LET’S STAY IN TONIGHT romantic gift bag winners!

Let's Stay In Tonight winners

Remember when we asked you all to tell us why you and your special someone deserved a romantic night at home for two?

After much deliberation over a total of 428 amazing, heartwarming, and moving stories, we finally chose our winners.

Congratulations to Kristen and Ryan D. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Both very deserving of some one-on-one downtime after a difficult year, they’ll now be able to enjoy a romantic gift bag for two that includes:

  • His and her cozy bathrobes
  • The rom-com and tear-jerker DVDs Couples Retreat, Bride Wars, Walk the Line, and William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet
  • A micro mink reversible throw
  • A set of champagne flutes

Their story? It goes like this:

“If memory serves, I did get married and have a husband. He’s about 5’9″, sandy blonde hair, booming voice, goofy grin… have you seen him? I can tell he’s been around, because there are empty pudding cups throughout the house, and someone has been shoveling the sidewalk. I remember holding on to his glasses and wedding band while he had surgery last month, and bringing him soup; but then it was quickly back to our 75 hour work weeks.

For Valentine’s, since he knew we wouldn’t be seeing each other in person, he got to work while I slept last night. He covered the house in post its, 45 to be exact, telling me each and every reason why he loves me. This morning was like a treasure hunt! I finally found the last 4 in the shower and the fridge. “Reason 24: I love the way you can’t help but sing when there is music playing.”

I gently propped a photo book I just made, filled with of our favorite memories over the past 8 years together, on his office chair. When I find my weary way home tonight, I will likely pass out before he even gets home, but I know he will come and place a kiss on my forehead to let me know he loves me. Then, honestly, he’ll probably have another pudding and leave the empty cup somewhere for me to find tomorrow.

My husband and I deserve a cuddly night in, if for no other reason that I am beginning to forget how lovely his blue eyes are, how geeky his jokes are, and how tightly he holds me. We’ve had a really tough year, bouncing from hospital to hospital, taking care of our families, going to school, working, saving, and surviving the harsh Wisconsin cold. Instead of wallowing in pity, I want to celebrate him and our love for one night, forgetting how tough it has been, and just being happy to be near each other. I love him!”

From all of us at BTR: may you two lovebirds enjoy your special night at home, whenever it may be!

2 thoughts on “LET’S STAY IN TONIGHT romantic gift bag winners!

  1. Kathleen

    Kristen and Ryan, I am glad you won with that piece — many of us can relate and it was so well worded — Congrats and enjoy!! :)


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