Champagne and Glamour

Elegant Entertaining With Lisa Vanderpump

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Looking for something that will really impress your guests? Add instant allure to your dining experience with BTR’s newest tabletop décor from Lisa Vanderpump! With her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, Lisa is a true businesswoman. We’ve watched her run and creatively design the interiors of successful restaurants such at Villa Blanca, SUR and Pump. From dazzling dinnerware to serving plates and one-of-a-kind glasses, these versatile dining essentials will bring a serene sense of glamour to the table.

Check out the video below for some hot tips from Lisa to help you liven up any tabletop:

Shrimp Cocktail Diamonds, pearls and crystals take the main stage in this season’s sparkling collection. With mix-and-match options, Lisa Vanderpump tabletop décor offers a wide variety of elegance and style for every taste.

The best part about the Vanderpump collection? All of the pieces are meant to be as interchangeable as the occasion calls for! Switch up the chargers and bring on the embellished ice bucket for an upscale reception, or for an intimate gathering, serve your shrimp cocktail, or even your desserts, in a glamorous metallic martini glass – the possibilities are endless!

8-Day-Giveaway Contest Winners!

Every day for 8 days, we gave away a special item from each category to one of our Instagram followers. Congratulations to all of our contest winners!


Louboutin: @sopwhalen

UGG: @sarah_dolz

Luggage: @reinventyourday

Kids: @southerntngirl

Rayban: @greatfulmoments

Beauty: @karenbcase

Duvet: @shamrockshay

Watch: @she_eats_poetry

Simply get in touch with us at to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who participated – we hope you love your new BTR prize!

Making Heat Waves With Summer Braids

Making Heat Waves with Summer Braids

Braided hairstyles are always a hit when heatwaves strike! Classic, bohemian, or even a little punk rock, the perfect braid can take your summer look to the next level – while taking the hair off of your neck. Check out our favorite looks for some hairstyle inspiration.

Boho Braid Crown

Classic Braided Crown

The Classic Crown

Dress it up, dress it down, you can never go wrong with the perfect crown! Work in the full length of your hair for a full updo, or braid the sides into a crown and leave the rest to flow freely.

Flower Braid


Bohemian Flower Power

Give a feminine touch to any braid with fresh-picked flowers. Simply weave some daisies into your braid for a romantic summer style, versatile enough to take you through beach and wedding season.

Punk Perfection

Punky Side Braid

Braided Mohawk

The classic mohawk gets a feminine update with braids and embellishments. You can even achieve the look without shaving your head! Simply braid the sides up for the illusion of short locks, and add a woven chain detail for extra edge.

Fall Sneak Peek Contest Winners

Fall Sneak Peek – Our Contest Winners

This week we showcased some of our fall fashion highlights for a chance to win $100 in BTR credit. We want to thank everyone who participated in voting for your autumn faves.

The winners are:

✿ Day 1 – Sheri Schembri from Facebook
✿ Day 2 – @thefunkycrew from Twitter
✿ Day 3 – Nina Galas from our blog
✿ Day 4 – @zanderbear from Instagram

To claim your prize, simply email us at Congratulations, and happy shopping – we hope you enjoy getting a head start on your fall wardrobe!

Fall Sneak Peek +Win 100 Dollars in BTR Credit – Day 4

Check out today’s fall preview for the chance to win $100 in BTR credit!

Fall Sneak Peek Day 4

Today’s sneak peek features fall fashion for kids and men. Do you prefer the updated classic white button-down? Or casual cozy plaid? Would your little one rock the playground in a dapper red peacoat, or a fun pair of embroidered shoes?

To enter, simply comment here on our blog, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with your favorite look (1, 2, 3 or 4). Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by Friday, July 24, 2015.

Fall Sneak Peek +Win 100 Dollars in BTR Credit – Day 3

Check out today’s fall preview for the chance to win $100 in BTR credit!

Fall Sneak Peek Day 3

Today’s preview showcases some of the hottest handbags and outerwear of the season. We can’t decide between the timeless trench and the bold-in-black leather jacket. Or between the cutesy-chic bowtie handbag or the warmly hued geometric hobo bag. What piece do you covet for your closet?

To enter, simply comment here on our blog, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with your favorite look (1, 2, 3 or 4). Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by Friday, July 24, 2015.

Fall Sneak Peek +Win 100 Dollars in BTR Credit – Day 2

Check out today’s fall footwear preview for the chance to win $100 in BTR credit!

Fall Sneak Peek Day 2

What’s your look? Down-to-earth suede booties? Spiked heels with an attitude? Or how about an all-terrain pair of upscale rainboots or cowboy boots with wild western flair?

To enter, simply comment here on our blog, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with your favorite look (1, 2, 3 or 4). Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by Friday, July 24, 2015.

Fall Sneak Peek + Win 100 Dollars in BTR Credit

From the warm fragrance of pumpkin spice to cozy layers and a warm, rich color palette, fall has always been a favorite fashion season.

Each day, we will be showcasing a preview of some of our favorite fall looks for a chance to win $100 in BTR credit.

Today, check out some of the hottest separates – from cozy cashmere staples, to statement blazers, trousers, and updated classic cardigans.

Fall Sneak Peek Day 1

To enter, simply comment here on our blog, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with your favorite look (1, 2, 3 or 4). Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by Friday, July 24, 2015.

