Behind the Screen: a peek at stylish BTR employees

In case you were wondering whether or not real people (as opposed to machines) were responsible for the fabulous fashions you shop for every day, here’s your chance to meet the fabulous team that makes it all happen!

Starting today, gear up for weekly snapshots of stylish BTR employees and their take on the latest trends, what inspires them, and the ultimate fashion no-no.

On the menu today: Mary, our buyer for denim and lingerie.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Simple with eccentric touches. I love making a simple, casual outfit more stylish with accessories like scarves and bracelets. For me, I like to mix it up with the use of fabrics and colors. I love thermal scarves and cool, leopard prints.

Q: What/who inspires your personal style?

A: I don’t idolize specific celebs or fashion icons. I get the most inspiration from the people who surround me every day, and close friends. BTR co-workers definitely inspire me!

Q: What do you love buying at Beyond the Rack?

A: Oh boy, what do I NOT love buying from BTR! It’s addictive, I tell you. But I get the most thrills from the shoe events! Gotta love a great pair of shoes on sale!

Q: What is your favorite trend that you see right now?

A: Loving the ‘70s throwback. It’s very big on pops of color and shine.

Q: What, in your opinion, is the worst fashion faux-pas?

A: Socks and sandals. Ugh. Make up your mind! If you’re cold, wear shoes.

Q: What are your top 3 fashion labels?

A: Mink Pink, Haute Hippie, and Line (which we actually have on sale today).

And there you have it: the lady responsible for Rock & Republic denim events and Lou Paris lingerie sales has spoken.

Stay tuned in the weeks to come for more behind-the-scene peeks at our most fashionable BTR employees!

One thought on “Behind the Screen: a peek at stylish BTR employees

  1. Pamster

    LOL…true on the socks n sandals thing! Although the trend for the hip hop genre is just that (which looks ridiculous!)


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