Invite friends. Win $1000 for two. Take Mom shopping.

Invite Friends - Win $1000

Already found the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Consider this icing on the cake.

You and your mom could each win a $500 shopping spree* at Beyond the Rack to build the wardrobe of your dreams. All you need to do is:

  1. Invite friends to join Beyond the Rack. Upon each friend’s first purchase, you get a $10 credit.
  2. Tell us why you and your mom deserve to win. Post your reasons at in the comments of this post. (Remember to include your real email address: it’s the only way for us to contact you if you win!)

It’s the perfect plan to enjoy some quality time with Mom online—and a surefire way to earn some serious brownie points.



*You have until May 8, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM (ET). Winner will be contacted via email and announced on the BTR blog.

654 thoughts on “Invite friends. Win $1000 for two. Take Mom shopping.

  1. Cher

    Mom looked after her parents whom were terminally ill, everyday, whom both died 10months within eachother, she had to take time off work, mom has cancer which she is fighting for her everday survival. With no income, no money & living off my dad’s pension she literally deserves a day to pamper herself on line with all these beautiful sites. Why her? She raised us to be the best we can be! That is who we are today!
    I LOVE MY MOM & WISH I COULD AFFORD TO TAKE HER SHOPPING, She loves clothes, purses & all the fun things we need to feel like a lady!

  2. Christina

    It’s not the fact that i would like to win. It’s the fact that i would like my mother to win. Her husband (my dad) is deployed in Afganistan right now and she’s home without him. I believe this would be the perfect gift for her. She needs this to give her something to look forward to and something to keep her mind off him being over seas. She needs retail therapy asap!
    Christina (

  3. Audrey

    I would say I deserve to win this contest. My mother and I never had a chance to talk on the phone as often as we should be since a long distance call is very expensive. My mother is not into technology so we dont see other at all even on virtual appearance. My mother lives in Italy. Six years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and never had a chance to come and visit me at all. Last year she sent me a little of bit money to put on a house downpayment for a house with my partner. Honestly speaking I haven’t seen my mother since 1992. She never met my son who is now 14 years old. I hope with this contest I am going to win and spend my time shopping with my mom and introduce my partner, my son with the courtesy of Beyond the Rack. It introduces the best products, and good qualities. I am very proud of Beyond the Rack’s generousity!

  4. Angelina Martichuski

    I believe my mother deserves this gift because she has done a great job at raising her 3 children. My mom adopted my twin sister and I from Paraguay when we were just 9 months old, and adopted my brother from Columbia when he was 10 months old. Despite the fact that she was single at the time, she always wanter a family over her own. She is so loving and caring and has always put us first even if the money was tight. I don’t know what I would do with out her and being adopted was such a blessing. I don’t know how I will every repay her for her love and support . I would really appreciate this mothers day gift and it would be a blessing for the both of us. I am a new monther and she has helped out with my son so much I am thankful for such a wonderful person in my life. Please help me make my mom’s mother’s day a great one :) thanks!

  5. SUZAN


  6. Gabrielle Tufano

    When I was growing up, a friend told me that when I grew up I would look my mom. The grim news brought me to sobs. I really didn’t want to look like my mom. She was supermodel pretty to me, but she wore really unique jewelery and had this huge dark afro that became red when she started to gray. It was useful, because I could easily keep track of her in stores or spot her in the bleachers at school events, but it was so different. I didn’t want that ‘fro and I didn’t want to stand out.

    My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is funny, humble, and sincere and it is these qualities that shine out of her. She literally radiates beauty that warms those around her, and makes them notice her. Unfortunately, she’s sometimes the only one who doesn’t see her beauty.

    When I was growing up, I never thought I was beautiful or talented or fashionable. But as I grow, I find it. Wherever I go with my mom, people tell me that I look just like her. People who have never met me know I “must be Cindy’s daughter!” I am proud to have her curls and her big smile and I want her to know that it’s because she taught me to embrace all the unique qualities about myself and be BOLD to be beautiful.

    I want my mother to have the ultimate fashion experience. It would be so wonderful to show her a day where all the worries and stress and weight of the world dissipate so she had clear, happy, confident mind to spend a little money on herself for a change and really feel beauty. She would HAVE to let me take her out for a night on the town if she had a gift like this.

  7. meg

    My mom and I have an amazing relationship. She is the one person in the world that I can tell absolutely everything to (the worst of the worst) and she never judges me. I moved away from my mother when I was 12 years old to become a professional dancer, and ever since I have only seen her once a year (if that). Money is tight because I am a university student now, and she is a nurse who was injured at work and has many treatments to pay for. I’d love for her to be able to buy something nice and feel good about herself, because she is always there for others, but rarely does anything for herself.

  8. Kit

    My mom is 87 years old and she is as sharp as a tack… She was recently taken on a trip to Alaska by her loving daughter. Her biggest concern was “do I look alright” and is in need of a wardrobe upgrade. This was her first airplane flight in her life. I think that I would like to take her abroad for her 88th birthday to Ireland where she her roots are. Would be ever so grateful to be able to take her there is style.

  9. Melissa

    My mom is the strongest most dedicated woman I know. At the age of 7 my father was killed in a work related accident and she was left with two children to raise on her own. She has been right by our sides the entire way and has been nothing but encouraging to our hopes and dreams. Growing up we struggled to put food on the table and I am proud to say that we made it through because of my moms hard work. She is definitely deserving of a shopping spree as she has never had the chance to splurge on herself. Since it is Mother’s Day I’d say there is no better time to spoil her the way she should be!

  10. Nike

    I believe my mother and I deserve this wonderful gift for mother’s day. My mother has being the best mother in the world rising 4 children. As a matter of fact, she is still raising three of my siblings; two full time college students and one high school student. We are her number one priority. She will always tell us “when you think you can’t go on or you need someone to talk to, am here for you”. She has been through thin and thick for us and she taught me how to be the best mother that I am to my 11 month old child. I can never ask for another mother. She is indeed the best mother and she won’t believe if she wins. I love you mum. Thanks!

  11. Charlene Wilson

    reading all these post’s are so awesome to read im a mother of 2 and 21
    im recently on my way to go back to school and get a good education so i can set a good
    example for my daughters hoping ill win but theres alot of entrys , but my mother is a great mom we have our up’s n down’s but no matter what she’s always there for me , just like ill be there for my girls . iloveyou Mom and happy mothers day ! <3

  12. Su

    It would be great to win. My reasons are simple. My mom taught me a lot raised me well, not only did she model how to be a mother but how to be a wife. My mom also taught me that doing the right thing was not always easy and that in its self is the reason to do it. Now that I am a mother and wife it would be great to show how special she is

  13. brandon allen

    My mom is the strongest person I’ve ever known, she suffers from multiple sclerosis and she also has chronic pain. She has a device in her lower back that run leads up to her spine ,they vibrate so she doesn’t feel the pain as bad, she now has to wear leg braces to walk. None of these illnesses make her cranky or angry . she is always laughing and getting the best out of each day. The medical bills have stacked up and she could really use something unexpected and fun please pick her, she would say someone else deserves it more. I think she does this time,

  14. Kirsten

    My mom deserves it because of numerous reasons. She grew up dirt poor without shoes or different clothes to wear every day. My mom had 2 children by the time she was 15 years old. She went through an abusive relationship and managed to get out. My mom was the first one from her family to graduate high school and then went on to become a nurse. Her oldest daughter passed away a couple of years ago and this was quite devastating. I am her fourth child (she had 5) and am very proud of my mom and all that she has accomplished. She raise me and my siblings to be good people. After failing to make the olympic team in 2008, I am currently in college studying chemistry and am a student athlete (I’m a swimmer). My mom has supported me in every thing I have done. She is a very driven woman and has had a rough life. But she still manages to be the happiest woman alive and the best mother I could ever imagine.

  15. Kirsten O'Day

    Hi, I just want to say I have the Greatest MOM she is so giving, generous and never takes time for herself. She always puts others needs ahead of her own. She is a Mother of five girls(now grown women), she is an eight year Cancer Survivor and even while going through her ordeal she still helped with grandchildern , maintained a household and worked outside the home. We call her Super Mom !! We Love her very much. I believe she deserves this Shopping Spree. There is no other like her.

  16. Allegra Wright

    My mom deserves to win because she is amazing. She is a single mother of two and has been for most of my life. She has always supported me and my brother and she really deserves this. She has had to work a full time job to support us and wasn’t always home but she is a very loving person and has taught me lots. She has always told me to except myself for who I am and to except others. She is an amazing compassionate Mother and I’m glad she’s mine. <3

  17. Cherice

    My mom deserves to win because she raised me and my 3 sisters with dedication and courage, she is now 54 yrs old and is in Iraq fighting for out country. We miss her so much and I’ve always wanted to be able to do something this incredible for her! She will be visiting soon and this will be the perfect gift for her! She doesn’t take great care of herself and she’s always on the go. This would be a blessing.


  18. Tracy Latka

    I believe that my deserves to win because she is the reason for what I am today. Mom adopted me when I was two weeks old. Not once in her life did she ever treat me like i wasn’t hers. She also adopted my older brother and has 1 biological son who has cebreal Palsy and is paralysed from the right hand down to his feet and is in a wheelchair. My mom worked part-time jobs and babysat so she could be at home with us. She had all 3 of us kids in bowling, T-ball, figure skating. Yes even my brother in the wheelchair!. Through those rebellious teen years mom was still there, “oh my what I have put her through” I had my first child when I was 16 mom was there to keep it all together. As my mom gets older and I watch her take care of my oldest brother I realise that how much of her life she gave up to give her children a great chance at life. I watch her struggle lifting my 37 yr old brother onto his bed or to the bathroom. I worry about my mom as she is getting older and still has to take care of brother and babysit to make ends meet. My mom has never left Canada the west coast. I don’t know what I would do without my mom except for continue to do the same as she did with us to my family. She gave me morals (had me in Girl Guides and was my leader too) I am now my daughters brownie leader. She taught me manners, she showed me love and how to love. It would be a blessing for my mom to win so she could enjoy sometime to herself for the first time in 37 yrs.

