Not your granny’s Shapewear

Remember that wonderful feeling of the sun touching your skin? Me neither.

We’ve survived the long winter months and are getting ready to slowly escape from all those layers. As much as you might have mastered the “cute and cozy” look, you know you’d rather be rocking your spring wardrobe.

Now we all have a habit of packing on a few pounds over the cooler months (it’s to help keep us warm—that’s my excuse). So when the time comes for you to wear something a little less bulky and a little more revealing, let’s make sure that what you’re wearing underneath benefits your figure.

Nothing ruins your silhouette more than unsightly bulges. Smooth out those unwanted lumps with help from Yummie Tummie, the first top-oriented body shaper garment designed to be worn each day as a foundation or layering piece.

Some Yummie examples:

Suzi Chin dress goes with the Undercover tank to smooth your midsection

ABS by Allen Schwartz goes with the Cami tank, which shapes the bust

Tiana B dress goes with the Sweetheart slip dress, the ultimate total body shaper

Newsflash: shapewear has evolved. These pieces move with your body, so don’t worry about stiffness and discomfort. While you’re on your way to getting fit for spring, get the undergarments that keep you tucked in all the right places.

A perfect physique without breaking a sweat? Sounds Yummie in my Tummie.

Yummie Tummie Event on now!

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