LET’S STAY IN TONIGHT: a special giveaway for couples

As much as you love a night out on the town with your special someone, there’s nothing quite like spending time in the comfort of your own home. No noise. No crowds. Just the two of you.

Since love is in the air—what with the whole Valentine’s Day spirit and all—we’d like to offer you an awesome “stay at home” gift set that’ll make that alone time even sweeter:

His and her bathrobes. Snuggle up to your cutie in style with these plush, luxurious robes in pink and black.

Rom-com and tear-jerker DVDs. Have a couples-inspired movie marathon featuring Bride Wars, Couples Retreat, Walk the Line,and William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

Micro mink reversible throw. Cuddle up under ultra soft covers to watch the fab flicks listed above.

Champagne flutes. Sip a lil’ bubbly with this beautiful 6-piece champagne flute set.


Maybe you’re a busy power couple who can’t seem to find time to connect. Perhaps you’re overtired parents in desperate need of some serious R&R. Or maybe you’re newlyweds who just can’t get enough of each other.

Whatever your story, TELL US WHY you and your loved one deserve this one-on one downtime.

Go to http://blog.beyondtherack.com and enter your story in the comments under this blog post.

IMPORTANT: Remember to include your email address in the necessary field so we can get in touch with you if you win. Don’t worry: only we will see it.

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Next date night, just stay in. You’ll be glad you did.

428 thoughts on “LET’S STAY IN TONIGHT: a special giveaway for couples

  1. Lorne Ogilvie

    My wife, Erica, and I need a date and special love-treat because our young children have the uncanny ability to suck the romantic lifeblood from our very veins. We are in need of a “sleepover” night away from them, and robes and movies sounds like heaven. Also, I need some redemption as I failed in the Valentine’s gift department, so you could really help me out. Cheers, and we do love our two girls, they just have horid timing!

  2. Allyson Bailey

    Me and my boyfriend have completly different schedules so it is super hard to get some down time together without having something else to do. We live and work in different cities, to add to that he works the midnight shift sunday-thursday and has classes monday-friday morning. This means that he sleeps during the day and spends the time between sleep and work studying and completing school work. I work a rotating schedule on my feet full time, this only gives me one weekend off a month (unless its close to holiday time). He also has a 2 year old that is with him every other weekend and on all of his vacation time so we get little to no time to just do something for ourselves….at this rate how am I supposed to figure out if this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with?? Please help!!!

  3. Crissi M

    First off, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to EVERYONE :)…. Second off… My husband and I DESPERATELY need and DESERVE this special giveaway. This past September my husband was deployed overseas after a gruesome training that left us seperated for 2 years. After he had deployed an 18 wheeler semi truck had driven into our house leaving my children and I homeless. My husband was unable to make it home due to duties and I had to pick up the pieces alone. He and I have had such a strenuous year and he will be returning home in a couple of months. There is nothing more I see fit than having that special one on one time with a touch of pampering to make it that much more special after all he and I have gone through :) 8000 miles away and we still hold strong. Thank you for your time, and Good luck & Enjoy to whom ever wins :)

  4. Rachel

    My boyfriend and I really need some quality time together. With both of us going to school full time, over 20 plus hours of homework each work, me working full time, and him interning shows at local clubs, we’re lucky when we get a night in together. I’m only 19 and I feel like I’m in my 30’s. We both need a night to unwind and relax with each other and no other worries.

  5. Linda Bradbury

    Snuggle time? What’s that?
    My husband is a truck driver who works 16 hours a day, and maybe he might come home 1 night of the week. If not 1 night, I don’t see him for a whole week. When he comes home on Saturday morning, what happens………………..sleep, sleep…… then I will see him Sunday. Oh but, on Sunday night he plays hockey. Monday rolls around he gets up for a few hours, goes back to sleep until late afternoon. BYE, BYE…………see you next week.
    I would love us to win this, and we will make time for each other!!

  6. Dinara Annaiyazova

    Love is in the air ……
    My boyfriend lives in London U.K. and I live in Toronto, Canada. He is coming for a visit in a week. I havent seen him for 106 days and 14 hours. Its hard. We have been together for 5 years <3 He will only stay for 7 days. I want to make the best out of these 7 days ). This give away could really create a romantic atmosphere for us, so we can reunite (finally!!) and have most romantic and memorable nights ever!!!
    Thank you beyondtherack and Happy Valentines to all !!

  7. wendie

    My panda and I deserve this one on one downtime because Valentine’s day is overrated. We would much rather have several nights of staying in, watching a few great movies, and snuggling than just a “hallmark day of love”. I love my panda, and I think sometimes we just forget the great things that make our relationship special. And I know that this romantic package is the perfect “getaway” for us to just remember those shared moments over the past 2 years.

  8. Erin Collins

    My boyfriend and I work completely opposite schedules. I work 7am-4pm on weekdays, and he works 9pm-7am Friday-Mondays, so we hardly ever see each other. A few hours here and there is the most amount of time we spend together because the majority of our free time is spent on school (or sleeping). We do not live together, so we do not even have the luxury of seeing each other on a regular basis. We could definitely use some down time because it would be nice to spend more than a couple of hours at a time together.

  9. Susan

    My husband and I work opposite shifts. This has been going on for so so long. It is hard to get time together but we sure need it. I don’t know what else to say.

  10. Annick

    Mon copain et moi nous nous voyons que le week end car nous ne vivons pas ensemble, nous en profitons donc pour se lever tard, paresser en amoureux surtout l’hiver ou nous préférons rester au chaud a l’intérieur, se faire des ptits souper romantique, finalement, ce cadeau serait parfait pour nous!

  11. Marie-Angele

    In July 2006 I was involved in a car accident which has left me unable to work, do most of the chores around the house or do fun activities with our son. Since then, my husband has had to take extra shifts to make up for my lost income and take over all the things I used to do. He is usually so exhausted at the end of every day,rightfully so, that all he wants to do is play a game at his computer that helps him relax! I think this would be a great way to get us to have some badly needed couple time. It would be great to sit and snuggle and watch a movie like we used to 4 years ago (before the accident). He’s a fantastic husband and father and I would love to get the chance to share this time with him.
    Thanks BTR for recognizing and reminding us that in this crazy, busy world we still have to make room for couple time.

  12. Vickie Ross

    My husband and I deserve to spend some down time together because we never had a honeymoon. We have been so busy coming and going and really could use a romance tweeking! He is the greatest and has fully accepted me AND both of my children when they were at an age that was very difficult. He and I deserve some time together where we can focus on just the two of us and stay in and make it happen. We would love the opportunity to “snuggle” in the robes, watch the movies and sip Asti from the glasses and have some quality time! We could really use the special “stay in” time.

  13. Lisa Applegate

    My husband, Todd, and I will be married for 17 years this March 25. We have two beautiful, smart children, Maddy age 13, and, Grant age 12. I quit my job as a decorator 6 years ago to stay home and spend more time with our kids. Now, I work more hours than I did with a paying job! I’m what you might call a professional volunteer! While I love my newfound responsibilities, and feel lucky to have the opportunity to serve my kids & community in so many capacities, I find that the lack if my income makes splurging on myself, and especially my husband, more difficult. He is the most wonderful man a girl could hope for, and I honestly do love him more today than ever. Even with his busy work schedule, he still helps out consistently around the house, and is always willing to help me with whatever project I manage to take on. My greatest hope is that someday both our children find the kind of love for themselves that Todd & I share.

  14. Kori Truong

    Hi BTR, I don’t know if we are more deserving than other couples or not, but this is our story. My boyfriend and I will be together 3 years on March 7, but we won’t be seeing each other until March 19 due to the fact that he’s deployed in Afghanistan. I’m counting down the minute until March 19, and we will be cherishing every moments together for the 2 weeks that he’s back. So winning this would make our time together even more special, but if not, I think we will still have a wonderful 2 weeks together.

  15. Donna

    My boyfriend and I both live busy lives, I work both during the week and the weekend, while he works during the week. In between our work schedule, we are at our house doing renovations and going back and forth to stores for materials. All our time together is spent with family helping in the renovations, and by the end of the day we are both tired and frustrated. We both deserve time to just relax and have a quiet time together to re-connect.

  16. Alexandra Bishop

    My boyfriend of almost five years and I are both full-time college students at different universities and we try so hard to fit “us” time in our weekly schedules. Sometimes it just isn’t feasible, so winning this would give us a reason to stay at home, relax, and have a carefree night of enjoying each other’s company! Pick us!!!

  17. LC

    Just because :) My sweety and I don’t have a sad story, we have a wonderful life together and are moving towards a life full of happiness and love :) With an aim to growing a family and developing a family business, I figure that this will be an added bonus :)
    Love to everyone! <3

  18. carmen

    My husband and I have been together for 7 years now, and we have hit the “there’s nothing special anymore” so, every day has become a routine for us. I’m an Air traffic controller, I work 5 to 6 days a week and have middle week days off, my husband works at night 7 days a week. I work 4 different schedules a week and we ONLY see each other 1 to 2 hours a day so you an imagine how hard is to find a day for ourselves. We meet through an internet site, so our communication was always ok, I want to to back to that and actually have a romantic day off.
    We really deserve this gift, so please consider us.


  19. Maria

    My boyfriend and I should win this package, because we are young parents with two beautiful daughters. We both work full time, and attend school part time, so we barely have anytime together. This gift would be great, we would be able to spend some quality time together!

  20. Suzi

    Last month I finally had a total hip replacement surgery (after recovering from a lung
    ailment which had postponed it for over a year.) My husband finally was able to attend
    to business abroad and visit our children and grandchildren knowing that our youngest
    son would be with me to make sure I would be taken care of. He missed our 45th
    wedding anniversary and my birthday as well, but we hoped to make up for our being
    apart. Unfortunately, last week I had two hip dislocations and he had no way to make
    it home to be with me. We have always made our children our priorities and I would
    not want him to shorten this important trip since I was in recovery and friends were in
    touch to make sure I was o.k. It would be such a surprise for him to be pampered as
    it would be for me. Since my parents began to suffer from Alzheimers and dimentia
    7 years ago we have not really allowed ourselves time out to luxuriate in any way, shape
    or form, and he has never complained about the days and nights that I had to be with
    them during hospitalizations and rehabs. He has been so supportive and empathetic,
    and I know that no one deserves a prize package more than my husband. A “good man
    is hard to find” and this good man that I found 45 years ago is my prize. How wonderful
    it would be to celebrate the joy of commitment, dedication, love and hope at this time
    when we both need a shot in the arm in the form of a luxurious prize.

  21. Stef

    My husband and I could use some downtown for many reasons. We are praying that 2011 will be a better year. My husband lost his job 16 months ago and has just finally started a new one. All 2010 was a major stress on keeping things above water. Now that he has been in a new job for a month he is working at lot. He is on call alot and is working over 50 hours a week. I am also work fulltime and I am involved in a large project that is taking alot of my time and all my brains. I am having trouble separating leaving work at work. Our two kids probably think their parents are crazy. I am trying very hard to keep a normal life for the kids, my husband as well as I can, but there doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day to accomplish it all. I think the next super hero of this world needs to be named: Super WorkMOM or SuperMommy/

  22. justin castillo

    I visit my partner almost every weekend. It takes just under an hour to walk there and neither of us have a car. We’ve lived together before and I’m just fortunate to be within walking distance of his home. He works from noon to 8PM almost every day. He does talk to me about his job, customers, employees and certain news like we’re married.

  23. Michelle

    My husband and I have been married less than a year and it feels like I never get to see him. He works at home and is always on the phone or his computer holed away in his office. We very rarely get to spend alone time together. I thought that once we were married we would spend a lot of time together just the two of us but it seems like this never happens. I love him very much and would like for us to start spending more time together and this package would definately help with this.

  24. Gina B

    If it wasn’t for my car, I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend. Until now, I seriously believed I was dead inside and my heart was frozen. But after meeting my boyfriend…everything changed. Every single day, I am falling for him deeper and deeper. We live pretty far from each other (60km to be exact) and our work schedules don’t let us see each other as much as we’d like to. We’ve been dating for just over 2-3 months and we really haven’t had any “Stay in” special time. I’m writing another license exam in May, so I’m getting very nervous and agitated. To make things worse, lately, my boyfriend’s been very stressed out with his work and I am seriously worried about his health. I wish I could help him with his work, but he keeps saying there’s nothing I can do. Recently, he actually even took some “alone time” which made me lose my mind and yes, I was on the verge of breakdown because I thought he needed time off from our relationship (which he didn’t). Things are calmer now, but both of us are being very careful right now. We could definitely use this opportunity to relax and enjoy just “us” time.

  25. Katie

    To be honest, he’s not my boyfriend. He’s my best friend. We’ve been best friends for the past four years and although I’ve known he has liked me since we met I was too blind to realize that I really love him. In a couple months he’s moving away and starting a new job. Some of the best times we’ve spent together have been simple nights in bed watching a movie of my choosing (he’s always the gentlemen and suffers through my chick flicks). I want the chance to tell him how I feel before it’s too late and I can’t think of a more perfect way than “Let’s stay in”.

  26. Tague

    Winning this Lets Stay In gift would mean the world to myself and my boyfriend. We have been long distance for the past 1year and 9months and the only times we have seen one another (on average once a month if we’re lucky) we are usually sharing our time with our family. My boyfriend just accepted a job and is finally moving to NYC to be with me in 2 short weeks. Living in New York on a starting salary is tough enough without trying to add in the cost of dates. A night in for just the two of us is the perfect way to kick off our new life together after being apart for nearly 2 years. It would be a wonderful late Valentines gift <3
    -Tague & Kevin

  27. Donna

    My boyfriend and I could really use a relaxing weekend together. He lives in Kitchener and I live in Toronto. We both work full time, plus I’m a part time student in the evening. We have been best friends online for 6yrs and finally met up November 2009. It’s been tough trying to transform our friendship into a relationship as the only time we see each other is Saturday and Sunday….and in the winter, even that is weather depending. When he is down, we often go out with friends or end up at his parents (where he lives) in Kitchener for family events (he has a large family and alot of birthdays to celebrate). In the last 2 mths we have had New Years, our 1 yr anniversary, his birthday, and valentines day…and in a couple of weeks it will be my birthday. We haven’t really had a chance to celebrate any of those events, or just have time alone, and we could use the giveaway to really make a special weekend to celebrate all of the great events that have passed and develop our relationship.

  28. Donna Joy

    Thank you for considering me for a chance to win such a lovely basket of fabulous goodies. Mylef and my husband had two deaths in our family since Dec. 18th which was my uncle, and my father-in-law on Dec. 27th, 2010. I love your site and look at the emails everyday.

  29. Karine

    I think my boyfriend and I deserve this down time since we didn’t get any for a while now. With university, work and a 3 years old to take care off while 8 months pregnant we didn’t get a break last semester. To top things off, my due date was on January 9th, we tought we would get a little time after the end of school but Jakob decided to show up 5 weeks early so since then we haven’t spend quality time together.

  30. Donna Joy

    I would like to tell you a little love story that happened to me in November 2010. While myself and my husband were on our way to Las Vegas for a vacation, the staff at the hotel were staying at were putting rose pedals around the bed, there was wine chilling, and the best part was a lovely plate full of strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream to top it off.

    It was our first trip to Vegas and my hubby wanted to make it special as we have been married for 20 yrs. That’s what I love about him, he always thinks about me and takes good care of me. I hope this story was romantic enough for your judges because it was the most romantic trip I have ever been on.

    Thank you

  31. Terry D'Agata

    I would like to win this package for my husband and I because we never seem to have any time for ourselves especially since my husband works 7 days a week and since we have never taken a vacation in the 23 years that we have married except for our honeymoon. We have sick family members we take care of and it requires a lot of our time to care for them. So I would sincerely love to have some quality time alone with my husband.

  32. orli katz

    I would LOVE to win this package because my husband is my best friend in the entire world and I appreciate so much the rare ‘dates’ we get to take these days. He’s a hard working student, real estate investor, father and hubby who gets up early each morning and goes to sleep late each night, juggling his many responsibilities with panache. I’m a full time mom (to three lively, but lovely children), who does lots of community volunteer work and a freelance writer. Life is busy but wonderful and extra time with my partner of ten years would be a rare treat.
    God bless you and best of luck to all the other entrants!

  33. Kim Duncan

    I would say that my husband and I deserve a little down time together,, alone as we both work have grown children but are very busy as well and on valentines day we both worked all day and then watched the grandson so our son could take his wife out for a very nice dinner with flowers and all now we are all worn out !

  34. Sandra Paquet

    Hi there, I am, and I can trully say this, a real romantic girl, but never got lucky I guess because I had never celebrated Valentine’s day, it’s sound a little depressing but I am confident that Cupidon will, one day, find that special person for me. Not that I had never had a boyfriend on that date, just never found someone’s who cares!!!hihi….. Being alone on a day like today is only giving me the strenght, just like every year, to believe that this will be my last single Valentine Day….”not this year but the other Sandra”, I repeat to myself every minute I see roses or couples hugging in the middle of the place! This is and this will be my last anti-Valentine’s Day :)

  35. Wilberta Berry

    I have been taking care of my handicapped brother for 6 years now. My husband and I use to have date night every Thursday.

    Because my brother is 100% dependent, I can not find 1 person to sit with him long enough for us to go to dinner and a movie.

    In 6 going on 7 years now, my husband has never complained, not even once, that we can not spend time together the way we use to. He tries to do little things for me when he can….like cook dinner.

    That’s love!

  36. Rachel Manna

    My man and I could really use some down time. We just moved to Washington state a month and a half ago for his job and are trying to get by day by day. We have been living in a small apartment with our two dogs, cat and bird and have been trying to move into our house for about three weeks now. Living in an apartment in itself is extremely stressful with so many beings (our big doggies) around. We never have a day off, trying to finish college and me trying to get a better job that will give me more than 2 days a week. I never get to see him because our schedules are exactly the opposite of each others, and when he gets home for the night, he immediately lays down to sleep since he is so exhausted from his long days. Our weekends have been full of back and forth trips and packing and organizing and just STRESS in order to move out of the apartment by tomorrow at midnight. Even today, we are enjoying Valentines Day with the little time we get to spend with each other, as he has school all day and I have to do crazy amounts of work here to finish up. Please help our crazy stress levels! I know he would appreciate a nice cozy night in just lazing about at home without having to worry about every little thing and I would appreciate actually getting to spend time with him because of it!

  37. Sunny wang

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 year. For every valentine, birthday or anniversary we would go out for dinner. But this time, I decided to stayed because of the following reasons:
    1, we just got a new car which is way above our budget, so we are a little bit tight with money
    2,It is too windy and cold outside. We live quite far from downtown. and we still haven’t got our car yet.
    3. There are a lot of uncooked vegetable and meat in the fridge.
    4, last time I cooked was 5 days ago.
    5, I am sure I am a very good chef( my dad is a chef)

  38. Davina

    I deserve some downtime with my boyfriend Phil. He’s about to become my fiancee and we’re overjoyed to spend the rest of our lives with each other – our best friends. The only problem is, we live 2.5 hours apart. We’ve lived apart since the economy crashed in 2008. It’s a lonely, depressing, seemingly-hopeless situation. But regardless of the time we spend apart, we are blessed to have each other and thoroughly love every second together. A downtime package from BeyondtheRack would make our time together that much cozier!!

  39. Marcia

    My husband and I are coming up on our first anniversary on Feb 19th. Our first year of marriage has been absolutely crazy! We have been long distance while I finished school, I graduated the week after our wedding, pregnant with our first baby! I gave birth to him in August, and he is perfect! Unfortunately, we found out I have metastatic thyroid cancer (papillary carcinoma) and melanoma when our son was 3 months old. This year has been a whirlwind for us, with us doing treatments and me unable to work, my husband has been so incredibly supportive and loving, I can’t even imagine how to thank him! This would be a perfect get away for us to relax and get back to us!

  40. Susan Beddows

    My Husband and I really really need this special giveaway. We have been together for 28 years! Married for 27 years. We have and five children and we have one Granddaughter. We have weathered so much during those years. You would not believe the things we have been through. I have almost died twice and my husband once. My children have been through so much illness as well. But we have stuck it out through the years being their for each other and our kids. We finally bought our first home and were looking forward to restoring it and renovating it and one month after we moved in I was in a car accident and my life has done a 360! Not in a good way either. My back will never be the same and there is nothing that will fix it. I will have to suffer for the rest of my life. Going to physio, massage, chiro, and pain clinics. My husband has been right beside me the whole way. I know is bothers him that he can’t do anything to help. But just knowing that he will always be there is everything! There are many thing s I cannot do and I rely on him and many things we have had to change in our lives. I would not trade a moment because then the outcome might have changed. I love him still after all these years and look forward to what life throws at us. I believe there is a reason for everything and it will all work out in the end. It would be nice for us to spent some time together. We are always on the go with our kids and jobs etc.. Just a little time to be together would be awesome!! Thank you very much.

  41. Kristen Green

    Let’s just say, we have 2 beautiful girls, 2&4y/o, both with special needs..emotional impairment for the oldest (very taxing) and the youngest had over half of her intestines removed (very scary). My hubby and I have PTSD and struggle with day to day surviving. I’m disabled and uninsured… Waiting on a hip replacement (not cool- I’m 27).
    And that is just the beginning!!!
    We would love to have the luxury of celebrating Valentine’s Day…a far cry from where we were a 1/2 hr ago…fighting to get the children in bed… Hoping no one’s feelings would get hurt or that anyone would get a “lucky” punch!
    Thanks for the chance…somedays knowing that there is even a chance, makes us feel like there is hope!

  42. Tasia Ferguson

    I met Jr over 6 years ago in November 2004 while I was on my way to work. We
    dated for 3 months and suffered a major tragedy which eventually led to us
    falling apart and losing touch.

    Life went on, I dated, ended an engagement and was seeing someone that I
    realized there was no possible future.

    It was November 13, 2010 and I was on the bus on my way home from work. I was so
    engrossed with my cellphone going back and forth trying to hammer through to the
    guy that I was seeing that we weren’t working and I asked God for a sign that
    what I was doing was the right thing.At that moment I felt as if someone was
    staring at me but refused to look in the persons direction because I looked a
    mess and really couldn’t be bothered. My stop came up and I quickly hopped off
    the bus and made my way across the street to try and catch my connecting bus.
    While waiting for another green light I was tapped on the shoulder and heard a
    gentleman say “I like your shoes”. I looked up and low and behold it was Jr. I
    was utterly stunned and could only manage to smile and reply “I know you.” We
    both laughed and he asked for my number which I quickly gave him as I boarded my
    next bus. I was so worried that he didn’t get the right number because I said it
    so quickly and quietly when trying to ensure anyone who was trying
    to ease-drop couldn’t hear lol. He called me later that evening. He told me that
    for the longest while he had been trying to find me after we lost touch. He
    visited the building where I used to live to see if my old landlord had a number
    for me, tried looking for me on Facebook (my profile is non searchable lol) he
    even told me he stopped strangers a few times thinking they were me. We spent
    that whole night catching up and he let me know that he recently had given up on
    trying to find me and just hoped that I was ok and happy. He wanted to atleast
    say sorry for what transpired between us because he felt that I deserved an

    The irony of it all is that for the past 4 years we have lived within 10 block
    of each other but never crossed paths. I believe us crossing paths when we did
    was destiny in itself. I asked for a sign and one was given. We both realized
    that when we met 6 years ago we were the right people who simply met at the
    wrong time. We have been inseparable ever since reconnecting. That is when he
    isn’t working the overnight shift and I’m at work during the day time. It would be nice to have a little piece of luxury on Valentines Day for the both of us as I believe we deserve some quality time too make up for our lost time.

  43. Jillian

    As a full time university student studying biological sciences, volunteering and working part time with high hopes of getting into dental school one day, to say I’m busy is an understatement. My boyfriend of 4 and a half years (my high school sweet heart!!) is working 6 days a week doing his first year of mechanics apprenticeship and is very athletic on many sports teams, is also very busy. We’re both working very hard in order to have a great successful future so we can provide for the family we’ve been planning on making together since we first started dating when we were 16. We are so in love and have been since we first laid eyes on each other and would really appreciate this prize as a reward for our hard work and motivation to continue on the path we are on, together.

  44. J Brittney

    My man and I could really use some down-time. We met at university and quickly started dating however, a few months into our relationship I moved overseas. After four months, I moved back to Canada and to the province where he was living. I quickly secured a job and moved in with his parents, grandparents, and siblings, only to find out 3 weeks later that he had been accepted to a graduate program in another province! I have only seen him for a total of 20 days since April 2010. He is coming to visit in a few weeks for his reading break and we would both greatly appreciate an opportunity to reconnect and cuddle before he heads back to university until summer break.

    Thanks so much for reading :)

  45. Padma Narasimhan

    I have been a full time working single parent. I did not want a step father in the picture, so I postponed having a romantic partner until the children left for college. Now I am trying to get into a committed relationshp & winning this would certainly accelerate deeper commitment. I would feel that all the sacrifice did bring some reward.

  46. Karen

    My husband and I have been happily married for 23 years, have raised two kids, with our youngest just off to college this year and have found that we now have more time for each other and the things we enjoy together. 2011 is our year for time for ourselves and receiving this gift would be the kick off to our “time together” year that we deserve. When we win we will pop the champagne, watch our favorite movies, laugh through old photo albums and snuggle with our two adoptive dogs!

    Thank you for this opportunity to be with ourselves!

  47. Fulvia Di Gregorio

    A special give a way is exactly what my husband and I need. We were CEGEP sweethearts and I love him more as time goes by. But, on Jan.20.2009, I was hit by a car; I was a pedestrian. It changed our lives.

    I’ve been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury; I’m followed by a Neurologist for severe migraines & severe cervical pain. The brain trauma caused a sleep disorder, inattention, difficulty concentrating, impaired memory, etc. I’ve been diagnosed with chronic back & neck pain & shoulder problems. I had hip surgery and now have a permanent light limp.

    To make matters worse, I lost my job in October 2009.

    The GP diagnosed hypothyroidism in May 2010 & my specialist diagnosed Fibromyalgia in July 2010. It seems that the trauma is the cause of all my ailments. I was in a rehabilitation center 4 x a week for 2 months, but to no avail.

    My weeks are busy with treatments (physiotherapy, osteopathy, hydrotherapy & massage therapy).The treatments and the medication cost a bundle. This causes a financial strain.

    My husband works full time, travels for work at times, and is finishing a Masters degree. Our lives are so hectic and stressful. I can no longer do what I used to do prior to the accident and this has taken a toll on my relationship with my husband (and my children).

    My husband is an incredible man; he helps with the cooking, cleaning and running errands and anything else I might ask of him. I used to be a Super Mom, Super Wife & Super worker…I’m no longer able to do the things I used to do. My present condition has affected my whole family.

    We were supposed to go to Paris for our 25th wedding anniversary last May; that went out the window. We simply don’t have alone time anymore, we’re in dire need of some time together; no treatments, no doctors, no appointments, no children, no distractions.

    This giveaway would help us have some alone time. We really need this giveaway to reconnect, to put so romance back in our life.

    Thank you!

  48. Cassandra Lybeck

    My boyfriend and I could really use this special giveaway! We have been together for 2 years now and haven’t really spent alot of relaxing quality time together. We both just got back from an overseas deployment seven months ago, and as soon as we got back, he was back to work and I had started my first year of university. He works in the army and is gone quite frequently and I am constantly studying so our time together is very limited.
    This package would give us a good reason to have a night in to just relax, eat popcorn, share some wine and to actually have a date night!

    This giveaway would be greatly appreciated!
    Good luck all, and Happy valentines day!

  49. Angie Weyman

    My husband and I need some TLC!!

    And it’s mostly MY fault!

    You see, I recently was promoted at work, causing me to work long hours. Also, I am finishing my undergrad degree and I only have six classes left! I’m taking three online classes now, so that takes up most of my nights and weekends.

    OH, did I mention that we have a one and a half year old boy as well?! We love our little guy so much, but as any parent of a toddler can tell you, he can be exhausting!

    So, when I’m not at work, in school, or helping out with our son, I’m also trying to maintain our house, take care of the dog, and see family and friends as often as we can (which admittedly is not very often!)

    You might be asking yourself, when do you make time for your dear hubby?? The poor guy! He is such an amazing support, encouraging me to finish my degree, putting up with the long hours, and being the main caretaker.