  19. Hailey

    My mother deserves to win because she has the kindest heart in the world! She has housed any of our friends and family that goes through hard times, even the strays we have brought home with us as children she has no issues with caring for them. Just recently she has been diagnosed with cancer and is going through some hard times. I really do feel that this “pick me up” would be perfect for her as she has gained weight because of the diet she has to be on, and is feeling a bit down because of it. Showing her this site and being able to make her look as fabulous on the outside as she is on the inside would be the perfect mothers day gift!

  20. Cortney Holmes

    If I could say anything about my mother, it is that she is the most selfless person I know. She not only puts my brother and me before herself, but she puts everyone she encounters above herself. She always taught me not to be selfish, and to humble myself to others in need. She does whatever she can to help people in need. I remember nearly every Christmas, my mom would pick at least one Angel off of the Angel Tree at Wal-Mart. She would buy them things like they were her own children. She did a similar thing for an entire family who lost much of their belongings in a fire. I remember wrapping and wrapping presents for people that we didn’t even know. The day we delivered the gifts, the family was beyond happy and overwhelmed with gratitude. My mom gets so much joy from knowing that she has helped someone even if she has to sacrifice something in return. She doesn’t only give back once a year, she gets involved with things year round. My mom is unable to work because of her health, but she has devoted her time to volunteering at our church with the “Backpack Club”. This provides food and school supplies to local children who cannot afford these things. Also, closer to home, my mom has always provided whatever she could to her sister and her single mother. Her sister has gone through some hard times and I know my mom has bought groceries, clothes, and other necessities for her and her children. She’s done the same for my grandmother. My mom always told me that my grandmother worked so hard while she was growing up so her kids would have what they needed. My mom appreciates that, so now she helps my grandmother whenever she is able to.
    Not only did she teach me to be humble and help others, she showed me how to do that. Witnessing such acts of kindness made a big impact on my life and has influenced my actions as I’ve grown up and now that I’m in college. I think such a selfless woman deserves being spoiled once in her life. My mom is my best friend, and I would love to be the one to give her a mom daughter shopping spree. This would be a great way to say “thank you” for teaching me how to be a good person and really give back, not just by donating money to a cause, but actively giving back and being involved with the people I am helping. I think this is one of the most important lessons in life. This quote by Tenneva Jordan reminded me of my mother, “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.”

  21. gioia

    I haven’t seen my mom since one year. i left my country to another one, because i got an admission in a canadian university. Even though i reach majority last year she still afraid for me. I remembered she always used to say, we are and we’ll remain her babies. She suffered a lot for us, and i know she’s not in that happy mother feast thing but she deserved all the gifts in this world. we are really far from eachother and i win’t return in my country after five years. i really want to surprise her. i want her to know, i didn’t forget all the fun we had when we were together, and all the things she and my dad teach me. i can easily remember an horrific day, when my litlle brother who is six years old now, had an heart attack. my mom who didn’t knew to drive, took my dad’s car and drive like 35min to the hospital in pyjama. she saved her baby lifeand she saved our lives too. she always put our needs first and she’s the kindest mummy i know in this world. deas beyondtherack, i think she deserves all the best things in this worl including your offer. thanks for taking time to read my essay and for giving us an opportunity to celebrate our dearest mom via your site

  22. Gan Aduok

    growing in Africa was the most hardest thing ever, imagine living without support system, or not having a father around to support the family. i writing this because i thing my mom was send here on earth to a guardian angel, she is everything a child could ever have. i am so lucky that my mom is the one that is taking care of me..
    in 1986 before i was born my mom got marry to my father, months after she got pregnant with me. during her pregnancy here and my dad had to leave the country because of the war, on foot which was days walking. she when through gun shot passing her feet, and the rest of her body. the only thing that kept her alive is her prayers. after a week of walking she reached Ethiopia where she and my father settle in a camp name itang. things got very tough, living in a camp where you have to wait to get food from the UNICEF.. so my mom started a little home business while she was pregnant with me, image a pregnant woman carry heavy things on her head. after year when she conceived me my sister came along, and she had to take care of us alone, because my dad when back and forth to different city looking for a job. from Ethiopia she left to uganda with both of us, my sister and i, and from there things got even harder now she had to find a way to survive with to children, so she started her business, where she had to make alcohol at home by selling for really low cost. then from there my mom find her way to Kenya where she ended up in a immigration camp, and things got even tougher cause now she had three children to take care of.. so my mom find her way to the immigration office to beg if there is anyways she can come to Canada or the USA. she waited couple years in the camp. she had to find a way to survive from there, so she started her cooking at home for people to come buy.. her business was slow and she didnt make enough money but she never stop . my mom continued till the day she got a letter saying that she is coming to Canada which was in 1998, after my father heard that my mom found a way to come, he stopped her and told her there is no way you can take my children to Canada and so my mom had to cancel her trip… she live in poverty because my father never around to help her out like, we only see him once in a while, in 2000 another letter came stating that she have a second chance to come to Canada. so she explain to my father the reason why she wanted to bring us to Canada. so we dont have to live in a way that she was living back home, so we can get a better education and get a better opportunities to get jobs later on. so she told him, there is no way am going to reject this opportunity of going to Canada.. my packed ,, 2days before our departure to Canada, she received a heart breaking news about my father, that he passed away from an after heart surgery. O man!! my mother was devastated, she changed completely in that two days and she almost change her mind about coming to Canada… people talk to her and told her that she wouldn’t survive in Africa all alone and that coming to Canada would be the best choice, my mom made up her mind and we finally left Africa… after landing in canada, thinking that everything would come easy, she had to pay immigration money that they brought us here with. she didn’t have a job and its pretty hard for an immigrate to find a job here in Canada except labor jobs. after a year in canada she find a job in leamington, ontario.. sometime we dont see her because she work from 5am in the to 9pm.. sometime i had to put my sister and brother to sleep so i can get them ready in the morning.. life was tough but what my mother when through i can never forget till the day i die. sometime i let her know of how strong she is.. she amaze me, my mom is my guardian angel. tearsssssssssssssssssssss!!! am so sorry but am getting pretty emotional at the moment, this is not about winning money for shopping but i just needed to put her story and pain that she when through from the age of 16yrs till now..

    thank you so much for giving us opportunity to tell a story about our mothers on this page. thank you for this opportunity!!

    Gan Susie Adwok

  23. DAWN O'Brien

    I think that my mom deserves this because she raised three young girls on her own after my father died unexpectedly. She sacrificed so much for us (including not buying clothes for herself so that my sisters and I could be nicely dressed). She still works full time at age 65 to support herself and never indulges in shopping. We share clothing now and it would be wonderful to give back to her and take her on a shopping spree to thank her for everything she did for us through the years. Thank you!

  24. jennie

    I don’t deserve to win, my mom does.
    She’s not been on a vacation since her honeymoon and she and my dad will soon be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary! Thats a long time to not have a vacation!
    She worked all her life full-time while doing an amazing job at raising 2 kids properly. My brother and I have grown up to be well-rounded, polite, thoughtful, caring people.
    She never does anything or buys anything for herself. She is currently an at home day-care worker, looking after 4 other munckins. She spends all her money on getting them gifts for birthdays, holidays, etc. And she gives my brother and I anything we need, we just need to ask.
    I would like to win to take her on a shopping spree because she has not bought herself a single item of clothing in YEARS. Since she never buys anything for herself, the clothes she does have she gets from my dad at xmas and from me on occasions such as mothers day, xmas and birthday.
    She has NO nice outfits for special occasions, and I would like to take her to buy herself something nice, to wear to my wedding especially.
    I hope you choose my mom (and me), she works hard for money she never gets to spend on herself. Thank You

  25. Shelley Williamson

    WOW, awesome comments & stories, and I ALMOST feel bad now explaining why
    “MY” mom is the greatest !!!

    HOWEVER … She really is … At least in my eyes, my daughters and grand daughter’s.
    I had a great upbringing where family always came/ comes 1st. So when my ex-husband and I split up in 1999, it was really unsetting for for her, more than any of us I think. I ended up being a single mom of 2 teenage daughters, then a short time afterwards was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. I also owned a business … which was now suffering badly and eventually lost to bankruptcy. Our lives pretty muched sucked at this point I would say.
    She just stepped in, and took over Everything that needed tending to. She took care of my girls while I was away having my treatments in another town for 7 weeks, took care of my business for me the best she could, and gave me all the love an support I could need. Amazing … and then, even as the years when on, she continued to ALWAYS be there for us, emotionally, finacially ALWAYS our rock. My girls both ended up living with her at various times, and she has there to help them both off to college in ways I could not. $$$
    Now everyone is grown, we have our first Grand daughter, and we all have our own fantastic lives( mostly because of her)
    My younger daughter is getting married this September. I would LOOOOOOOOVE to be able to express my love and appreciation and Gratitude to this wonderful woman, by winning your contest and taking the 2 of us shopping for 2 of your most GORGEOUS Mother of the Bride, and Gramma of the Bride dresses.

  26. Abigail Quinones

    i know my mom deserves it because are family has been threw so much and things are starting to go right but we need help with money and she is never able to do for herself… this mothers day if i got this for her it would be a day to remember!!! i just want to give her the happiness she gives to me and everyone in her path!!! i tought my parents were going to get a devorce for like my whole life because my dad’s always cheeting and doing drugs and drinking… and in and out of jail! :( but finnaly were a happy family and our luck is turning around… and if i dont when adlest some people out there may read this and feel a sence of hope that maybe if there in a rough patch in there life that it will get better :) thanks in advance(just for the chance!)