Buyer's Newest Beauty Finds

Beauty Buyer’s Hottest New Finds

Prepare to be pampered! Give yourself a head-to-toe beauty boost with our hot new finds. We sat with Megan Dahl-Smith, our beauty buyer, to discuss her newest collection of skincare, nail art, teeth whitening and so much more – read on for the rundown of her newest discoveries, as well as some tips and recommendations to perfect your look.

Static Nails Manicure

You’ve seen them on the runways of New York fashion week and the covers of your favorite magazines, and now available in Canada for the first time ever, exclusively through BTR.

Stylish, easy, comfortable and customizable – it’s no wonder Static Nails took the prize at the 2015 Cosmoprof Discover Beauty Awards. Stop wasting your money on fake drugstore nails that don’t last a day and, adding insult to injury, ruin your nails in the process. With proper maintenance, Static Nail manicures can last up to 18 days and can be re-used up to 6 times! Accessorized with trendy spikes, patterns and authentic Swarovski crystals, these nails are made with the highest quality materials and are non-damaging to your natural nail.

“My nails are actually extremely weak and therefore kept short, not only do I now have the luxury of showing off long perfectly manicured nails but I was so excited to see my natural nails long and strong when I removed my first Black Tie mani.” – Megan

Everyone will comment on your amazing new manicure, and no one will ever know they aren’t your natural nails. Cut and shape them any way you prefer – long, short, stiletto, square – it’s your call! Bonus: Static Nails with the glossy finish can be polished in any color you like and removed with nail polish remover back to the original finish.

Megan’s Tip: “Eliminate those moments of helplessness while your nails are wet! Place the glossy finish static nails on double sided tape to keep them in place, paint them with your favorite color, and happily enjoy a bag of chips while they dry.”

TwinMedix Skincare


“Being a beauty buyer means having to try lots and lots of different products. Unfortunately, if you have sensitive skin like me, these product tests are usually followed up with lots and lots of breakouts – until I found TwinMedix. This oil free, patented skincare line is my new obsession. You see and feel immediate results, without the transition period of your skin having to get used to the product. My skin was noticeably brighter and healthier after first use. Plus, if you are usually lazy about your skin care regime, the immediate gratification of these products will keep you motivated!”

Check out some of her favorite finds from the TwinMedix collection:

Textured almost like a serum with tiny little microbeads; rub it on your face for 10-30 seconds and see the dead skin start to flake off. Gross? A little. But you won’t even care after you feel how soft your skin is.

Oxygenating Cleansing Mask
Rub a thin layer on your face. Watch it bubble up and disappear as the little oxygen bubbles destroy all your skin’s impurities.

C10 Brightening Serum
Apply in the morning after cleansing and before moisturizing. A little tingle in your skin lets you know it’s working.


Who says make-up can’t change your skin for the better? The founder of KIMIKO, a professional makeup artist with a chemistry background, integrated trademarked skincare treatments throughout the entire cosmetic line to do exactly that.

Finally makeup that makes skin better! Everything from eyeshadows to concealers to blushes doubles as uplifting, anti-aging treatments.”

This beautiful line has concealers that help banish dark circles, lip tints, liners and plumping glosses for the perfect pout (without scary needles), and a skin-transforming serum that really lifts and firms. Talk about multi-tasking! Every piece in the collection provides immediate enhancement while at the same time delivers the long term benefits of healthier, more radiant looking skin. It’s no wonder its gained a celebrity following among the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Michelle Williams, Rachel McAdams and many more. Here’s to KIMIKO and doing more with less!

Esum Brushes

ESUM Brushes

“When it comes to make-up brushes there’s something I learned quickly – invest. Spending a little more on the right brushes can save you hundreds of dollars down the road.”

Not only can ESUM brushes last over 10 years when properly maintained, but they will also increase the lifespan of your cosmetics. While the average brush is laser-cut to achieve the aesthetically-pleasing professional look, ESUM brushes are handmade, so each little hair is strategically placed to create the perfect shape for its specific purpose. This means the hairs are full and uncut, making application is perfect and easy. The handle is hand-crafted from cured birch, and the finest quality hairs are kept together by a platinum bowed brass. The brushes are balanced in weight and ergonomically correct for comfort and ease at hand, It’s no wonder all the pros use them!
Every different material has its purpose, whether it be goat, sable, horse, squirrel (yes, squirrel) or synthetic vegan fibers. Each hair type is chosen for the ideal lay-down of makeup to support all professional makeup mediums, including cream, gel, liquid, powder and wax.

Here are some of Megan’s faves for every type of makeup:

Eye shadow
“My absolute favorite brush to use is the S33 medium round eye contour brush made of squirrel. Don’t be turned off, the brush is so magically soft against your skin and achieves the perfect sheer application of powder eyeshadow.”

Liquid foundation
“The T45 Large Foundation Brush is the way to go. I swear I use half the amount of foundation and achieve better coverage.”

“The X57 Large Dome Diffuser Brush features goat hairs to pick up the perfect amount of powder, giving you a natural sun-kissed look.”

Can’t choose? Don’t worry the bundles on sale now were put together by top professional makeup artists to make sure all your bases are covered.

Smile Sciences Before & After


Teeth whitening often goes hand in hand with teeth sensitivity. Pain equals beauty, right? Wrong! Luckily, the ladies at Smile Sciences have figured out a product that still allows you to enjoy a cold glass of water without cringing and will not break your bank account. Choose either Mint or Bubble Gum flavor, and show off a smile that’s up to 10 shades whiter in a matter of days. Bonus: smile even more knowing that this product is 100% cruelty free!