    I think with a little planning (babysitters, doing homework early, maybe even taking a little time off work) and with a great gift bag (maybe some plush robes, nice warm throws, maybe some glasses to drink champagne out of, and a few movies to get lost in together) we could reconnect and enjoy each other’s comfort, love and some much needed one-on-one downtime!

  50. marcel

    My wife and i could really use some us time she gets up at
    3:30 a.m to go to work i get home at 6:00 pm we have supper than she is off to bed at 8:30 we have weekends at home together so this would be great

  51. Samantha Courtis

    My boyfriend and I really need a night in to spend together. We have been together for over two years now and our long-distance relationship has yet to get any closer. We have always dealt with the distance as a way of maintaining the fresh aspect of our relationship. Recently however our schedules have begun to conflict considerably. I was not able to see him and celebrate our two years together last month so a romantic night together this month would allow us to finally celebrate that event.


    My life companion and I have been together for almost 14 years. We are older, and don’t live together, and even though we don’t, we have a very special and close relationship. I had gone through 2 divorces, and he, one later on in his life. Both of us were very disillusioned about love and relationships. However, out of nowhere, neither of us were looking, we met. When we get together, we share and talk about everything. We trust each other with all our hearts, and are loyal to the end. I believe “my guy” and I need to have this special giveaway, as it will give us a lasting and beautiful memory to share, along with a chance to pamper each other the way we would love to do on a daily basis.

  53. Laura

    I need some one on one time with my husband because he has been in the UK for the last 3 months working! He missed our 2 year wedding anniversary and now valentines! I know he would be here if he could and I know he misses snuggling on the couch and watching movies the most. We manage to chat every day on skype, but its just not the same. I miss his warmth. He is home on Saturday February 19 and what are we planning on doing? We are snuggling on the couch watching romantic comedies!

  54. Jo

    I could really use a quiet night in with my better half. Since my hubby’s son moved back into our house last summer, the house hasn’t been the same and there is often friction between the 3 of us. It would be nice to have the house to ourselves for a night to just climb into some warm pj’s and turn the lights off and cuddle on the couch while watching a movie with some wine, candles and some honest conversation.

  55. Leeanne VanRootselaar

    Like everyone else here, my fiance and I could use some down time.
    I’m a registered nurse who works in the Intensive Care Units in one of the busiest cities in Canada. While we’re at work we deal with great success stories, but alas, life is a circle and there is an end. Our shifts are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Working shift work means we spend time away from our families and friends taking care of everyone elses. This means missing time with our loved ones to take care of yours during Christmas, birthdays, and other important days. My job is a thankless one, but I love it all the same.
    My fiance is equally dedicated to his job, and somehow finds time to reno our home, and it seems most of our friends. We’ve just finished developing our friends basement- ahead of our own! He’s a great guy, and would probably appreciate the RomCom’s more than I would.
    But it would be great to find some time to just reconnect for a night watching movies.
    Thanks BTR!

  56. Annik

    I would love to have snuggling time with my partner of almost three years. During these three years we have seen each other, I would say half of the time. He is a paramedic and works away from home. When he is home we it’s a go-go-go atmosphere trying to see family and friends. I would love to have a special night in with him. This would mean so much to the both of us.

  57. Diane Bissonnet

    My husband and I need down time. Married 32 years. No vacation since 1978 due to various circumstances. Made him a lovely meal tonite to show my love. Would love to cuddle up in robes and a blanket and have down time together. Maybe would make POPCORN just like at the movies….except……we would have each other……nothing else matters…..cuddle together in a blanket…..have a little drink……..Just LOVE each other and enjoy the time we have together…..

  58. Deborah Buffamanti

    My new love and I need some together time –desperately! He’s a retired NFL player, and I’m a mom of 3 who has just returned to the workforce. We need to find time for each other and see if this thing we have between us can actually blossom. What could be better than some romantic movies to get us in the mood; a mink throw to get us feeling relaxed and loveable; having something comfortable to slip into (like bathrobes) and some champagne flutes just waiting for some Dom to be poured. Sounds like the perfect excuse to stay in tonight!

  59. Donna Thiessen

    My husband and I deserve this because we have been married 30 years and haven’t had a vacation since our honeymoon. I am 48 and have many health problems so I am in the house all the time. My husband will be 52 at the end of the month and even though he has a pacemaker he works full-time, does all the laundry, cooking, yard work, cleaning and helps take care of our 4 dogs. We have 2 adult kids, One has ADD and the other has a speech problem. We haven’t had an easy life nor much money for entertainment. This would really be great for us and so appreciated.

  60. Alana

    My husband and I have been married for almost six years, and we have two beautiful girls who require alot of our attention. He has been in the Navy for five years and so far has missed 3 of our anniversaries, because of his deployments. We never have time alone to ourselves, because I am either taking care of the girls by running them to soccer practice, ballet, swim, and karate, doing my homework, cleaning the house or going to work. And he is either deployed, at work, or studying. We would really love to win this package to make us find time for each other, and put the kids to bed early!!!

  61. Nancy

    B- because I love shopping
    E-everthing is sooo beautiful on your website
    Y-33 years of marriage
    O-only has made us realize
    N-not only do we love each other
    D-day in and day we can hardy wait to see
    T-the beautiful clothes,shoes and
    H-household items (that love)
    R-right prices
    A-always stylish
    C-can me and my husband please win because
    K-keeping the flame burning after so many years is not easy.

  62. Marilyn

    My husband and I have been together for 22 years. We both work full time and have been pretty busy with our everyday lives. Making time for ourselves has gotten lost along the way. We just found out that his shift at work will change and it is likely he will only see me going to sleep and I will see him sleeping, his new shift will begin at 1pm and end at 10pm. That doesn’t leave us much time especially since he will be working weekends and off during the week when I’m at work. It would be nice if we could win this prize. Thank you.

  63. Anita

    I took a job in management shortly after my baby was born…that was five years ago. Since then, my hubby and I have not had a chance to reconnect. I manage operations that are 24 hours and am always gone or tired. My in-laws are elderly and my family lives 5 states away. We have not been on a vacation or have even had time to just talk to each other since the kiddo was born. We are currently working our way back from an affair and the brink of divorce and need some motivation and quality time to find those things that brought us together. I

  64. C. Nicole

    My boyfriend and I REALLY need some one-on-one time ASAP! We’ve been in a long-distance relationship for almost 2 years. The 8-hour distance didn’t seem so bad at first. But 6 months into the relationship, he lost his job and 6 months ago I became unemployed, too. What makes things even worse is that when I can make it to where he is, it’s usually during a holiday and we’re sharing each other with our families. This past Christmas I went to visit & his car broke down and we didn’t get to see each other at all! My birthday’s in 3 weeks and he was able to get a cheap flight here, so we’ll finally get some alone time. We need all the help we can get!

  65. Ricky

    I have known this girl for 9 yrs now and I have always wanted to ask her out, but I’m a very shy guy so time just goes by and yet nothing much happens other than the usual hi and little chats here and there, but recently 2 days before valentine’s day (today now), I pulled myself up and took some courage out to ask her to spend a night together in the city for movies and dinner. Turned out great, We had some good korean food in Ktown (NYC) and watched the movie that just came out “Just go with it” with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. We then head back to Brooklyn to the shore and take a stroll even though it was pretty cold that day, but we had some good chat of our past times from since we’ve known each other, by the end of the night I gave her a necklace I bought and from there I’m not exactly sure what relationship we are in now, but I really hope that it works out between the 2 of us, and winning this might bring us together after all these years that I’ve wasted sitting on the sidelines daydreaming.

  66. Marilynn Graham

    I’m not asking this for me,but, rather my sister and her husband who have been married for over 30yrs, have always openned their home for family and friends, no matter what the situation. They never had a real honeymoon, and as my brother-in-law was in University, my sister, worked full time, just prior to his graduation they were blessed with their first son. Over the next 5 years their family grew from one son to 4 healthy beautiful sons. Every event, was celebrated mostly at their home, and Sunday was filled with little ones, being with their Grandparents, They raised their family with the knowledge of what one does there is concequenses also love for each other, fun, the meaning of education, to treat your elders with respect and the knowledge of the importance of Family, which meant both sides of the family, who are now 1 for through their love, it is the union of not just two, but, the two families. When there sons, were grown and on their own, they as all married couples became empty nesters, again opened their door to family for over 5 yrs. My sister and her husband, are a couple that one can learn so many things from, the meaning of their wedding vows cherrishing each other, while their love continues to grow for each other and their family,
    the meaning of commitment, being there for each other no matter the situation, and to accept what has been put on their plate, with the realization that, with their unconditional love they have become “one”, joined for life. They have endured more than any other couple I know, helping at all costs, and most of all through everything being “as one” for each other during the good,bad, sad and happy times. Never ever considering to take a step away from each other, but, to hold on to each other even more.

    I can honestly say that there is no other couple that I know that have been together through all lifes challanges and know the true meaning of “love and commitment” I believe they are the couple that deserve the “Let’s stay in tonight” giveaway.

  67. Louise S

    My husband and I could use the downtime because for the last 7 years of our marrariage we have been sharing our home with others. His sister and our niece moved in with us 7 years ago in our one bedroom attic apartment. We moved into a two bedroom apartment just so we could have some more space. We shared the apartment for 6 years. We moved last year into our own apartment because we had a baby girl and could no longer stay in the cramped space. But now that we have a baby, who co-sleeps with us in our queen size bed, we never get to cuddle anymore. We would love to get some quiet time together with out a nosy sister-in-law, curious toddler, or crying baby! We have been together over 10 years but have rarely had time with each other.

  68. Michelle

    My husband and I could really use this. We have a 8 month old son. I work 45 hours week in four days and he works 30 hours a week in three so we can afford to stay in the house we’re renting. The days we’re off we watch the baby so we can save on child care. With both of us working such long days, and taking care of our son, by the time we get home from work we are both so exhausted. We could both use this to help us relax and spend some time with each other. It would be a great start.

  69. Kerri

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 years with our anniversary being February 13, 2011. We have been through a lot in those nine years. I have 3 kids, and he has one. They are all boys, and all our time has been focused on blending our family. Now that the 3 oldest ones have moved out,(the most recent two weeks ago) it is now our time. After all the stresses of arguing over step kids, it is now time for us to enjoy each other. He works out of town Monday to Friday, so we only have weekends together, so it is hard to get the quality of time we need, but maybe with a little help from BTR we could get a sitter for the youngest, and enjoy a weekend in bed.

  70. Cheryl J Norman

    We are one busy household! My husband works 4 on and 4 off, I work Mon-Thur at our local hospital and then Sat and Sun at a local boutique. His 4 days off are often my Mon-Thur or at least some of them. We always seem to be running in different directions, whether it be to run our daughter to dance, to appointments, or helping our mothers out who are both widows. We love our crazy life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Having some cuddle time would be a wonderful way to reconnect and remember why, after 23 years together, we still appreciate some alone time.

  71. Shawna Peddle

    My husband is not a romantic, but helps me every minute of every day with our twin 3-year old boys, and loves me more than anything. We are crazy busy all the time, turning in circles around each other, with hardly any quiet time for ourselves. We don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day, and I would love to give him a romantic evening in with this lovely gift set and the baby monitor turned down LOW!

  72. Ruth Kantor

    I have read most of the posts here and I don’t envy your job in choosing just one! Everyone here is deserving of this lovely package.
    Thanking God that we are all well here. This April we will be married 25 years, but I’ve known my spouse for over 35 years. We were each other’s first loves when we were 15. We parted ways but remained friends. 9 years later we reunited and got married. We now have 4 wonderful children. As most couples, we have had our ups and downs, illnesses, unemployment………TEENAGERS…. LOL.
    The last couple of years have been especially rough with the economy and 3 kids in college. It seemed that my husband and I lived parallel lives, like the saying *two ships that passed in the night*. So now that times are a little better, 2 kids are out of college, we can breathe again and are trying to re-connect. The gift package would be a lovely reason to plan some cuddle time.
    Thank you for your consideration. Good luck to all of the posters!

  73. Belen

    I actually though i submitted my post but i dont know if it went through so im writting it again

    Like I mentioned before, my husband and I married after I graduated high school, we were so eager to start a life together. Unfortunately all of our money went towards our wedding ((it was just a civil wedding since we didnt have a lot to start with either lol)), so we didnt have a chance to go on a honeymoon , not even a one night stay at a nice place due to lack of money, no time since we both worked and went to school, and the fact that his parents and brothers had to move in with us immediately after the wedding….so we welcomed them into our small home. 5 years later and the situation is the same but our LOVE IS STRONGER THAN EVER =) , our home is always busy, we both work late, have different days off ((which we switch inorder to take care of our baby)), and we only see each other at dinner time and maybe if time allows we watch a movie with our 1 year old blessing late at night. Ive read a lot of stories here that are compelling but this is an importunity for us as well so Im taking advantage at trying my luck, hopefully we are one of your considerations. Thank you for your time..Oh and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

  74. Liza

    I have been married to my wonderful husband for 11 years now. He took a new position(sales) in within his company almost a year ago now. We live in small town Wyoming and he now travels all over the country. He will usually drive 5 hours to Denver and either be there working in the Head Office or be flying off to PA, TX, ND or Canada. It has just been crazy and with our two boys we just don’t seem to be getting the one on one time we used to make for each other. I would love to give him a Date night for when he gets home next weekend. (he left yesterday, day before Valentines) He does so much for this family and gives up a lot of time with me to ensure the boys don’t feel left out because he is gone a lot. It would be absolutely wonderful to have just one “Date Night” with my Hubby………. :)

  75. Megan B

    My husband and I have spend the better part of our first year of marriage apart. He’s in the army and training to be an officer. I’m a waitress who works most evenings as well as a volunteer choreographer. When we are together, our absolute favorite way to spend quality time together is dinner & a movie at home (it saves money, and I’m a pretty good cook!) These are 4 of our favorite movies; however, we don’t own any of them!

  76. Brandie Jenkins

    My husband & I have just gone through a very rough patch. He has the kind of job that is very high stress & I suffer from depression. We have been married for 15 years. 10 years ago I had a really bad drug addiction & my husband helped me kick it. When I did he bought me the most beautiful miniature Dachshund we named Skipp. He (Skipp) & I became inseparable & my depression seemed to be a manageable thing & life seemed wonderful! He made life a dream for 9 beautiful years until 2 weeks ago when my beautiful sweet baby died of congestive heart failure. I have never lost anyone close to me so I & my husband are in agony! We have each other but its as if our child has died. Nothing & no one could ever take his place, but it would be nice to have a distraction. Happy Valentines Day.

  77. Feyi Obafemi

    My husband and I got married six months ago. We could not go on a honeymoon because he had just started a new job the week before the wedding. We really needed the job because I am a student and he had graduated some months earlier, so money was scarce. Apart from missing a honeymoon, my husband’s job requires 90% of travelling so he is rarely home. We have been trying to work with the few days we have to see each other, but with my school schedule and work, it has been quite a hassle. However, I love him for being strong and taking on a stressful job in thee difficult times just so that he can provide for our family. Therefore this Valentine’s day will be a great opportunity to stay home, snuggle up with some bubbly and show him how appreciative I am.

  78. Lauren Packard

    My husband and I would love to have this couples package for so many reasons! We are both full-time students and full-time parents to a very active 2-year old. We both work full-time during the summer and come home at the end to go to school full-time. This year we weren’t able to celebrate our birthdays or our anniversary because he was away at work until late at night. We had a shot-gun wedding and, under the circumstances, didn’t have a honeymoon so we are starved for some serious alone time as a couple! We both love movies and they are how we frequently spend our down-time when we get the chance. This would be amazing! Thanks :)

  79. Natasha

    We’ve been together for 2 years and had time for each other only on weekends and recently we moved in together :) I thought: “finally! we can spend all day together! don’t need to make time anymore.” I was so exited and for a first few weeks that how it was but then friends and work start taking all his time, sometimes I fall asleep and he is still somewhere or I wake up and he is gone. He thinks that if we live together now he can be out more. And on weekend we usually go out with some friends… when sometimes I just want to stay in…

  80. Marilyn

    At 60 now, we’ve discovered the magic and freedom of time alone with each other in this authentic and fulfilling new relationship! I have always thought there had to be shooting stars and fireworks but this wonderful love affair started slowly on simmer, because of the fear we each had of falling in love again. Once we had gained each others trust and learned how to ‘receive’ openly and completely again, the fireworks DID start and we’ve been together for five fabulous years of romance, fun and adventure. All the stars must have finally aligned because this is the man i wished on a star for when i was 16! We have lots of spice in our togetherness but i have to admit this gift bag of pleasure seems like something we’d really enjoy together!

  81. Nancy

    Why us? Here’s why…

    A year and 7 months ago we got blessed with the arrival of our son, which we love very much so! but since then my husband and I have been slowly left our relationship to a second priority , it’s been that long since I’ve haven’t had a decent night sleep! We’ve also have not had time to celebrate our marriage anniversary or valentine’s day, all our focus is on work and taking care of our little one! I have forgotten what the word relax, love, feel appreciated feels like. I am a working mother and it’s a thought life for one who has to drive back and forward every day to leave my son with my mother, go to work and then get home to take care of your husband. We could both need some alone time together to enlighten our love and feel special again!

    Thank you!

  82. Heather

    Well we’ve been dating since highschool and it’ll be 9 years this friday. I think this gift pack would allow us to wind down from our hectic work/life schedules and focus on having a nice night in togethor to relax!

  83. Heather Brandt

    Me and my hubby got married April ’10, we both have a daughter so we were married in to an instant family. We barely get time alone to ourselves, and even it being Valentine’s Day I have to work till 9pm so we really aren’t celebrating except with small presents to each other and maybe a date night next weekend, so we can definitely use as much help and extra snuggles as we can get!!!!

  84. Belsi13

    Like most people here, I feel that my husband and I deserve a special time. We married soon after I graduated high school and crazy kids that we were we didnt put much thought into a honeymoon since I was entering college while working and he was aswell and all our money went to our wedding…so unfortunately no honeymoon not even a one night stay at nice place ((5 years later and still nothing lol)) due to his parents and brothers moving in with us the very next day…my house is always busy and due to work and school we hardly see each other but try our best especially since we have a 1 year old blessing, he takes care of her on his days off i do the same on mine ((no days off together though =( )), we see each other only at night when we have dinner and if time lets us we watch a movie which pretty much our time. Although we lack time together our love is stronger than ever and even with our busy schedules we try to make time but sometimes time isnt on our side, and when opportunity knocks I try my best to answer soooooo I hear you knocking and Im just trying to open the door to let you in and have you choose us. =)

  85. Nataly

    We are a family of four my husband my our two boys and me + a room mate cause we can’t affort a place by our selfs, the past year it’s been hell my husband is been unemployed and Im working and going to school, so the time we have to spend together we do it sleeping, I would love to win this and spend some time alone with my hubby…. <3

  86. Alejandrina

    My lovely husband and I would really love this gorgeous gift. The reason is because I go to school the whole week and he works two shifts. So we harely get to see each other and spend time together. We would love this gift because we would be able to see the movie in the weekend.

  87. Joy

    My husband and I definitely are in need of some down time! After months of trying, my husband and I were finally blessed with a beautiful daughter. Though our daughter has become the centre of our world, we both continue to have extremely busy lives. I work two part time jobs, and am a volunteer first responder. Though I adore being on the ambulance and helping those in need, I do not get home before 12:30 at night, only to wake up at 6:30am with my daughter. My husband is the director of 5 24/7 emergency service departments and works long hours, and it is not uncommon for him to be called in the middle of the night. Tonight, for Valentine’s day, my husband is in his monthly Monday evening meetings which run until midnight.
    In addition to this, I have been battling with some major back issues, which cause me severe pain, and at times I cannot even lift my daughter due to pain and numbing in my body.
    Though we are extremely blessed and have a wonderfully full life, it can definitely wear on our energy and emotions. We would love nothing more than a little bit of “down time”!
    Happy Valentines day!

  88. Angela

    My husband and I have 2 fantastic kids, Lola who is 1.5 and Grady who just turned 3. I am a stay at home mom, and my husband works a more than full time job. I’m trying to get back into shape, so each day, we both get up just after 5 am, and I head to the pool so that I can swim laps before my husband leaves for work. By the time I’m done and get home, he’s finished breakfast, and ready to leave, so we say goodbye, he heads out, and I get ready for the day. With my two small kids every day is very long. They are both wonderful, but they also both love to constantly test their boundaries. Our normal ‘house’ routine is, once I’m ready they get up, we have breakfast, then either clean one area of the house, or every other day we go to the play gym, and then I run laps with them after, while they yell ‘faster’ from the double stroller I’m pushing. There is always play or dance time, then it’s time for lunch. After lunch, if I’m lucky, Lola will sleep for about 1.5 hours, while Grady and I try to get laundry done, or one of the many other things that need to be done. Once Lola’s up, it’s learning time, where we color, work on letters or numbers or something else educational, and we go for a walk, before the three of us cook supper together. My husband is usually home by 6, so we all eat together before bath, story and snack time and they’re hopefully in bed by 8, when we both fall on to the couch exhausted and are hardly able to carry on a conversation we’re so tired. This is what it’s like every day, with added in doctor visits, or other appointments, or shopping that needs to get done. Every day is different, but somehow the same, and both of us really need a break from it. We love our family, and are happy, but are forgetting how to spend quality time together (our quality time usually involves sleeping – at least we both talk in our sleep, so converse then!!!). Anything where we can spend some time together is fantastic, it’s just getting the energy to put it together. Who knows…. maybe I’ll even send the kids to my parents to make it extra special!

  89. Elaine

    Wow…I can’t think of a better time for my husband & I to win this prize!! We’ve been together for 20 years and will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in July. To say we’ve had some bumps along the way would be a huge understatement but we never threw in the towel and have finally rediscovered the passion we had for each other two decades ago. Now, though, we also share many, many memories and two fabulous children!! It just makes it that much sweeter…although a night without the kids around would be quite fun! My son is 16 and we haven’t had more than a few nights alone since he was born. Winning this prize package would be sufficient motivation to find a friend to entertain our kiddies for an evening. Love the second time around is truly wonderful, especially when you’re falling in love with your spouse all over again. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  90. Carabeth Miller

    My boyfriend Brian and I have been together for just over 2 years. During my junior year in high school, a man from my church accepted a music minister position at Brian’s church, which is 5 hours away from mine. The June before my senior year, the music minister brought Brian’s youth group to visit mine and we met. We became Facebook and Myspace friends. We got to see each other only one more time the rest of that year, but we kept in touch with constant texting and with MySpace & Facebook. That January, we went on a church ski trip and had our first kiss on a ski lift in the snow – it was so romantic! We’ve been together since then and got to visit each other once a month for the rest of our senior year. Now we’re both at colleges that are an hour and a half apart and get to see each other about twice a month. It’s been a wonderful two years, but the long distance has been emotionally tough at times. However, we stayed together and are so unspeakably glad we did, because our friendship has blossomed into love. Currently, I’m studying Biology and am on a Pre-Health track at college and he’s studying Mechanical Engineering, so we’re constantly consumed with school work. A relaxing night in would mean the world to both of us, because any time we get to be together is so special. Our long distance relationship has given us so much appreciation for any second we get to be together, and a night of relaxation and romantic movies would be such a wonderful break from studying for both of us!

  91. Krysten Potega

    I think my boyfriend Kyle and I deserve some much needed time together. We have been together for 4 1/2 years, and 5 Valentine’s day. Unfortunately ever since we started dating we have always been apart. Right now he live over an hour away at school where he is studying to be a physical therapist. So when it comes down to it we only see each other on the weekends if that. We make it work though because we love each other. Since we are both college students, we both don’t have a lot of money to spend on Valentine’s Day and this year we are both sick so it would be perfect to have a date night with movies, cuddling in comfy robes, and some alone time!

  92. Melissa

    I need some one on one quiet down time with my new boyfriend. I have had a very hard 2010 year, leaving my kids father and having to cope on my own with my two children in a new province, I still don’t know anyone, until I met my new man! It took me a year to actually date and move on, but I’m soo glad I did! He loves me like I should be loved, but I just feel like I can’t give him all the ME time he deserves because I have two children under 4. He has stepped up to the plate, and shown me how I deserve to be treated, just hope one day I can show him the same in return. We both work, he works Mon-Fri and I work Mon-Sat so we only get one day a week to try and relax as much as we can, well when I’m not being supermom and can be all his

  93. Christina

    My husband and I have been married for over 20 years, we have four children who are all active in sports. My husband has always coached the boys, including volunteer coaching for 5 years at their high school. He is now coaching our daughter’s softball team in club ball and in league ball as well as assisting his father-in-law with his elementary softball team. This leaves very little time for us since we have several games going on at the same time and always make sure one of us is at our children’s games even if we have to be at two different locations at the same time. Most evenings we don’t get home until 10 p.m., completely exhausted. Weekends are no different since he either has to work or we have a tournament we need to attend. We could both us a day of doing nothing but “Staying In” and just enjoying each other’s company again. I hope you’ll consider us in your giveaway. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  94. Alyssa Petrillo

    My boyfriend and I desperately need this special giveaway! As two adults who live at home, it is so hard to spend quality alone time together. Not to mention, we both work full-time and live an hour away from each other!

    We have been together for four years and he’s been my rock throughout it all. We met when I was still in school and he has stood by me through all my hectic schedules. He’s always wanted to go away but I’ve never been able to get the time off. I would love to win this prize and truly show him that I do care about everything he’s done for me. I want to be able to tell him, “Let’s stay in” because this time I know it will mean quality time together!

    It doesn’t hurt that we absolutely love all of those movie titles as well!

  95. Kacey

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now and this is our first Valentines apart. Due to living 3 hours away from each and his family trying to keep us apart, we haven’t seen each other in over four months. It would be nice to have just one weekend together, doing nothing but watching movies and getting to enjoy each others company for once, with no worries.

  96. Maya

    My husband and I come from different cultures so getting married on its own was almost a miracle. We really need a little downtime together. Between a house full of extended family and in-laws and extremely busy work schedules, my husband and i barely see each other, maybe once a week for a couple hours just so we can pay the bills and support an entire family of 9 in our house. I work 9 am to 5 pm and he works 4 pm to midnight and also most weekends plus travels frequently for his job. We have had an incredibly tough time trying to make our marriage stay afloat amidst the numerous storms so to speak. Neither of us have been unfortunate enough to have any rare disease but we do need some desperate R&R time to reignite the sparks. Good luck everyone!

    Much appreciated!

  97. Kim

    My fiance and I could really use a night in, just the two of us.
    We got engaged between Christmas and New Years; however, since then we’ve barely had any romantic time between the two of us. Between me being very busy at work in January and early February, and then him taking courses in the evenings, we haven’t seen each other very often. Just the past weekend, his mom was admitted into the hospital (it doesn’t look good!) so he is trying to help out his family (he is an only child, but very close to his family) in dealing with this new situation, and amongst all of this, wanting to still plan a wedding for June.
    We just need time together to relax, unwind, and remember why we fell in love.

  98. Ben

    My girlfriend and I haven’t seen each other this year. She has been sent oversea to work for a year and I have been busy with work as well and dealing with family issues. Some downtime will do wonders whenever that is, just stay in and snuggle and not constantly on the go… I hope this special giveaway will bring us back a little bit closer.

  99. Claire Martel

    My husband and I really deserve this nice prize ! We are together since 1975, we spent much time with our family of 4 children and need now to take care of us !

  100. sabrina polifroni


    My boyfriend and I really need some downtime together,, because he goes to school in Ottawa, Ontario and we rarely see each other. When he does come down to Montreal to visit he is always busy with school work or his part time job. The last time we had a romantic night was during the Christmas holidays. He has been very stressed lately with his midterm exams and he needs some time to relax. This package would help us both reconnect as it has been difficult since he started school in January.


  101. Erika

    My boyfriend and I are both full time students with part time jobs, so it’s really hard for us to spend time together. On top of that, we both live with our parents so it is almost impossible to get some privacy. With exams coming up we are both stressed out, and this would be a nice treat to help us relax.