  27. Molly Muise

    I think I deserve to win because I have the best mom ever she is so wonderful,I’m 13 and my dad works away most of the year , she takes me everywhere and does everything for. Me she is such a great mom I think she deserves to. Win because she’s been through alot lately she lost her job , her mom and grandmother were in the hospital and her 2 sister-inlaws got diagnosed with heart problems and I just really want to make this a wonderful and amazing mothers day for her please vote for me and ill be forever grateful for making her mothers day amazing.

  28. Diane redcay

    My mom deserve to win & so do I b/c I’m like my Mom I have a family & always buy for my husband & kids I put myself last when money is tight & I believe I can do without. When I was a kid I can remember that my Mom had only one bra for about 10 years it was so worn out! Thats me today I have the same clothing for about 20 years sad but its better then nothing.

  29. Jessica

    My Mom deserves to win because she’s an amazing, selfless woman who never asks for anything, would give you the shirt off her back if you asked for it and never really does anything for herself. Honestly, I randomly mentioned that I missed shoe shopping a little while ago because I’ve been low on money and she sent me a pair of high heels she had that she had bought to wear to my wedding because she knew I liked them and said she didn’t need them anymore. She put in a lot of work raising me and my sister and is still raising our much younger teenage brother. Our family has been lucky that we were never really poor, but we didn’t exactly have money for extras growing up either. I never felt that me or my sister ever went without, but I noticed that my Mom certainly did and she still does for my brother and father. (Not to mention to buy things for me and my sister and our families for special occasions) I’m fairly certain that the last time she actually bought a piece of clothing for herself was when she got a new dress & shoes to wear to my wedding (the same shoes I mentioned that she later gave me), which again was more for me than for her.

    I don’t know that I actually deserve to win, although I could certainly use it. I’m fairly new to my field, (I’m a professional librarian, we have to have a Masters degree, but don’t really get paid that much in public libraries) and finally have a job managing my own library branch. So I’m expected to dress well, but have very little money to buy myself clothes at the moment. My husband has only been able to get part time work and on top of our regular bills I have to make a hefty student loan payment each month. So new shoes and clothes when I need them isn’t always an option. This would definitely help me out.

    However, more than anything I’d love to win to give something back to my Mom, especially right now. I’ve been going through a pretty trying time in my life and she has been a constant source of support for me, just like she’s always been and I would really love to be able to give something back to her like this. Although I know there isn’t anything I could do that would repay her for what an amazing Mom she’s always been and continues to be.

  30. Ana Loaiciga

    My mom deserves to win because she gives everything for everyone.
    She is a social worker and takes care of the poorest people, when they don’t have she gives what she has to them, she sponsors 24 kids for them to get their high school degrees, she is always thinking in how to make a nice gesture for others.
    She raised four great children and we all love her to die. She is so cool as mom that other people kids call her mom, for sure she deserves to win.

  31. Maureen

    I would love to win this trip for my mom and I to go do the thing we love to do…!! My mom is 87yrs young. She makes friends with everyone, she enjoys being with her family, and has always been a fashionista!! I don’t how much time we have together, but I would love to share this with her. She’s lost three husbands, and has been through some rough surgerys, but she remains with a smile. The doctor’s we amazed and said she was a pretty remarkable women……I agree!! She’s one of the strongest woman I have ever known…..she’ made me what I am today!! I love her dearly!!

  32. Caitlin

    My Mom and I are best friends and we love doing everything together! We would love a shopping spree on your website to bring our style a little into fashion. I know my Mom truly deserves it!!

    From day one my Mom taught me the important things in life, like saying Please and Thank-you, to clean up after yourself, to not complain, and complete every task with your head held high and a smile on your face. My Mom always puts her three children before herself, even now that we are all grown up have our own houses she still jumps at every opportunity to help us or hang out with us. My Mom is a very hard worker, working up to 15 hours a day during the summer. And when my Mom is not working she is still working by keeping her home clean and tidy, running errands, doing paperwork, or answering every 2 am phone call when her child needs Moms help. My Mom is always running herself off her feet and has no “Her” time. My Mom worked hard to keep a roof over her children’s heads and food on the table while always keeping a smile on her face no matter the circumstance. With working that hard all the time many of her clothes have holes or paint splatters. My Mom always makes the best of every situation and always looks on the bright side making My Mom one of the Strongest women I know and for that I believe she deserves a shopping spree for herself.

    For myself being a single Mom I understand why my Mom put us kids before herself, as I constantly find myself putting my Son before myself. Keeping a roof over his head, putting food on the table, and keeping diapers readily available for my Son takes up both of my pay cheques, and I now know why my Mom is always run off her feet. Keeping your child(ren) safe and healthy are the number one priorities of a mother, even though that means putting yourself in last place. I wear the same clothes on a weekly basis because after buying my Son’s necessities I do not have any money left over to spend on myself, which I do not mind because my Son deserves to be healthy and happy! I see why my Mom always had holes in her clothes. I work hard to keep my Son a respectable young man like my Mom made her children respectable adults. If not for my, but for my Mom, she really deserves this! Thank-you for this opportunity!!

    I would like to wish every Mother a Happy Mothers Day! You deserve to be spoiled with cuddles and kisses from your children!! We all give up things for our children but it is totally worth it to see smiles on their faces. Have a wonderful day!

  33. Laura

    When I was 9 my Mom went back to school to study Dietetics (spelling?) and then put in 4 years at UBC to get her degree. Ever since I was a young girl, my Mom has been working and studying to further her career and give us a better home life.

    Now that I am a mother of 4 myself, I see the sacrifices my Mom made to provide for us. She has always pushed us kids to be the best we can be as well. It is because of her gentle urging and confidence in me that I went back to College to study to as a Legal Secretary so that I too could give my own children a better life.

    Last year, in November, we went through a really tough time. My Mom was putting on unexplainable weight very rapidly. Turns out it was a cyst on her ovary. By the time she had surgery to remove it, it had grown to 16 inches and almost 26 pounds. A week after my Mom’s surgery, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and 2 days after that my little sister was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My Mom, even though she was not well herself, was strong and did her best to be there for me and my sister with our diagnoses. This has brought our family closer. In fact, we all took part in the 2011 MS Walk on May 1st and raised over $1,600.00. My Mom, my sister and I all did the walk, along with my children and other family members and friends.

    I would like my Mom to win this as a thank you from me for all the support she has given me in the past through years, from the end of my 12 year relationship – my custody fight over my children – to my diagnosis. I love her and she deserves it!

  34. Martine Mousseau

    I truly believe that my mom deserves this recognition on mothers day because she is a one of a kind! Not only is she a mother to me but she also plays the role of being my best friend. Their is no one out their that understands me better and helps me through every little obstacle life throws my way! I know many people say ” my mom is special because…”, my mom is more then special shes been through so many things in her life and this little recognition would mean the world to her. Seeing her smile on mothers day would not only make me happy but truly show her how much I appreciate her always being their for me and helping through the hard times that we have been through together.

    My mother was never really able to treat herself and really let go since she started life quite early at the age of 18. She always provided for her children and always looked out for the best for them. If she would win this prize it would FINALLY be about her. She needs a day were everything is about her and her needs and nothing else in the world matters. So I am asking to really consider my mom as a contender for this prize simply because she is a hero to not only me but to anyone that has the priviledge to meet her!

  35. kelly

    My mother is always kind, loving, and optimistic. In spite of some major tragedies in her life, she maintains an ability to always look out for the people around her in the most amazing way. My father is a disabled Vietnam Veteran, and over the past year and half, health complications due to Agent Orange have made him unable to take care of himself. I have recently moved back home to help out as much as possible. However, I do NOTHING compared to everything that she does for me and him. My mother has been working at the same company for nearly forty years now, though she is able to retire she cannot because of the financial strain of having a partner who cannot work and has many health care expenses. My mother deserves this wonderful giveaway because she is the most wonderful person I know. She’s taught me not to selfish and what it means to “fight the good fight.” She has struggled, but she has struggled with dignity and grace.

  36. Amy Michano

    My mom & I are both school teachers. She has a growing family of 3 kids and an astounding 7 grandchildren. My parents have been happily married for 30 years. And my mom is the rock of our entourage. Not only does she take care of all of us, she makes it a career to take care of everyone else’s young children 5 days a week. Her family values have inspired me to take on the role of an educator as well. Every day after a long day at work, mom & I love to come home and check out the latest finds in BTR. We are beyond “Frequent Visitors”. It has become a bit of an obsession, something else we share. She has already gotten all of her co-workers hooked on the site, and is not shy to pass on the fashion-bit to people in the mall. Needless to say she absolutely loves this site. Mom definately deserves this shopping spree more than I do.

  37. Bonnie Dupont

    My mom has been my hero all my life. She did EVERYTHING for her kids..never spending money on herself. She worked sooo hard on our farm every single day as well as cooking and baking and welcoming anyone who would drop in. With all of our ups and downs..she was loving and supportive no matter what. This lady is STRONG..she has been through sooo much and deserves something would be a wonderful surprise for my dear sweet momma. Now with my 2 sweet babies, she is the best Grandma too. She would come every morning when my second was born to let me sleep…she is there for us when I have appointments and makes it possible for me to have a break now and then! With my husband working away a lot I couldn’t do it without her. She allows ME to be the best mommy I can be by continuing to be the best mommy she has always been!!!

