Vintage Chanel: iconic luxury

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Chanel?

For some, it’s the image of Coco Chanel, the creator of the legendary fashion house; she has been credited for bringing women the sophisticated, elegant garments they enjoy today.

Others might initially think of the quilted handbag with chain straps: the evening bag of choice for chic women of the world.

Perhaps it’s the classic little black dress, a fashion staple which was brought back to life by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

One thing we can all agree on is this: Chanel is, to this day, one of the most in-demand, celebrated, and adored luxury labels of our time.

These vintage designs are a testament to the fashion house’s quality, craftsmanship, and everlasting appeal.

Timeless pieces to covet:

1) Matelassé duffle bag: ideal for chic travels.

2) Clip-on flower earrings in orange and coral: a fabulous look for spring.

3) Evening bag with double clasp: the ultimate purse for all your elegant soirees.

4) Drawstring shoulder bag with gold hardware: the perfect choice for daytime.

5) Charm bracelet with pearls and the CC logo: a stunning mélange of vintage flair with a modern appeal.

Chanel accessories are passed down from generation to generation, as they are the epitome of class and refined glamour.

Your wish is our command. Time to indulge in the designer piece you’ve desired for so long.


6 thoughts on “Vintage Chanel: iconic luxury

  1. hauoli

    I have just unsubscribed to Beyond the Rack because they can no longer ship to Hawaii. I would like to know why???? I am very disappointed since I have purchased some very nice items from this website.

    1. BTR_Girl

      Hi Hauoli! Duly noted! You’re not the only one who misses BTR shipping to farther regions. We’ll be sure to pass on the message!

    1. BTR_Girl

      There will definitely be future vintage designer sales. Whether or not Chanel makes it in there again: stay tuned! 😉

  2. Big Spender

    I was on my computer when I got the message for the BTR sale. It was less than a minute after it posted and already every Chanel item is either reserved or sold…Mostly reserved…do you let a few people reserve the entire sight. It says come back in 20 minute…I don’t have time to keep checking on items. So you’re losing a customer.


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