  102. Brooke Forman

    My fiance and I just got engaged last week after being together for almost 5 years (2/5). Despite wanting to spend loads of quality time together as this is a very exciting time for us life just always gets in the way! We both work full time, often on different schedules (I’m out from 7:30-6:30 and he is gone 10:30-8:30 most of the time), I go to graduate school online and am often doing school work in the evenings, and we have a 6 month old puppy who is just like a baby and takes up most of our other free time! And now we have wedding planning which will take up more time too! By the time we get to try to spend some quality time together we are both exhausted and dont get the chance to really enjoy our time together. This would be a great chance to have something special as we prepare for the rest of our lives together.

  103. Jen Shragge

    Well, we aren’t special, like most couples my husband and I have crazy, hectic schedules! We have an almost two year old, plus a sad Bernese Mt. dog who also seems to not get enough attention! Plus my husband travels A LOT for work and is often gone for one or two weeks at a time. We are crazy and have decided that another baby would be great but never seem to have time to just spend together. Little buggers seem to drain the life out of us and by the end of the day, we are zapped! I’m sure everybody on here is equally deserving, so good luck to everybody, I understand completely how desperately everybody needs a little one on one time!

  104. Monica McNeill

    My husband and I really deserve this prize! My husband travels out of the country for work Monday to Friday, and I am at home looking after our 4 month old son and the dog. We haven’t had any real time together since our son was born, and now that my husband is gone five days a week when the weekend arrives we are just trying to get caught up in the daily chores of life. We have no family living in the province so leaving our little boy with a family member isn’t an option to go out for a night. Please help us restore a flicker of a spark!

  105. Sherri

    My husband is my caretaker now since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I’m not physically able to leave the house much, and when I do, it’s when I see doctors or need to get something quick at the grocery store. It would be nice to win this package not for me, but for my husband. I think it would help him “escape” from my disease.

  106. Christie

    The reason that my boyfriend and I deserve this gift bag is that. We can only see each other on weekends which he works till 10:30pm on both nights. I really want him to have some comfortable stay in time watching movies and drinking wine with me. When I see the picture of snuggies, wine glasses and movies, I immediately think of us. We love seeing movies with each other on the couch. We can do that all night!

  107. Charlene Smith

    We both leave such busy lives and have three active kids. On October 12th for our anniversary he booked a cabin for the night, he picked me up and drove me to this surprise destination, where upon arrival we were greeted by a private chef. The Chef prepared our meal and told us very entertaining stories. Appetizers, wine, three course meal and dessert!! Followed by piece and quiet and a romantic night together.

  108. Katrina Codsi

    This would be for my parents, they both work 5 days a week, overtime and neer get time to themselves. They tried to do date night every friday, but they didn’t want to leave the kids out and always had us three daughters come along. After 28 years of marriage, my parents deserve a reward, a chance to be in the comfort of there home, cuddle together and embrace themselves with the memories of how they fell in love.
    My parents have raised three beautiful daughters and managed to say infatuated with each other, one night in is just what they desirve!

  109. Rachel

    My husband Sam and I will be married ten years as of next month. He’s been deployed for almost two years now, but will be home next month a couple of days before our anniversary! I’m so excited I can barely contain my joy!! I haven’t been able to spend the past few Valentine’s holidays with him due to him traveling and his deployment. We have two daughters, Rebekah 9, and Sarah 7, who are so excited to see their father next month too! This grab bag would be a wonderful way for us to warmly cuddle up, watch a movie, sip some champagne and celebrate a major milestone in our relationship as well as make up for all the holidays we’ve missed together over the years. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share a little about myself with you. Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

  110. Stephanie

    My boyfriend and I had a long distance relationship for over 7 months. He worked 8 hours away while I went to school in a different province, and we would drive to see each other once a month. I finally moved out to where I could be with him, yet my new job has me working 10 hours during the day, and he works his shifts at night. He hasn’t had a day off since his birthday (Jan 3.) and all I really want to do is spend one evening snuggled up on the couch with him, just to let him know how glad I am to have him in my life.

  111. CD

    We are long distance so every moment we get to spend together is precious. We have lots of fun nights out, but we also like nothing more than being able to curl up and spend the night at home. This would be a great gift item to help us enjoy the night. Thanks!!

  112. Linda Treadwell

    My hubby and I have been together 23 yrs and we still date and flirt with each other. When we walk down the street, he always holds my hand. However, my hubby has to travel out of state every month or more. I can’t go with him cause I have a teen at home that we have to watch. When he is home, he has a long commute to work so he leaves by 7 a.m. and normally doesn’t come home until 7:00 a.m. and gets home 8 p.m. He is exhausted but he keeps going. I miss him so much when he’s working and traveling continuously. He is my hero and my hubby needs to just get away from everything. If we won this romantic date, it would show hubby how much I appreciate him. Leave it to me to help him relax. wink-wink

  113. Ruth

    I have been married to the love of my life for 4 years. He is a wonderful husband and father. Our second child was born in August. We seem to spend all our time loving our girls and often forget one another.

  114. Mychele Ouimet

    Hi, I think my husband Robert deserves the romantics bag. He works hard, and also takes care of me and our two beautiful children. You tell me that all spouses, fathers, caring for their family, but here is our story…..In 2005, I had an accident that rendered me disabled for life. Our life then swung and Robert was always by my side during this ordeal. Now, while working 40 hours per week, and must play the role of mother and father to our children and a caregiver to me….The list is long but here is a few things : he has to help me get dressed, wash me, make meals, go to parent meetings at school, to move the children to their activities …Before, I was his partner to accomplish the tasks of all kinds, such as mowing the lawn, shovel the driveway, decorating the house, doing gardening. But these activities of daily living, I can’t do them no more…That’s why I would like to win LET’S STAY IN TONIGHT: a special giveaway for couples for him the bag and enjoy a sweet moment with him….Thanks from the bottom of my heart

  115. Katherine

    My husband and I need some downtime together more than anything! He works nights, I work days and the kids take up all the time in the middle! This package of movies and robes would be useful in relaxing together as soon as we can find the time and the champagne flutes would be useful in celebrating our upcoming anniversary, March 12, with friends and family!

  116. Suzanne Burrows

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but my husband and I are newly retired. Unfortunately our family and friends think we are now “available” 24/7/365. I cannot remember since we retired, when we have actually sat together with a glass of wine for and entire evening enjoying each others’ company. We had more quality time when we were both working and fully engaged with a very busy social life. A chance to spend an evening together with some good films, a fire and some bubbly sounds absolutely decadent…..no calories!

  117. Lindsay Bridger

    With four kids my partner and I rarely get a moments peace. If it’s not basketball or hockey, there’s a school project or a meal to be made. More than anything, the opportunity to sit back, get comfortable, and just spend a little time together is a special treat. With the robes, blanket, and champagne flutes I think we’d be all set for an evening of togetherness.

  118. Amy

    My boyfriend and I live 10hrs away from each other. He’s from Timmins Ontario and I live in St. Catharines for school. We see each other once a month if we’re lucky and winning this give away would help make the next time (2weeks!) we see each other more romantic and relaxing. We had to spend Valentine’s Day apart this year because I’m in the middle of midterms and planning an event for Family Day weekend, and I work on top of that. We need our next visit to be extra special to make up for our missed Valentine’s Day!!

  119. Isabelle Duguay

    Steven and I really need some one-on-one time… Really! We are parents of two beautiful boys, one who’s seven and the other one who’s turning 14 this week. We both work full time and we spend most of our evenings caring for the kids, preparing dinner, doing homeworks, bathtime, preparing lunches, washing dishes and other joyful tasks! Last year, our oldest son was very sick, it took three months out of school to overcome his illness. One can imagine how stressful that was for us, as parents, and how much we’ve cut on our leisure time since then. We enjoy every minute with our kids, and are very happy we were able to be there for our son during tough times last spring but now, we need to get closer together again. The kids are growing, we should be able to create more one-on-one moments for ourselves… we just need a little help getting there!

  120. Evelyn Benchimol

    Downtime? What is that?
    My hubby and I TOTALLY need some downtime….. we have 3 kids under 3! Yes, 3 under 3. A beautiful daughter turning 3 in April and 15 month old identical twin boys, and 3 dogs and a cat! We both work full time, we have no nannies, no cleaning ladies… I think my pic should be in the dictionary under Masochist!
    We say we want to work on the marriage and try to do the date thing or a movie when they go to bed but there is always something to do (cook, clean, laundry)…. it would be SOOOO NICE to have this basket delivered and give us a reason to slow down and enjoy some time together!

  121. Dawn Tomlinson

    I think that my boyfriend and I deserve this much needed one on one time because we haven’t actually had a lot of ALONE time in our relationship at all. Before we were living with his parents, and then we got pregnant with our beautiful daughter, and believe you, we love her and enjoy being around her but she’s definitely a handful. We haven’t been on a date since 2008 when we started seeing each other! We just can’t find anyone to take our daughter while we go out for a few hours. I’m beginning to that when we get married in the future, we won’t be able to go on our honeymoon because we won’t be able to find a sitter, and we’ll turn it into a family trip!
    I think our one on one alone time is much deserved!

  122. Andrea Mackenzie

    Why do my husband and I deserve this? Well, unlike some of the others who have already responded, our story isn’t dramatic or sad or heart-wrenching. We don’t have kids (unless you count our pets) and we don’t work/live in different towns or countries, but making it to this point – 15 years and counting – has still been a crazy adventure. We moved in together when we were still teenagers in high school and we struggled so hard for the first few years, it’s a miracle we managed to stay together. But not only have we grown up together, we’ve grown closer with every day that passes and every trial we endure. Over the years we’ve learned that we may not be perfect, but we’re definitely perfect for each other. So even if we don’t win this contest, we’ll be ok because we know we’ve both already won the most important prize of all.

  123. Kristi

    My husband and I could really use this stay-in giveaway! We have both been working overtime the past while and are usually too exhausted to go out anyway. We’re trying to keep life simple and as cheap as possible, but the expenses keep piling up. I can’t seem to shake this cold that I’ve had for the past week or so, and it seems to be getting worse. I also sprained my ankle this weekend and can’t do much other than sit around with my feet up for a little while. This prize package would sure cheer us up!

  124. Sam

    I feel that me and my husband deserve this and a night together is long overdue. We both work two jobs and have 2 children. He has 2 of the most stressful jobs out there, he is a fulltime insurance claims adjuster and a part time nurse, and i have 2 part time jobs i work at a day care and a video store. When we do have some time together, it is spent as family time with the kids and by the time the day is over we are both very exhausted. We havent spent time alone together in over 6 months, i cant remember the last time it was. We just cant seem to find the time to spend alone together so i think this would make for an excellent opportunity for us. Thanks so much!!

  125. Caroline

    My fiance and I would love this gift! We both just graduated from school last year and are in the middle of planning a wedding and working full time to pay for all of our wedding and up coming living expenses. We have been so overwhelmed with everything going on over the past few months we havn’t had any time to just sit back and breath and enjoy eachother and this chapter in our lives. I can’t imagine a better gift than a relaxing evening at home cuddled up with him. This is such an exciting time in our life, but also sometimes stressful. We don’t have much to spend on valentines this year with all of our wedding expenses and this would be such a blessing for both of us right now.

  126. Didi

    My husband and I deserve this because he has been deployed to Afghanistan since Aug 2010 and he wont return until around Aug of 2011. We havent seen each other in 6 months and wont until his R&R in May. Out of a year, we will have seen each other for 2 weeks. We definitely need some special one on one time together to reconnect <3.

  127. Alisha

    My husband and I could definitely use some time together. Right after purchasing our first home together, a fixer-up, we found out I was pregnant with our first child. The last year has been so stressful for both of us, working full time, getting the house in order, and getting used to life as parents. Needless to say, we havent had much time together as a couple.

  128. Sheena

    My fiancee and I deserve this package because he has been deployed in Afghanistan since last September. He is a marine supporting our country and I’m really proud of him. There are times when he literally doesn’t sleep for a days but still manages to send me an e-mail telling me that he loves me once in a while. I only get to talk to him maybe every month or so to see how he is doing, and my fiancee and I deserve a little alone time together once he comes back. I haven’t seen him in months and I want to spend some quality time with him; a romantic time.

  129. Gloria

    My husband and I will be married for 25 years in August. We will finally be empty nesters in August as well. I teach an early morning class (6:30 a.m.) and he has a physical job. We are usually too tired for a night out on the town. With two girls in college and one on her way, finances are tight right now. We would love this gift to indulge ourselves just a bit.

  130. Elaine Matoushek

    My husband I could definitely use this. He is in the Navy and very busy with work. We have 2 sons – a three month old and a 4 year old. By the end of the day we’re lucky if we both make it to bed before we zonk out. He is an amazing husband and does so much for our family, we rarely have time to remind each other how much we love each other but this little basket would be a nice way to make us slow down a bit and take a time out for our marriage. Thanks!

  131. Rose

    I think my husband and I need this because we’ve been through a lot and i’m always working.
    We recently found out that it is impossible for us to have kids. and I work 12 hour shifts, almost 4-5 days a week to pay off our debt.
    I really think we need this :-)

  132. Rebecca

    My fiance and I would love some downtime together, if we can find the time. I am a full-time medical student as is he. We both are interning and rarely ever see each other. I am also working part time at Subway and he helps his parents out at Ace Hardware. We need some serious time spent together to reconnect our love and discover our new means of attraction and to rekindle some long left flames.

  133. Kim

    TELL US WHY you and your loved one deserve this one-on one downtime….

    My husband is awesome! He is amazing, always working to be able to support our family. He works a full time job during the day and is gone 3-4 nights a week working an additional job through the night. I work full time in a school district – up early and out the door before my hubby wakes for the day – or often if he is working the night before – I am out the door prior to him coming home! We have three awesome children (age 11, 3, and 15 months) and we make so many sacrifices for them. Their activities, needs and wants definitely take priority over our own. Our time together and the opportunities we have to be romantic are limited by our crazy schedules. That being said – I wouldn’t change it for the world, unless I could add more hours to the day!!! I have found in my husband, the man that completes me. He understands me, listens to me and knows my needs often before I do! I hope he would say the same of me! We are truly a perfect match in all of our craziness. Our family is the center of our world and “at home” dates are the most meaningful to us. Our financial situation is not the best as with so many these days, but rather than dwell on our hardships we choose daily to celebrate our family, each other and the blessings that we do have. Thank you for the opportunity to spoil each other a bit with your gift, and good luck making a decision! There are so many stories filled with love, heartache, and joy!

  134. Krista Kent

    My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, and married 5 out of those 7 years. We have three beautiful children that God has blessed us with, ages {almost} 5, {almost} 6 and 3 1/2. I am a stay at home mother who recently earned a college degree in psychology and is now applying for grad school for a master’s in mental health counseling. He is a hard working, honest, loving, caring man who works 60+ hours per week to take care of this family of 5. We have one income so it is difficult every month to put together our budget, pay our bills and get everything taken care of with what little money we have; and there is never anything left for he and I. Now, I dont complain. This is the life we chose, we take care of our responsibilities with no questions asked, and we rarely whine about the things we dont have. However, it would be nice for he and I to have some time together, just him and I. We are constantly working on every other part of our lives- work, school, kids, kid’s school, bills, extra curriculars etc. But we still should be able to take some time to work on one of the most important parts of our lives- our marriage. We have been through the storm more times that I can count. But we stood the rain. We weathered those storms. To celebrate all that we’ve been through as well as everything we will conquer in the future, we deserve to pamper eachother, to be with one another without interruption, to share precious time together as lovers and best friends. It is these times, these memories, that last througout a lifetime and we deserve to start making those memories.
    Thank you for taking the time to read our story. God Bless ♥

  135. Terri C

    My husband and I have been together for 13 years and 4 years ago he took a job that required him to fly to a remote location and work for 3 weeks at a time. He comes home for 10 days and in those days we have to fit in visits with family and friends around my work schedule. It’s really difficult to get quality time together. A night in of pure relaxation sounds absolutely wonderful and would be heaven. He sacrifices so much, missing almost all holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. We have been trying to start a family and with his absence it’s been quite a struggle. So, give us a night of stress free romance to kick start things again.

  136. Sarah

    My boyfriend and I definitely need this couples package! We have been together for three years now and have been through just about everything you could imagine together. We’ve unfortunately lost many family members as well as our best friend who was taken from us almost a year ago at the age of 20. We’ve always made it though everything and manage to stay strong. But now, we’re both so busy we never have time to just relax together. We both go to school full time, I am in an accelerated graduate program and he is getting his Emergency medicine degree. We also both work every day and never get time for each other :( I spent the entire morning cutting out pictures and decorating a scrapbook of our first three years together, but unfortunately I got a phone call that my boyfriend was unable to get off work tonight and we wont even be able to spend Valentine’s Day together!!! I really think we need one night together with no interruptions to just be together and remember why we fell so in love!

  137. Amanda Lee

    What I do:
    Work full time at a Law office
    University student
    Fellowship activities (charities: raise money for )
    Tutoring (Highschool english)
    Volunteering (Big Brothers Big Sisters)
    create Breast Cancer awareness functions and raise money.

    What He does:
    University Student
    Coaches junior high basketball
    Volunteers to carry out medical research at the University of Alberta Hospital (Stollery)
    Big Brothers Big Sisters team lead
    Recently won 2 leadership awards
    involved with City Council, presents speeches at various events
    Gone to Thailand to provide medical aid to Burma refugees
    Will go on a Mission this summer.

    Through it all we find 3 hours a week to spend together and smile incessantly. Our relationship has always been about doing things together for other people, so when we do things by ourselves, it’s extra special!

  138. J. Ly

    My boyfriend and I have been together for over 3 years and it still feels like when we met each other in grade 8. Currently, he’s studying in Hamilton and I am teaching at a small private school. Both of us are young and living in GTA can be expensive, especially when my boyfriend is paying for his own tuition. With the low demands of public school teachers, it has been increasingly difficult for us have the money to do things together. Nevertheless, we love each other very much and enjoy each other’s presence. But money is a concern and we cannot do things like what other couples do: romantic dinners, vacation, or simply even a small trip away from the stress. Moreover, despite having a job, I am living at home with my family, and in this household there are 7 of us. 3 of us were in three different car accidents in a span of 2 months, and one of them was my father. Fortunately, he is fine, but is out of work due to injuries. My mother is now the only “bill payer” with her income. Therefore, a chunk of my money along with my younger sister’s money is dedicated to this family – to keep it working and make my father less worried (because he wants to work to provide money despite his injuries). With the amount I am making, and the expenses I have, I do not have money to pay for the activities and dinners I hope to have with my boyfriend since he is the one studying and I am the one working. This prize package would make a difference in our quality time as it helps us save some money in regards to activities we can do when we see each other twice a month.

  139. Andrea L.

    My partner and I; like everyone else, have been very busy for quite some time. We don’t see each other as much as we used to when we were young and had less on our plates. However, not a day goes by that I try not to show how much I love him. Our mornings start around 5 am and I always put his clothing and a towel in the dryer so he never gets a morning chill. After work we like to take baths together , but wine glasses aren’t welcomed in the bathroom due to being very dangerous if they break in tub……

    We like to cuddle on the couch or bed with our cat and enjoy the rest of the evening chatting before we fall asleep. No our time may be limited but it’s never been about quantity has it?

    I say less complaining. More sexy rumpus :)

    happy v-day

  140. Sunni

    My husband and I met in 1995. I was 15 he was 14. We finally got married in 2003. We had a tough year last year when his mother suddenly died from a heart attack two weeks after our twins were born. We have grown together so much and have an amazing love that proves we our true soul mates. We have a 6yr old, a 3yr old, and 1yr old twins. So we stay in a lot, hahahahaha. This Feb 28th will be our 16yr anniversary. Thank you so much for the chance. Happy Valentines Day To All <3

  141. Tammy Williams

    I am actually wanting to get this for a very Special Person I know…..She is one of my Customers Aunts. Over the last several years I see her a few times a week for a few minutes we get to visit-small talk. She was the receptionist at her relatives work. You know when you meet someone and they literally just “OOZE PURE GOODNESS?” This is HER!
    One of the purest hearts, always smiling laughing, and full of compliments and wonderful advice and stories. (I am a step mom to teen girls and she has been a huge leaning post-making me feel like a normal mom not just a step mom) A few months ago she gets my cell number from my office and sends me a random text Telling me what a lovely person she thought I was, and she was blessed to have me in her life!!?? Of course I’m thinking- WOW! that was so random, and so nice and I’m the blessed one! She is such a wonderful person that you feel like you just left the best place you have ever been. Well she has a super super bad heart, and a few weeks ago she finds out her heart is so bad she has to quit work. She is only in her 50’s so too young to retire, her husband and her do not make much money so they are really scared of how they can make it! Long story short the two of them when you see them together- it is just magical! They are so in love with each other- so happy! I’ve been there when he has brought her lunch by and she will just blush, and then say I’m sorry- he just melts me!
    They are like watching the movie “The Notebook” and I would like to see them win something like this- they would feel like they won the lottery!
    Thank you!
    There are so many touching stories I read- Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!!

  142. Karen

    My husband recently lost his job and with 2 kids in college we are committed to cutting back on all non-essentials. Our entertainment budget (as well as other budgets) has been slashed to zero. This would be fun.

  143. Maria

    My boyfriend and I deserve to have a night in because we take care of several hundred kids! We are actually both full-time teachers and both coach competitive basketball teams. Most of our free time is spent in a gym, away from each other. So far this year we have been snowed in at out-of-town tournaments, played games until about midnight, and had to work late night games on weekends. Even though we work at the same school, we hardly ever get a chance to see each other since our schedules are completely opposite. While at home, we often have lots of marking, planning, and other work to do so it is very hard to put us first. I love spending the extra time with the kids and helping them grow, but it would be nice to spend some time alone together to just enjoy ourselves and not worry about work for once!

  144. Sarah L

    My husband of 1.5 years and I have recently welcomed the first addition to our family! Our adorable son is 4 weeks old, and as perfect as he is, he has yet to figure out the difference between days and nights. So needless to say, we haven’t gone to bed at the same time in at least a month, because the last month of my pregnancy, I couldn’t sleep lying down as well!! We could definitely use some one-on-one time!! If we won, a babysitter would definitely be in order :)

  145. khoula

    My husband and i def. need some down time. I am a full time mother to a 22month old boy and my husband has been working non-stop for two weeks. We havent been out on a date for almost 2yrs now. We both are stressed out and this is causing alot of tension. My birthday is coming up on the 23rd feb, but we wont be doing anything because he has to work that day! Please choose us so we can at least have some romantic time at home.

  146. Renee

    My fiance and I need a break from the stresses of life. Shortly after we got together my Ex filed court papers against me trying to gain full custody of our daughter (she is not my fiances). Shortly after that, I was hospitalized for a servere kidney infection and was lucky to not need a new one. My finace took a few days off work to take my son to school and watch my daughter. It was my sons first day of kindergarten and I couldnt even take him. During court my Ex made a wide range of accusations against me, and my fiance and I lost al our friends because of it.

    We live in a tiny 2 bedroom house that is literally falling apart. I have broke down in tears so many times because of the condition we live in. I have been searching for a year for a larger place, but always get turned down. Moving here was our only option after a house fire, in which we lost everything and had to live in a hotel for a week – my son, who was 3 at the time, and daughter, who was 1, cramped in a little room – was not pleasant. Found out our house was gone while we were at a trip in Niagara Falls at Great Wolf Lodge. My kids first time staying at a hotel, a `happy time`, turned into a week.

    My fiance lost his job, and me being on ODSP (a pension for people with disabilities) I am unable to work. The amount I get does not cover the cost of living today. My daughter turns 2 on the 20th of this month. I was able to get her one thing. I wasnt able to get my fiance anything for Christmas or Valentines Day because of all this.

    Getting my childs birth certificate is going to cost almost 300 dollars. The hospital told me I was not far enough along in labor and sent me home. I had her on the bathroom floor at 6 am 2 minutes before paramedics arrived. She was still in the sac and wasnt breathing as there was still water in her lungs. She barely lived.

    All in all, these past 2 years have been very very rough. Money is incredibly tight, and this package would not only help, as it would give us the chance for a night with no monetary worry, but would allow money that could be spent on this type of thing, to go else where, where its needed.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and Happy Valentines Day everyone!

  147. Ivette

    As a married couple with 3 young kids (youngest is 6 months old), we have so little “couple” time let alone romantic time. My husband is always working so I can stay home and being home with the kids is no easy job – so we both deserve a little break and time to re-connect!

  148. Stephanie

    My boyfriend and I are both busy in medical school, so we rarely ever get free time to spend with each other. Also, we won’t spend much, if anything on each other because we are constantly saving, as we will each have $200,000 in loans to repay. We are too busy to hold real jobs, and work study’s salary of $7/hr is hardly sufficient enough to pay for groceries. We barely get free time to enjoy to ourselves in order to preserve our own sanity, let alone make time for each other. I would love to be able to restore some fun in our lives!

  149. wiffi

    I and my husband met accidentally on a phone by just one message.he wants to message to his friend but it came to me because only one number is different between his and my number so then from there our conversation starts.first in angry way but slowly it turns soft and we fell in love with each other.then our family met with each other and both were happy and we got married in 2009.our love grows day by day and now our son is the fruit of our love. our friends and relatives called us LOVE BIRDS and we are happy to hear this as we love each other so much that we sacrifice our lives for each other. our love is still the same even it grows more from the first day.even now we are far away from each other on this valentine but he will come after two days but we talk to each other on skype 20 hrs a day and after our sons birth this thing bring us even more close.this BTR gift brings more love and closeness between us. thanks to BTR

  150. Barb V

    My honey and I could really use some downtime (and good luck). It has been an awful couple of months for us. First, in December, we found out our condo had bed bugs (thanks upstairs neighbors..not) and had to pack the whole place up for extermination. Then my Dad had a stroke and I had to go to So Carolina with my home still torn up from the extermination. Had to cancel Christmas because of the bugs (didn’t want people taking home anything other than presents). We thought it had all settled down when we saw bugs again last month and had to pack the whole place up a second time. Then on 2/1 my Dad died and we had to wait out the blizzard to go back to So Carolina. Now we’re hoping the worst is behind us. A little R & R and time for us is just what we need.

  151. Lindsay

    My husband and I have been married for 6 years, and have always had kids ( I was a single Mom when we got together). We now have 2 additional sons together…bringing the grande total to 3 boys!!! It would be really nice for us to have a night in together. Everything is always about the kids…it would be awesome for us to indulge and ‘spoil’ ourselves for a change :)

  152. Patricia Tesselaar

    What a great contest, I hope that I’ll win! Now let me tell you why.
    My husband and I have been married for 4 years and have been together for 8. We live in Alberta, Canada and the main industry is oil and gas. I’m a geologist and he works for a major drilling company. We both work hundreds of kilometers from each other for weeks at a time. We have one son, when he was younger, I stayed home to raise him and now that he’s older I also work in the field.
    John’s a great guy but he’s a typical man, he finds staying home and taxi’ing our boy around difficult. He’s working full time as a supervisor and starting his own company at the same time. There are so many things that I could be helping him with his fledling business. And me, I find being away from the two of them so incredibly difficult that it’s almost beyond words.
    It`s been 5 years since we`ve had a holiday and we`ve never had a holiday just the two of us. We could really use a break, just the two of us. Trust me, trying to plan field trips that coincide at the same rig in northern British Columbia has lost it`s charm. It`s a little difficult to be romantic when your in a little accomodation trailer with generators roaring outside your door.
    We would love to bundle up in those robes with a couple of cocktails and watch a few romantic movies!
    Thanks for the opportunity, I look forward to finding out who wins. Lots of great stories!
    Patricia Tesselaar

  153. Renata Korczak

    My fiance and I have been long distance for the past 3 years of our 4 1/2 year relationship. He lives just over an hour away and works long hours since he is in the construction business while I have a 9-5 job; we only get to see each other on weekends due to these circumstances. We both live at home and are not able to live together before marriage since we both come from very catholic families so him and I never, and I mean never have alone time. We are now saving up for a wedding and a home to purchase together as soon as we get married so we don’t have the money to go out for dinner just the two of us, since when we do it’s for a friend or family member’s birthday. We seem to have so many other obligations with friends getting married and having children (weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, bridal showers, baptisms) that we never have time just for us. And today, Valentines day we are going to a Bon Jovi concert…yay right?! It would be a chance to have a romantic valentine’s day if his 2 younger sisters weren’t coming with us. This is something that is so needed since we haven’t even had a change to celebrate our engagement together, just the two of us!

