traditional Home, Better Home & Gardens, Family Circle and many others. Tracy also written numerous lifestyle books and is currently writing her next home design book.

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Sam Shuter Portrait

Artist of the Month: Sam Shuter

Looking to add a bold splash of color to your life? Check out the lively work of Toronto-based artist Sam Shuter! Inspired by powerful risk-takers and driven by vibrant colors, her original, distinctive and collectible pieces combine contemporary energy with timeless trends.

IMG_1037.JPG - Version 2

Originally from Montreal, Samara Marlee Shuter is known for her striking paintings of men’s suits. Her large-scale pieces fuse stylized figurative work with intricately abstracted patterns. The result is unexpectedly powerful and playful; with strong colors, bold linework, and energetic wittiness.


Attracted to symmetry and color, her current work displays themes of purpose, productivity and power, making it the perfect addition to any Mad Men-inspired room, while offering a fresh, cutting-edge update on the classic style.


She’s made a name for herself working with companies such as Harry Rosen, Timberland Shoes, Facebook, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Toronto International Film Festival, and has displayed her artwork at The Rockefeller Centre. Another reason to support her work? She contributes regularly to charity, most recently auctioning her American flag-themed piece entitled “1776” to support The Bronx Museum of the Arts via Paddle 8. Shuter currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada, but displays her artwork globally.

Support the arts! Check out Sam Shuter’s website, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, and shop high-end prints as well as her very own limited edition coloring book on BTR today!

Katie on BTR

Date Night-Ready: Q&A With Katie Maloney

You’ve seen her flair for fashion on Vanderpump Rules, as well as on her own personal blog, Pucker and Pout. Today, she’s taking questions and offering her expertise for some red hot inspiration for date night done right! With Valentine’s Day approaching, read on for some handy tips to look and feel your best.


Congratulations on your recent engagement! Will we get to see any bridal fashion sneak peeks on upcoming episodes of Vanderpump Rules?
A. Thank you so much! It’s been a long road for Tom and I to get to this point and we are excited about the road ahead of us! I have yet to begin my journey towards finding a dress so you won’t catch any of that this season on VR but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever see it, somehow, some way!

How do you pamper yourself and de-stress before getting ready to look your best?
A. They don’t call it beauty rest for nothing. That’s the first thing I make sure happens; getting plenty of rest really shows on your skin. I love to do face masks, especially ones that target pores. Cleaning out your pores really makes a huge difference in your complexion and leaves less work to be done in the makeup department. Also, I instantly feel my best when my nails are freshly painted and looking good!

Katie Maloney

As we all know, you work at SUR resto in LA. How do you transform yourself when you’re done your shift and ready to hit the town?
A. Luckily, it’s encouraged at SUR that we come to work looking our best, beyond having a clean uniform. I like that I can take pride in myself and put on makeup and do my hair before work. So after my shift I simply throw on a different outfit, powder my nose and sweep on some lipstick and I’m ready to party!

Is it possible to achieve a bold red lip that still looks kissable? Does your fiancé Tom like when you wear makeup, or does he prefer an understated, natural look?
A. It’s an art form to master, but it’s totally possible to achieve and maintain a red lip that is kissable and won’t transfer to your make-out buddy. First, you want to exfoliate your lips. I cannot stress that enough, no lipstick looks kissable on dry crusty lips. I do this in the shower with a washcloth – just gently rub lips until smooth. Also, you can apply some Vaseline, let it sit for a few minutes, and then with a clean tooth brush or mascara wand, gently exfoliate until all the dead skin is gone. Then I like to apply a lip stain. I feel that even if the lipstick wears off, you still have color underneath. Next, I use a matte lip pencil to line my lips and then I fill in my lips with the same pencil. This helps hold color longer. Next, I use a matte long-wear liquid lipstick. Finally, I top it off with a gloss, but only in the center of my lips for a nice shine.
Tom loves when I wear my hair off my face in a bun or braids, and loves bold eyeliner. Then he says a pair of joggers is hot. Haha!

Katie flaunts her fave BTR finds.

Katie flaunts her fave BTR finds.

What tips would you give to those looking to take the perfect couple’s selfie?
A. The girl has to take it. Most guys really struggle with pictures, I’m not sure why. Tom gets a little bashful taking selfies and usually ends up mid-talking so I resort to having him kiss me on the cheek. I am no expert, but we usually nail it on the first or second try I think!

Did you tune into last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules? Leave us your thoughts in the comments! See more of Katie on Instagram and Facebook, and don’t forget to check out her blog to see her in some of BTR’s hottest finds, and make sure to get the look with Vanderpump-inspired fashion, footwear, and beauty events on BTR today!


#ShareTheLove 14 days of Valentine’s Giveaways

Love is in the air and we’re looking to share our good vibes! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re doing 14 days of great giveaways over on Instagram. Our first daily prize will be a pair of Michael Kors watches for him & her.

