Well, it’s about time.

Starting today, BTR is finally going to cater to the curvy women in the house who crave fabulous plus-size fashions.

How, you might ask, do we plan on kick-starting this brand new initiative? With a spectacular lineup of events including elegant Onyx Nite evening gowns, trendy Seven7 jeans and apparel, and sexy Grenier lingerie—just to name a few.

And what better way to launch the FULL-FIGURED & FABULOUS campaign than with an exclusive interview with More Magazine’s very own Fashion Features Editor, Susan Swimmer.

Q: We often feature designer gown events. What evening gown styles best flatter a full-figured silhouette?

A: There are so many gowns to choose from, but you have to choose wisely. One-shouldered styles are very on-trend, and very flattering on all shapes and sizes. And I love the way a deep V flatters the bust line. Stay away from shiny fabrics, embrace small prints, and look for uncomplicated silhouettes (avoid bows, ruffles, layers and the like).

Q: Sure, black is a safe and slimming color, but we think bold is better. What’s your take on bright colors and floral prints this season?

A: This is a great season for bold color, and I implore everyone to wear a hue that flatters their skin tone. Tropical brights are especially hot right now—coral, fuchsia, turquoise—and they are especially great when worn to frame the face, or when used in accessories. Going into fall you’ll see a lot of gorgeous jewel tones.

Q: Feeling sexy starts with the right lingerie. What criteria should plus-size women look for in their intimates?

A: My best advice when shopping for intimates is to get the size right. Go to a bra shop that offers a fitting—you’d be amazed how many women are wearing the wrong sized bra—and try on different styles until you find what works on you. Buy a few good, supportive bras in different colors and fabrications, buy a sexy bra and panty set, and by all means, buy shapewear!

Q: Which fabrics and fits are more flattering for curvy women?

A: Look for fabrics that move with your body (avoid stiff silks) and show off your shape. I’m not a fan of bulky fabrics (brocades, velvets), and I’m not a fan of shiny fabrics (satin).

Q: What top 3 spring-summer trends should our plus-size members look for this season?

A: There are lots of trends I love. Animal prints are very strong this season—a classic that always flatters. Look for newer takes in colors (like navy, dark green, and gray). I also like the whole minimalism trend because clothes are sleek and uncomplicated. Lastly, look for touches of florals and stripes—best in accessories—to add a pop of interest to any outfit.

Now that you have the full story on what’s what in plus-size fashions, break out your credit card and start building your dream wardrobe today!

6 thoughts on “BTR is FULL-FIGURED & FABULOUS

  1. Cathy Johnson

    I want to see sells on wide shoes sales and plus size clothing,short waist jackets,dressesy dresses,nice short leather jackets and etc. Thank You, Cathy Johnson Also dressey capri.s

  2. Sam

    Eerrm…. I hate to be a debbie downer, but I’m seriously questioning the plus fashion choices. I’m a size 16 and I’m sad to say most of the options have been shapeless or dated. I’m happy to see the plus size options, but I’m hoping to see something a little more chic.

  3. Zelda

    Hey BTR.. my suit arrived today and I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s gorgerous.. even nicer than the picture and it fits to a “T”!! Where else could I get such beautiful detail, fully lined in satin, double stitched, extra buttons, 2 piece designer suit ON THE HANGER (nice touch!) for under $60?? Nowhere but Beyond the Rack! I love this site! Just placed my second order and will be back again and again! I also think it’s wonderful that you are catering to larger ladies.. I have a few friends who will also love to hear this and I will be sure to pass my reference cards along.
    Thanks again!

    1. BTR_Girl

      That’s so great to hear, Zelda! Congrats on your purchase! Now go and rock that suit for all it’s worth… 😉


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