  154. Danielle

    My husband recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. Thankfully he returned just in time for the birth of our first born, a son. Upon his return, we relocated four hours from all of our family and friends, so he could take a job in the civilian world. With an infant and no babysitters as of yet, date nights all exist in our home. Any gift that allows him to relax and be pampered is a blessing. He has served our country, and is a dedicated husband and father. He derserves some downtime more than anyone I know.

  155. Ana Sanchez

    My boyfriend and I are in a definite need of a stay in night together. His father passed away in October of last year and he has had a rough time bouncing back from it. It was very unexpected and it’s hit him very hard his dad was only 50 years old. Anytime that he gets off from work he goes to gravesite and just sits there. I have tried to do things for him but I have two jobs and going to school so there isn’t a lot of time to plan things for him. When I read this I didnt think there was a chance I would win anything cause most people never do but it doesnt gurt to try. Thank You guys so much for everything with the recession it’s hard to do things.

  156. Burnsee

    Boyfriend & I have been together for 12 years, in the past recent weeks our world has been rocked as a result of waiting for my results to come in from my biopsy for breast cancer. I am also awaiting other results from other blood work done, so a night of spoiling is definitely in the works, as I have not been able to sleep due to so much worrying and stress.
    Everyone deserves a break hoping that if this doesn’t work out for me, am hoping my test results will be a big negative and sleep for days after that :) good luck to all and we love the website and daily emails keep em coming

  157. Renee

    My husband and I need some one-on-one downtime to relax, forget the rest of the world, and reconnect. We have been married a little over a year, but we have had a hard first year. Past infidelities come to light shortly after we tied the knot, and we have been working on our relationship since we had “the talk”. We have gone through so many ups and downs, and its been so hard to focus on what is so great about us, because we are constantly having to deal with past mistakes. We are at a point now where we are enjoying each others company, and I feel like a reason to stay in, relax, turn of the cell phones, and focus on each other, will help remind us why we belong together. We need to focus on us again, and this kind of night in would be the perfect kick-start!

  158. Heather

    My fiance and I just called off our wedding not 2 days ago – for now, we hope. We’ve been working so hard the past year to pay for this beast of a celebration that we forgot to make the time to enjoy each other’s company.

    We forgot all the reasons we fell in love in our rush to book more overtime or finish those extra projects. At the end of each day we blamed each other for the hard press to the altar instead of taking refuge in our relationship and remembering that we both believe in soul mates.

    It would be lovely to have a romantic night in like we used to. We could forget the way we’ve been and go back to the way we were – all wrapped up in cozy robes and watching the romantic follies of others.

  159. molly

    My birthday is today, valentine’s day…lucky right?…not so much. Today I am at work all day and tonight I will be eating take out at home while watching the bachelor. My boyfriend has been relocated to Florida and when we see each other it is always a rushed event. To be honest, all I truly want is a night in with him, just being together. Long distance has been so hard and it is very difficult to stay intimate when you only see each other once every few weeks. I will be sad today on my birthday and valentine’s day, celebrating alone, and wishing I could just have a date night with my boyfriend. I don’t want anything special, just time together.

  160. Emily Ekern

    My boyfriend and I have been together just over a year now, and the entire relationship has been long distance from Chicago to Jacksonville, Florida. We try to see each other once a month, but I graduate at the end of the month, and I’m moving down there the first week of April. This means that we are going to go over six weeks apart (because of flight prices), and aren’t together on this Valentine’s Day. We deserve a night together when I finally move down there to kick off our new life together!

  161. Jenn

    Well, I would think it is very difficult to determine if one post deserve this package more then others. Every story posted deserves a special night with their love ones. My story is nothing of uniqueness, but wanted to share how lucky I am to have found true love the second time around. I hear people talk about soul mate, but didn’t think that could be me. I can say now that I have found mine. We been together for almost 2yrs and decided to move forward with our relationship. The past 3mths my sweetheart has been very busy with the reno of his house so that he can sell and move in with me. I’m a simple person and never thought or ask of any special treatment. With everything else that he’s been doing and preparing for us to be together there’s not really much of us time. Hoping this could be a topping to my luck in surprising him. Thank you.

  162. Patricia

    My fiancee and I are set to wed on April 8th of this year. We are parents to twin 5 year olds (one boy/one girl) and are also both teachers in the same classroom. We teach Special Education in Texas (I believe this is all I really should have to say here…:) Since we both live far from family we are both very hardpressed to find time to spend together. Between parenting our own children and the 100+ other children (students) we have been gifted with, a few small moments to share would be nice. We also will not be able to go on a honeymoon, for various different reasons…..however, it would just be….nice to get some one on one …”romance” time.

  163. Sarah

    I’ve been in and out of bad relationships in the past. So when I found my prince I was hoping for that fairy-tale dream life. We’re working on buying a house so we both work full-time jobs. I also work a part-time on my days off. Needless to say we only see each other long enough to kiss good morning and good night. I would love to have a day with my man. Even if we must enter back into reality at midnight. At least we’ll retire with laughter and love in our hearts cuddled together with a cozy blanket.

  164. Tina Christensen

    My husband and I have 2 kids. A 3 year old and a 4 month old. We have not had much sleep the last 4 month and therefore not had time or energy to spend some loving time together. We have never been away from our kids. Our 3 year old son have never had baby sitter not even his grandparents. When I gave birth 4 month ago my husband stayed home with my son because we did not want him to be away from both mom and dad.
    It would be nice to win the price so we could reconnect and have an evening with some romance when the kids are in bed.

  165. Erin

    my boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years now. We met in CEGEP because we were in the same class. Although, he switched schools and now we hardly get to see eachother. Neither of us work and have to pay for all of our school books, therefore we do not have a lot of money to spend on eachother. Last Valentine’s Day..well let’s just say, are romantic plans fell through and we did not get to spend the day as hoped. We would love to win this prize and have the romantic Valentine’s Day evening that we both deserve. As well, Couples Retreat is probably our favourite movie, and it was one of the very first movies that we have ever seen together and we loved it so much, but havn’t seen it since then. Watching this movie and snuggling up on the couch would be the perfect Valentine’s that I could imagine. Beyond the Rack, \please make this come true :) <3

  166. Kimberly

    My husband and I really deserve a special night together! We have had the craziest last couple of months, leaving little time for “us” time. We just recently moved, are expecting our first baby in April, have had a lot of job stress and over-time (as well as a job change)… it’s been so, so busy. We won’t have time for a “babymoon”, but a special night together before baby is born would be oh-so-welcomed. With open arms.

  167. Kendra Flemmer

    My hubby and I have 2 little kids and no babysitters around. We have only been on 2 dates since the first one was born 5 years ago. A date night at home would be the perfect thing since we can’t go out! My hubby really deserves this since he’s been working 2 jobs so that we can pay our bills since I got laid off 2.5 years ago when the company I worked for shut down. He is one amazing husband!

  168. Jennifer

    My boyfriend and I could definitely use some one-on-one time. He works fulltime, and goes to school part time as well he has a job coaching kids three-four times a week. In addition to all that he has been travelling the world playing tournaments to try to qualify for the Olympics and was gone half the year in 2010. When he IS here, it’s difficult for us to find time together as I work full time as a nurse and do shift work. Thus, he gets up to work and I am coming home to sleep. It would be great to have a couple hours together to snuggle!

  169. C. Salmon cesj28@hotmail.com

    My wife and I have been married for 4 years this year and we just had a baby, however she had a very difficult pregnancy where we wern’t able to be intimate and it has been difficult for us since the baby has been born.I currently work two jobs to provide for my family so I am hardly home so we don’t spend much time together. This package would help in creating the perfect night to help in relaxing her and creating a romantic evening for us to finally spend some quality time together.

  170. Heejin

    My boyfriend of 6 years and I really need one-on-one downtime more than anything else. We’ve definitely had our shares of ups and downs, but we’ve taught each other that there’s nothing stronger than our love, even when we’ve spent the last 3 years in different continents due to my study. When we do get to see each other, after months of planning a visit, it’s only for a couple of days or so, but we make sure to make each second count! I’m so excited that my boyfriend will be visiting me next month, and I just know that we would be spending the best one-on-one downtime: curled up in our bathrobes, watching movies, and sipping champagne at home sounds like a dream to me!

  171. Samantha McKenzie

    I need a night in with my wonderful boyfriend. We met when the summer I was 18 right before I went to university on the east coast, when he was posted to my hometown in northern Canada (he is a police officer). Never for a moment has it crossed my mind that our (very) long distance relationship has been anything but the right choice. It’s the homestretch now, last term before I never have to leave him again (and I never plan too). However since he has a crazy schedule with all the protecting and serving, and I’m a scholarship student with a full class load and a part time job, we get once a week together (we even pick our own Valentine’s Day each year…last year it had to be in March!) to talk on the phone. No texting, no skyping, just the home phone. I haven’t seen his face since I walked through airport security on January 3. We treasure our brief moments and they carry us, but a wonderful night together (even if it isn’t until May) lasts us for months, has lasted us for years (and for those of you who actually read this-It’s 10 weeks and 2 days until he picks me up from the airport and takes me home to stay)

  172. Tasha

    my finace and I could REALLY use a night in….why you ask????? well we have 4 kids,single income because 2 of our children have special needs (being adhd/autistic,and our youngest daughter was born 3.5 months premature between him working crazy hrs to support us me running 300mph for the kids,then doc appts and specialist appts,meetings at the school cuz our son is forever getting suspended or removed from classes and trying to make up special time with the other 2 kids we never see each other and when we do either he is sleeping or i am…..we have not had a night together in 3yrs. this pkg would be a great help because if we don’t have to pay for it then we can afford for him to leave work 1or2 hrs early and just enjoy each others company….iam sure lots of other people deserve this pkg as well and too everyone I wish the best of luck……and with or without the pkg we will make the best of our valentines day and hope everyone else does as well…..Thanks for the oppertunity to win something.

  173. Alison R.

    I adore my husband and rarely find the ways to show how important he is to me and our children. He works in law enforcement, so we rarely spend the nights together, and I miss being in his arms at night, being able to cuddle him as I sleep, and being able to wake up next to him. This lovely package will give us the means to share some special time together, which will take the place of those other times that we do not get to share.

  174. Julie

    We travelled both so much for our work, that we need this special time to be together and just enjoy each other company.

  175. Denise Bowman

    We are a couple in our 40’s…never had a honeymoon….spent every dime we earned raising our 2 kids….(one in college) one about to graduate high school!! We always felt it was more important for the kids to come first…..we deserve ( if just for one night) for us to share some quality time!! Paleeeze help to make this Valentine’s Day all about US!!

  176. Jen Labute

    My husband and I met and started dating when I was 16 and he was 18, so we were high school sweet hearts :) We got married in 2008 and now we have 2 amazing little boys! Our boys are 15 months apart, so it is very busy, but we love it! We have done a lot of renovations lately, including a salon in our basement where I can do hair and esthetics.. He works all day and I stay home with the kids, then when he gets home I go to work in the salon and on Fridays and Saturdays I work all day in the salon as well. Amongst all of this busyness, we are continuously doing more renovations, which my husband is trying to do himself, to save money. So basically ANY spare time we have, is not together, the only real time we have alone is when we go to bed at night, but a lot of the time, that is never at the same time!
    I would love to win this “lets stay in tonight” package, I think it would be really nice to have one of those nights, which we haven’t had in a very long time……it would be like we were back in high school all over again:)
    Thank you for your consideration!

  177. Stephanie P

    Why do we deserve downtime? I don’t think that any couple deserves down time more than another; intimacy strengthens and edifies relationships. Couples need time to love, to become one, to build a life together. But my husband and I would be very blessed with a gift that encourages us to have down time together. We are both musicians, and music causes us to have very busy schedules in and out of town. My husband is gearing up for a tour this summer, and I have a few projects on the go at the moment, so it is difficult to find the time and energy to intentionally have a night together. Usually, when we do have the chance, we just hang out together but there is no real romance or rest; we are just so tired that we sit and watch TV side by side for an evening. We would love to have an evening that is sort of planned for us. That would be a great experience for us.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  178. Donna K.

    My boyfriend and I have been together for over 10 years, but it’s a long distance relationship because he can’t find a job near me and vice versa. We usually miss being together on Valentine’s Day unless it’s on the weekend. We don’t have much money to do anything special as we spend most of our extra money travelling to see each other. Of course, I ‘d rather see him than buy nice things, but it sure would be nice to have both. We would make good use of the prize as we usually just stay home.

  179. Lisa Jones

    Tim is the love of my life an I am so thankful that we met. I adore him and he adores me. What makes our situation unique is that he is completely deaf. We do enjoy ourselves by going out but we don’t ever get to go to the movies which is something I love to do. We just bought a DVD player but don’t have any movies to watch yet! Staying at home with him is always lovely but this package would just make it extremely special!

  180. Katherine de Sousa

    After getting divorced, and being a single parent, I’m not really left with a lot of “me” time. Luckily, I’m dating a REALLY wonderful man. The only problem? I live in Toronto, and he lives in Ottawa! Weekends away are great, but never really long enough. As much as I love planning fun things for us to do, some ready-made fun would be helpful!

  181. Sarah

    My fiance and I have been together for almost ten years (high school sweethearts) and are newly engaged (as of 12/26/10) and we are planning our wedding for this August. We both work full time and I am taking classes 2 nights a week and volunteering, and he plays in basketball leagues during the week as well. Weekend always seem to be busy busy as well. When we do see each other & spend time together a lot of the time I am always talking about wedding planning. It would be great to enjoy this package for a night together of downtime with no wedding talk to remind ourselves why we’re getting married, and bring us back to those highschool puppy love days 😉

  182. Michelle Voigt

    We would really love this package!! We never get any time together. We arent even spending Valentines day together. He had to leave for work.. He travels most of the time for weeks at a time and I work full time and nights and weekends so when he is home we try to do everything to find time together. We just got married so its hard cause all we wanna do is be together but we cant :( So if I won and suprised him with this gift package it would be a great suprise!!!!!! and we would love everything in the gift package! It so screams us! Im sure everyone has a good story :) When someone loves someone time with that person is all that matters.Thank you for reading my story! love michelle

  183. Amanda

    My fiance and I are most certainly in need of a night in together! He goes to school M-F and works on the weekend without a day off and I work all through the week and weekend! We are huge fans of snuggling and love watching movies together. However, we just haven’t had the time as of late! We would love the his and hers robes… those would serve us well after our long, grueling days working in the food and beverage industry. The champagne flutes would most certainly be put to good use, too!! Please choose my fiance and I for this exciting night in because this would mean the WORLD to us!!

  184. Laurianne

    A little downtime with my husband would be a blessing for us both. After a tough summer 2009 where I went through a rough surgery and my then-boyfriend/now-husband really took care of me for a whole month (giving me baths, helping me to the toilet, washing my hair), he proposed. We hoped that now that I was back on my feet, we’d have a great year planning our August 2010 wedding. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a major severe depression in April 2010, and planning our wedding became an almost impossible task, as I was completely nonfunctional. What should have been a happy period in our lives became a really difficult one. A little later, I was also dignosed with ADD, which partly explained my great difficulties in planning my wedding from A to Z even though I was on antidepressants (trouble finishing what I started, forgetting appointments, forgetting to check for this and that). My doctor ended up putting my on sick-leave for most of the summer 2010. Dealing with my emotions, rushing to finish planning the day that I wanted to remember as the best one of my life, trying to deal with medication side-effects (horrible nausea, loss of libido, which is not ideal for a young couple in love)… it was a hard summer for our couple and our sex life, and my fiance had to deal with a lot of frustrations inside while putting on a brave face to support me. We finally got married and the day was amazing, an “oasis” in that horrible year. Still, on our 2-week honeymoon, I was so tired of all the emotions and rush-planning that I slept A LOT and my libido was still zero. It really took its toll on my husband, but my morale was improving and we had hopes that things would get better. Unfortunately, in November, my estranged father passed away from cancer at 58 just as I was getting dressed to go to the hospital to say goodbye (it would have been the first time I saw him in more than 10 years, and I had to deal with the horrible guilt of missing my last chance) and my aunt (my father’s best friend and roomate) followed him a week later, hour for hour, in her sleep, at just 64, from what we can only assume is a broken heart from losing her best friend. 2010 really became my annus horribilis, and my husband had to pick me from off the floor again. Now, I’m working hard to get everything back to how it was before all of this happened, and I’m slowly starting to enjoy life again. We adopted an adorable Dachshund puppy born on our wedding day, I started to take yoga classes (to shed all the pounds I put on from eating my emotions) and I make my own jewelery. I would now like to show my husband how thankful I am for his patience, devotion and selflessness, as a lot of guys would have probably dumped me because of all the crying, the lack of sex and everything in between. We’re trying to plan little moments together as much as our really busy schedules allow us, and a romantic date night would be… just what the doctor ordered!

  185. Elizabeth McPherson

    My husband travels all the time…last year over 150,000 airmiles. I volunteer all the time. When we are finally together, we spend time cleaning and trying to spend time with our 17 yr old son. We have been married 22 years and having a date night is getting harder and harder. I don’t even remember the last movie we saw in the movie theatre. The last dinner out was with a group of work people. Currently, on Valentines day, my husband is in Scotland. For my birthday this year, he gets 1/2 day with me and then off on another trip. For our anniversay this year, he gets home late from a trip and again, only a 1/2 day together. Please help us win. Then I can tell him he HAS TO help me use our winnings together. Thx.

  186. Heather M

    My son was born 13 months ago and he has added unmeasurable joy to our family, just as my daughter did before him. We have been trying to get him to sleep on his own, but every other week he’s gotten very ill. Although we want so much to be together that we both sleep in our son’s room instead of our own, most nights we just stare at each other through the dark and whisper “I love you”, as one of us sleeps on an air mattress with our hand through his crib and the other in a small bed. Or, on the sick nights, one of us sleeps in bed with him, so we can tend to frequent nebulizer treatments (or vomiting spells, etc) without waking the other. If it isn’t our son, it’s my husband’s work, keeping him out until late at night. And some rare nights, when we can actually be in bed together, we are only able to cuddle briefly before we just crash. This would mean a lot to both of us…

  187. Elspeth

    My fiancee and I would love a night to just to be with eachother. I work days and he works nights. We see eachother for about 2 hours a day- but that time is spent with one of us waking up and getting ready for work. Not really quality time. On the weekends, we try to pick one night in which to just spend some time together. This would come in handy one of those nights!

  188. Nioka

    My husband and I were married this past summer, and are now happily expecting a baby!
    The first trimester has been a little tough-lots of nausea and fatigue, along with a barrage of other symptoms!
    We are doing our best to keep the romance alive as we start this new chapter in our lives.
    It’s pretty tough for me to stay up late these days. A romantic night in is just what we need! We would snuggle under the blanket, fill the champagne glasses with orange juice, and watch a romantic movie together-and have lights out by nine!

  189. Brenda

    My husband is currently unemployed so our daughter has taken advantage of this and we are now watching our 2 grandchildren from 8:30 am to roughly 9:00 pm Monday through Friday. One grandchild we have to pick up from school, the school is about 20 miles away, we do this everyday. On the weekend the oldest granchild stays with us sometimes until Sunday evening, sometimes until Monday and we take him to school.
    Recently we had a blizzard which last a week, the children were with us day and night. We are not old but by no means young by the end of the week we were completely wore out…
    The next we came another round of heavy snow, our grandson, the oldest, stayed night and day while our granddaughter went home with her mother.
    Now this may be just recent events but there is more much, much more but I’m to tired to write it; besides the 3 year old granddaughter is running through the house AGAIN after being told repeatedly not.

  190. Marie-Chantale Larochelle

    My boyfriend and I really need a one and one time. Two years ago, I became a mom, I was 18 years old and I was at school. It was really hard, I was alone with my little baby, because my boyfriend have to work. he had only 3 days with me, and the baby at home. After he return to work. He work from 7h00 am, to 7h00 p.m. and he work at an other place the saturday. I am so in love with my boyfriend and he really love me but we forgot us, in this difficult situation, and we where not acting like a team, but like enemies. A few month ago, we decide to change our life couple. We work hard to learn how to work together and speaking of problem, and respect, and love the other. And we made it! We are working together some saturday and some sunday and it help us to work has a team at home. We win some maturity and experience and now we are at the moment that we want to learn the pleasure of love. But we don’t have lot of time… I work on week-end, i am at school three days a week and i am mom at home two days a week. And my boyfriend, work 6 days on 7. So we need a little plus to help us taking time for our couple. Before our kids, we where listen to movies at least once a week, it was our special activity of the sunday night. And I really hope to do it again. This price will be a good reason to go back to this old habit and take care of our love.

  191. Shelley

    I love my husband more than words can say. He works very hard at a frustrating job and despite my working full-time also, I try to have a warm and welcoming home ready for him at the end of the day. Any time we get to be together is lovely, and this romance package would only enhance our time together!

  192. lucylee00@aol.com

    My husband and I met in highschool. He was 14 and I was 15. We finally got married in 2003. This past year was really tough on us with the sudden death of my husbands mom two weeks after giving birth of our twins. We have made it through so much together and have grown so much togeter. This Feb 28th will be our 16 year anniversary!!! I am even more in love with him now than I could of ever imagined. We have a wonderful love that is so amazing. True soulmates. We have a 6yr old, a 3yr old and twins 1yrs old. We stay in a lot. Hahaha. Thank you for the chance :-)

  193. Charlene

    I love to cuddle with my husband of almost 18 years, but since we bought our new house, we don’t seem to have any privacy in the living room to watch a movie by ourselves and there is no t.v. in the bedroom. We have an open concept house and our children our 15 and 16 so there is never any privacy and they go to bed later than we do. We would love to cuddle on the couch and watch a Valentine’s movie by ourselves. Little things like this keep our marriage fresh and each other happy.

  194. Cathy

    I am not sure saying we deserve it more then anyone else would be the correct term. There are so many people that deserve a special treat. I would have to say that this would be special to my husband and I because it has been along time since we have done anything as a couple. It is our 10year anniversary coming up and this would be a great excuse to be able to say lets have the night off because we can. We have three beautiful girls that will always come first! (ages 6,4,and 1) This in it self is what makes us happy. We would love more then anything to have time to our selves although like every parent out there would say there is not time! We could make time but unless something like this comes along we have no reason to. No matter what kids and and type of family time comes first. So please pick us so that we have an excuse to spend time together as a couple! Thanks for the opportunity!

  195. lexismom

    The last time that my boyfriend did anything even close to romantic was three years ago when he surprised me at my work with a bouquet of flowers for our one month anniversary, since then he’s been working all the time and packing and then unpacking in our new apartment,and a romantic night in is sitting on the couch watching monsters vs aliens with our little one. it would be nice to just have some me and him time for once seeing as baby number 2 will be here mid April and then it will be another couple years before we get another chance! Thanks!

  196. Elise Aylmer

    For the past three years, we’ve gone to school on different sides of the continent – making travel back and forth difficult and infrequent. Beyond that, not only do we have to fly 7 hrs to each other, but because it’s a US/Canada flight, the international airfare really breaks our banks. As students, it’s hard for us to be able to afford to see each other more than every 2 months. We spend summers together, but one is always unemployed because work visas are so hard to get for foreigners. To make matters even worse, he is on an NCAA sports team at school, so he trains SIX HOURS, SIX DAYS A WEEK. You do the math and take a guess at who does all the flying? Not him. After the costs of plane tickets, international cell phone plans and the occasional nice meal out together, there’s not often a lot of extra coin floating around for material goods. I get to travel cross continentally this week to see this special person, and we’re off for a special mountain get away for President’s Day, and it would be so nice to have that extra little something special to cozy up with. Thanks!

  197. Kristen D

    If memory serves, I did get married and have a husband. He’s about 5’9″, sandy blonde hair, booming voice, goofy grin…. have you seen him? I can tell he’s been around, because there are empty pudding cups throughout the house, and someone has been shoveling the sidewalk. I remember holding on to his glasses and wedding band while he had surgery last month, and bringing him soup, but then it was quickly back to our 75 hour work weeks. For Valentine’s, since he knew we wouldn’t be seeing each other in person, he got to work while I slept last night. He covered the house in post its, 45 to be exact, telling me each and every reason why he loves me. This morning was like a treasure hunt! I finally found the last 4 in the shower and the fridge. “Reason 24: I love the way you can’t help but sing when there is music playing.” I gently propped a photo book I just made, filled with of our favorite memories over the past 8 years together, on his office chair. When I find my weary way home tonight, I will likely pass out before he even gets home, but I know he will come and place a kiss on my forehead to let me know he loves me. Then, honestly, he’ll probably have another pudding and leave the empty cup somewhere for me to find tomorrow.

    My husband and I deserve a cuddly night in, if for no other reason that I am beginning to forget how lovely his blue eyes are, how geeky his jokes are, and how tightly he holds me. We’ve had a really tough year, bouncing from hospital to hospital, taking care of our families, going to school, working, saving, and surviving the harsh Wisconsin cold. Instead of wallowing in pity, I want to celebrate him and our love for one night, forgetting how tough it has been, and just being happy to be near each other. I love him!

  198. military spouse

    My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan. He is working 7 days a week and is on call 24/7 in case of emergency. This has been a tough time for both of us as I take care of everything at home on my own from bills, to home repairs while he takes care of Marines. To say that we need a night to just cuddle up at home is putting it mildly. Our communication has been sporadic and infrequent. We’re adjusting to being apart, but have always been a close knit couple who are still very much in love after 9 years together. He is my best friend and team mate. When he returns home safely we are definitely going to spend some much needed nights in. In the meantime, we will continue to support each other long distance.

  199. Sylvia

    My boyfriend and I will have been dating for one year on February 27. Although our time together has been amazing, it has also suffered its share of trials, from the ups-and-downs of our jobs to the death of my father last September. My boyfriend has been my best friend and source of moral support throughout, and I’d love to treat him (and myself!) to a relaxing night of downtime, champagne, and movies. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest, Beyond the Rack.

  200. ...

    My fiance and I could use a night of down time because… At the beginning of this year we lost our business and his full time job hours have been cut due to the weather we have been expierencing here in Kentucky/Indidana. So that has put me as the bread winner for my family of 4. I have been working ridiculous amounts of hours to provide for my family. ((I leave before they get up in the morning and im arrive home after everyone is tucked away in their beds 5-6 days a wk)).
    That puts my husband to be home ALL day with our 2 precious baby girls who are 1 and 2 ((that makes them 15 months apart)) and to take care of the house as well. We havent had date night since last summer and it feels like its really wearing on both of us. If we won this it would give us the opportunity to stay home and enjoy each other and take some down time for our selfs. Thank you!!!

  201. Mary

    My husband and I really need a serious spending time like bonding time to each other…..Since He been workng two jobs that is 16 hours a day for him or sometimes he work overtime I barely get to see him often….We been together for three years now but I feel like I need some time to get to know him even more coz the time is just not really enough for the daily basis should a couple to see each other that much we didnt even get to spend time for our honeymoon after our wedding day coz of the hectic time of our job had to work always been workaholic coz of the responsibilities and lots of obligations we trying to accomplished but Hey it’s not too late for that Special Moment right???

  202. Andria

    Happy Valentine’s day!
    I am so in love with my boyfriend and have been for much of our 5 years together. We’re both busy with work and school but one of our favourite things to do when we have a moment is to snuggle with our two pups on the couch and watch movies until we pass out. I think a stack of romantic movies, snuggly robes and blanket and champagne flutes could set us up for an extra special evening together doing what we love the most… spending time as a couple!

  203. Michelle Neasmith

    When I saw this contest I first thought about how my husband and I could take full advantage of this much needed R and R as we have a busy 2 yr old son and a 5 month old boy who has decided that his routine is waking every two hours since birth. I then thought about my girlfriend who has had so much going on in her life, that she and her fiance would be the perfect recipients of this gracious gift. Alix just returned to work early from her maternity leave to accept a new great job, but that said, it is very demanding.. a steep learning curve which requires a lot of studying every day after a long day on the job. Her mornings start at 4 am as they recently bought a fixer upper on an island which requires her to leave early to catch a ferry to bring her son to daycare on the mainland. There has been one thing after the next with their place and Alix is just not sure she can take any more surpises. First, their well water was contaminated with e-coli and she and her son became quite very sick. Can you imagine having an 11 month old in the hospital only to return to a home with no running water??? After getting all that dealt with, they discovered a mouse infestation under the house and that meant more stress and more upheaval at home. It gets better…Alix couldn’t find her beloved dog Bella one morning but she had to cut her search short as she had an important meeting with her new manager that day. She was hopeful that Bella would be waiting for her on the front steps when she returned. On her way to the ferry she found poor Bella on the road. She had been hit by a car and left there by a careless and heartless driver. With her son in the car Alix had to pick up her dog, and through tear stained eyes, return her home to be buried. Starting a new job, trying to keep a home from falling apart, helping your adjust to day care and feel loved when being so stretched, being a strong partner, losing her dog, I’d say well qualifies her to receive this nice gift so they can forget about all this stress and focus on each other for an evening. I know I’m tired, but our house is not broken, I am not learning a new job, and our yello lab “Buddy” is peacefully resting on my feet as I type. I would be so happy to donate this gift to a couple who really deserves it!

