Burberry: get in the trenches

There are a handful of designer goods that have become so iconic, so adored, that they are instantly recognizable—even if you’re not the biggest fashion connoisseur. Louis Vuitton luggage, Christian Louboutin pumps, and…the Burberry trench.

So you love the glamorous appeal of an evening coat for a big night out and you revel in the relaxed, edgy feel of your motorcycle bomber. But what if you want the best of both worlds?

That’s where the Burberry trench comes in.

The coveted coat is not only easy on the eyes, it’s also one of the most versatile fashion pieces to invest in. This transitional wonder will stay in your wardrobe for years to come, transcending time and trends—and that’s definitely something to consider when picking your splurges.

The famed staple has become so monstrously popular, it’s now available in an array of lengths, styles, and colors. So you can get the one that’s oh-so you.

My pick? The classic light beige. It’s a breath of fresh air after the harsh winter months. Fashion fact: the moment you put it on, wrap that belt around your waist, and step out the door, you’re already 35% more fashionable* than anyone you cross paths with.

*This statistic is unproven, but we’re pretty confident in its accuracy.

Can you pick up a similar style for less? Sure. But wouldn’t you rather have the original? I know I would. After all, it’s been on the must-have list of fashion mavens for decades.

Come see why at the Burberry event on February 26, 11:00 AM (ET) and pick one up for yourself, along with an iconic Burberry bag.

Something worth seeing Art of the Trench website, which showcases stylish people across the globe putting their spin on the classic jacket.

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