Follow these steps for a chance to #win!
✧ Follow @beyondtherack on Instagram
✧ Tag 3 friends
✧ Use hashtag #ShareTheLove

Winners will be announced here on the blog on February 1st. Good luck to all!

Best & Worst of The Golden Globes 2016

As we all know, red carpet events like the Golden Globes are as much about the fashion sightings as they are about the awards! Check out some of the star-studded outfits from last night’s magic; below are our some of our favorite looks, as well as some… questionable ensembles.

Totally on Point

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander

We’re seriously in love with this cross back Louis Vuitton gown with its classic cut and pleated skirt. An instantly timeless look we’re sure to see more of in seasons to come.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law’s bold choice of color popped out among a sea of pale neutrals last night. We’re also loving the unexpected geometric construction of this Prada dress, complimenting her ultra-toned physique.

Laverne Cox

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

All-white dresses were among the hottest trends of the evening. Laverne made the look her own with an understated dress, bold burgundy lip, and timeless ‘do.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Quelle fox! Olivia’s classic understated cut is anything but boring with its rich, garnet hue, sharply plunging neckline, and all-over shimmer detailing.

Missed the Mark

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

We don’t blame Kate for wanting to flaunt her killer abs, but this dress feels more like an adolescent throwback to our 90’s Spice Girls obsession.

Eva Longoria

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

What’s up with this weird neckline? Eva’s usually on-point with her red carpet look, but we can’t help but think that maybe her grandma picked this one out.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

It’s liberating to go a little wilder with wardrobe selections, however, Cate is way too gorgeous to be wearing such a matronly gown.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

Another unfortunate miss, Jane’s dress looks like a well-intentioned wedding cake, though the final result is more kids’ birthday clown. The frilly confection of a neckline completely overpowers her feminine frame.

Did you tune into the Golden Globes last night? What were some of your favorite looks? Leave us a note in the comments!


Tips For A Healthy New Year from Sean and Catherine Lowe

2015 was a busy year for America’s favorite Bachelor, Sean Lowe and his wife, Catherine. With his book launch “For the Right Reasons” in January and follow up book tour then his guest appearance on the show “Celebrity Wife Swap” it’s been a busy 2015! Throw in the adjustment to being husband and wife and you have a stacked schedule. So how do they ensure they keep their health in mind amid all the chaos? Find out below!

It’s a New Year, do you have any fitness goals for 2016?

A. Yes, definitely we really want to focus on leading an overall healthy lifestyle. It’s easy when you’re busy to let things slide and give into food choices that are not so great. (Sean has a weakness for pizza while Catherine loves Thai noodles). For us it is about staying active, healthy and connected to each other.


Do you have any tips to share on how to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle?

A. Planning is key. Catherine and I schedule fitness time together at the gym or some other activity, such as hiking or swimming. It makes a big difference when you have a partner who helps hold you accountable. Catherine also loves her classes and is committed to doing a Barre class each week.

You’re both in great shape, and also ambassadors for Hydroxycut. What’s your favorite product that helps keep you on track?

A. Personally, I have a sweet tooth so the gummies are an easy way to satisfy that occasional need for something sweet when I’m on the go. When I’m traveling it’s often challenging to get a quality snack in so I try to have the Lean Protein Shakes or bars handy. They taste great and are low in carbs/fat so I feel satisfied and not guilty about indulging.

Sean_Catherine_lifestyle_041213_075 l_cc

With the New Year here, New Year’s resolutions will be top of mind. Why do you think people often don’t succeed at keeping their resolutions? What do you suggest to help keep them on track?

A. I think a lot of the time, the intention is good but the goal may be a little too lofty. If you’re thinking of a New Year’s resolution related to your health, start small and grow into it. Whether it’s running your first half marathon or simply eliminating certain things from your diet try to bite off the big goal in smaller pieces and in no time you’ll not only find you achieved it but you exceeded your expectations. Those small wins will be what keep you motivated.


8% of Americans are successful in keeping their New Year’s goals up. That’s a staggering statistic. What do you think is the best way to get that number higher?

A. Simplicity. Rewards for milestones, revising when necessary and posting achievements on the fridge are a couple of tips. And switch it up. If you goal is weight loss, for example, maybe running on a treadmill is not appealing. Try swimming or even interval training. Sometimes, it’s those little tweaks or changes to your routine that may help you stay focused on the goal. Catherine and I support each other as much as possible – a fitness partner goes a long way!

Shop Hydroxycut as well as more health and fitness essentials on our site today!

Boxing Day

Behind the Scenes: BTR Boxing Day Teaser

Today’s Boxing Day teaser brings us to the scene of our photoshoot, with model Alisa, and photographers Alexandra and Kane. Looking for an authentic taste of martial arts, our shoot takes us to Sherbatov MMA Center located in Laval, Quebec.


A little attitude goes a long way. Here, we see Alisa posing alongside a punching bag with photographers Alexandra (front) and Kane (right).