    1. Kim

      I wish I could LIKE your reply like on Facebook!

      You are so thoughtful to nominate your friend for the prize instead of wanting it for yourself – If I could vote (even though I entered myself!!!) I would vote for you and your friend to win – Alix and her family definitly sound like they could use a little R&R in each others arms!

      I will keep them in my prayers!

  204. Jenny

    We are Lucky, with a capital “L”- we have romance, love, affection and we are total dorks together. Even though our cuddle space on the couch is spoken for by our laptops, paperwork, and our 20 lb Maine Coon cat for the next six months, we keep the romance alive as a couple – him, whispering “I Love You (insert top secret pet name)” every so often while practicing his dissertation (He’ll be an official D-O-C in June) and I, saying “I love you more…(another embarrassing pet name)” while surfing online sample sales in search of unique finds for our wedding (a DIY backyard BBQ extravaganza planned in July). Planning weddings, job interviews, state to state moves, etc, is easier when you are doing it with your Partner in Crime – and although we hide the stress well, it would be AMAZING to have a night to put all of the studying, planning and stressing aside and just enjoy each other….

  205. Joyce

    I think me and my husband deserve some alone time. Between working and children we just haven’t had any alone time for quite some time. It’s to the point that we don’t have a life without alone time. His work involves weekdays as well as weekends and we never know when he is able to get days off. I work from Monday to Friday and have my weekends off but I can never make any plans with him. So I feel that he deserves some alone time as much as I do with just eachother. What do you think? We’ve been together for 25 years and I would like to have 25 more.

  206. Jeanne

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 12 years now (high school sweethearts!) and for this past year, we’ve both been especially busy. I’m in my 4th and final year of a professional degree and working on top of that leaves very little time to be home, let alone spend together. My boyfriend is a part-time student, working full-time and for the past few months has been struggling with some health problems and is pretty down. He refuses to let me put my degree on hold to take care of him and says my drive keeps him going. Tonight, there is nothing I would rather do than spend a quiet night cuddled up with him, but alas, it’s not in the cards. I have an exam this evening, so instead of next to him, I will be one city away, frantically trying to recall the details of oncology. Winning this couples package would give us the perfect excuse to spend a quiet evening together and celebrate our relationship on our own time!

  207. Mary

    My husband and I really need a serious spending time like bonding time to each other…..Since He been workng two jobs I barely get to see him often….We been together for three years now but I feel like I need some time to get to know him even more coz the time is just not really enough for the daily basis should a couple to see each other that much we didnt even get to spend time for our honeymoon after our wedding day coz of the hectic time of our job had to work always been workaholic coz of the responsibilities and lots of obligations we trying to accomplished but Hey it’s not too late for that Special Moment right???

  208. Kate

    We have to make the most alone time this Valentine’s day, since it’s the last we’ll spend alone in a while, since I am just over three months pregnant!
    I have been really, really sick and my husband has been amazing.
    Since I don’t feel like going out at all, this prize would be amazing for us so we can cuddle up together and the most of our last Valentine’s day without someone else around :)

  209. Anna

    My husband and I are the very proud parents of a 16 month old little girl with her little brother due in about 6 weeks time, which leaves very little time for each other after a long day of work and play. I am a high school math teacher and once my daughter is in bed at night, I spend the rest of the time marking, making quizzes, tests, reviews, new worksheets, etc., until my husband gets home from his job at the local ski hill. Because his job is seasonal, he works as many hours in a ski season as most people work over the course of a year, with no holidays for special occasions, even Christmas. His days usually start at 6 am and he isn’t home until 10 or 11 pm, which makes catching up and family time impossible. We could certainly use this package once the hill is closed, even if we have two little ones in the house!!

  210. Annie

    Rain check!
    I have a bad, bad cold since Friday :-(
    My husband and I were having plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week-end and instead I had chicken broth and slept with my box of tissues!
    This kit would be perfect to have a Valentine’s Day week-end – take 2!

  211. Lindsay

    Happy V-Day!! My hubby and I definitely need some down time. We both have crazy New York work schedules… we never see each other! He is a busy Personal Trainer, up at 5am and doesn’t get home until 11pm! I’m a Fashion Designer up before 7am and home around 10pm. I am in bed by the time he gets home so we LITERALLY never see each other. We don’t even have time to sit down together for a nice dinner, or a movie. We work 7 days a week, as we are both working full time jobs and are both trying to start our own businesses. I would give anything for one day to snuggle on the couch together! :))

  212. Ashley

    I would love to surprise my hubby with this gift as a thank you for being such an amazing husband to me and wonderful father to our beautiful 2-year old daughter. He works nights while I work days, so we don’t get a lot of time together and when we do, it’s usually spent as a family with our daughter. Last year was a tough year for me with the deaths of two close friends. We also were trying to get pregnant again and we did…but quickly found out it was an ectopic pregnancy. My husband was so supportive and strong through all of the issues we faced together last year…and I couldn’t have asked for a more loving husband to help face those times with me. I would love to win this so that I can give him a little gift of us time and relaxation in appreciation for all he does for me.

  213. Nora

    My boyfriend is not at all a romatic and wouldn’t even know how to put something together that would woo me in any way. A night like this could give him some pointers on what a great evening in would look like.

  214. Jeannine

    My partner is an OCD, type A, severe work-a-holic. I suffer from PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. Our daughter suffers from ADHD, ODD, and GAD. Between the 3 of us, we cover a lot of the letters in the alphabet! My partner and I, had our “wedding” celebration 1yr and 4 mos ago … we haven’t had a moment to ourselves since! Four of our friends (2 couples) even came along on our cruise “honeymoon”! Each rare, childless evening that comes along (like this past Saturday) I get really excited & look forward to going out on a “date”. Ha! Ha! That NEVER gets to happen because my partner (who works from home) always ends up working the whole night through! All I do, is watch the night go by.

    We absolutely NEED some alone time, so that we can re-kindle our love.

  215. Laura

    Snuggling in for a cozy movie together sounds fabulous! Any chance babysitting can be included? My husband and I would so appreciate this gift! We have four demanding, high maintenance little girls! I am working on my Graduate degree as a Nurse Practitioner which takes me away from home, too much! And I work the night shift! When I am home at night… usually by the time the girls are in bed… we can barely crawl to bed to relax before we pass out. The opportunity to cuddle, have some champagne, and enjoy a movie together may be a night made in heaven and long overdue! (And I am sure I can even get some babysitting!) Thank you!

  216. Tresha Matthews

    I am in school for my doctorate in Educational leadership. I work my day job as a controller for a 55+ active living community M-F 7 – 4pm. My night job as a college accounting and business professor M-Th 6 – 10 pm. I run a tax and accounting business which is very busy righ now because of t ax season. My husband is a corrections officer and gets 1 day off per week. He often works 16 hour days. He his also in school for his BA in Criminal Investigation. We have 4 children at home. All of this equals no together time. I tried to cook a special dinner last night because today is also our wedding anniversary, but he didn’t get off work until 9 pm. He was supposed to get off at 1 pm and was told he had to do mandatory overtime because they were understaffed. We could really use SOMETHING!!

  217. Brandi T

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years now and we hardly ever do cute little romantic things anymore. I go to school 5 days a week and he is busy with work so sadly we only get to spend time together or see eachother on the weekends. We need a night (or two) to just sit infront of the tv and cuddle. This would be a great way for us to relax and just be with eachother

  218. Jenna Ratcliffe

    I think my boyfriend and I deserve to have a couples night in because of how busy our lives are. I do school Tuesday – Sunday, and work about four nights a week. He works Tuesday – Saturday and does school most evenings. On the rare occasion that we get to spend time together, my chronic illness (fibromyalgia) keeps us from going out, and doesn’t allow us to do much in. So I think that a night in with new warm, cozy bathrobes (perfect for me because I will stay warm) and some romantic movies and a bit of bubbly would be the perfect way to be able to finally get a romantic night into our busy schedules. He has been there with me through the nights and days of agonizing pain, and I would like to return the favor by giving him a nice relaxing night, which I haven’t been able too for a long time. He has been my rock through everything, from the really nasty, to the wonderful!

  219. Lisa briones

    My husband and I could use some r&r. With no family near us & our kids are on a regular sleep routine for the 1st time in 4 years, we actually have 2 hours to ourselves in the evening!

  220. Stephanie

    My boyfriend and I work at high-demanding IT companies and find ourselves putting in sometimes 12+ hours in one day to get our clients infrastructures up and running. This hardly leaves us with time together– especially since we are on call on weekends too! We have recently established Thursday Date Nights, where we stay in and watch movies or cook dinner together (with our work laptops open!). This special giveaway would be a perfect addition to our Date Nights and help to keep our relationship and bong strong :)

  221. Stephanie Perez

    Where to begin? I work graves so I sleep most of the day while my husband takes care of the house and our two teenagers. He takes them everywhere they need to go and do & I only get to see them IF I get up around dinner time and eat with them only to go back to sleep til I get up for work. Also, we live with my mom so there’s not much room for anything between the 2 boys and her. My hubby & I need something special to reignite our passion and get us cuddling again. I so do miss it!

  222. Kerrie Wolf

    The love of my life and I are getting married in June, so any free time that we seem to have lately (which, trust me, is NOT easy to come by) is spent trying to discuss wedding details–budgets, guest lists, flowers, invitations, registries, etc. I work a salaried no-so-40-hour-a-week job…it’s more like 50-70, depending on the week! On top of that, to help make ends meet, I also work my own business on the side. My days are so busy and we need an evening in to just focus on us and nothing else. My typical Wednesday goes like this: work from 8:30AM to 5PM, get home around 5:30, change my clothes and go to a meeting for my other business that’s a half-hour drive. That meeting goes from 6:15PM to 7:45PM. Drive home, change clothes, eat dinner, and go back to my regular full-time job from 9:15PM to midnight. Then back to work at 8:30AM the next day. I get zero comp time. This past Saturday, I had to work my side business from 11:30AM to 2:30PM and after I got home, we had to go register for our wedding at a particular department store. The workers had no idea how to get the scanner to work. Finally the 4th employee who tried to help us was successful, and that was after the manager didn’t know what to do! Then, as we walked around the store with the scan gun, it shut off. We got it working again, were able to scan 3 things, and then it totally stopped working. At that point, a 5th employee told us that they were having a system-wide problem and couldn’t fix it. Thoroughly defeated and frustrated, we left the store with what we thought was 3 things in our registry, only to log in online to find out that only 2 items actually scanned correctly. Oh, and then I had to go back to work at my regular job from 8PM to 3AM that night. So please please please!!!! We could really use this date night in!!!!

  223. Guylaine

    Me and my boyfriend do deserve a little something for some extra quality time. He took on a new job in September of 2009 and his job requires that he takes exams to keep it so he works Monday to Friday and he also studies when he’s at home. We have another 2 years or so to go before he’s done with it and this would an excuse to get him out of his books even if it’s only for a few evenings.

  224. martine

    What a great idea it would be!

    I am a mother of two babies and today was my come back day from my maternity leave. This morning my oldest son did a huge crises and the youngest one was sick all night. It was a morning of many bad situations. The only good thing this morning was the lovely note on the fridge from my husband! That would be great to be able to rest beside him in these soft bath robe… Thanks for the image

  225. Jose Aguas

    I believe my wife and I deserve to win this prize because currently we are going through some tough difficult times. Currently she’s pregnant at almost 6 months and I’m working and going back to grad school. We’re tight on cash especially with the baby coming so we haven’t had time to ourselves and just enjoy each other’s company. By winning this package it’ll allow us to just spend time with each other especially since we are still newlyweds at a year and almost 2 months. It’ll give us time to just be in each others arms and let go of everything that is bothering us. Except maybe for when we take a break from the movies to feel the baby kick which is always a joy for us.

  226. Karen Matson

    My husband and I are empty nesters, but we both work a lot and he is involved with x-country ski grooming in the winter months. Because it’s ski season, we haven’t seen much of each other lately. I miss him. This gift bag would give us an excellent reason to spend some quality time together.

  227. Amanda Peters

    Dear Beyond the Rack,

    My husband and I have been married for eight years. In that time we have suffered five pregnancy losses, refurbished a house, (thankfully) had two children and started a company. We are extremely blessed, but have been very stressed during this time. Our jobs require many long hours. My husband works 80-100 hours per week and has 50 employees, so we lose a lot of sleep over how we are going to make payroll every month. I have a demanding job as well and do my best to also be there for my two babies. Again, we feel lucky and blessed and we do our best to make time for each other, but it’s getting more difficult. An excuse to stay in, watch some movies and cuddle up is exactly what we need to reconnect and have a mini break in the midst of all of the craziness in our lives.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  228. Evyanne Wooding

    My boyfriend and I definitely deserve some downtime. We recently moved into our first house and haven’t even spent a full day there together. He works full time (shift work) at a men’s homeless shelter. This job, although rewarding, leaves him DRAINED! I work two jobs, one as an exercise therapist at our local Cancer Centre (full time days) and the other as an exercise specialist at a our hospital’s Weight Management Clinic (3-4x/wk at night). We both absolutely LOVE our jobs which is why we work so much however it does really restrict the time we have together. I would love to cuddle up with him on our couch (actually test it out together!) with the blanket, in our new cozy robes, drinking champagne and eating something yummy while watching a great couples movie (my choice would be Couples Retreat! hehe). Sounds like the perfect date night to me!!

  229. Stephanie

    I would really like to win this contest. It’s been a crazy year for my and my husband. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2010 at the age of 30 and I was 18 weeks pregnant at the time. I underwent a mastectomy while pregnant and had three chemotherapy treatments. Our healthy baby girl was born in April. I then learnt that my cancer had spread 3 weeks after her birth. I then underwent 6 more chemo treatments. Right now there is no sign of the cancer thank heavens. It was a very hard year and my husband has been my rock! Our life is very hectic with our two girls, 4 and 10 months so it’s hard to get any couple time. This would give us a chance for some romance at home that’s if we are not too exhausted by the time the girls go to bed!

  230. Joan

    My boyfriend and I, high school sweethearts, have been dating for 6 and a half years. I am currently in my last semester of college, while he has one more to go after this spring. When we first met, we lived in the same town for two years before I moved away for college. Since then, we haven’t lived in the same town. For the past two years, he has been living out of state playing college baseball. With his busy baseball schedule, he hardly ever has an opportunity to come visit me. We only see each other once a month, when I can manage to get away for a weekend to see him. During baseball season, my visits with him are very time-limited, spending much of our time at the baseball field. This gift bag will be a useful treat on my next visit. It would be nice to just sit, relax, and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions!

  231. Rachel Stride

    Ok, here goes it I guess. I am a 33 year old married woman. We are celebrating our 16th anniversary today. Yup, valentines day. We got married when I was just 17. We have 3 beautiful daughters and 1 fosterchild. My daughters are ages 17(twins) and the youngest is 14, the fosterchild is also 14(boy). It seems we did everything backwards in life. But yet no matter what we overcame all of our diversities. The familiar words of family and friends “You guys will Never last.” Here we are 16 years to the day. We are very happy still, we made our life together. We both work and with the kids there seems never to be much time for us to just be us. I’m not complaining but it would be nice to get something like this. Without honeymoons and vacations, alittle thing like this is just something else that we could sit and smile about someday. In any case of who wins, I hope who ever it is enjoys the little time together they spend in thier very hectic lives.. And if it is us, well then here it is a *Smile and a *grin ahead of time.. Happy Valentines to all, and a very Happy Anniversary to my best friend Gordon. Loves you Lots, yesterday, today, tommorrow and beyond…

  232. Joanna

    I cannot remember when I had a Valentine’s day. My husband and I have been married for 8 years, we work different and opposite shifts and hardly see each other and a child that takes up all of my free time. It would be nice to have this opportunity to “rekindle” and spend time together.

  233. Jessica

    My partner and I have been together for four and a half years now. The entire time I’ve been in university. We rarely get a chance to see each other outside of five minutes in the morning and two minutes before bed, because I’m at school most days and work most others and he works anywhere between 8-14 hour shifts monday to friday. We try and find time to enjoy each other’s company, and usually when we do find the time, we curl up with a good movie and some popcorn. This little basket of goodies would certainly help us to make the time to spend with each other.

  234. Dawn

    My boyfriend and I need some time just the two of us. I go to school full time, Monday through Friday and work in the evenings Wednesday through Sunday. He works Monday through Friday and usually works late. I have a daughter and he has a son, and we like to spend time with them each, but the time never seems to come. We are both so tired ALL of the time. The only time that we can spend time just us is late at night, when the kids are in bed or with the other parents. So, we are exhausted just because we are trying to spend time together. We find it very difficult to just take the time to relax. We need someone to give us a reason to take the time!!!!

  235. Cara Pederson

    My husband and I have been through a lot this year. About six months ago we had just moved into a new place. Not even a week had gone by when my hip put me in terrible agony. I was taken to the hospital and after a myriad of tests they found a mass in my hip joint. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. I had to undergo surgery to remove in hopes that I could be weaned off morphine by the time my baby was born so that he wouldn’t go through withdrawal as well.
    In the meantime my husband received notice that he could no longer receive student loans to continue his education. The job search commenced. Shortly after my second son was born my husband got a call for an interview. The process took a little over 2 weeks when we found out he did indeed get the job. However it meant a move for our family as the job was 2.5 hours away. So yet another move was underway which is not easy when you have a 23 month old and 1 month old.
    We came through it all on top, but are exhausted. I know we are stronger for the experience. My husband was by my side in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. I stood by him and continue to support his decision in moving our family, but a little pampering would be so great. We love movies and are in need of robes. We hope you choose us and thank you for this opportunity.

  236. Nikki

    My boyfriend and I would love to have a “stay in night”. I’ve been away at grad school for 3 years, and my boyfriend lives about 3 hours away and he works 6 days a week, while I am a full-time student. We rarely get to see eachother and being able to have some one on one time would be a blessing.

    Thanks for your generosity,

  237. Arwa

    Well, between our 5 year old and our 11 month old and work and hitting the gym and family responsibilities, and of course just everyday life responsibilities; taking the older one to his skating, swimming, and language classes, then changing, feeding, and entertaining the little one, we sure could use some cozy up on the couch alone time for just the two of us…NO KIDS ALLOWED!!! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It would really be nice to have this before I head back to work. Thank you.

  238. Hailey Johnson

    Hey BTR,
    Me and my old man need some serious down time together. First of all for the past 6 months we have been living with my sister and her 2 children, in the basement. Believe me I love them to death, and since we have been away for the past two years it’s amazing to get reunited with everyone. BUT we only have a bedroom downstairs so we are always in each others face in the kitchen and bathrooms. PLUS my sister is babysitting out of her house, so when we do get some time there is always some child lurking around the corner. To make matters just that more complicated, my job is in shift work 4 days on, 4 off, 4 nights on, 4 off ect. (meaning we when I work nights we don’t even get to sleep together!) So my weekends are sporadic and when they do come he is normally off on a side job with his own work. So it would be so nice to be able to get this gift as it would give us an excuse to make time for each other and have a great night in!

  239. Janine

    Since today is valentines day I thought I would make this comment into a poem enjoy.

    Roses are red,
    violents are blue.
    i definitely need this,
    don’t you think too?

    My boyfriend and me,
    need some alone time.
    You probably have heard this before,
    but seriously im forgetting that he’s mine.

    It seems that between work and school,
    we are always running around.
    Seeing both friends and each other,
    half the time i can’t get in a single sound.

    Because lately we are so busy,
    we tend to go out more in groups.
    Just to talk to him alone when we’re out,
    i pretty much have to jump through hoops.

    I can’t remember the last time,
    we were just alone.
    I just want to talk to him,
    preferably not on the phone.

    On the bright side,
    coming up is our school’s reading week.
    and I just want to see him,
    and feel his kiss on my cheek.

    This couples giveaway,
    would be beyond amazing.
    A little something for all parts of the night,
    and champagne I am definitely craving.

    So please save my relationship from another group outing,
    Beyond the Rack please choose me.
    My boyfriend and myself are in dire need of this,
    You do not know if I won this how happy I would be.

    Did I mention I write this,
    write before running to class.
    Class till 9pm that means,
    valentine’s day dinner I’ll have to pass.

    So please give me the valentines day night,
    that tonight I can’t make.
    A second chance many people don’t get,
    this one I will surely take.


  240. Jody

    We can’t wait for cuddle time! My boyfriend and I recently moved in together in the middle of January. The first week, I had to be away for work. While I was there, his grandfather was extremely ill. I came home, we had one day to organize flights, and he was off to england for a week. His grandfather passed away, but he made it in time to see him. He came home on Sunday evening, and on Monday I found out that I had to travel again for another week with work! We have managed to unpack and get rid of all the boxes so the place is starting to feel like home, but we haven’t even had one night to relax together! We have a lovely brand new couch calling our names…please help! :) Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!!

  241. Melissa Martella

    Our favorite moments are shared together on the couch watching taped episodes of our favorite shows and ordering in from our favorite sushi restaurant. We have a baby at home, so getting out at night is a rare occasion, but we have gotten so used to our romantic date nights on the couch, that it has become our favorite moments. So tonight, after we kiss our angel goodnight, it will be our favorite sushi, law and order, and a big cuddly blanket for 2! There’s no better way to spend our valentines day for us!

  242. Lindsey

    My Fiance and I could sure use this lovely giveaway. We are planning a wedding, which is becoming stressful and on top of that he is in the military in which he is always gone. He will leave for weeks and come back for a week. This will be our second valentines day spent together in 4 years. This would be great to win so we both could enjoy eachother without the stress of everyday situations. But if I dont win this I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! I know it will be a great one for me because I get to spend it with the love of my life.

  243. Vastie

    My hubby and I definetly need some much needed time together! Our work schedule is crazy, and our social lives literally have gone down the drain (or so it seems), ever since we had kids. We try to make an occassional “date nite” on Fridays, but the last time we actually had it was before Christmas! I know! Aside from being a full time employee, mother of 2, and active parent, I am also a returning college student. Life right now is chaotic, and full of things to do, but am grateful to have a loving husband, who no matter how crazy life is, he still manages to tell me he loves me through our run arounds.
    A night to stay in for just the both of us & spend some time together, would be great. Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Valentine’s Day :)

  244. Danielle Sage

    My Boyfriend Ricky and I have been dating almost 3 years, when we first started dating we spent almost everyday together. Well that was then, now I’m a full time Med Student who basically lives in school books all night, and Ricky works two jobs just so I can pursue my dream. When he gets home he eats and sleeps so there’s no time for us, I love him to pieces and wish there was enough time in the day. So this is my plea I want to reconnect with my boyfriend so he knows I appreciate everything he does. Thanks so much.

  245. Leanne

    Happy Valentines Day! I am NOT the romantic one in our marriage… my husband is! That being said, I rarely plan anything for this day. I could sure use a little help from BTR to make this day a special one for my wonderful husband!

  246. Sarah

    My boyfriend left a few moths ago to go to Afghanistan. He won’t be back until July and we can only talk for an or so on skype and it’s really hard… this would have been the first valentine’s day that actually meant something to me and it was definatly sad to know that i couldn’t spend it with the person that means the most to me, we would certainly appreciate the prize if we won it since it’ll be 6 months without being able to be close to one another… Please pick us…
    Thank you,


  247. Melissa

    Well my husband and i could really use some together time we have a 2 years son who is probably the worst sleeper in the world and we rarely get to even sleep in the same bed. We both work full time jobs and between play groups and swimming there is not a lot of time left for us. We are planing to start trying for baby number 2 soon so this package would probably help out with that.

  248. graciela guadalupe

    my husband and I have been married for 20 years and have 5 children ages 24,21,16,11,10, we have been together since we were in our 20’s and we have never had time to enjoy each other on a valentines day. We are both cancer survivors, he had leukemia 3 years ago and we survived it . Lost our home,but we kept chugging alone with no time for ourselves and last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and collectively between the chemo’s,surgury and the illness we try to stay sane and keep our family strong . We have lost our moment. We live a hetic live between work, running our own buisness taking the kids to baseball and keeping the house hold together. I really think we deserve some romantic time together and re-kendal our love for each other.

  249. Maegan Morin

    My husband and I sure could use some time together!! We have a son whom we love dearly but takes up the vast majority of our time. My husband works very late nights (10pm -11pm) and being that I’m 8 months pregnant I’m usually sleeping by the time he gets home. We love each other so much but just cant find the time to show it. Valentine’s day doesnt even exist for us this year because we are low on cash. But it doesn’t really matter as long as we get to be together prize or not, it will be a great day. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone :)

  250. Rebekah

    My future husband and I could use a night at home! We are living in his parents basement and planning a wedding. . .25 days to go. The stress of both situations is making me a little crazy and hard to live with. Taking a break from our daily stresses would give us a chance to reconnect before our big day!

  251. Irene Branco


    I’ve been with my guy 8 years now and we’re a blended family with 5 kids between the two of us (I have 3 (14,11,8) and he has 2 (17, 14)…they are all great kids. I’m not requesting for a night for just the two of us because with 5 kids we have no time. I’m asking for the “lets stay in together” because we’ve been arguing ALOT this past year over stupidities. We’ve started couples conselling and its help. We were even told to take some time off just the two of us, and we both agreed we should, but if I don’t plan it, prepare it, organize it, then it won’t get done (hence one of our many arguments).

    Therefore, I’m entering this contest so that we can finally have that “stay in night” and rekindle the passion that our kids sucked out of us the past 8 years…

    Irene Branco

  252. Donna

    We have been together for 27 years and we both are career orientated. We both have elderly parents that we are concerned about and always help them. Always help out others and worry about family, making sure that they are ok and safe. We seem to put others needs before our own – which at time we seem to neglect each other. Both of us rarely ask for help or assistance from others and I would like to take this opportunity to show him how much I charish him and thank him for going out of his way to help our loved ones:)) Happy Valentine’s Day…..LUV:))

  253. Bonster

    This is our second marriage for both of us. It took many years to finally find the right one, but we are so happy after 10 years of marriage. My husband married me, and took on 3 children. A few years ago, I had emergency brain surgery, I wasn’t sure I would be here to see my children grow up. My husband stayed by my side the entire time. He was awesome. We always say we saved each other the day we met. I love him more today than I ever have and am so very thankful our twisted paths in life finally connected!

  254. Rachael K

    My hunny bunny and I deserve some special pampering for sure. The day we met about 4 months ago, he lost his job due to downsizing, then his truck broke down twice. Also, I myself am on a strict budget as I just sent my 18 year old son off to do his thing with after high school activities and that was expensive. Due to all of this, we have had to have most dates at my home anyways, so it would be nice to be pampered a little if we have to stay home :) We are just fortunate to have found each other either way, it’s a match made in heaven no matter what life brings!

  255. Aubert

    Mariés depuis près de 40 ans, nous avons la chance de toujours être en amour. Les joies et les difficultés rencontrées au cours des ans nous ont rapprochés et ont solidifié notre couple et notre famille. Les moments d’intimité font partie des recettes nous permettant de toujours désirer poursuivre notre route à deux. Un moment de détente à la maison serait donc bienvenu.

  256. kathleen mekailek

    could we ever use some couple/cuddle time. my hubby and i met at work, after which i soon suffered an injury and after 6 surgeries was declared disabled and unfit to work. he has been fantastic taking care of me and our 6 kids. the oldest got married last year and just blessed us with a granddaughter. the next was in the army, served in iraq and came back home with a medical discharge suffering from ptsd and a tbi(traumatic brain injury) after being hurt by an ied. the third and fourth are in college, and we just finished filling out fafsa forms to see how much financial aid they will receive next year. the youngest girl is in high school and we celebrate every day that she is still with us- she was born with a precancerous condition that required a series of 8 surgeries starting when she was only 5 months old. the youngest boy has aspergers syndrom (a form of autism) and type 1 diabetes. so, as you can see , we have a lot of stress in our lives and it would be nice to take an evening and relax to enjoy each other and let the cares just drift away.

