Nate Berkus: home décor connoisseur

If you’re planning on giving your home a face-lift this spring, you might as well take advice from one of the industry’s greatest: Nate Berkus, TV celebrity from The Nate Berkus Show—and, as you may recall, a recurring interior design expert on Oprah. The bona fide home décor guru kindly gives us the lowdown on how to best decorate our space in this candid interview.

Q: Spring is on our doorstep, and summer is just a few months away. What trends and color palettes should we look out for to refresh our homes?

A: I’m not big on trends. I say layer what you love most into your home. That means you’ll want to live with it for years to come, not just the next season. I can say this: what I’m obsessed with right now are chalky whites and pale grays, with a bright color accent to make a statement. And, because it’s the start of the flea market season, I’m excited to hit the fairgrounds to see what one-of-a-kind finds I can lug home.

Q: Spring cleaning is always a challenge. What tricks do you have when it comes to organizing a space in a tasteful way?

A: I’m totally OCD when it comes to staying organized. If I open a drawer and realize it’s gotten messy, I’ll end up pulling everything out just to put it back the way it should be! My number one trick for your home though is to edit…then edit some more. Living well doesn’t mean living with everything you own all at once. Create your tablescapes and save the leftover items for later. Make sure to carefully mark what you’re packing away though. You’ll be happy you did next year when you decide to “shop your cupboards” to refresh your look.

Q: Area rugs can dress up a space beautifully and our members are big fans of oriental designs. How should they go about choosing the right one for their home?

A: Next to your walls, your floors are the largest surface space in your home. In my book, they shouldn’t go unappointed. Adding a rug adds texture, color, pattern, you name it…it’s an anchor for your overall design. Many people reach for solid or Oriental rugs, but Mexican and other graphic prints shouldn’t be overlooked. So long as they have a neutral ground color, you’d be surprised how a more overt pattern like a stripe or a zigzag can add interest to your space without feeling overpowering.

Q: Time to get up-close and personal: What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home, and why?

A: You’re asking this of the guy who can tell you the story behind every object in my home, so picking one piece is no easy feat! But, I’ll go with a daybed that I had sent home from Paris after studying there in college. It was my first real piece of furniture and I’ve carried it with me from home to home. It’s special because of the memories attached to it.

Q: If we want to get more tips and trends from you, where should we go?

A: You can catch me 5 days a week as host of “The Nate Berkus Show” and on where my products are currently sold.

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2 thoughts on “Nate Berkus: home décor connoisseur

  1. Michelle Woodard

    Love Nate…excellent visionary for exceptional design. So looking forward to designing my dream farmhouse soon. Mostly green, rustic and comfy, vegetable garden, porch swings to enjoy some time with favorite books, beautiful flower boxes…all childhood memories that I cherish.

    The little french girl.

  2. Ryan Field

    Excellent interview. I love watching Nate’s show for ideas and inspiration, and to see whether or not I’m doing something wrong in my home. I also love watching because he makes everything so affordable in these tough economic times. My brother owns a very high end furniture/decorating gallery on 61st Street in Mahattan, where nothing is cheaper than $10,000.00…seriously…even the throw pillows. And it’s nice when I see someone like Nate helping real people decorate and design their own homes in an afforable way. You can see that people are very important to Nate, which is something you don’t see often.


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