  38. cindy fitzowich

    there are so many reasons why i think my mother should win my mom has always been there for us she has given herself unconditionally without ever asking for anything in return ,except love and respect. she was widowed at 24 with 3 children and 1 one on the way. her first husband was stationed over in france when he died of lung cancer she then transfered back to canada to be with her husbands family in edson, alberta. she bought a modest home to rasie her children ,met my fatherand had 6 more, she just lost him and rasied all 10 of us. she has never ask for riches or wanted to be . above all she had but i feel its her time to shine and look good she needs to revamp her waredrobe and get out in the world i think she deserves this (and needs it ) love u mom more than life itself !xoxoxo

  39. Sarah

    Well I think my mom deserves this. She is a nurse who works all the time and never asks for anything in return. She always think of other people before herself. She has probably three outfits that she wears. And she’s always buying stuff for other people. She has raised 4 great children (including myself) and I would love to surprise her with this amazing gift on Mother’s Day. I really want this for my mom. Because she really deserves it. Thanks!

  40. Randy

    I don’t know that I deserve to win but my Mother certainly does. She put her life on hold to raise 6 children. Always putting us first. Anytime I can do something for her I do but I don’t think I can ever do enough to repay her for all she has done for us.

  41. Patricia Lawrence

    I’m a mom to 4 beautiful, highly intelligent kids and daugher to one of the most giving moms I know. She raised 11 kids and even though most of us are out of the house now, she still gives as much of herself to us as ever. She has always put us first and has never really taken the time to pamper herself. I currently run 3 home based businesses as well as managing my household. I would love the opportunity to pamper both my mother and myself as we both work so hard for our family.

  42. Lucy Burany

    My mom she is the best,she is always been there for me no matter what situations I”ve been,I had a kidney transplant I couldn’t take care of myself and my children she took me into her home to ta ke care of me and my children.She is amazing mom ,she has a heart of gold she gives her food to hungry people even if she starves that who she is.I would like to win this prize so I can take her shopping with me and have a great time together.althoiugh most of the money will be spend on her.

  43. Amber Ozero

    I have amazing memories as a kid and teen of driving to the big city to go shopping for the day. My Mom and I spent many hours searching the mall and finding the perfect outfits.
    Now we shop at “Beyond The Rack” together. Times have changed and so has shopping, but one thing remains the same, our love for each other and SHOPPING!
    We would love to win a BTR shopping spree!

  44. Deborah Chase

    My mom is my inspiration. She has been married for over 60 years to my dad. They have been through difficult times. She has 6 children, 9 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She has been in the hospital for the past two weeks and won’t be home for Mother’s Day. It would be a great gift for her to win. I love her so much!

  45. Lizzy

    My mom has worked hard her whole life. At a young age she lost her mother and had to help take care of 6 siblings. My parents married in 1960 and had 4 kids, my mother always did without so we could have more in life, she always had second hand and worked nights so she could take care of us in the day, my dad worked days and was at home at night. Still to this day my mom does without she has become acoustomed to not having much. When I divorced my mom helped me though the hardest time of my life and I inturn am doing without so my daughter can have more. It has been so hard being a single mom but I would not trade it in for anything in the world. It would be so nice for once to give mom something especially for her and of course me.

  46. Josie

    My mom has worked hard all her life and still does, she is able to retire now but still chooses to work because it keeps her young. She does so much for me and my family and I would love for her to have this because she deserves something nice for herself. I would love to share this with her so I can treat myself to a new wardrobe. I’m a new mom, recently back to work, and would love new clothes to freshen my new mom look!. :)

  47. Jessica

    If you were to look up mother in the dictionary I am sure there would be a picture of my mother. She is loving, caring, nurturing and unfortunately puts herself last. I am currently 30 and can never remember a time in my mothers life where she has put herself first. I have 4 siblings and as teenagers my parents opened their home to foster children. They have since adopted a child with special needs and have had approximately 50 children in their care over the last decade. Currently my mother is caring for a family of 3 foster children and my little adopted brother who suffers with cognitive delays. My mother enjoys caring for children, but it leaves little time to herself. She volunteers at a second hand store and that is where she gets all of her wardrobe! Putting everyone before herself has left her frumpy and she desperately needs some new clothes. I recently had my second child and this has kept me VERY busy. An on-line shopping date would be both exciting and a good way to get in some quality time!!

  48. Shari

    My mom really deserves this, not really myself, after a year battle with cancer she is finally in remission. She is starting to look for a new job and is ready to live life again. After loosing so much weight not much of her waredrobe fits her any more. It would be nice to say happy mothers day to her with a gift like this, she would feel amazing again and thats all i could ask for. love you mommy!!

  49. Jan

    My mother is 89 and I haven’t seen her in 4 years. I’m afraid I might not ever see her again. It’s difficult for both of us to travel. I doubt that either of us could shop like we once did, but it would be very good to see her. We talk almost every day.

  50. Linda Surminsky

    I really think I deserve to win because my mom is just the greatest. She is 83 years old and is still active. She is my bestest friend. She always has words of wisdom when I am down and is forever doing something for someone else. And that could be baking buscuits or making homemade soup . Making sure that person is looked after. If anything ever happened to her I would be lost. She seems to have that special gift of knowing how to do the right thing to make the other person feel special. Too me that is a art. I love her dearly and hope she lives for a very long time. Happy Mother’s day mom.

  51. France Gagnon

    My mother and I deserve to win because we are both awesome Moms. I have learned to be a good mother from her. She’s always been there for me and my sisters. Every flute concert, every ringette game, she was there as I am with my boys although they play guitar and hockey. She’s still there for me whenever I need her and I intend to do the same with my sons.

  52. Crystal

    i don’t see my mom very often but it is important to me for her to know that i am always thinking about her. we never had a shopping spree experience and i think it would be awesome!

  53. Cassandra

    Just this last fall i got some devastating news about my health that took a tole on
    my family finacially. Throughout these months since then my mother has done all she could to help with paying for all my expenses that went along with this. She has worked her hardest to make it possible for me to work towards better health and also partially provide for the five children that still live home. She is always spending her spare money on us children and never on herself, so this would be a wonderful gift for her to focus on herself and what she wants and not on other’s wants. I don’t really feel the need to make this too long like others because there isn’t too many ways to describe all that she’s done and how great of a mom she is.

  54. Kateryna Gutsalyuk

    My mom deserve to win, because she is the best ! I love her so much! She love s shopping and this is could be the best mothers gift ever!!!

  55. Kateryna Gutsalyuk

    My mom deserve to win it, because I love her soooo much! She loves shopping! Both of us do, so give us the prise!!!!! :)

  56. Nancy

    My mother-in-law is the most deserving woman that I consider as my “mom”. For the first time in my life I have a mother. As a child I grew up in foster homes and never experienced the love of a mother. Before I met my husband, I never celebrated any of the special occasions/holidays that most people spend with their family. The past 3 years I have met the most loving husband and his family has accepted me with open arms as their daughter. What better gift to say “Thank you” to my Mother-in-Law.

  57. Nikki

    I can’t say that my mom is the world’s best mom. We’ve had our differences my whole life. But she is one of the strongest women I have come to know, and appreciate, and to love. She is going through a really difficult divorce with my dad, and I know this gift would be something that she could really use to make herself feel special again. She has spent so much of her life helping everyone around her, that in this most difficult time, I think she really deserves something like this. Please pick us.

  58. Tonyette White

    My mom is truly my role model and a blessing sent from God. 20 years ago, my mom had one of the scariest pregnancies ever. Because my mom’s cervix was declared incompetent, she couldn’t carry me for very long. At five months, she went into labor. Her doctor prepared to deal with this emergency. In order to let me develop more, my mom had to be flipped upside down for weeks. Even after I was born at a 1 pound, I continued to have many health complications. The doctor told my mom there was a high chance for deafness, blindness, or even death, but my mom continued to have hope. Because she continued to pray for me and work with me, I am an healthy, young college student at the University of Virginia. I owe my mom for everything she has done for me and I would love to give her this so I can show her how much I love her. Without her hope, I wouldn’t be here today. She went through so much to make sure I had an amazing life. I love her for that and she is continuously the rock of my life.

  59. jacqueline viera

    My mom has hit some hard times with the economic downturn. She has a total of three shirts that she can wear and has no money to buy anymore. She has two pairs of jeans that she wears and the rest are at least 10 years old and don’t fit. This would be a HUGE blessing for her and give her some hope about the future

  60. Candace

    My mother commands an audience when she enters a room. She radiates grace, confidence, kindliness and beauty. She leads where others would follow. She speaks with courage and honesty where others would stay mum. She pushes where others would relent. She is my light in my darkest hours, her hugs and words a warm and comforting blanket.

    And she has done this while wearing old clothes, old shoes and old purses.

    From my description of my mother, you can probably tell that I have many reasons why I think she deserves to win this contest. But there is a main reason that encompasses these reasons: she sacrificed the ability to buy fashionable items for herself in order to spend the time and money raising three children to become leaders, to speak with honesty and courage, and to never settle for anything less than pure happiness.

    She had her first child at the age of 22. She’s now 61. Us children are now grown up, happy and successful. But even now, when we try to buy fashionable items for her, she always says that we shouldn’t and that she wants us to spend the money on ourselves or her grandchildren. She is endlessly selfless.

    If she won this prize, it would be a change in tide – she finally be able to buy fashionable items for herself, free from guilt. She deserves all the riches in the world, and a shopping spree from Beyond The Rack would be a wonderful start. And I would love to be able to bond with her by shopping with her on BTR’s website.

    My mother commands an audience even when wearing old clothes, old shoes and old purses; her beauty transcends the corporeal. However, I hope she wins this contest because it is a wonderful opportunity to match her inner beauty with beautiful items from Beyond the Rack. Thank you for your consideration.