  257. Carrie

    My boyfriend and I have been together about 2.5 years and we are 23 years old. About a year and a half ago, he came down with a one in a million illness that left him with chronic kidney disease. He now has to go to dialysis 3 times a week (4 hours a day) after work. I currently work, go to school, and participate in my university swim club. By the time we both get home we are so beat that it makes it hard to spend quality time together. Even on the weekends we don’t see each other much as I usually have swim meets and schoolwork. This would be a great gift to utilize while we’re both exhausted and want to cuddle up on the couch.

  258. Atina Bates

    This request is not for me but for my daughter, Kimberley. She gave birth to my 2nd grandson on February 2, 2011 and with a 2 year old at home is happy but exhausted. Kimberley worked right up until the end of her pregnancy and she and her husband have had little or no time to spend alone. Kimberley always makes sure that everyone around her have what they need to be comfortable and tends to forget about herself. She would never think of entering herself in a competion as she is always the last person she thinks of as deserving. On behalf of my beautiful daughter, please consider her for this special treat, and if she doesn’t win, please make sure that someone who would not normally be showered with gifts and pampering is chosen.
    Thank you, Happy Valentie’s Day and keep the good stuff coming.
    A proud mother and nonna
    Atina Bates

  259. Jay

    My wife and I work as house parents for a non-profit children’s group home. We work/live at the home with as many as 7 kids for 10 days at a time and then off for 5, supposedly. In recent months, we have not had relief workers to be there to let us off and have worked through our anniversary, we made it 3 years on February 9th, and last thanksgiving, and birthdays. A nice cozy weekend or a couple days in a little retreat with the valentines gift set would be like a week in an estate-like spa with the stresses of Daily life we experience. Thank you for considering us, and Happy Valentines day to all of the Couple in Love out there.

  260. DOWN TIME?

    All those out there begging for this prize with your “we never have any time together” Or “our schedules dont match and this would help” stories……. do you honestly think a soft blanket, 6 glasses and a movie are going to free up your schedule and help your love life? I cant believe that you think beyond the rack is brainless enough to believe that.

  261. Melody Halls

    My husband and I could really use some “us” time. We love each other so much, but we both work so hard at our jobs and at raising our family that we don’t always get the time to show each other. Some one on one time could really “spark” things up for us and our love life.

  262. Lisa Frazier

    My husband and I have been married for 8 years, we currently have 3 daughters, 10, 7, & 5 months. We really need some on-on-one down time. He’s in the Marine Corps and stays very busy with work. I stay home taking care of the children and the house. By the time he gets home we eat dinner, get the kids ready for bed, then it’s time to put the fussy baby to sleep, by the time this is all done we are exhausted and ready for bed ourselves. Then he’s up at 4:30am and off to work. He will be deploying next month for 7 months so right time our time is very special and we try to get as much quality time in as we can, but lately there doesn’t seem to be much. The one thing we have loved to do since we started dating at 15 years old is cuddle on the couch and watch movies. That is my favorite thing to do with my husband over everything else.

  263. Debbi Ratchford

    My husband and I got married 6 years ago (second marriage for both of us) and we combined our families – two girls, now 30 and 28, and three boys (now 21, 23, and 25). Last year we were empty nesters and looking forward to being alone for the first time in our marriage! However, as fate would have it, my Dad became ill and passed away in February and in June my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. We decided to move her in with us and turned one of the bedrooms into “Mom’s Room”. I quit my job and my husband has had to work 6 days a week in order to support us and my Mom. She has had several hospitalizations and I am now her caretaker so there isn’t any down time for us as a couple. It would be so nice if we could reconnect in a romantic way, even if it is only for a weekend.

  264. Anna Meyers

    Happy Valentines Day!! We don’t have your average life style. In fact, many of our friends think we are certifiably crazy..perhaps they are right! My husband and I run a large horse breeding operation and for six months out of the year, we work ridiculous hours, are at the mercy of breeding mares, collecting stallions, foaling mares and ensuring that newborn foals are off to a great start. Consider this facility to be a fertility clinic, pre natal and delivery ward all rolled into one. Foaling season has officially started which translates into “sleep deprivation”. We work all day, only to wake every half hour throughout the night for weeks on end in order to make sure mares foal uneventfully. Its a tremendous responsibility and our clients trust us in this regards. While we have willingly taken this on, we also realize that this is a time where our priorities may get shoved aside. A nice dinner out and fashionable clothes have been replaced by a comfortable pair of jeans and watching TFN (the foaling network-close circuit video camera’s as we call it). This is a time where we aren’t the kindest to ourselves or to each other due to time constraints, obligations we need to fulfill and sheer exhaustion. But we forge ahead out of necessity. Going out for Valentines dinner is out of the question today as we have potentially five mares that could foal at any given time so we are limited in the kinds of plans we can make. We try to make sure that our son doesn’t have to give up activities due to our life style choices. So we will make the best of it, have an extra special meal, partake in some chocolate and realize how lucky we are compared to many others. I would love nothing better than to pamper my husband and son. A chance to relax, catch our breath, steal a little bit of time to ourselves and pamper ourselves would be incredible so we can enjoy the beauty in each other and what brought us together in the first place.

  265. Love Actually is all around

    -I believe Valentine’s day is not for those who already have someone special in their lives, yet for all those who NEED someone. Love is a magical thing, and can make people do crazy things… Whoever it is that wins this pirze, I hope that they ready this post and know that they are special, and someone out there DOES love you! *Don’t beg for the prize, or the things you want… because there are those out there that can’t obtain the things they need.*
    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who doesn’t have a Valentine xoxo

  266. Elise Quinn

    My fiancé and I would love to win the ‘let’s stay in tonight” package. We will be tying the knot on June 4th, 2011 and we have been busy working and dealing with all the stress that comes along with planning a wedding. My finacé is a musician and I have a full-time day job as well as teach dance and take my own lessons at night.

    Our hectic schedules leave little time for us to spend alone and we would love nothing more than a romantic night in with champagne and movies.

    Please help us make our lives a little less hectic!



  267. Ann

    My husband has been working on a huge project at work with overtime even at Christmas! His father is also bugging him about some stuff, so he’s been under huge stress for months now.

    I’ve been busy as well with a huge paper to write that I only just finished, so we haven’t had a break at all. In fact, I didn’t even see my friends for weeks, either. Only just popped in to say hi last week, but still catching up on so much stuff.

    We’d love a nice night in! Thank you, BTR, for this opportunity!

  268. Amanda Green

    My Boyfriend and I have been together for 11 months but we have known each other for 6 years. We definitely need some down time I see my boyfriend maybe once every two weeks, I work crazy hours in one week I’ll work days, afternoons, and even midnights. I am working every weekend midnights now meaning no fun for me, no friend hang outs or boyfriend hang outs and I only get one day off a week two if I am lucky. My boyfriend goes to school full time Monday to Friday and works Saturdays and Sundays. Sundays are also his homework days we see each other for only a couple of hours at times but we definitely make it work. Today on valentine’s day which is the first valentine’s day I have ever had a boyfriend and I’m only 24 he has school and won’t get home till 6 pm and then he has to study for his midterms next week. After he’s done his midterms he will be working the summer with his dad working 12 hour shifts 5 days a week Monday to Friday and then working at his other job on the weekend. We normally watch a movie together when we see each other and just enjoy each others company I love him with all my heart but it definitely would be nice to have a full day and night together I told him that soon we will hang out just the two of us, have dinner, watch a movie it would be amazing if we could watch movies in those housecoats with those movies and definitely that blanket because his house is always so cold and I never have enough blankets lol I would love to surprise him soon and I think this would be the best one yet, cozy and warm, snuggled up on the couch, and watching movies with some red wine of course, I just want it to feel spa like, no worries, no waking up early, no gotta do this and that, since our lives get very hectic and are constantly go, go, go, just us together, being happy, and loving every moment of it.
    Thank you so very much for reading this long message and thank you to all the Beyond The Rack Staff for great and fantastic customer service
    Amanda Green

  269. Carla

    My husband and I deserve this one-on one downtime because we really haven’t had time for ourselves since our son was born in 2008. We went threw some though time with my son getting sick but we are still there for eachother. When the weekend finally arrives, it’s kids bithdays, parties and everything you can think of besides spending some alone time. A night in would be great!

  270. Tim

    Well we have 10 year old twin boys….do I need to say more. ….we need a break…..especially my wife, and I would love to win this so I can take care of her!

  271. Barbie

    As 2 people who work 7 nights a week OUT, my boyfriend of 2 years and I could really use a night in. Although working at a club can be fun, it’s tiring and the only thing I look forward to is the occassional night off (once a month!) Tony is such an amazing boyfriend to sit and make dinner for me while I relax and watch any girly movie I set my sites on. And as two people who adore snuggling since the only contact we really have is while we sleep, those robes and blanket would be awesome. Thanks for reading my entry!

  272. Kathy

    ….oh where to start! my husband and i just had our third child. Our oldest is 15 years old… who wouldn’t want a break from a 15 year old girl?! our middle child is turning 3 next month… but terrible 2’s easily rolls over into their 3’s….and it will be just another day with a wild and crazy little boy! our youngest is 3 months, he is our little angel child! sleeps several hours at night, barely cries and loves being held and talked too! we love them all to bits and couldn’t imagine our lives without them…. BUT we would love a night alone with some goodies to add to the night!

  273. Cornelia Morales

    My boyfriend and I are constantly on the go. We have very little time for relaxing as he leaves for work at 4:30 am and I work all day as a nurse for 10 hours. My wonderful man also goes to school and I have a 7 year old that we both take care of. He really has been a positive influence on my daughter and it would be great for both of us to be able to just enjoy each other!

  274. Krista Sweet

    I think that we deserve to “stay in tonight”!!! My bf works out of town all week and we are only able to spend one day a week together. And that’s when I’m not running my kids around to their bazillion hockey practices and other outings. It would be heavenly to just have a quiet night where we could just sit around, talk and cuddle. (and watch some flicks of course with out champagne) 😉

  275. Raffi Wartanian

    My girlfriend and I definitely need some one-on-one downtime. I work full-time as an accountant, working close to 80 hours a work week now plus another 12-15 hours on the weekends so I hardly get a chance to spend some time with her, since she’s usually asleep when I get home from her exhausting day. She is a full-time student, finishing her undergrad degree in 3 years from an Ivy League school and working two jobs in the time she is not in class. She just was accepted into two top 50 Tier 1 law schools…so as you can see she hits the books harder than anyone.

    We barely get some time awake together…and the few hours we do, it’s usually spent talking each other through any rough times we are facing and encouraging each other to keep pushing through the difficult times. If we’re not doing that, we end up passing out to rest up for our next exhausting day.

    This hasn’t been easy, but we find a way to make it work. And to reward her with some one-on-one downtime would be the best gift of all.

  276. Lisa

    After 15 years of being apart and in separate marriages, my true love and I found each other again and have been back together for almost 2 years now. We recently added another addition to our combined family for a total of 7 children. With the day to day obligations of school, extracurricular activities, and taking care of an infant the one-on-one time has definitely decreased to a minimum. For over a year, my love has tried to find permanent employment and I am pleased to say he was successful in October. However, with my work schedule being mornings and his nights, we are lucky to see each other on the weekends. It would truly be a blessing to have a “night in” for just the two of us, and we are lucky enough that if so granted, the grandparents have offered to take all of the kids for an adventure of their own for the few hours.

  277. Nina Sly

    My Husband and i deserve this. We have been married for 8 years with the beautiful kids and have never spend a romantic night out. Were always busy with the kids and if its not the kids its my husbands work. This would be really nice to enjoy !

  278. Jennifer Rotolo

    I would love to win this!!
    My husband and I both need some down time. We are the happy parents of a 1 year old little boy who is a bundle of energy! My husband works 12 hour shifts as an RN 3 days a week, and out of the four days he is not working I am working either one to two 12 hour shifts as an RN and one of those days I am at school working on my Masters. We have these opposite schedules so that our son does not have to be in day care. We hardly get to do anything together, and winning this would be a reason to have some down time!

  279. Jamie S.

    TELL US WHY you and your loved one deserve this one-on one downtime?

    My husband and I have been married for 5 years we met while we were both stationed on the same ship in the Navy. We got pregnant a month or so before we were to get married. I had to take shore duty and he was still on the ship. They went out for their 6 month right after our baby was born and when he finally came home I was stationed on another ship and my ship went out 3 weeks after his home coming. We have been passing ships for many years we are finally out of the military and would love to have some much need time together.

  280. Janice

    Hi BTR!!! My fiance and I are in DIRE need of some down time together. I work as a full time law clerk for a busy law firm in downtown DC. I’m also attending law school part time and so I’m in class from 6-10pm every night of the work week. On weekends, I always have lots of school work to do or work from the office and so we spend a lot of date nights with him cooking and me on the couch with a laptop in my lap. My dear love also works full time for the DOJ and is constantly attached to his Blackberry. In addition to all of that, we’re getting married in July and I’m busily planning all the details. My dress is in New Jersey, so I’m often running out of town for fittings, etc. As if we didn’t have enough to do, we’re also in the process of buying our first condo and spend a lot of time with our realtor!

  281. brandy heshka

    My husband and I have been together since we were students. His parents kicked him out of his apt when he and i started dating and we have been on our own ever since(my parents were extremely abusive and out are of the picture). We were both in school and then had to take jobs as well and have been working non-stop for the past 11 years since we have been together without ever having been on a vacation.
    I am now a stay at home mom with eye Cancer(my vision is very limited) and my husband works out of the country atleast 1 week of the month. All of our Holidays our banked for my trips to the Cancer Clinic as it is in another city. We have no family support and because of the abuse suffered as a child-i cannot trust my son to a sitter so he gets dragged on these trips with us. I have been having nightmares for years that my son would grow up without a mom and recently he has been having these same dreams even though i have done everything to shield him from my fears. My family(my son, husband and myself) has been through hell this past year with a multitude of mystery illnesses and rush trips to the cancer clinic and ER rooms for me and has held together with all the love and support in the world for each other dispite everything against us. It would be amazing if for once we could just take a moment to relax and enjoy each other without some crisis.

  282. Casey Ryan

    If any couple deserves some down time it’s definitely me and my boyfriend! As for me, I work full time doing merchandising while going to school full time to become a Special Education teacher. With that also comes my commitment of volunteering for a local organization called Open-Books where I work one-on-one with kids in public schools. I am also training for the Chicago Marathon this year where I’m running for PAWS and raising money for that organization.
    My boyfriend keeps just as busy as he is a stockbroker trainee and devoting over 80 hours a week at his office while spending every second of his free time studying for his Series 7 exam. Please keep in mind, he’s only getting paid $1300/month until he completes training! This leaves us with NO time or money to do anything. And if we do somehow find extra time, we just like to relax and watch movies or go to dinner. This would be a great chance for us to be pampered for once, and get to enjoy a night in that we truly deserve!

  283. ELOUISE

    my husband & i could used a night romantic night together because i work three days on for a 100 yr old & i work thursday&night &friday&night &saturday&night &sunday&night with a 101 yr old client but i love it & it hard to give it up because they are not here forever,but we have time so we can wait for that special moment together so this would be the perfect time for me to suprize him with a long day &night in his strong loving arms because he cares to if he didn’t he wouldn’t work with me so i could bring joy to someone else. happy valintine.

  284. Ally

    My husband and I have been together since we were 15. We have two beautiful children and now at 35 we work more than we see each other or them. The time we do have we spend with our kids because they are the priority in our house. Unfortunately this means that we are not the priority. We spend less than fifteen minutes alone a week (awake). I want to show him that we are still important in my eyes. That our relationship is a priority to me and that I love him more each day and I still remember him at 15 being the most adorable man I have ever seen and he still is.

  285. Julie Eppers

    We found each other the second time around. Friends who worked together but had never looked at each other that way. Until one day. And sparks flew. And here we are… thirteen years later… still throwing sparks. We cherish our time together because it is fleeting. Bill on the road… and me at home. But every night, no matter where we are in the world, we find a way to say “good night”. We are content to sleep knowing we are together underneath the same moon.

    Making time for each other is a priority when Bill is home. From walking the dog to sharing a cocktail, we make each moment count. With the choices we have made… and the traveling career that Bill so loves… we believe our time apart only brings us closer. That those moments we do have feel like new… always grateful to be together again at last. It would be exceptional to have a night in together… with no interference from the outside world… no airplanes or business calls or TSA. Just the two of us… snuggled up in our Beyond the Rack robes… watching a movie, holding hands… enjoying the moment. Together.

  286. Bekki

    My husband and I were married on June 25 of last year. He moved from Dallas to Southern California so I could be close to my family, and thankfully we found this to be the right decision after my Dad was killed in a car accident in October. Being newlyweds and having to deal with tragedy is trying to say the least. My family has always been close, so my new husband and I are both focused on helping my Mom as we try to support her during this time (Which we both know is the right thing to do). I think it would do us good to have a romantic evening in, and refocus our (my) attention on our relationship.

  287. Pamela Black

    As a couple with 25 years under our belt, we’ve forgotten how to break away from the everyday. My husband works in the city which is a two hour trip one way. He is up at 3:30am every morning and does not reach the house again until 9:30pm. I work both a 9 to 5 outside the house and parttime with my own company as a liasion with insurance agents and licensing requirements. With my company, I work from home from 6pm to and most times I enter my bed at 12:00am. We also have two children; my daughter is now in college but was a competition cheerleader in high school and my husband and I attended every competition. Now, my son is in high school and plays basketball and we have attended everygame. Both children stayed on Honor Roll in High School and my daughter is on the Dean’s list in college. We have worked really hard to provide a life for the family that our kids would be proud of but in doing so, we did not save much time for ourselves. My son is a Senior and we will be emptynesters wondering what to do next. We deserve some down time to enjoy each others company once the house is empty. Please consider us, we need it!!!

  288. Shari

    My fiance and I would love this — we live in the frozen tundra a.k.a North Dakota and a cozy movie night in would be perfect!

  289. Mindy

    My husband deserves to be pampered as much as possible, and I sure can use some help. For the past many weekends he has been working on my race car to get it running and improved for the upcoming season. He has returned from the garage covered, in gas, covered in oil, smelling like smoke, bleeding from the hands, with his shirt in tatters. And its been about 30 degrees in my unheated garage. UPS has been steadily delivering parts and tires for my car, that he has ordered without me even asking. And for all of this when we go to the races all he can do is sit, watch and cheer. He is the most supportive husband and just the best pit boss, crew, teamster and spouse. I am indeed a lucky girl!

    (And he would look just great naked, under the micro-mink throw!)

  290. Michelle

    I think our story is special because my husband and I have been married for 17 years and out of that we have only been able to live together 7. We have 4 beautiful girls that range from college to kindergarten. We don’t have much time together, much less “private time”. My husband works overseas and is gone for 6 months to a year at a time, and serves to protect our country. He is a wonderful father and husband and we sacrifice so many little precious moments for him to be able to do this. We talk on the phone alot about other families or couples we see in airports, shopping malls, or even just the grocery store and we cry a little and promise one day we will be able to do those things again. When he is home we don’t take our time together for granted. We build memories and hang onto them until the next time he is home. We haven’t been able to really take a vacation either. This would be perfect for us because we could celebrate whenever he is home and we don’t have to leave the kids for an extended period to do so. He misses his girls too much to go anywhere without them by the time he gets home.
    So, here’s to a night or day & night with my sweetheart! I hope to able to surprise him…He deserves it!

  291. Magda

    Our busy lives make rare quiet evenings: long hours at work, family obligations, appointments with friends … In short, this is a perfect opportunity to spend a few nights though only two of us wrapped in a blanket, a glass of champagne in hand while watching sentimental films. A small sacred moment, which rekindle the flame. My lover and I hope to win and enjoy this little moment of pleasure at the comfort of our cozy home.

  292. Lora

    My boyfriend deserves this downtime because a) we live in NYC so it’s hard to find a good reason to stay in for a night (and this would be a good one) and b) I convinced him to go on a ski trip for me so I’m sure he would appreciate a night in – little less risk involved.

  293. taylor

    well, i think my hubby and i need this for alone time because we usuallly only get one or two hours a week together because i work night and he works days! its hard to find any time also to because we live in a small house with 7 people in it and never have a chance to be alone. i cant remember the last time my hubby and i had a romantic time together! in the past year and half we have had some rough times with family and bills and with having a romantic night i think that even for a couple hours it would help us both to have the stress released.

  294. nancy

    I feel me and my husband deserve this gift, why because
    I love BeyondTheRack.com website, and will go on it tonite and visit the website
    for all the lovely things. Thank you and lots of love from us both. !!!
    Kissess and hugs to all couples on this “Happy Valentines Day”!

  295. Jess

    My boyfriend and I live in different states, and having a long distance relationship has been particularly hard on us. When we do get to be together, we like to lay in bed and watch tv shows and movies together, and reconnect by doing the things we used to do when we got to see each other everyday. I’m a student, so I cannot afford to see him as often as I’d like, and his job is very demanding and when he comes to see me he often has to drive all night after work, and he often stays until the last possible minute, sometimes arriving back home just a couple of hours before he has to return to work. We would certainly enjoy this package together, and when we’re apart, we can wear our robes and drink wine while we skype and remember the beautiful times we have together.

  296. Jackie Lee

    My boyfriend and I met in high school.. the last year of high school. Nobody thought it would last because high school relationships don’t last according to most of us. The following year, he moved away one and a half hours south of where we lived, and I moved two and a half hours east, for university. Everybody doubted we were going to last. And we’re still going strong three and a half years later! My boyfriend is the sweetest guy ever, he does everything a girl would want her boyfriend to do. Most of the time, the only way we can connect is via the phone or the internet. As you can imagine, it’s really difficult to travel so many hours especially with school and only having a two day weekend. It’s not the ideal situation, but when we do see each other, it’s the best feeling in the world. It’s the feeling of opening up a present, or going somewhere special. It would be amazing if we won this and got to do a romantic night in. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  297. partingtonjennifer@yahoo.com

    me and my husband need some one on one down time because our lives have been so hectic! we are constantly on the go with our new baby. we were married over a year ago now and shortly after were pregnant, so from planning a wedding to planning for a baby didn’t leave much time for us. My husband is now going in early to work and staying late to make our lives easier as i am still on maternity leave. by the time he get home it is time to put baby to bed. since he is working long hours and i am always with the baby there is no alone time or even down time to just be with each other as we are so tired at the end of the day! if we win this package it would give us a chance to actually set aside time and have a romantic evening for ourselves.

  298. Vicky Dunn

    I met my fiance during a very bad time in my life. I was being tested for cancer and he went with me to my biopsy, holding my hand, after only knowing me for a week! He says he knew the moment he saw me that I was “the one” and was going to convince me as well. Unfortunately, I did have cancer and after three surgeries, radiation, moving to a new town and the many other things everyone is going through with our terrible economy including my having to sale my house, we are still going strong. He has been my rock and I have been his when he needed me to battle his pain pill addiction and disability case that we finally won after five years of his fighting for it. Between us, we have five beautiful children that keep us very busy…two preteens and three teens. Money has been very tight due to our poor economy, I have suffered losses in wages the past two years due to furlough, my medical expenses have been astronomical, and his disability has led to my pay being the only source of income.
    We have rarely had the money or ability to have time to ourselves. We have learned to appreciate the little things in our relationship.

  299. Pamela

    We deserve some down time because we have both been so busy we barely see each other. We are both accountants and this time of year is very hetic. We both work at least 70 hours a week and when I get home at night I have to hit the books for 3-4 hours due to the fact that I am studying for the CPA exam. We see each other for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes before bed. We definintely need a little relaxtion/quality time with each other.

  300. Vanessa

    Me and my “friend” need a night in together as we have been having an on again, off again relationship for too long now, and I think we need some time to rekindle everything and for him to remember all the good things about our amazing time together over the past 4 years!! And I think we need to revisit the movie Couples Retreat and see the real meaning behind that movie as we had an all day long talk one day about getting back together and we finally decided we would try, then we decided it was a good idea to go to the movie Couples Retreat as it looked hilarious, but in the end it brought up some points that caused him to second guess his decision to work things out, so we decided to go back to being broken up. So up to this day I refuse to watch this movie again as it brings back bad memories, but we have always had movies in our relationship, as the movie Hitch was the first movie we kissed at, while watching it, he went the 90% and was waiting for me to go the extra 10%, but I waited and of course he went the whole 100%!! So we definitely need some time at home to snuggle up and just remember what we had. He works 3 jobs as well, and has 2 kids, so we don’t get a lot of time together, so I’d like even just one night to have him to myself!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  301. Samantha Prezes

    My husband and I totally deserve some down time together. We are a military family so my husband is away a lot.
    We have 3 amazing children. Our oldest daughter is 2 and a half, my son is a year and a half and our youngest is 6 months. So you can imagine the time alone we get… not a whole lot. My husband is the most amazing kind, loving person I have met and my love for him grows with every passing day. Since we don’t have a lot of extra money and any of our extra money goes toward our kids, and making their lives as fun filled and happy as we can my husband and I never get time alone. The last time we went on a date was over 2 years ago. We so desperately need a date night. Just a night to let the busyness of the day drift away.

    Please help my husband and I have a needed romantic night in !

  302. Andrea

    We are married for 4 years coming up and I run a daycare out of my home, this would be great for just the two of us since it’s hard to get away and we have 2 children of our own. It’s nice to have the adult time together and not think do anything for one night, just be together!

  303. Carba

    I defiantly need some well deserved time with my sweetheart. We have had a difficult year. We have an 11 month old daughter with severe medical needs. We have had over seven hospitalizations this year. We work our schedules around so that we both can work and one of us will be with her at all times. We don’t live near family so we don’t have that support of getting a night out or alone. He has been my rock throughout this difficult year and he needs some pampering and lovin.

  304. Nicole

    I’ve just started seeing someone and it would be great to have a quiet night in. We’ve really hit it off and a nice romantic night would be awesome. He lives 1 1/2 hour away, works 2 jobs and has a 2 year old son. Some of our dates have been with his son at McDonalds. I’m not complaining, his son is a total joy to be around but some adult would be nice :)

  305. Jodi Dixon

    I am marrying the love of my life in 40 days. We have been through a lot in the last 3 years but GOD has blessed us and we could not be happier. IT would be great to win. We really can’t afford much after paying for this wedding. (smile), but it would be great to have such a wonderful love pack to enjoy with each other on our wedding night. So if you see fit to choose us as the lucky winners I will send you pictures of us watching movies in our robes.

  306. Nicole

    My boyfriend and I could definitely use some cuddle time. He works Mon-Fri 12hrs a day every week. And I work Full-Time also. Our hours aren’t on the same schedule so when I’m awake he’s sleeping, or when he’s awake I’m sleeping. The only time we really get time for each other is on the weekends. Winning this package would make that time extra special. Thank you.

  307. Amber

    My fiance has been away for 3 weeks in India for work. We miss each other so much! We could use some down time to reconnect when he get’s home!

  308. Anna Marsillo

    I am a single mommy of 4 children, and work full time. I have a 14 year old daughter, and 7 year old triplets. Yes, you read correctly, TRIPLETS!!!…. Gosh, let me tell you, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into, or up against raising triplets!!! I still have the permanent horrified look on my face since I found out I was carrying multiples!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you what life is like having triplets!!….. it’s a constant comedy show in my house!!!! There is never a dull moment, and they are always up to no good!!!!…..All in all, I’m out-numbered by my children, and I’m like a puppet on a string; they know exactly how to manipulate me whichever way they want!!!! LOL! Life at 43, dealing with 7 year olds can be quite challenging, even overwhelming at times, and I handle it by going to work to regain my sanity!!! 😛 However, working full time, raising and caring for 4 children is exhausting, which does not leave much quite time. Weekdays start a 5:30 am, getting the kids fed and ready for school. After a hard day of work, I storm out of the office to pick-up the kids from school, and rush home to prepare supper. Our nights are spent doing homework, laundry, bath-time, some cleaning in between, and finally off to bed by midnight!
    I am presently in a relationship with an amazing man, who has open heartedly accepted the huge baggage I came with!!!!….. and he loves my children as if they were his own, and they adore him too!! We do not live together, and only see each other on the weekends, since my weeknights are so busy. Our week-ends are spent with the kids doing activities with them, therefore, there is not much quite time on the weekends either.
    I would soooooo greatly appreciate having the chance to spend a peaceful and romantic evening with my boyfriend!!!

