Stylist Phillip Bloch on spring 2011 trends

He’s got class, he’s got sass, and he’s got an opinion about everything when it comes to fashion. He is none other than celebrity stylist-turned-author Phillip Bloch.

In his new book The Shopping Diet, Bloch generously gives us regular folks—you know, we who actually need to budget our wardrobe expenses—the best tips on how to rock the hottest styles for less.

And who gets their name dropped as one of the top online shopping clubs? Yup. Little old BTR.

Aside from giving us an awesome claim to fame, the fashion guru himself recently honored us with a candid interview during which he reveals all sorts of juicy details about what’s hot and what’s not this coming spring.

Phillip Bloch on neutrals

“Something I love about this year’s spring fashions is the color palette: lots of white, nude, beige, and cream,” says Bloch. He also raves about flowing fabrics and loose fits that are not only feminine, but “very forgiving.” The two elements combined—the natural shades and slouchy designs—give spring wardrobes a delightfully fresh appeal.

Look for your own neutral hues on BTR today. Fan favorites include a pretty taupe-colored chiffon dress, a billowy white boho blouse, and a feminine secretary shirt-dress in champagne—all fab pieces from the Josh event on today.

Phillip Bloch on the LBD

Fashion flash: the tight black mini dress à la Kim Kardashian is totally overdone and officially out. “Um, excuse me, miss, you forgot the rest of your outfit,” says Bloch, poking fun at the many girls who sported the ultra-short staple all throughout 2010.

Perhaps one of my favorite fashion quotes of the year comes from Bloch’s statement about the classic LBD: “Your little black dress doesn’t have to be black. Go with brown, plum, navy…” Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Need a non-black little black dress? Check out the following styles on BTR: a navy asymmetrical silk design by 212, a grape-colored fitted dress by Taylor Dresses, and a marine-hued chiffon design by Josh.

Phillip Bloch on the motorcycle jacket

What the cardigan represented in 2010, the little leather jacket does in 2011. “It’s the new pashmina,” claims Bloch. “It’s modern, fresh, and versatile.” You can even pair the cool new cover-up with an evening gown, explains the style expert. “It’s all about transformational dressing.” Duly noted.

Get your own little leather jacket at BTR: Treasure Rock features a cropped faux-leather design, and a stud-embellished biker variation.

So what invaluable lessons did we learn from Phillip Bloch today?

  • That neutral hues are anything but bland
  • That slouchy Flash Dance fashions are making a comeback
  • That non-black is the new black
  • That the cropped motorcycle jacket you’ve kept at the back of your closet for the past decade is ready to see the light of day

Oh, and that Bloch’s The Shopping Diet provides fashion lovers with priceless advice. (Especially that part about us.)

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