With classes in Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Mui Thai, Olympic wrestling, boxing and fitness cardio, Sherbatov MMA Center offers a diverse range of activities for anyone looking to explore the world of martial arts.


In the ring with Alisa, Alex (front) and stylist Chelsea (right).

The center was established by brothers Boris and Yoni Sherbatov, bringing their knowledge of martial arts from Russia and making their name in Quebec.


Alisa, transformed from delicate to dangerous, awaits her next opponent. Who would dare to step into the ring with that fierce gaze?

We want to give a special thank you to Boris and Yoni Sherbatov for graciously allowing us to transform their gym into a short term photo studio, and we encourage anyone looking for a great martial arts or fitness center to check out their site and book a class! You can also visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

Colorful Closet

Organization for the Fashionista: Q&A With Allison Weigensberg

As true fashion lovers can attest, it’s great to have a robust collection, but keeping it neat and tidy is another story, especially with in-between seasonal styles and wishy-washy weather. We consulted with Allison Weigensberg, expert organizer over at Everything in Place, member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, and featured numerous times in The Huffington Post. Save time in the morning and space in your closet with these these nifty tips from the expert!

I don’t want to minimize my wardrobe, but I also have a lot of items that I don’t wear regularly. What’s the secret to streamlining a closet?

A. This really boils down to the saying “out of sight, out of mind”. Morning routines can be rushed, so your natural inclination is to reach for what you can see. If some of your pieces are hiding at the back of the closet, or buried in a drawer they are not going to get used. A great trick is to rotate your clothes. After you wear a piece and wash it, hang it up at the back of the closet. The same tactic can be used for folded items in your drawers, place it at the bottom. This way you’ll slowly be rotating the items you have and bringing the less seen pieces back into the light of day!

Any tips for organizing jewelry, accessories, and other odds and ends?

A. Again, you really want to find a solution that allows you to see what you have. A hanging organizer with clear pockets can be great for bracelets and earrings. If necklaces are really your thing try incorporating them into your decor. A few decorative hooks on the wall or some funky knobs can provide a great place to hang up and display your necklaces.
If you would prefer to have your jewelry still accessible but not out in the open I would try using clear, stackable, compartmentalized trays. They are a great way to maximize your storage space.

Interdesign 16″ Clarity Large Divided Cosmetic Bin

For larger items like belts and scarves you can try a scarf hanger. This is a great way to hang multiple items in the same spot. You can also try combining some shower curtain hooks, or S hooks with the scarf hanger to store belts or other accessories.

How do you manage organizing clothing by season, as well as tricky transitional/unpredictable weather periods?

A. Normally I would advise my clients to put away all their spring and summer clothes as soon as it starts to get chilly in the Fall. This year, especially here in Montreal, the weather has been so all over the place that you pretty much need every season’s clothing handy. If you have the closet space to keep everything together, I say do it. To keep all your pieces organized, I would recommend using labelled closet dividers. This way you can separate your clothes by season within your closet so that you know just what to reach for after you check the day’s weather. You can also get some pretty storage boxes for items that don’t need to be hung up. Store them stacked on the floor in your closet, or on top (if you have a shelf above the rod). Just make sure to use really specific labels on them so you don’t have to go digging through all of them just to find your favorite sweater.

I may or may not have an uncontrollable shoe addiction (although who doesn’t!?). What can I do to keep them organized and accessible?

A. The right shoes can really make an outfit, so having them all organized and accessible is key. It really depends on the space you have to store them. I love using small stacked shelves at the base of the closet. You can save space by placing one shoe forward and one backwards. If you don’t have a lot of floor space think vertical! Shoe organizers that hang in the closet or on the back of the door really help take advantage of otherwise unused space.

If you are blessed with a spacious closet with ample shelving I would opt for clear shoe bins with lids. They’ll help keep them from getting covered in dust and you’ll be able to see your options when picking your perfect shoe for the day’s ensemble.

Is there any hope for those of us cursed with a lack of closet space?

A. A small closet is just a chance to get creative with space! You really want to step back and look at the space you’re not using. Take a good look inside your closet to find those unused walls and corners. The inside of a closet door can be a great spot to install a few hooks or towel bars. Same goes for the dead space at the back or sides of your closet. Some of my favorite go-to products for a small closet are a closet doubler (it’s basically a rod that hangs from your existing rod and doubles your hanging space), space saving hangers (they usually hold 5 items in the place of one hanger and can switch between being hung vertically or horizontally) and also switching out all your hangers to sleeker, slimline ones. You would be surprised how much extra space you can gain in that swap. Plus, having all the same type of hanger looks really nice.

Allison WeigensbergCheck out our site today for more great finds to help you organize your wardrobe and vanity. And don’t forget to check out Allison’s site for so many more great tips and to book your own personalized organization consultation!

My BTR Gift

All I Really Want for Christmas – UPDATE: Winners Announced

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Thanks to everyone for participating! Keep posted for more contests and fun prizes to come!


Black Friday Countdown: The Final Insta-Winners Are…

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