  309. Jesika Maslowiec

    My husband and I have been married for 6 months, and we’ve only spent a handful of weekends together due to our work schedules. I’m a manager of 4 very busy hair salons in Chicago and my husbands travels for work and is gone all the time. We need this to reconnect as a married couple. Thank the lord we have Skype or else I don’t know what we would do! We’ve been trying to start a family, but it’s so hard with his schedule. Please
    BTR help us make this happen!

  310. Danica

    Good luck to everyone on this contest!
    I think my fiance and I deserve this treat…..
    We have way way too busy lives and the only time we really get to see each other, when he is here, is at bed time. I work a full time office job and a part time job serving and work almost 80hrs a week. He is in the Canadian Armed Forces and I am super super proud of him and the work he does, it takes a special person. But it also requires him to be gone A LOT of time. :-( He left yesterday for a week so we do not get to spend Valentine’s day together. He is also going back to Afghanistan, as a second tour, for 6 to 9 months soon. We are saving for our wedding and a house so we do need to work a lot and it’s so hard to find time to have a night to just relax together and have a bit of romance!!!! This would mean the world to us, for a little break!
    Thank you! :-) Happy Valentine’s day!

  311. Susan West

    This December me and my baby will have been married 27 years and I love him more today than I did when I first met him, and that was love at first sight,we met and married within 6 months and I have never regretted a minute of it even though times have been hard sometimes I would not have wanted to walk this path with anyone else. He works long days,usually 14 to 16 hours yet always thinks of me. This past year I lost my dad(and yes I was a Daddy’s girl) and I could not have imagined how great or how much I would have needed my husband through this time,I am not sure how I would have made it through without him,whether it was making me laugh through my tears or taking up the slack at home when I didn’t want to get out of bed or giving me distractions or trying to. He is the best husband that I could have ever asked for and if I didn’t know it before this past year I do now.So yes some along time being pampered is just what we need and what I want to give to him. So you see it is not just being a hard worker for the family it is being the man of my dreams,both sensitive and caring as much as a worker and protector,oh yeah and did I forget to say he is the love of my life,lol!

  312. Patricia Hudson

    Valentine’s day is my Birthday and this would be a great gift for my husband and I. We could enjoy and celebrate this day as a gift for one another. A Valentine’s day gift for him and a Birthday gift for me.
    Happy Valentine’s day.

  313. Gillian L

    Hi Beyond the Rack, thanks for running this contest. My boyfriend and I would really appreciate this lovely gift pack as our Valentine’s Day is not what we had planned.

    Last Thursday, my boyfriend was playing hockey and broke his collarbone and separated his shoulder during a freak accident. He spent the weekend in bed in pain waiting for day surgery to remove the broken piece of collarbone currently floating around in his body. I have tried my best to make him comfortable, while taking care of the house, feeding, changing and dressing him, which I have been happy to do (all while nursing a cold) since I know he would do the same for me in a heartbeat. His surgery is scheduled for today and it will likely take another 6-8 weeks of recovery followed by physio before he is back to health. Tonight I will be by his bedside post-surgery to provide much-needed support and love.

    So as you can see, we will be spending a lot of time on the couch together in the next while and this gift pack would be perfect to help make the experience a little bit better. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  314. Tina Schaivi

    I’ve been married now 8 1/2 yrs……to a wonderful man,Mario,who I’ve known for 17 1/2 yrs….long time!!!!!!We are proud parents to 2 beautiful girls….4 and 5 1/2 years old.I’m a stay at home mom with a home based business for the passed 6 yrs….Since our first daughter was born ,my husband and I have had 3 or 4 date-nights without our girls…..It’s OUR time to re-connect and we enjoy each others company.We always say we’ll do it more often…BUT…to say we need time for ourselves away from our girls seems selfish,so our date-nights turn into family -nights to the movies or to dinners…We wouldn’t have it any other way…they are our blessing!!!!……shhh but I think we could use a little evening to ourselves a get my mom to babysit!!!!!

  315. Lisa Davies

    My husband and I have a 3.5 year old and a 14 year old. After going through the “terrible 2’s” and puberty at the same time with 2 different children, we could certainly use some pampering. I would love you be able to suprise my husband with this! Happy Valentines everyone!

  316. Kristin

    My husband and I could certainly use some downtime together! We’ve got a house full of toddlers on a daily basis as I run a home daycare. My husband does shift work, so his hours are all over the place, and after work our 2 year old keeps us on our feet! It’s rare that we’re able to find a sitter to get some alone time together, and now that I am pregnant with our 2nd little one on the way, I’m exhausted by dinner time! We would love to win this gift package, and take some time with one another on a weekend when my Mom can watch our daughter and we could just relax. *sigh* :)

  317. Terra

    My husband is a Wildland Firefighter and has been working long, overnight hours for a few weeks now. I work during the day, so our schedules just simply clash. I recently found out that I am 2 months pregnant (and very excited about it!), but with these conflicting schedules, we haven’t had the time to really, really celebrate and soak in the wonderful news that we will soon be brand new parents! This would be the perfect way for us to be comfortable at home and really have the loving Valentine’s Day we will miss out on!

  318. Liubov

    This would be the perfect gift for my fiance and me. We are in a long distance relationship and it is very hard to be away from each other for 8 months of the year. We’ve overcame a lot to stay together. I’m finishing school in another country and this is my last year there. We have been together for 3 years, but by together I mean that we could only spend summers together when I was on school break. As of right now I can only dream of spending a night just the 2 of us watching movies. Getting this gift would mean the world to us, since we don’t get to spend much time together. We are getting married in August and finally will be living in the same zip code again :)

  319. Genevieve

    My boyfriend and I definitely deserve this one-on-one downtime! It’s been crazy busy at work for me, my boyfriend’s in a rush to finish his PhD, and we have both been down with a bad cold these past few days but unable to slow down to rest, or to enjoy some leisure time together… Cuddling to watch a good movie with a glass of sparkling wine (that we can actually taste once our colds are over) sounds like heaven!

  320. Marie-Eve

    My boyfriend and I DEFINITELY need some time together at home. We moved together 2 months ago in our first house. We were very exited, but unfortunately we don’t get the chance to spend a lot of time together in our house. Indeed, my boyfriend works 7 days a week in his business so I don’t see him often. And when he is not at work, we are both very implicated in our community and in sports, so we are often away. This gift would be the perfect way to spend quality time together and it would mean so much to me. He is the man of my dream, the one I’ve been waiting for all my life. He has always been by my side through my illness and I would like to thank him. I think it is time for us to spend a wonderful couple moment in our house, together!

    Finally, I wish every one, single or not, a beautiful Valentine’s day. Everyone deserves to be loved for who they are. Never stop believing!

  321. Charlene

    In an effort to remain part of his 12 year old son’s life, he is moving 45 mins away. With both of us working full time, time is defintely a concern. We are a just approaching our one year marker and believe that this is the right thing…

    We both work full time positions and try to make as much time for each other, outside of our other commitments…So one on one time…is few and far between and shortly becoming sparcer and sparcer…


  322. Linds

    I will keep this short and sweet:

    We may be young, we may not have kids and we may seem like we have an easy life in our twenties but the truth is, life just keeps getting more difficult as years pass. (I’m sure the high school curriculum these days is far more advanced than when I was in school over 3 years ago!)

    Cost of living is expensive in our city and people do all that they can to stay afloat. For us, we strive to work hard to enjoy a decent lifestyle. We may not have as many expenses as a full-time family and can only afford public transit (no car for us yet!), but we are working hard to get to the next step in life. After three years in college together, my boyfriend and I graduated with honors. That was hard work and lots of sleepless nights striving for a diploma in an industry that is very difficult to get into. As it stands, with expenses and a whopping combined student debt, we work over 40 hours a week to get it paid off and be debt free. Him: Full-Time Retail. Me: Two jobs, over 50 hours a week and STILL attempting to make time for a few relaxing hours with him. Slowly but surely, the debts are minimizing.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think we would both love to win this prize as it would help us feel like we’re being rewarded for our recent and ongoing efforts to be two good citizens who work hard and can (hopefully) take the time for ourselves with cool prizes (just the bathrobes themselves would be killer!)

    It doesn’t matter where we are, where we came from or where we’re going, but as long as we work really hard to get where we want to be (while still taking time for ourselves as a couple) we are very proud of our accomplishments and hope that our families are proud of where we are headed.

  323. rikkigirl@yahoo.com

    My husband and I haven’t had a date since my birthday last September. He has two families to care for, me and our two children and three children from his previous marriage. So I spend many weekends alone while he goes out of state to visit with his other children. On top of it he’s working a second job to help support all of us. He can never help me out with anything and wasn’t even around when the kids and I got the flu last week. I had to take care of sick kids and myself during that time. We really love each other and I admire what a wonderful father he is to all of his children. He’s doing the best he can and I know it’s taking a toll on him. I wish life could be easier for him. I think something like this would make him stop for one night and just relax. He deserves it! Happy Valentine’s Day

  324. Sara

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and half, the majority of which has been long distance. I go to school 2.5hrs away from him so we only get to see each other about once or twice a month for most of the year. In addition since both of us are students neither of us have much disposable income. It would be so nice (and stress free) to have this romantic package for an amazing weekend together.

  325. Natasha

    My boyfriend and I live about 30-40 minutes away from each other. We don’t get to spend as much time together as we would hope, both of us being full-time students with jobs. We’ve recently been supporting our families through some troubles and haven’t had time to see each other in perhaps a month and a half. Neither of us have enough spare cash to make this Valentine’s particularly memorial, barely having enough for a nice home-cooked romantic meal, and he feels horribly guilty. Seeing him beat himself up over our finances makes me stressed in turn, and so whenever we do have time together we tend to get frustrated easily and end up arguing. A night off for some R&R would be greatly appreciated and such a stress relief.

  326. Marilyn

    My fiance and I left for a relaxing much needed holiday, getaway, on Dec 31.
    5 days into our holiday my fiance had a heart attack. He had surgery out of the country, but due to insurance we had to cut our holiday short. We are back home and waiting to see a cardilogist.
    Though we are speding all our nights in, we certainly could use “a night in” to mend a broken heart.

  327. Sarah Smith

    My husby and I got married in September 2008. Although we love each other, we haven’t had any “bedroom” time for almost a year :( Our marriage could really use a night of reconnection and romance.

  328. Shoana Theriault

    My husband and I could really use some time to ourselves. We have three wonderful kids that have very busy schedules and we own our own business. Our kids are actively involved in hockey, lacrosse, basketball, dance, and figure skating. We believe school is the most important thing in their lives so we spend any other extra time on school work and projects. We do it all as a family and support each other. My husband and I own our own company and spend endless hours building a future for all of us. This all leaves very little time for him and I to share as a couple. We have been married almost 15 years, love each other so much, are still great friends and laugh all the time. This night for him and I would be such a wonderful treat and I would love to surprise him. Thank You!!

  329. Wendy

    My husband and I could definitely use this wonderful prize! He and I each work full-time jobs and part-time jobs as well, both working at different places, so most nights, if we have dinner together, it’s fast food, and we’re both close to falling asleep while eating! Our dinner tonight, since we both work our part-time jobs, will be McDonald’s!

    Add to our lack of quality time together that my husband travels a decent amount for his full-time job, and we definitely need a night in together! This is the first Valentine’s Day in 5 years that he has been home, and alas, since we’re both working, nothing has changed it seems!

    I honestly don’t remember the last time we had a night to ourselves!


  330. Stephanie Moody

    My hubby, Josh, is in the Army; We have two kids- Samantha, 3 months on the 18th and Stephen, who is 4. He will be deploying soon to Iraq. Again. This time he will miss pretty much all of our daughter’s infancy. Since she was born, he has been home with her only maybe a month and a half. He will also miss our son’s entire year of Kindergarten.

    Joshua is the best husband there is, Josh is my best friend and my love. Any day spent on the couch with him and our kiddos in our bath robes is a good day. :) Happy Valentine’s

  331. Denise Traylor

    My husband and I have been married for almost 24 years. We have been through some hard times but have depended on each other to get through them. The last 5 years we have been forced to work oppisite shifts, I work days and he works nights. There are times when we go for up to 3 or 4 days without seeing each other. We have also been unable to take any type of vacation since 2002, when we both got laid off from our jobs. Being able to take a vacation and spend time together with no other worries would be wonderful!

  332. Rob

    For 9 years we have had the most wonderful relationship, based in honesty, understanding and love. We have stood beside each other through tough trying times and have celebrated in each others victories. Today is February 14th and I am alone at our place with all of our children while my valentine is traveling to San Francisco for work to help take care of us. This is what a marriage is all about. I am blessed to be able to spend my life with my best friend Yona.

  333. Sarah W

    My husband and I would really appreciate this prize. He works 7 days a week to support our family and hardly has free time or energy to spend doing something fun with me. I am a stay at home mom who cleans the house, cooks everything from scratch, does laundry, packs lunches for everyone, and is the resident chauffeur. I, too, don’t take any time out for myself to do something just for me and am exhausted to go out and spend time with my husband. We have been happily married for almost 25 years and have not taken a vacation on our own, since our honeymoon.
    Please pick us!!!

  334. Ann

    Date night sounds really great, unfortunately for me and my husband they are few and far between. We have a 4 year old and 1 year old and we are both working–my husband has a day job and once he gets home I have worked it out with my job that I go in to work after he gets in..so during the week –its almost like we are roomates in passing. Both our families live away from us so that means no babysitters on demand. Its difficult at times but our love for our family keeps it working…this would be a great way for us to reconnect and have that date night!!

  335. waheeda

    Well my husband and i have been married for over 4 years now. Ever since we got married we’ve been staying with our In-laws, and not just mom and dad in- law, but add in some sisters and brothers -in laws also. It get so hectic and busy there, sometimes i feel to scream. My husband work night and i work day time. I cant tell you the last time we had a romantic dinner without someone appearing in front of us. Its so hard just trying to spend some time alone. We are in the process of buying our own home so we can finally start our married life together. It’s been four years and I can finally say that we are about to start our life, which I hope and pray every day will be filled with love and understanding. If i win this package, it will make the move in to our home a lot more memorable and exciting! Patience is a great virtue, so lets see if it paid for me! thank you everyone and have a great Valentine!

  336. Becki

    I would love to win this for my husband. You see he is a wonderful husband and father. He always works so hard to make sure my children and I have everything that we could ever need or want. He currently works 2 jobs and does some independant consulting as well. He also helps out all our friends and neighbors with computer problems and never expects anythin in return. When he does have time off of work, being the great dad that he is, he spends time with his kids and trys to help me out around the house. It has been over 3 years since my husband I have had anytime to ourselves with work, kids and building a new house last year our time has been spead as thin as it possibly could. For his birthday this year the only thing he has asked for is a date night in with his wife. I would love nothing more than to give him a stay in night this year for his birthday. He works so hard and is such a wonderful man I know this would make his whole year. Just to stay home and have a date night in, and the best part is I already have someone to take the kids so we can make this happen. Please pick me it is for my husband not really for myself, he deserves to have something given back to him for all he does for everyone else.

  337. Lori

    I have been married to the same man for 25 years. We need this prize to add some kink to our marriage and celebrate Valentines day together. A date night would be wonderful!

  338. Sheila

    My husband is my best friend. We have been together for 23 years and actually don’t celebrate Valentines! Instead we celebrate the anniversary of our first date. This prize would be a great surprise for my man on March 2nd!

  339. Elizabeth

    my darling, Eric and I could use this romantic night in… DESPERATELY! he is a busy CPA (this is tax season people!), I am a busy trade broker. Then add my son to that already hectic equation, he is 8 years old, and you have got one BUSY, no “time for ourselves” kind of life. Between homework, CCD (religious classes), and Cub Scouts on Fridays, we have barely any time, or energy to get out and do romantic couple type things. Some of our best time is spent cuddling on the couch watching movies and especially now, with our busy schedules, we are lucky if we can even get that time before we are ready to pass out, for our ridiculously early bedtime. Our careers , daily chores, and kids really keep our romantic life at bay, and I think this gift bag would be a great way to reintroduce that into our lives! Thanks for considering us, and hopefully we can thank you for the gift soon! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  340. Tara Howie

    My fiance and I this one-on one downtime package because the last three years have been very difficult and emotional for us both. Three years ago we became pregnant with our first child and at our 20 week ultrasound we learned that something was wrong with the baby. We had to undergo several different tests and meet with several specialists. We learned that our son would be born with a Congential Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).This is where there is a hole in the diaphragm and several organs such stomach, small bowel and large intestine and sometimes part of the liver are pushed up through this hole. Before birth and atfer these babies are given a 50% chance at survival. Needless to say the remainder of our pregnancy was very emotional. Our son was born on January 27th/09 and was immediately intubated and put on a oscillator (ventilator) after 2 days he was put on a regular ventilator and then we were told if he did good on the reg. ventilator for 24 hours he would have surgery at 3 days old our son was taken to surgery to have the hernia repaired. He remainder in the NICU for 3 months and was taken home on NG feedings where I had to learn to give him these feedings. In August, 2010, our son at 1 1/2 years of age, had a bowel obstruction and almost passed away. He was very larthgic and in pain. We were airlifted to the Children’s hospital where he had emergency surgery and they removed 61 cm (2 feet) of small bowel and his appendix. The doctors said if we hadn’t have taken him in we would have lost him. Our son developed a blood clot in his leg and we had to take him home receiving 2 needles a day of lovenox to help heal the blood clot. Our son is healthy now but may need several more surgeries in the next few years to fix his dilated kidney as well as a hernia in his abdomen. My fiance and I have been through a emotional rollercoaster over these 3 years and I feel that we have had no time to spend with each other as much as we love spending time and devoting all our time to our son we still need time to for each other. We ask that please consider us for the one-on one downtime package I know we would be very greatful and much appreciate this package and time together!!!

    Thank you for your time!!

  341. Sarah

    This would be nice for my husband and I. We never seem to find time for “us.” We both work full time jobs: I work in the news business and when I’m not putting in long hours, I’m on my phone handling various issues at work. He is a firefighter/paramedic spending every fourth night away from home, and he also teaches at a community college every Saturday. We work because unfortunately we own two houses and haven’t been able to sell because of the crappy economy. That’s why we said “only cards” this Valentine’s Day. We spent a little on our two beautiful girls, a four-year-old and 14-month-old. Any second that we aren’t at work we are spending time with our girls, so date night is usually on the couch falling asleep. Help us treat ourselves a little please!

  342. Janny A

    I would say we could totally use some R&R at home. We are expecting our first kiddo in 2 months, and the past month has been all about cleaning, sorting and purging around our house to make way for the tiny new addition. So much so that for our 2nd wedding anniversary tonight, we have no plans (other than probably more cleaning, sorting and purging). A bit of at home R&R before baby comes would be a great gift for us :)

  343. Carol Foote

    Since before Christmas (7 weeks) my family has been sick with one cold/flu after another. With my husband and I working full time, and us getting sick as well, it has been hard trying to take care of our two sick little girls, ourselves and our careers, but we managed to stay happy and in good spirits, were just about ready to snap when everyone got better and now the house is healthy and happy again, been 2 days so far.
    My husband and I could use some downtime now, to re-connect and relax. The stress of the last 7 weeks was almost too much, we could not have done it alone and are thankful that we have each other to lean on!

  344. Erin

    My boyfriend and I are trying to save up to travel next year before we both head to law school and get ourselves into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. We wanted to travel for a year, so we are working crazy hours to save up enough to do so. I am still a full-time student(18 credit hours), and on top of that I work about 20 hours a week on weeknights. He works a more-than full time job that he can’t stand, and we are barely making enough to meet our goals. I get home on weeknights around 10 PM and he’s ready to go to bed since he has to work 8am-8pm the next day. We know it will be worth it, but it is definitely difficult to not have much down time together. The only night we both have off is Saturday, so a date night would be really appreciated.

  345. Joanne Taggart

    After arguing all weekend over something silly of course, tonight is make up night and how appropriate since its Valentines Day.. SO I just want to stay in so we can cuddle and snuggle, watch a chick flick, have some champagne, and then…who knows!!

  346. Marlin

    My boyfriend lives all the way in Australia- I saw him in December and not see him until April. Saying in is sad and hard but knowing there is someone or people out there who loves and cares is the greatest gift. I am just thankful to face this day. I’ve gone through every test life could offer and so blessed to be in great health. I went from doing very well to losing everything from previous husband to home and everyday it seems like something else shows up. Unlike most, I have a job and that too is hard to embrace with so many losing theirs. I just managed to put my son into college after his father decided that if he couldn’t take most of what should be for our kid then he shouldn’t pay for that. So, today is just a day to love me even more for my strength and courage and love those around me. I pray for happiness to all who posted something here and the greatest give is already yours. Embrace it! Today and every day of the year. If there is a book to be written about love, neglect, loss; I have a story for each chapter. However, my heart is open to help and listen to those who needs me, that is where i find my strength~ Happy Valentines Day to all- from my heart to yours!

  347. Jennifer

    My husband and I would certainly love the chance to have a night in together. With two boys aged 2 and 4… ANY down time together would be wonderful! Does this come with a babysitter to keep the kids for the night as well? jk! ;o)

  348. Phil Lak

    my girlfriend and I live 45 min away from each other, so when we finally get together we are always stuck between staying in and going out. We want to stay in more together, and this would be a great gift to bring more warmth to our relationship and time spent together.

  349. Avigayil Squire

    My hun and I could use some downtime together. Lets just say we haven’t had any downtime in pretty much a year. I am a full time university student plus I work 2 part time jobs, and he works full time. As of last year about the time we got engaged the world started to cave in around us. We got engaged Jan 1st, and Jan 5th his mother unexpectedly died. She was a bit unwell, but nothing major. Somehow she bled out into her abdomen. It was a very traumatic time in my husband’s life, and very hard to plan the wedding during, but he wanted the wedding to go on. He took some time off work to go for the funeral and recover because he got rather sick. I don’t blame him, he had to tell his grandfather that his mother (grandfather’s daughter) died. Never pleasant. I met the family during the funeral. We had our wedding in July but he didn’t have enough vacation for us to take a proper honeymoon so we postponed the honeymoon… we are hoping sometime this year. Then come September his aunt (Mother’s sister) died. That one a bit more expected, long battle with cancer. Again, another funeral to attend. Their father is still alive… or was, until two weeks ago. He had a really nasty head long fall off his front steps in November and never recovered, so he just passed away too. We are so tired of funerals, death.. so much sorrow. I haven’t had a proper honeymoon and I just want time to be with my new husband!

    So ya, life = hell lately. Would love a little vacation. <3

  350. Susan

    My significant other Tom and I have been together for over 3 years. Since the first time we met we have been together. We deserve to win that package as both of us travel. He is a drive tester and i am a mammography technologist. When he leaves town hes gone for a week to a month at a time. When i leave i leave for about one week to 13 weeks at a time. So we dont get to spend that much time together. Back in 2008 i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After surgery and chemo and many hospitalizations i am in remission. It would be nice to spend some quality time together since we are both home for a little while.
    Thanks so much for your time. I love BTR and have made many purchases. Looking forward to the future.

  351. Melissa Lozinski

    My spouse & I are both single parents. Life is crazy busy and we barely have 5 minutes to say goodnight let alone spend an evening without both kids. They are 3 & 4 so very high energy & roring to go! Most of out time is spent travelling back & forth for the 35 minute communte to each other houses. On a weeknight, that leaves time for a quick dinner & a kiss goodbye in order to get the kiddies in be on time. Life is crazy & we could really use an excuse to relax for a night:)

  352. Franchesca V Havas

    On our wedding day nearly 18 years ago he said that if life is an adventure then marriage is thre greatest adventure of all. Our lives have been one adventure after another since that day. Through all the ups and downs we have always come out on top cause neither one of us wants to give up no matter how difficult the roller coaster ride has been. We are certain to hit more highs and lows as we now have two teens and our third will be a teen soon too. Before that happens we would LOVE LOVE LOVE some us time to reconnect before the next chapter of our never ending, lovingly wonderful, adventure continues on so that we can see what is next for our entrepid heros. :)

  353. Marie

    My boyfriend and I are together since a long time, but sine 1 year I live in Sk and he lives in Qc for work, so we don’t see each other really often, but next week i will go to see him for one week, I’m so exciting… We need to have new things to spend more special time together… I think your kit will be the perfect things for us… to encourage both of us to continue despite the distance and to encourage both of us to believe in love despite the distance…

  354. Brian Costa

    My girlfriend and I were high school sweethearts. I was a year older than her and we dated for most of her high school life. 2 weeks before our anniversary we had a falling out and split up. We didn’t speak for over a year. I went on to University, while she finished her last year in high school. I prayed every night that we could be together again. A year and a half later, we start talking out of nowhere. Looks like we weren’t over each other and were still madly in love with each other. We are now together again, and going stronger than before. You realize how much you love someone when you lose them. I absolutely love spending time with her, and i look forward to every moment with her so this will definitely bring us closer.

  355. Abbie Correa

    My husband and I are definitely busy raising two awesome kids (who are so awesome they make it easy to raise them), working full time jobs – he works graveyard and I work 10-hour shifts, so it seems we just pass each other most days. My parents have moved in with us, which is a big help, but can also add it’s own stresses. Comparatively, things are great for us – we have jobs and some stability where some do not these days. However, we have to spend our Valentine’s Day at the doctor’s office because I have to have a biopsy for lumps found in my breast. Between work, kids, and the stress we are feeling over everyday life and all the doctor visits, a night in, for the two of us, would be heaven!

  356. waheeda

    Well my husband and i have been married for over 4 years now. Ever since we got married we’ve been staying with our In-laws, and not just mom and dad in- law, but add in some sisters and brother -in laws also. It get so hectic an`

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  358. Robert Gold

    Dear Beyond the Rack,
    My wife deserves this basket because she has to put up with me. I am not the easiest person to live with. I am grumpy and demanding. I get home late every night from work and she has to take care of everything at home; including homework for our 3 children and constantly walking our new puppy Molly. That being said, she continues to be the most wonderful wife that anyone can ask for.

  359. Julie

    Dear BeyondtheRack,

    I am a full time law student and mother to a 19 month old. My husband is a private tutor and takes care of our daughter when I am in school. Our schedules are extremely hectic and even though we live in the same apartment it seems that we never see each other. I wish we had more time for romance because we really love each other and would like to be reminded of a more carefree time when we first fell in love and actually had the opportunity to spend a day together without much hassle. Receiving this package would be just the jolt we need to force ourselves to slow down and spend some time together! Thank you.

  360. Nicole

    My husband and I sure deserve at least one night to snuggle together and relax! It seems that we just haven’t been able to catch a break in ages. The night he was going to propose to me was ruined when our house flooded from a broken water supply line. That started us off with four months living in a hotel. From thereon out, our lives haven’t really slowed down. He had to improvise a proposal, which then led us into a year of wedding planning, amidst one of the worst years at work for me (don’t make go into grueling detail), followed by a move 100 miles away to get out of the miserable city we lived in. Once we moved, my husband had to come to terms with the fact that his boss was quite possibly the worst and most inappropriate authority figure to ever live and since I couldn’t stand by and watch him become an emotional and physical mess over it, I supported him in quitting the job. I, in the meantime, was unable to find work as a former teacher (California education funding cuts…gotta love ’em). And we both spent 5 stressful months unemployed, applying for anything and everything we could. Then came the shock when a doctor told me I would not be able to bear children…oh, but wait! I accidentally got pregnant weeks after she told me. That had to be the worst roller-coaster ride of our lives. Going from believing we’d never have kids, to being “surprised” at the worst possible time in our lives. We were then both unemployed and with a child on the way. When my husband finally found a promising job, it meant moving another 100 miles away. Here we are, two months from the arrival of our baby (if she’s nice enough to hold out), trying to build our lives back to stability by buying a house, but that has been a whole new set of worries and stresses to deal with. My husband continues to work hard at his job to provide for us, while I stay at home in preparation for the baby and taking care of everything else. We’ve only been married a year and a couple months, and it feels like we’ve been through a lifetime of “surprises” together. One night of snuggling on the couch in some comfy robes, watching some laid-back movies is the very LEAST we could use at this point, before the baby is born and we’re dealing with facing yet another huge life-changing event…

  361. Nicole

    My boyfriend and I could def. use this downtime package right about now. We have been doing so many other things these past few months that our only time together is a kiss on the way out the door to run errands or to one of our six children’s functions. He has been re-modeling his house for inspection and we only have had five minute conversations in passing. He works 14 hour days and we used to have a movie night just the two of us once a week but that has gotten lost in the everyday shuffle. This package would def. give us a chance to rebuild that tradition.
    Thank you!