  61. iesa sanchez brown

    she has taken care of other kids all her life. she has given her last to many over the years. she was there for me through a horrible car accident,that i should have died from, taken care of me in my past 3 brain surgeries,and bi-lateral hip surgery after her heart attack. she deserves so much more than i can give her after losing my job,husband&much

  62. Melissa F

    Why my mother is the light in my life ?
    She has a soft and caring heart and gives so much to others. She never asks for anything in return. My mom has been wanting to spend more time together but never gets to because of her long work hours. So this weekend she will be off work and I simply cant afford to take her shopping the gift card would work for us. She has been threw alot in her life from being a cancer surviver to working so hard that at the end of the day she cant do much for herself.
    So when your looking for your winner please think about that if it was your mom what would you do.

  63. Anita Gambrell

    My mother should get this prize! She takes me shopping at least once or twice a week. It is always several dollars spent. We always have fun. She takes me to lunch and helps care for me too. It would be so nice to actually give her something!

  64. Karla

    My mother is the most amazing woman you will ever meet. She works a full time job, yet also has time to run her own business on the side which takes up all of her free time. I have 3 siblings, and I think that she (along with my dad, of course!) did a great job of raising us all to be hard working individuals who truly care about showing great work ethic and integrity in everything we do. My mom has never been one to buy anything for herself- she always made sure that we got to go on school trips (even if they cost a lot of money!) and have our most exciting “back to school” outfits every year. With us growing up not having a lot of money to spare, that was a big deal for my parents to do that for us.
    I think my mother would be a wonderful recipient of this prize because firstly, it would mean I get to spend some quality time with her, picking things out for HER (and teaching her how to shop online 😉 ), but it would mean that she would finally take the time to think about herself for once, which is much needed.

  65. Rachel

    I’d like to win, but I’m not sure if I can, since my Mother is deceased. I would like to enter for myself and my sister, since we’re both mothers and have lost our mother. I’m currently the only one in my household that is working and paying the bills due to the economy. My sister is unemployed, looking for a job. She really needs some clothes for interviews and to wear to work once she gets employed. I need work clothes and day clothes as well and am struggling to come up with the money to do so. I don’t expect to win, but maybe I’ll get lucky and you guys will pick me. :) Anyhow, thank you for the opportunity to enter, I think it’s great.



  66. Anna

    My mother is the most considerate person i know. She works long hours everyday just to get my sisters and i things we want. She has stopped buying her own necessities in order to afford her three kid’s tuition, the bills, and to help the rest of her family out. I feel as mothers are people we take for granted and i would love to show her that i still care and appreciate her hard work.
    to all the mothers out there: your kids are lucky to have a great mother like you! happy mother’s day (:

  67. Stefanie Manack

    Since my parents divorced when I was 7, (35 years ago) my mom has been the rock of my life and that of my younger sister. Through poverty, adversity and just plain life, my mom never lost her sense of possibility for herself and for us. She has raised me to value truth, knowledge, perseverance, possibility and the potential of the human spirit. Five years ago after being financially ruined by a business partner, she came to stay with myself, husband and two teenagers while she figured out what to do. In her true fashion, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and started all over again. She went back to college, learned Chinese and earned her TESOL certification. Her next stop – China, where she taught English to Chinese college students for nearly two years. Back in the states and back with us now, I am continually amazed by her energy, drive and motivation. She’s an amazing example to me (I’m now finishing my bachelor’s at 42), my high school and college-aged sons and everyone she comes in contact with. Vivacious and fun-loving, she’s the person who always has a kind word, make those around here feel valued and is never without a smile, no matter what life has thrown at her. She truly deserves to be pampered for a change. I would love for her to have the opportunity to choose some things that she would never, ever buy for herself.

    Thanks for letting me brag about my mom!

    Stefanie Manack

  68. Jan Patterson RN

    So many beautiful women honoring mothers and motherhood.
    I’d like to win for two reasons: My mom, who’s been very frugal all her life, just moved into her very first own studio apartment, at the age of 89. I’d love to see her get a few nice new things- warm coat, new boots for winter- as she makes clothes last and last and last, but for this new adventure, perhaps new things?
    And for myself: I’ve been working with medically fragile, chronically ill, developmentally disabled, and special needs children for 31 years as an RN, and with well children and adults as some kind of caregiver for 45 years. I enjoy it- it’s my heart’s work- and now I’ve started on a new adventure in the field. I’m taking Anat Baniel Method training to become an ABM Practitioner specializing in care of Special Needs Children, and it’s taking every penny. I’d love to get new underwear [bras, panties, camisoles] to create [literally] a good foundation for my wardrobe [most of which is 15-20 years old and in great shape, because I don’t buy what I can’t mend]. It’d be a real blessing for each of us to win.

  69. Kyna May

    I would love to win this shopping spree because my mom totally deserves to go shopping. She deserves it more than anything and anyone. She hasn’t gone shopping in ages only to save enough money to pay for bills and groceries. A few years ago when I was in grade school my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time I was too young to understand what was going on and why she was sick. She was such a strong woman and fought through chemotherapy and is now a cancer survivor. She tries so hard to be the best mom she can to her children. I would love to surprise her with this wonderful gift in addition to the love we give back every minute. xoxo

  70. Leslie Ann Warren

    The Reason Why Mother Deserves Beyond The Rack Win $1000 For Two Take Mom Shopping Trip Is Because: When I Got Pregnant With Complications While My Daughters Dad Was Heading Back To The Military & I Can’t Be Alone My Mom Quit Her Job 2 Take Care Of Me Until I Had My Daughter, When Daughter’s Fathers Dad Died Of Heart Failure When Our Little Girl Just A Month Shy Of Turning Two Years Old My Mothers Step In While I Was Working & Quit Her Job Raised My Daughter Until I Was Ready Accept His Death Dedicate My Life As A Mother More When I Was Going Through Counseling!!! To This Day At 68th Years Old My Mother When I Lost My Job She Took Me & My Daughter In And Is Help Raising Her, Also Helping My Retired Dad & Other Family Members Who Lost Alot In The Recession That Crumbled America; So That Is Why My Mother Deserve This In Jesus Name, Blood, & Love Always!!!

  71. Catherine

    I think that my mom deserves to win a shopping spree because ever since my dad left us over a year ago, her confidence has been completely destroyed. She wants to re invent herself and change her whole wardrobe but it just isn’t possible due to the money restrictions since the divorce. If me and my mom were to win this, I think that it could really change her life, and might be the beginning of her recovery. I would take my mom out shopping and buy her everything I could to boost her confidence, but I know that she would never accept any of it. Winning this contest would be such a nice gift to her!

  72. Giselle

    I think my mother and I should win the shopping spree because my mother has sacrificed so much for me in life. My mom is currently undergoing some financial strain and can’t afford to buy a whole lot for herself. She is an amazing individual who deserves to look just as beautiful on the outside as she does on the inside. Unfortunately I can’t afford to take her shopping and this would be a great opportunity for her to get spoiled. Please make this a sepcial moment that I can share with my mom and make her feel like a million bucks in some new fancy threads. Please pick us !!!

  73. kellayne

    i think that my mom should win is because she never spends on her self always the kids and i would love to give her something big this year im only 15 and i want to give her something that will make her trully happy not just flowers flowers she gets them every year and i trully hope that i win this and that i make my mom really happy this mothers day and every moment of her life.
    thank you beyond the rack
    and I LOVE YOU MOM

  74. Monica Thompson

    Me and my mom have been thru the good and the bad together and we never lost touch with each other but there is one thing we haven’t done in a while is spend time with each other with just us.We haven’t spent time with each other and i haven’t been able to do any thing for her on mother’s day since my first child was born and that’s been over ten years.So this would be the most great thing to do in a long time.




  76. Cyndi Carpluk

    My mom and I did not start out as best of friends. In fact, she was NOT a very good mom at all, and she admits that. Today, through love and forgiveness we are the best of friends. She may have not done “everything” right, but she did keep a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my back, and insisted that I get a good education. The things she did wrong taught me what to do right with my own kids and made me the mom I turned out to be. I wouldn’t trade my mother for anyone else’s.

    She also gave me my love of wardrobe. She taught me how to shop at “T.S.’s” (Thrift Shops for the uninitiated), not because you have to, although sometimes we did, but because we really enjoy the bargains we find in them, even today. We love to shop for clothes and get great bargains, we still give our clothes to each other, and I have passed this on to my own daughter who is now 24. Hopefully, she will pass this on to her two daughters as well.

    My mother may not have “started” well, in the eyes of “society”, but she created a legacy that I am proud to be a part of and I would love “take her shopping.”

  77. Isabella

    My mother and I would love and appreciate it if we won! We have been very unfortunate in our lives. We never do much shopping besides at the thrift store. We are trying to get our lives together by finding jobs and im finishing school. We know things dont always come free but this is a very fortunate opportunity for the both of us! 😀

  78. Constance

    I feel me & my mother deserve this because we havent been to close lately, and i love my mom with all my heart. She means the world to me! We’re like best friends, but we been so busy lately. Be nice to spoil her for once, she doesnt like to buy herself anything. She would be extremely happy to hear she won a shopping spree, she’ll prolly want to spen it on someone else though. i Won’t let her!

  79. Melanie Coover

    My mother, Yvonne, is the most supportive woman in my life. While I was growing up, she single-handedly raised five children under adverse situations, always putting us first. Now that she is retired, she still is there for me and my teenage daughter and has intuitively known what I needed at different stages in my life. She is a constant reminder to me of what a truly actualized woman is, both spiritually and emotionally. I don’t know what I would have done without her and I aspire to be more like her every day. My mother taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and I try to pay it forward myself… being able to gift her with something of significant value would mean so much to both of us!

