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Ed Hardy: bedazzled or be gone?

Ed Hardy. Two of the most controversial words in today’s fashion hemisphere.

As far as we can tell, there are currently two Hardy schools of thought:

1. Haters. These people wince at the mere mention of the name—perhaps, one might presume, because it evokes the likes of the entire cast of “Jersey Shore” draped head-to-toe in bedazzled sweat suits. Images of orange spray tans and gelled hair come to mind. Trucker hats. Skulls and tigers on steering wheel covers, coffee mugs, pet clothing… The list goes on. And on. (And on.)

2. Lovers. Life is easier for an Ed Hardy fan: they fully embrace the Christian Audigier takeover. They sport the Love Kills Slowly slogan with pride. They’re bold enough to break the rules of fashion conduct and wear multiple EH items at a time. They own the apparel, the accessories, the cell phone and laptop cases, the perfume—all the way to the bronzer. They’re living proof that there’s no shortage of Hardy to go around in this world.

Now whether you love or hate the famed brand, you have to admit: they’re doing something right. Aside from converting huge celebs like David Beckham and Madonna, they’ve managed to captivate both the tattooed rock ‘n’ roll/hip hop crew as well as girly girls who live for blinged out, attention-grabbing gear.

Fun Ed Hardy trivia: The name Hardy comes from the legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. Fashion designer and entrepreneur Christian Audigier and Mr. Hardy teamed up to bring you the powerhouse brand you love (or loathe) today.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em… or better yet, buy ‘em.

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