  362. Marci

    I am a Homeschooling stay at home Mom. My work is 24/7. Hubby is self-employed and very busy with his work. It’s hard for me to take time for just myself. It’s for him to take time just for himself. WE deserve a romantic night for just the two of us so that we can just stop, relax and be the husband and wife that we don’t have time be any more.

  363. Jacqueline Thompson

    My boyfriend and I definitely deserve some down time.. We have both been working dead-end jobs that don’t pay enough to keep up with our rent hikes and we have been fighting a lot about it. In the interest of our happiness and surviving this difficult time in our relationship I have taken on a second job at a call center to keep up with our bills and he has now been laid off and is looking for a new job. It is difficult for us to make time to just be together since we feel that we should be spending our time job searching or taking on extra shifts. It would be great to have a good excuse such as winning this contest to take a breather from real life and just enjoy being together without any of the worries and stress.

    Thank you for your time! I love BTR and daydream about what I would purchase at fantastic prices once my boyfriend and I are able to find stability!

  364. Maureen Kelley

    As busy law students, my boyfriend and I definitely deserve a relaxing night in. Classes and reading and studying leave us very little time to relax and enjoy one another. Add to that a puppy and trying to stay up on housework, and there isn’t much time for each other.

  365. Lisa

    Hi there, I thought I might as well give it a try lol……some of these stories are pretty deserving I must say. I’m a stay at home mom (and lucky to be) my husband is a long haul truck driver who is home about 4 to 6 nights a month. We have six children ranging from age 18 down to 21months….the children are involved in sports and activities which keep us busy enough along with all the other tasks of everyday life. We are a combined family, I have three beautiful girls from a previous marriage (their father passed in 2001) and my husband has one beautiful daughter from a previous marriage. We have been together for over eight years now and have had two boys together making us the ultimate combined family lol…it’s tough at times but we manage. We’ve been married for three years this comming March and have not had the opportunity for a honeymoon….when we have time together we’re busy juggling kids, chores, sports and things that have been put off untill the next time he’s home!!! This prize would definately be a nice little treat…….send the children off to family and have our own little honeymoon right here at home :)

  366. Nichol Perez

    We like being romantic in private. We are freaks and he loves my cooking and we enjoy each others company. Alone time together is the best. Everyday together is beautiful. We would greatly appreciate this and we’re movie goers so the dvds would be perfect and everything else awesome. Thankyou!

  367. Tiffanie Raisch

    Last year my boyfriend and I had twin daughters, so I quit working to stay home with them and he works more than before to make up the difference. We get a night to ourselves maybe once every 3-4 months and unfortunately the few moments a day we could spend for us during our daughters nap time is usually spent with me doing school work since I am trying to get a degree as well. Spending time with my boyfriend would be great especially if it’s not just a nap together.

  368. Simon Archambault

    After reading some of these posts, I feel a little bit selfish writing here. I truly love my girlfriend and since we don’t live in the same city, we don’t spend enough time together, but some of the stories above are quite moving and I hope someone really deserving wins!

  369. Roxanne Sinclair

    Roxanne S. and myself, Steven L, have been together for 10 years. We both have similar jobs, She’s a bouncer, I’m a security guard. This doesn’t always leave us the most time together, but we make the most of the time that we do have. We also don’t have a lot of money to go out to the movies or dinner, so we provide our own kind of entertainment at home. We try to do as much together activities as possible, such as renting top rated movies, video games on the Wii or PS3. We also cook our own types of recipes, and like to experiment with deserts. Its because of the different times in our jobs, I work week days, she works nights and weekends, that we find time to ourselves scarce. We do have 2 kids of different ages, a 17 year old daughter and 10 year old son, and they realize that we need our time together as well as time with them, so this would be a Fantastic chance for quality time together for us! Thank you for your time, and Happy Valentine’s day!

  370. Stephanie Williams

    My husband and I have had the most stressful past year. We unexpectedly got pregnant, had to find a job, dealt with immigration, and now we are just settling into our new lives as parents and trying to figure out this whole thing. He has started a new job where he works close to 100 hours a week, and on our only nights off, we are always too tired to go out. We don’t have a lot of time for ourselves, so the opportunity to stay in and snuggle while watching movies seems VERY romantic at this point.
    Help us keep the romance alive!

  371. Gina Garcia

    My husband leaves every Monday morning before I am awake. He works in Qc city all week and I live and work in Mtl…..He comes back every Friday night and we only have the weekend to be together….He used to leave on Sundays but he prefers to sleep less and stay on Sunday night so we can at least have three evenings together in a week!..

  372. Allison

    My boyfriend and I have been best friends since freshman year of college. We started dating a year ago. He used to play lacrosse. about 3 months ago, a drunk idiot tried to get into his house when there were people over. He got discouraged my boyfriend would not let him in and hit him so hard then pushed jo, down the stairs, fractured his skull bruised his face and caused him to go to the hospital for over a week where they discovered he would not be able to play lacrosse or any contact sport ever again due to the severity of his head injury. I had been driving back and forth from Ithaca to the hospital and then once he was home on bed rest to Syracuse every day to take care of him. Because of all the medical bills and doctor appointments and expenses we have really been unable to do anything that romantic especially with us also being college students. I know this would mean a lot to him if we were able to win something so special considering our hard luck the past couple months. Happy Valentines day!

  373. Justine Cooper

    My Boyfriend and I have had a tough past 2 years. He has been studying abroad. I have been at home finishing my nursing school and starting to work on my career. We get to see each other about every 4-5 months. We love each other immensely and count down the days till we see each other again. He will be coming home again for a week visit in about 3 weeks. This giveaway would be perfect for a romantic night in when we reunite again.

  374. Kat

    This has been a hard year for our family. My mom passed away a month ago. My husband has been very supportive however we could use a night to reconnect. Thank you for your time.

  375. Mandy Bellrose

    This stay at home package would be such an amazing gift for my husband and I. We are parents to three beautiful daughters (ages 5,4, and 1). I am a stay at home Mom and my husband is very busy career man with a high stress position. He is away from home at times. We find it very difficult to meet up and find the time to spend an evening together. By the time the evening comes around, we have three busy girls to put to bed, a house that needs tidying, dishes, laundry, along with busy sports schedules. We are so tired most of the time that we just go to bed. This package would give us a chance to reconnect and relax in our home…send the kids to Grammas for a night and just enjoy eachother!!

  376. jodie villeneuve

    My husband and I could really use some alone time..with 4 young kids there seems to be no time to fit it in, even when its planned things happen and we have to cancel. Planned to have the kids babysat out of the house Saturday night but dh ended up spending the day/evening with his aunt at the hospital..our day will come i know that..just being together for 20 yrs shows the love and patience..good things come to those who wait!

  377. monica oliviero

    My husband leaves the house everyday at 4:30 am to go to work, he doesn’t get home until around 6:30. WE have two boys that are involved in every sposrt that you can imagine, everynight I’m running in two different directions driving to practice etc… It would be nice to have a night where we could just stay home! No running, No kids, No practices…just the two of us!

  378. Christine

    I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and 3 of those years have been long distance. He is a lacrosse coach at a D1 school- so once the season hits, it’s hard to make any time for ourselves. He is constantly traveling and working with the boys. I am knee deep in Grad school and working full time- while trying to still find time to go visit him in between practices, lifts and games. He just started school as well to become a guidance counselor. Needless to say- with all this extra stress and space, we can’t seem to find time to relax one on one with each other- even when we are alone we can’t unwind.
    Thanks to BTR for making someone’s night very special- even if it’s not me- I can relate to all of these romantic hopefuls and hope that it helps out where it’s needed most. :)
    Happy Valentine’s day!!!

  379. Sandy

    My husband is my best friend, my angel, my rock. He’s truly the most decent human being I’ve ever known and I can’t get enough of him. I’m in the final years of my doctoral program, which leaves me working a full time job, a full class load and 20+ hours a week of unpaid internship. He is an EMT and works 15-hour shifts. Needless to say, we get very little time together, which makes my hectic weeks that much more difficult, as being with him recharges my batteries and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. We’d love nothing more than an incentive to turn off all other distractions (and there are many) and spend some true quality time together!!

  380. Carole Germain

    My husband and I have been together for 32 years, it was first love for both of us. We will celebrate, in September, our 25th wedding anniversary and it still feels like June 1979.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  381. Kristi Daggett

    My spouse and I have been together for well over a year but do to our current working situation we have spent the majority of this time apart. We try to keep our love alive with open and honest communication even when it may be hurtful. We save TV shows on the DVR or rent the same movies, then cook dinner, and sit down with our televisions in sync just so we can feel like we are together even for a moment even though we are forced to be 2500 miles apart right now. We talk every morning and every night before bed hoping to convey our love over the miles trying to hold our relationship together with sweet words and encouragement from one another. We need this night together just to remind us how easy our love really does come and how we are meant to be together. We need this night to lift the weight off the distance from our shoulders if only for a few hours. We need this night to rekindle the flame which sometimes flickers lightly because we struggle to remember how it feels to share a moment of happiness, warmth, and love together.

  382. Adrienne Z

    Mine is a unique story and it’s going to sound very strange, but it is the honest-to-goodness truth..
    My husband and I deserve downtime because we don’t HAVE any down time together. We got married over a year ago and we still live in separate houses because my two sons attend two different schools and they are both on my side of town. I don’t have the time to drive them from His house to school and back and me get to work and back every day in time to make any day make any sense. So, until both boys are in the same school at the same time, only THEN can I make arrangements to go through my entire house, get rid of what needs to be gotten rid of, combine our two households to make a home and spend much-needed time together!

    My husband works full-time and his his own construction company on the side; I work 3 jobs AND do the mom/taxicab thing and we RARELY get any time together at all. I spend ALOT of time putting miles on my 13 year old car getting back and forth from 2 schools, all of my jobs, after-school sports activities and have NO TIME for myself, let alone anyone else for the time being. I’m exhausted. It’s Valentine’s Day and instead of celebrating, we’re hooking up at a funeral/wake tonight and then we’ll be going our separate ways and the same daily routine starts all over again week after week after week.
    I would love to spend the evening with a robe and a movie with my husband (I don’t even HAVE a bathrobe!…..) but I have to make a date. Thankfully, he is an understanding sweetie and eventually we’ll get it together.
    I could really use this prize to surprise HIM with a night together!

    chichijunk at cs dot com

  383. Torie Procinsky

    I think my husband and I definitely deserve a quiet romantic evening at home!
    It was 20 years ago today, on Valentine’s day, that I met my husband at a junior high school dance! We fell in love, were high school sweethearts, and have been together every since! Just about 2 months ago we welcomed our third baby into the world, on December 16th, 2010. We have a 7 year old daughter, a 4 year old daughter and now our son!
    With all the craziness of having a newborn and 3 children, we will more than likely not be getting an evening out to celebrate Valentines day and our special 20 year anniversary and I think having a romantic evening at home would be wonderful!!

  384. Lisa Sanderson


    My husband lost his job in September and was only able to find work 100km away. It made more sense for him to live closer the job so he only comes home on his 2 days off. Not only have I been acting like a “single mom” to our two young boyz but I am also running two small businesses on my own. The only time me and my husband have together (2 days a week) is used for family time. We have had no alone time in months!!!

    Please please please help me have a well deserved quiet night in with my much missed hubby.


  385. Heather Sherman

    What a great contest. My husband and I met May 30 last year. After two weeks I told my mother I was going to marry him. He asked me in October and we married December 3. He is the single best thing to happen to me in my life and he says the same about me. We are both almost 40 and my boyfriend of 14 years and his wife had both passed away the previous year.

    He is a truck driver and I do not get to see him very much. I work full time so I cannot go with him. I usually see him on the weekends, but only for about 36 hours and they are always over so quickly! Of course, he has to spend much of that time catching up on everything he cannot do during the week. When we got married he managed to get home Thursday afternoon, we got married Friday afternoon, and he had to go back out Tuesday morning. It was one of the longest visits we have had since we met! Incidently, we received a lovely bottle of champagne for our wedding that is still corked! It would be lovely in those flutes!

    Because we have just purchased a house and got married, we were unable to have a honeymoon and this prize would afford us a little bit of an escape! To take an evening for us to do absolutely nothing would be heaven.

    Good luck to everybody, but I sure hope we win!

  386. Evalina

    My bf and I were childhood sweethearts (think age 13!!) and we “reconnected” 6 yrs ago (at age 25) and have been together ever since! I think we deserve this romantic goodie bag because I feel like we are so busy with LIFE that we just don’t get to spend much time together that is designated simply for spending time together and doing NOTHING (or something;))..watching sappy romantic movies in our new bathrobes sipping champagne..or vino =)
    happy valentine’s!

  387. edith

    As the woman of the house I do the cooking cleaning and working every day for my kids. I work until 11 pm mon. -fri and am not at home with the man of my dreams. I have three kids that are grown but still live at the house with me until they get there own homes. One of my kids was in the marines and was sent to iraq twice. The stress was terrible. Now two of the kids are married and expecting my grandbaby’s in may. Through all this and still working and not seeing the man in my life when I need to spoil him, we have had no reconnect time with each other. My kids just moved home from out of state so I couldnt say no but they are willing to leave for the night so we can have the house to our selves. Money is so tight we cant buy movies or think about going out so this would keep us close together and the family.

  388. Julie

    My boyfriend and I don’t have much time during weekdays to see each other. The only time we can spend together is on weekends nights. He’s working from Monday to Friday; I’m working on weekends and studying full-time the rest of the time. This gift set would be perfect for us since it’s a wonderful alternative to hockey and other less-than-romantic saturfday night activities!

  389. Tania M

    I feel like my story can’t compete with all the sad situations I have read so far concerning diseases and accidents, but I really have nothing to lose.

    After having our first baby last year and finding myself pregnant again, between the loads of laundry, making supper, cleaning, vaccuming, playing with my little angel an my husband working 15 hours a day… His family is abroad and mine well they disowned me for marrying for love, we find ourself really helpless if we need one night away from our child – there just isnt anyone we could count on to babysit. I think we really need this to keep our love life alive.

    p.s. good luck to everyone and may our hardships become easier on us

  390. Lafreda

    My husband and I deserve some one-on-one time because since we’ve gotten married 5 years ago, his military career has taken him away several times and when he gets back I end up pregnant..lol.. so now we have two kids and have not had a honeymoon and barley any free time because his civilian job is a investigator, which keeps him on a unpredictable schedule. Therefore my late nights usually include changing diapers and making and catching an occasional TV series with some fruit and wine!!! so downtime in our house is desperately needed!! so please help us out BYTR :)

  391. marjorie coustier

    bonjour, nous aurions besoin d’une petite soirée en amoureux, car nous attendons la venue de notre 2eme bébé pour dans quelques jours alors que notre premiere va avoir 15 mois, alors une petite pause pour une soirée serait la bienvenue avant le retour des nuits sans sommeil. Et aussi parce que nous déménageons dans 2 mois et nous sommes accueillis chez des amis durant 1 mois car notre semi-détaché ne sera pas encore fini.

    Merci et surtout Bonne St. Valentin

  392. Rebekah Westin

    My husband and I could really use a relaxing and romantic night in together with this prize! We met in college, have been married for 4 and a half years, and have two beautiful little girls. I am busy all day long taking care of and loving my precious daughters, and my husband is busy all day and evening, including weekends, at law school. He works so hard, and does it all for us, and so I want to win this prize for him!

  393. Kay Alexander

    My fiance’ and I deserve the night together alone because we are both in our 50’s and need this time to just be in love. We both work but he’s on a swing-shift, working 3 alternating shifts. This is his night shift week so I won’t actually see him until Friday night when he’s off work at midnight. We’ve been together for almost 11 years. We’ve planned to marry but things keep happening to postpone the wedding. We need new romance. This prize package should help. Thank you so much.

  394. Mayra

    I believe My BF & I deserve this. We have been together for 7 yrs. & still counting, we have been through ups & downs and have surpassed one of the worse times in our life. We had a car accident in April 10′ & I was in comma, alomost gone to the next world. He stood by my side even when at the beginning he wasn’t feeling well himself, he would be at the hospital & through my whole recovery. He never lost faith & knew that I would come out of it! As I’m writting this tears are coming down. I never imagine that life could fly by you in a blink of an eye. Its sad that things like this have to happen in order for you to realize that the smallest things are important. I love him so much & I appreciate him more & more each day <3

  395. Mark&Jen

    I am a soldier in the army with over 4 tours in Iraq. My wife is a heart transplant nurse. We have 6 children with one being a heart transplant recipient. My daily routine is to go work out, get 6 kids up, dressed, fed breakfast, and off to school. We work our normal workday then back home to do homework, eat, clean house, then to bed. The only quality time me and my wife have together is on weekends and usually those are spent traveling to take care of real-estate in another state.

  396. Rachel

    I think my husband and I deserve a romantic night in because we seldom have many nights together on the couch, with him working shiftwork, and our always busy schedules. We also have been trying to get pregnant for the past year without any luck, which has been very stressful for us both, and have caused a bit of trouble within our relationship.
    A nice night in, just the two of us, would be exactly what we need to re-connect, relax and to forget about our everyday stresses for just one night in together.

  397. laura

    I dont really need to write much to say why we deserve this. We have 2 boys ages 5 and 2 and we are expecting twins. Need I say more? lol

  398. Lara

    We’ve both had a hard year – my parents split, his nana passed away recently after suffering from Alzheimer’s. We’re both in our mid 20’s and are working hard towards saving up for a wedding/down payment on a house. It feels like we’re always working opposite hours, and it would be great to have an excuse to stay in for some one-on-one time!

  399. Caroline Labbe

    Hi BTR team, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s day!

    For my part, I think I need a one-on-one with my man because we just moved together in November and we’ve been through a lot of things.
    First, when we decided to move, I was pregnant. It was a surprise for us but, because we love each other and we are already fiancé, we decided to keep the baby and we were so happy about the coming. But one week before the moving, I lost it, I had a miscarriage.
    So needless to say, it was a hard time for us.
    But now we are going better, we made our mourning, but the problem now is that we have less time for each other. We both need to have time together but work and university don’t give us this opportunity, even today, on Valentine’s day, I will be back at home late in the night because of the work.

    Then, that’s why I think that we deserve this gift, a little of velour will surely help us to feel better and maybe… have the time for making a baby again! (that is a joke by the way !)

  400. Melissa Rowe

    It seems like forever since my husband and i spend a “romantic” weekend at home. I am in my last semester of grad school. Typically when we are home I am working on homework or house work and he is working on the house itself. We could definitely use an excuse to have some one on one downtime.

  401. Sylvie Levesque

    My fiance and I would be very happy to win your special Valentine’s bag to use it, try it and enjoy it all day and night at home. It’s been a long time since we haven’t had the chance to celebrate our love, it would be a sweet loving night ! In May, we are going to Las Vegas to be married ! This great useful bag would be a perfect wedding gift for us ! We’ll send pictures of our wedding with our bag full of surprises if we are the winners for sure !

    Thank you for this perfect contest and have a great day

    Sylvie Levesque

  402. Mariam Yousef

    Having two babies at home is a very hectic 24hour job…all I need for Valentines’ Day is some time at home, just being cozy and enjoying time with my husband. Others always tease us and say that our lives are going to be hectic for the next 18 years of their lives, but I say…we can manage to relax at home…if you help us out with these treats!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  403. Quiny Clement

    Hello, I wasn’t sure if I should write my history but guess I want to talk as my history will be not be up there for everyone to know.

    My boyfriend been together for nearly 5 years now. We moved to the province of Quebec since now 8 months. We both got a job but I lost mine. Since we’ve been struggling a bit. We are happy to have each other but money issue is never far. We are stressed so easily. This frustration and stress kind of throws us apart.

    I think that a cosy night in together with a special giveway may relax us a bit and brings us back to a bit of romance stress free.

  404. josie

    I think i should win the stay in night because we just never really get to see each other we have his kids two weeks on and two weeks off he goes to work from 5 am to 4 pm and then i go to work and hour or so later and get home when he is sleeping or about to go to bed. We just never have time to spend together usually sundays i can count on at least but that is just one day out of the week and a couple hours durning the day.

  405. Katie Wu

    This gift set would be absolutely perfect for me and my boyfriend. We’re so tight with money at the moment that we were unable to make any Valentines day plans. My boyfriend is a full time university student working 2 jobs and I’m a recent graduate trying to pay off student loans. We’ve been so busy with school and work that we never get any quality time anymore. This gift set would be exactly what we need for a romantic stay at home night!

  406. Theresa Sabo

    We have spent 24 years taking care of each other through severe back injuries for my husband to a virus in my heart which I have spent 10 years recovering from. We have a wonderful son who has been through all of this with us and we are proudly seeing him off to University this September – but we will miss him terribly. As we start to get back on our feet again and look towards our “empty nest” we have started to try and piece our once romantice relationship back together. Everything will help on our quest for quality together time. Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

  407. Nicole

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 months now.
    When we first started dating, I was working two week, 12 hour, night shifts up in the North, when I got back after being away for basically two months out of three, he was on night shifts. I got to see him for maybe an hour after I got off work and he had to start.
    The night shifts for him went on for about two months – over christmas even.
    He got some good news that he would be on days, except he was being sent out of town. For five weeks he was working three hours away, working 12hr shifts.
    When either one of us are out of town working 12hr shifts there isnt much time to talk. We either have poor cell reception or we are so exhausted all we do is eat and sleep once we are done working.
    When he got back into town, he had two days in town and is going to be out of town until the night of Feb. 15 if plans dont change.
    We have spent so much time apart, all we want is to spend time together

  408. Erin

    I need a little romance in my life!

    My BF has been unemployed for 6 months. He tries his hardest to do everything he can for me, from filling up my windshield wash in my car, to shovelling the snow off my moms driveway for her when she broke a rib. He does so much and I can tell he feels bad about not being able to buy me things, like when I see a pretty necklace when shopping online.

    We have had many nights in, but not any special nights in. When you are living on a tight budget its special to even make dinner together and watch TV, because just being with him is more important then having items from him.

    The night in, would combine the best of what we both want, because of him, I would get the items that he strives to be able to afford, all while having the comfort of home and what we have together.


  409. jeffrey c miller

    I have suffering from a rare disease, I was devolpe prostate cancer then the doctors deiscover discover I had mds Syndrome, but through all the constant doctors visit and treatments, my wife has Never complains ,is always trying preparing things ( food, sncks, treats)so as I can will not have thingsthat would make sick, she hold my hand and end of the day I know she is exhausted. She had open heart surgery just over a year ago, but once think of herself. We need sometime down time and stop enjoy each and I would love to give back to give back some sparkle and cozy up with her and bring smiles to both of faces as we have been so closed we are each other best friend and I would love to give her this special gift and cuddle and give a ounce of what she deserve, it has been too long since we have be able to be intimate this would so special to share a moment betweens us. Thanks

  410. Vanessa

    this would be a perfect addition to my hope chest – I’m single and saving things that are special to me that I can share wit my special guy one day – love cozy nights in rather than crowded restaurants – love to cook and watch movies at home – hope I win :)

  411. Maria Rizzotto

    I should, we should win this just to get a break from hearing Mom/Dad evert 5 seconds! A little R&R would do us both some good!

  412. Alyssa

    Matt and I would love this bundle of goodies because we’ve been married exactly 6 months to the day – and with our packed schedules (we both work 50+ hours a week in the entertainment industry), we never get the time to just “chill”. I’m working on a master’s degree, and it seems like when I finally slink home from classes in the evening, there are dishes to do, papers to read, cats to feed, bills to pay… and then finally, it’s bed time. With him working on a screen play and me working on a thesis, our computers get more lovin’ than we do. Perhaps cuddly fluffy robes, luxe champagne flutes and a snuggly blanket would help us de-stress and remember that although all this hard work will no doubt have a great reward… We’ve already got the best thing right in front of us… each other.

  413. Taylor

    I am in my first year at a university three hours from my boyfriend. While many people would just laugh at our young age (we’re both 18), we have a friendship and love for each other that surpasses the bond I’ve seen between many “adults”. Being that we were high school sweethearts, we’re going on our fourth year together. He still makes an effort to make me smile each and every day. And while we may not be getting to spend Valentine’s Day together this year, I consider myself lucky to be with a man who loves me like each day is a holiday.

  414. Couple on overload.....

    In need of a night cuddled up to my hubby…….UNDERSTATEMENT. lol. We have so much going on in our lives right now that the thought of going out is at the bottom of our list, heck….I don’t even think it’s on the list! We start building our new home in March and we have been living with his parents since last fall, my hubby is away at work on a three weeks out one week home schedule (and even then he’s working some of his scheduled days off) and he’s putting in about 100 hours a week, I also work full time, we have a 2 year old daughter and are thinking about expanding our happy little family. We are in dire need of a couple’s night in to re-group and re-connect. Winning this prize pack would be a breath of fresh air in our hectic lives. ***fingers crossed***

  415. Cassy Robinson

    My name is Cassy Robinson and i am writing to you because me and my boyfriend need a night in together.

    Two years ago i was in a horrific car accident involving a semi truck that flipped. I have been in a wheel chair ever since. When i was in the hospital my boyfriend swore that he would always take care of me and be there for me. I have kept my hopes high because of him. I keep praying every day that my legs will once again work.

    I have not been able to return to work since my accident and there for i was not able to buy my boyfriend a christmas or valentines day gift this year. He is my everything and i love him with all my heart.

    We first met 4 years ago at a party, We knew right away that we were meant to be. through the years we have been through some personal battles and helped each-other through them. We have a love that is so strong nothing can bring our hopes down.

  416. Mitali Sharan

    My boyfriend and I, both members of Beyond the Rack have been together 3 years.
    We came from India together to Canada, so we could keep are amazing relationship together and attend University !
    University is so stressful we just have time to come back home and go to bed together, this pack sounds amazing as it would make our bed time so much more exciting !
    Maybe even spark things for us !
    Happy valentines day !

  417. Karen

    After living together in tight quarters (and truly loving every minute) for the last three years, my sweetheart and I are living in separate cities while we gradually relocate. I started a new job in our new city, but he has had to remain while we try to sell our apartment. As an added bonus, we have had his younger sister living in our apartment for the last two months while she completed her practicum. Quality time has been hard to find, much like privacy, and we could really use the downtime to reconnect. Pick us!

  418. chola priester

    TELL US WHY you and your loved one deserve this one-on one downtime.

    My husband and I deserve this one-on one downtime because we really haven’t spend time at all ever since he reported to his new duty station. Because of his job as a Marine recruiter, we barely see each other anymore and when we do it is usually when he is about to go to sleep and when he leaves for work. I miss him so much and I would gladly appreciate so much if we get pick for this prize on valentine’s day.

  419. Angela Perryman

    my husband and i definitely deserve some down time together. i go to school Monday through Thursday and i work Friday through Sunday, so i never have a day off. And my husband is a truck driver and can be gone for weeks at a time. We didn’t even get to spend our 3 year anniversary together on February 3rd. I am planning a date night when i can play hooky from school and he doesn’t have to be at work and this package would really help out.
    Thank You,

    1. Leslie Fermo

      OK, I really need some cuddle time with my husband, we just had record setting snow fall where we live, so the kids have been couped up in the house with mom for almost two weeks. It is longest time, the kids have missed nine school days in a row. This is unheard of around central southwest!! So needless to say it was awesome spending time with the kids but now I need some time for myself and the one I love. It would be great to take the kids to my sister’s and have a movie and a massage!! I love this contest!!

    2. Michelle

      Living in different cities, working in different cities and schooling in different cities are what keep myself and my boyfriend from spending meaningful time together frequently. Although we have a love that transcends all of these barriers, being awarded with a nice gift would provide us with a wonderful opportunity to reconnect. It is important to foster and develop our relationship everyday, however, we are not able to do so as much as we would like. Thank you!


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