  80. leniesha


  81. Rachel

    I think I deserve to win because my mother works harder than any other woman I’ve ever met. I’ve put her through so much over the years and want to be able to give back to her. She had to work two jobs just to be able to support herself and just had to quit her second job. She’s sick with colitis and the stress of working two jobs was going to make her have to have surgery. She never gets to treat herself and never has any spending money. I support myself to make things easier on her. Both of us are stuck wearing old clothes and haven’t been able to update our wardrobes in years. Winning this would mean the world to both of us and would give me an opportunity to give back to all my mom has given to me.

  82. Angie Robinson

    I would like to have my mom and I win this shopping spree because I want my mom to choose things for herself to make her feel special. She always puts everyone ahead of her. My mom is my friend who lends a shoulder when I need to lean on her throughout my life. She lost her brother, who invited her here to Canada 52 years ago, just a couple of months ago on the same day her husband ended up in hospital. My mother has strength and a huge heart. She enjoys life, loves to laugh, and cooks the best Italian food ever. My mother loves her family and we are proud to call her our mom.

  83. Sophie

    My Mother’s day wish is that I can win this contest to offer it to my amazing daughter who just graduated from Concordia University in Fine arts . She is a brilliant young lady who devours fashion with hopes of working in the industry one day soon. I am a proud Mom but with good reason. She probably would offer something to her little fashionista sister as well!
    Happy Mother’s day to all the Mom’s out there :)

  84. Ann Dao

    My mom is the most patient, loving, and selfless woman in the world. She dedicates her life to her family and her friends, always ensuring that everyone is taken care of. Throughout the years as I gorge on the latest shoes and clothes, she, on the other hand, rarely ever buys herself anything. My mom wears simple clothes, choosing to buy something for the people around her but nothing for herself. Even though I don’t live at home anymore, she still calls me and tells me to come by because she had just made my favourite soup. I love my mom and if I could have a chance to make her feel like a queen, that would be wonderful.

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Remember to give your moms a big hug because I know I will (hug my mom at least).

  85. Courtney

    I know I deserve to win this gift because my Mom is not only the most amazing mother, but she’s the best friend anyone could ask for and would do anything possible for the people she cares about. She is the most wonderful, caring, kind and honest woman I’ve ever known. She raised my 4 brothers and sisters and myself and did EVERYTHING she could do for us to reach our fullest potential. We’ve never been wealthy or privileged, but it is my Mom who taught us to appreciate what we have, truly. She is beautiful inside and out. No matter what she wears she shines, but the chance to give her beautiful things that she couldn’t otherwise afford would be a blessing. She is genuine and forgiving; she’s my role model and inspiration. When my Dad left our family she showed all of us how truly strong she is as a woman and a mother and put us before herself. She deserves more than I could ever give her for everything she’s ever done for me, but this would be soo special to her. She’s everything to me and my siblings and if I could give her this gift myself, I would.. obviously it’s not possible for me. I hope I have conveyed what an amazing mother she is through this short explanation because if I have then it will be as obvious as it is to me that I deserve to give my Mom this wonderful gift! :)

  86. Sue King

    My mom deserves to win because she raised us 8 kids when my dad abandon us by working 3 minimum wage jobs until she completed nursing school. She taught us to go after our dreams.

  87. sophie boros

    Hi, I think we deserve to win because we have a special relationship :) My biological mother is not around,but i do have a mother in law who i consider to be the best mom! She has alway’s been there for me and my 2 children along with her 2 children. It has not always been so easy to be a mom but i don’t ever regret it. I was blessed with my daughter at a young age and my “mother” was there from the very beginning. The past few years have been difficult as she has been diagnosed with a terminal illness,yet it still has not stopped her from living her life, she is very special and always makes sure we are all happy. Treasure the moms in your life. Happy mother’s day <3

  88. cathy coon

    Me and my Moms deserve to win cause we are broke and we need new designer duds! But Really My mom is awesome..she has put up with my craziness all these years (i’m bi-polar) Believe me I put that woman through Heck :) She is a beautiful person who has always raised me to love others and work hard for everything I have..I love you Mom!


    I would like to enter to win because my mom has done so much for my family. She has always been there for me when anythng went wrong. Now I am feeling really sad, my daughter isn’t speaking to me and she is getting married in less then a week. My mom is going to have surgery on Monday day after mothers day and i am going to be there for her. I have the best mom in the world. My dad is in the hospital, just got a pace maker. I need something to cheer my mom up, she is really worried about my dad. I am worried about her because she has to have a serious surgery. I love my mom and hope this can make both of very happy on mother’s day with everything else going on around us. Thanks hope to hear from you that we are the winner. Mom, I love you and happy mother’s day.. I would not be able to not speak to my mom ….

  90. Katherine Bickert

    My mother and I would love to be the recipients of your contest. I struggle to make ends meet caring for my eight year old son. I am a single mother, full time student and work full time as well. I don’t have much to offer my mother after caring for all that I am responsible for so this prize would give me the opportunity to give back to my mother. She has always supported me no matter what life threw her way. She modelled before me that “if there is a will, there is a way.” I am about to graduate from college and would not be where I am without her and the support she has shown myself and my son. Thank you for considering my story and request to “give back” to my mother.

  91. Laura Ruffo

    I would love the opportunity to do some shopping with my daughter. My mom is no longer with us, but my daughter and I sure could use a wardrobe refreshing! My daughter, Heather, will be graduating college next spring as a Elementary School Teacher. She could really use some new professional clothing. As for me, my husband has been out of work for 15 months and shopping has been last on the priority list. I would love some new clothes!

    Thank you!
    Laura Ruffo

  92. Blaire Chilcoat

    I would love to treat my mother to something so special. She has been a wonderful support system for me and my sister my whole life. My mom has always gave me strength and over the last 8 years she has needed mine as well. My mother has MS. Despite all her difficulties with the pain and with walking, she manages to still have fun and be light-hearted. She doesn’t get to treat herself to very much and I am only a year out of college and can’t really give her the spectacular mother’s day she very well deserves.

    My mother is also single. Which, for me, makes it all the more important to make her feel so special year-round.

    She is a beautiful woman inside and out, but I would certainly love to make her feel a little more beautiful!!!

  93. Maya

    My Mom is my Angel…God blessed me with an amazing mom! She raised me and my brother by her self. my brother was very sick as a child, I lost my eye site at the age of 5 , she sold everything she had, so I can have an operation and get my vision back. We always had the best things; she installed in us the care for one another, respect and kindness to all. In 2008 I was deported from Canada back to my country, Israel, during my stay in Israel My Mom (after 2 knee replacement operation) fought to bring me back, and she won – I am back in Canada.
    My Mom didn’t have an easy life, but she is the most positive person I know!
    Good luck to all the Moms.
    Happy Mothers Day!

  94. Carrie Baldsing

    My Mom and I deserve to win… because my Mom rocks! She is my best friend and the reason that I am now an awesome Mom. I can only imagine how much fun we would have spending our spree together!!

  95. Maria

    My mom and I deserve to win because my mom is the best mom ever.Why? Because she makes me feel I’m the best daughter ever!! I love you mom!

  96. Tara

    I think the reason my mom needs to win is just to look in her closet. My sister and I used to go through and purge it for her of the things that just didn’t work . Now we’ve left home i think she needs some help again. She’ll be 68 this year, but doesn’t look it at all. She needs to dress younger than what she does. I would love to pick some great items out for her. She’s never spent a lot of money on herself only on her 4 kids and 11 grandchildren and Dad of course. I think it’s time for her.

  97. Ainsley Williams

    I think I deserve to win because I have a great mom and would like to show her how much I appreciate what she does. She pays for my cell phone, she takes me to my appointments. She drove me to hockey when I played. She needs to get some new things for herself instead of me and my sister. I would be so happy to give my mom this as she deserves it.

  98. akosua

    I believe my mom and i deserve this gift of love from beyond the rack for my mother because i am a 21 year old college student who is also international. i cant work because of my international status but i would love for the first time to not just buy my mother a card but wish her a happy mother’s day with beautiful stuff from beyond the rack. I believe my mom deserves this most because she is seeing me through college being a single mom. She is also taking care of my brother through high school back home in Africa. I hope to get an opportunity for the first time to get something really nice for my mom because she does nothing nice for her self and this make me sad sometimes and also make me feel guilty for taking and not being able to give something back. I hope that she wining this will allow her feel beautiful again as a woman and not just as a mother who is always giving. Please help a college student out by granting my wish this mother’s day. thank you. this will also help relieve her of the stress of providing money for clothes and other material stuff for her kids. I will definitely tell all my friends about this when i win.

  99. Wendy Neudorf

    We lost my wonderful Dad to cancer nearly four years ago and for my Mother, it meant the loss of her husband and best friend. Now she continues her life journey alone and she’s an example to all of us – her three daughters, eleven grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. I know it’s not easy for her. I love my Mom so much and friendship we share is beyond word. Mom deserves this shopping spree and I would love to join her in choosing from Beyond the Rack’s awesome selection.

  100. Kavita Hara

    My mom only gets a chance to get new clothes if her clothes are tattered or worn. She doesn’t have a very high self esteem either due to being overweight. It would really be upliftng to have something to look forward to, I hope we win for her sake.

  101. Fransisca Oei

    The reason why I think i deserve to win because i want to give my mom gifts that i has not able to give her.
    she has been a good mother of five and i would like to do something special for her.

  102. Montana Mitchum

    me and my mom should win because unlike most parents my mom was a single mother of five living on a low income budget and still help raised us to the best she could i am now a single mom and raising my lil girl on a low income budget i know that me and my mom will never afford to have nice clothes unless you pick us to have the winnings thank you

  103. Amanda Martinez

    I think i deserve to win this. I just lost my mom in March of this year.It doesnt seem fair that this has happened to me. Im only 27 and dont have my mom to talk to anymore. And she is missing out on her 2 grankids. Its been so hard going to the house and her not being there. I miss her so much. I cry almost every day. If i did win i would give the other half to my aunt. Shes like a mom to me. She has been there for me and has been absolutely wonderful to me and the rest of the family. I would love to give her something in return. I would be so grateful i won this.

  104. Belinda

    I’d love for my mom to win this contest.

    She’s the best supporter in my life. Not only is she my mom, she’s also my best friend. There are really no words to describe her dedication as a devoted mom.

    During these last few months, we’ve been busily planning and organizing my upcoming wedding. No matter what the costs are or how demanding errands and tasks may be, she’s always there hands on to help me so that I won’t be stressed or overwhelmed. For mother’s day I wanted to plan on a day trip with her to take her shopping, out for high tea but my mom had turned me down. She told me she was working. The truth is, my sister told me our mom was planning on going shopping for ME to find me jewlery and gifts to shower me with on my wedding day!! She should be showered with gifts — not me!! I love my mom. I want her to be spoiled and happy! <3 your lil girl forever <3

  105. Elizabeth T.

    I don’t think that I deserve to win more than anyone else does. I get up every day and take care of my four kids just like everybody else! i would love to win though!

  106. Loni Mandigo

    My mom and I deserve to win this shopping spree! We have lived on opposite sides of the country for the past ten years and we almost never get to see each other. A shopping spree would be a terrific excuse for us to take some time out of our busy schedules and spend it with each other. My mother is amazing! She is a real estate agent in Connecticut and just beat a painful battle with breast cancer! I would love to have the opportunity to show her how much I love her and how proud I am of her struggle and victory by taking her shopping!

    Thank you BTR!

  107. brianne teague

    i think i should win this contest because my mother raised 5 girls by herself. she is the most sweetest, understanding person in the world. she works hard at 2 jobs and takes care of all her children and now 2 of her grandchildren. she doesnt ever give up. i know we drive her bananas and stress her out alot. but she has never turned her back on us. she is a wonderful person inside and out. im blessed to call her mom..and she deserves the very best. and if i had the opportunity to make her feel like the queen she is. i would. she is the absolutly best mother in the world.. love u mom.

  108. adebola

    i think my mother deserves to win this gift,because shes the best mom in the world.she’s always there,guiding and directing us in order to remain focused my mom is not only a good mother to her kids alone but to all those who come across her,words enough cannot be used to describe her generousity and her angel,mom you are the best

  109. Christine Collier

    I think my mom would really appreciate this Mother’s Day gift because she has spent most of her life with numerous tragedies happening thru out her entire life…… just in the last 20 yrs she’s lost two sons, a daughter to cancer, a husband to cancer and now she lives in bed most the time due to an illness that no doctor can determine what is the underlying problem so they have given up on trying to find out and leave her in the bed in pain with no relief…… I just would like to bring a long lost smile to her face while she”s still able to smile! Thanks Christine Collier

  110. Joyce Mlinek

    My mother, with only an 8th grade education, raised 6 children all of whom are productive members of society and supporting themselves. She, along with my dad who has passed away, provided for us and gave us what they could, mainly love. I am a mother of 4 children who are grown and self-supporting and having their own children. We all are taking care of mom now as she deserves every bit of happiness and love we can give her as she is in her 80’s. She has always wanted to win a contest and has yet to be a big winner. This would thrill her beyond measure to finally get that big win! Thanks for the chance.

  111. Tee Spoon

    My mother is such a blessing to me. Everything about her makes her such a remarkable woman. I thank GOD for her not onlye because she is my mom but also my best friend. I could not ask for a better person. The unbelievable sacrifices she has made for her family and others are only one of the traits that she possesses that make her such a great human being. I love her more than anything. Thank you.

  112. Sarah

    I think my mom and I deserve to win because she is honestly one of my best friends, and she has done so much for me my whole life I’d love to do something big back to show her how much it means to me. We’ve had a hard year this year, as my grandpa (her dad) passed away 2 weeks before her 50th birthday, so the big plans that my dad and I had made for her (a surprise party) quickly got cancelled, and she didn’t want to do anything special for her birthday. Now that it’s Mother’s Day, I’d really like to do something extra special with her, because we didn’t get to do anything too exciting for her birthday. Her and I both share a big shoe addiciton, and I think a shopping spree would be so much fun for the two of us. Every mother and daughter have an awesome relationship, but my mom and I are closer than anyone my age is with their mom. She’s the best mom in the whole world and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone or anything :)

  113. Angela Jones

    I deserve to win. My mother is 88 years old and she is the last sibling of 13 children. She has been in perfect help and she lives in her own place. We have travelled together near & abroad. She is my best friend, confidant. She has been there for me since my dad died when I was 17 years old. I buy most of her clothes without her being with me. I would like to continue doing that because she is truly special to me.

  114. Gloria

    First I have to say that my mom is the best. She has taken care of my children when I worked. When we had no money she has bought us food and clothes for myself and my children. She never asks for anything in return. I take great care of her too, I take her to all of her appointments, shopping, out to lunch, dinner and movies. We spend every holiday together, I wouldn’t have it any other way. For the last couple of years she has had several surgeries, of course I brought here home with me until she recovered. I see her daily, she’s the biggest support that I could have.
    I love you mom, you are the very best.

  115. arlyn

    I’ve been away with my mom for 5 years since I came here in Canada, and its so hard because i missed all those special celebration of her life, birthdays, wedding anniversarry, mothers day, and christmas holiday. But i never forget sending her greeting cards.

    I believe if I will win on this contest, she will be the more surprise because she will be receiving new stuff and more elegant presents from Canada. Thank you.

  116. Tracy E

    Truth be told, I don’t need the prize, my mom does.

    My mother has raised me as a single parent from the age of two and has been my rock and stronghold. She had a difficult upbringing in Jamaica where she was left to care for and partially raise her 10 younger brothers and sisters. Her mother didn’t see the importance of sending her to school for an education, so she spent most of her time at home as an acting nanny rather than playing with other children, learning, and enjoying her childhood.

    At the age of 19 my mother left Jamaica and settled shortly thereafter in Canada – looking for a better life. She arrived in Canada with a grade 3 education, but never allowed that to stop her from pursuing her dream to make something of herself. My mother studied day and night in order to gain her high school diploma and at the age of 32, enrolled in a nursing program at a nearby college. I am proud to say that in June 1981 my mother graduated with honors and assumed her desired role as a dedicated Registered Nurse at a Hospital in downtown Toronto. My mother was pregnant with me at the time of her graduation.

    Sadly, her marriage failed shortly after my birth, but she has never once complained about her childhood and the pain she endured, her struggles immigrating to a new country on her own, her fight to prove herself and her abilities in order to become a well respected nurse, her divorce, or her struggles to raise her child alone.

    Nurses give of themselves each and every day out of genuine love for their neighbor. As of June 2011, my mom will have devoted 30 years to caring for her neighbors as a Registered Nurse. As well, as of July 2011, she will have devoted 30 years to raising her daughter on her own, to be a strong, independant woman.

    I feel that my mom deserves a “well done.” :)

  117. Grace E

    My mom and I deserve to win because we are fabulous strong women. She is the glue to the family and I don’t know what my life would be like with out her. She gives _________. You can fill that blank in with nearly everything, her time, her money, her mind, her love, baby sitting, to the church, to neighbors, you name it. She doesn’t expect anything in return. She’s not computer savvy, so this win would be a total surprise to her, I would really have to explain it to her. :) I deserve to win because I’m learning (still learning at 44) to be like her. This win would be huge, so good luck to all!

  118. Yvonne Reese

    My Momma needs this!!
    Bless her heart, she never ever shops for herself…she found out at 18 she was pregnant with twins!! She has pretty much devoted her life to her children and now her grandchildren, anytime she shops she is always looking for something for her grandbabies. I am a single mother of a 2 year old and am now currently unemployed…we could definitely use a gift like this!

  119. Tara

    My mom, like most moms, is a true hero. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life – she lost her parents at an early age and helped raise her 5 younger siblings, raised my brother and I on her own when my dad left when we were toddlers, lost her two closest brothers to AIDS and cancer, stood by my brothers side while he battled drug addiction (and helped him to covercome it)… She is an amazing woman, and always sacrifices for others. She works in a drug treatment clinic on the Vancouver downtown east side, and gives so much of herself to help these people in such desperate situations. For the first time in my 37 years of life, my mom finally seems happy and relatively stress free, however, she still struggles financially. This shopping spree would be a wonderful reward for her perseverance in life!

    I love you mom.

  120. Jaymie Moralez

    I am entering this more for my mother than myself. My mother has been through a lot in her life, with 3 daughters and 7 grandkids, she has always been there for us during difficult times. Our lives have not always been easy, but we always make the best of it when we are with each other. You will always see us laughing, smiling, and joking when our family gets together. This is the true meaning of family and the bond that mothers and daughters have together. I would love to surprise my mother with this gift to thank her for everything she has given us.

  121. Julia Walker

    I think my mother would deserve this of all people because she strives to give me the best. She never gives up on her dreams. We just moved into our new trailer and we’re short on money. She is so giving for me, her 16 year old daughter, her mother and her family. If I was to win this I would give her the hole $1,000 dollars for her to spend. She spends her money on me before she spends it on herself. She’s always complaining about how she never has any clothes for job interviews, work, etc. she deserves this more than anything. We live pay check to pay check and this would help her out quite a bit. She’s a single mother of 2, a sister to 3 brothers; one is deceased. Her son is 21 and lives in Nebraska. We take care of her mother, my nanny as we call her. (: My mother deserves this more than anyone. And I know people say that their mom’s deserve this for this reason and that reason. But honestly she deserves this the most. She tries so hard to provide for me that she never spends time or money for herself. I love her, please pick me so she can be happy.

  122. Rachel

    No matter how upset we get with each other, or how much we disagree, mostly because we are so alike, we love each other very much. Getting to share this little spree on BTR, would be a wonderful thing to share with my mom to let her know how just how much she is appreciated. Thanks for this BTR.

  123. Marie-H.

    My mom is the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever met. She gave all her talent to an organism fighting against suicide called S.O.S. suicide jeunesse. So, she’s working to help people for over 13 years and never lost a soul that has been place in her care. I really think my mom deserve to win a little something to remind her how beatiful she is. Since she does’nt make a lot of money and that I’m still a student, I’d like to thank my mom not only for all the love she has for me, but also for everything that she gives to the society.
    Thank you!

  124. Kelsey Lea

    My mom and I deserve to win because in the past few years we have become extremely close. Closer than we’ve ever been before. I’ve found that shopping has become one of our best times to bond. I plan to move to California in a few months to pursue a relationship with the love of my life and I can tell my mom is pleased for my big move, yet fearful of missing her youngest daughter of 2. This shopping experience will be one more reminder of how close we are and how close we will always be.

    Happy Mother’s Day to the most thoughtful mother in the world!

  125. Connie Paruch

    Why my mom deserves to win?? She has ALWAYS been there for me from my birth 42 years ago until today. She has ALWAYS put her children first…all 7 of them! My mom has made so many sacrifices so her children and grandchildren could be safe and happy. She is not only the rock of our family…she is the apple of my eye…a true hero…my hero!
    If she won I would say:
    “MOM…this is for the struggles you fought to save my premature brother over 50 years ago. To take him from 2 pounds to 200. From a diagnosis of Mental Retardation and Cerebral Palsy to a retired baker, loving husband and father…with nothing more than a hearing impairment”
    “MOM…this is for the years you cried over the loss of two children to the world of drugs and for the faith you maintained during those years”
    “MOM…this is for the children who now stand tall (drug free) after 30 years of being lost in that world”
    “MOM…this is for the 2 grandchildren who found the security, protection, and love of a home and family when their mother was lost in the world of drugs”
    “MOM…this is for the unconditional love you gave to your son when he told you he was gay…and for the wonderful secure successful man he is today”
    “MOM…this is for the daughter who learned how to be a mother from the example you set…and for her children who have benefited from that example”
    “MOM…this is for the husband who can not imagine his life without you. For the tenderness and love you have shared with him for almost 50 years”
    My mom is 75 years old and I would absolutley love to be able to present her with this amazing gift!

  126. Hadi

    I believe all the moms are wonderful but my mom is different. She is mother of six kids. To me my mother is the most beautiful person in this world. I and my brother left the home town long time ago for many different reasons. Every time I called her she starts crying . She is worry about me and my brother all the time.

    I wish I can travel back home every year and spend sometimes with her. Last time when I travelled back, I stay with her for ten days, we had wonderful times. Every day during ten days we did eat, watch TV, shopping together and we talked for so many hours about past, and the thing did happened, any many other thing for future.

    My mom deserves to win this because she never asked me for anything and this is the opportunity I can go back and take her for shopping.

    Many thanks in advance for this opportunity
    ^^ ^^

  127. Anne Moy

    Like many (almost all) women I know, my relationship with my Mother has been an ever-evolving one. We have always been close; she has always been there for me. This was painfully obvious when I was in a terrible accident that threathened my life. She immediately was by my side, where she remained for the next two years. She completely relocated her life, moving into a rented apartment, so she could be closer to me. Although I could never repay her, this shopping spree would be the perfect way to show her how much I appreciate (and need) her in my life.

  128. Karen

    One thing I am certain of is that I enjoy being a mother. I have 4 children. I have two adult and two that remain home. All the times I had to get up in the middle of the night because someone didn’t feel well or just needed to talk, and all the times of making sure their needs were taken care of, I have not regrets. Every time may children are picked up from school and they can’t wait to tell me how their day was or when my older children call and I can hear the stress in their voice but by the time we’re done talking I can hear the calmness in their voices and they say, “thanks mom I feel better now,” or “OK mama I knew you would know what to say.” I feel like I was given this bronze trophy for world’s greatest mom. My oldest son told me once, “I never wanted to do anything to hurt you.” Since there weren’t any books on how to be a parent. Every time they share their great accomplishments with me and I see the great men and women they are becoming. I get this great sense of fulfillment, that I must have done something good.

  129. Numer

    My mom deserves to win because not only has she taken care of me all my life. She has been a single mom who has mental & physical disabilities and has be holding on and will continue to endure.

    I would love to give her atleast one day of the finer things in life and I want to give back to her and take care of her for a change!

    Luv u mom

  130. Kim Derr

    My mom deserves to win this as she has always given to her children before herself. We live in Canada and get a horrific amount of snow in the winter. I remember my mom wearing flip flops in the middle of winter because we were limited in money and she always made sure us kids all had books,,even if it meant she would have nothing. Now as she is retired and on a fixed income, she still does without all the time because she is worried she will not have anything to leave for her children. I always tell her to spend her money and enjoy life, but she wants to give us more. I feel a giving mother like that deserves to have something nice once in a while!!

  131. Tiffany Holland

    I’m LUCKY, my MOM Janet has truly been my biggest fan & support system all my life. BUT she took a step above & beyond last Nov 2010 when she quit her job so she could babysit her new Grandson when I had to go back to work. I will forever be greatful for that! She knows I can get depressed leaving him in the mornings so she sends me pictures of him thru her phone all day long & what a help that has been! I love her and spending a day of shopping with her would be such a blessing for us both & just a fraction of paying her back for what she does for me & my family.

  132. Eve

    The reason why I feel my mom and I deserve this shopping spree is because sje hasnt ever had much of anything in her life besides me buying it for her. my mother is my number 1 and if my mother needs anything I’ll always be there to provide for her now I can’t because of my home situation whereas my disabled child was born 1 pound and I had to stop working now I cant provide her anymore. I am the only girl and the youngest out of 3. my mother never had much and now I feel that she deserve this shopping spree.

  133. Susan Gordon

    My mother sacrificed a lot for me when I was growing up. We did not have a lot of money, but she made sure we had what we needed. Now she is aging and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and slowly slipping away, and I am sacrificing for her. Our role have been reveresed.
    I would love to be able to take her shopping and let her pick whatever she likes…she loves to get new clothes! And I could use some too, as we are a single income family!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

  134. Felicia

    My mother deserves to win because she is a single mother with two teenagers (myself and my brother). She has single handed raised my brother and I. She works very, very hard to provide us and never does anything for herself (the good thing is she love her job, she works with children that have developmental delays); she really has to stretch her money in order to get our needs and wants without thinking twice. She puts us first at all times, for example my brother is a senior this year and even though she will not have money left over to pay certain bill this paycheck she is go ahead and making this year an unforgettable event for my brother and his girlfriend. She always thinks of us first and I have never seen her spend money on her without it being a vital need. My mother takes herself for granted and my brother and I believe she deserves a lot more (much, much more). I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to a mother that truly deserve a happy day!

  135. rosie garcia

    My mother deserves this because she is the greatest mother in the world! Even with just a fourth grade education she managed to scrimp and save to make sure we had everything we needed, by working in the fields and later by any other job that came along. She did that with a smile on her face everyday, and still came home exhausted and made dinner and cleaned house… She is my hero! Love you, mom! Happy Mother’s Day to you and all other wonderful mother’s out there!!!

  136. Karin

    Firstly my mother and I are great fans of Beyond the Rack. Daily we are checking the site at 11am, or on Sunday nights to get the great deals you provide us with.
    I would like to win this contest for my mother, because thoughout my life finances have been an issue, I had grown up in a household with only my mother to provide for us, she does not like to spend money on herself, and definitely needs new items in her wardrobe. Two years ago she had a hip relpacement, which did not go very well and was not able to recover, she is constantly in discomfort & stress. I would love to present this gift to her on mothers day, so she can finally splurge on her-SELF, at least for once in her life.

  137. Aneesah Evans

    Briefly, I feel strongly that my mother and I should win the gift cards because besides my mother giving me life, shehas always put her children first in all that she does. As an adult, I know that I can still turn to my mother when I am need. As a mother, I can call her as well for advice. I gre up in a household that was loving, hillarious, memorable and unforgetable. My mother is a mom that made sure that we had everything (my siblings) had everything even though we now know that we didn’t have much. There would be no other great tribute then to give my mother a small token of love and appreciate with a gift card from beyond the rack. She deserves it and more and I would not change anything about who I have as a Mom. I just hope that I will be able to be the same mother to my little man, who I am so honored to have in my life.

  138. Lyndsay Bunker

    I don’t call my mother ‘mom’, or ‘mommy’. To me she is a mummy. My mum has always been there for me, and always took care of me when I was ill, when I needed a shoulder to cry on, when I needed someone to just listen about what I did that day at school. My mum is a single parent, and has been since just after I was born. She worked days and night shifts, as we lived at my grandparents until we moved into our new house. My mum has worked so hard to get to where she is today, and I’m proud of the decisions she has made along the way. I love my mum, and she loves me back. And one day, I hope to turn out as sucessful as my mum has. Happy Mother’s Day, to the most important mother in my world. Mummy <3

  139. Johnna

    Is it bad to post on behalf of your three year old daughter… :) A Diva and Fashionista she would surely appreciate my entry…

    My daughter and I are a team who make a one parent family work like a well oiled machine… but often there are gears that need replacing and this time it is mommy’s wardrobe. Between daycare and living expenses there isn’t any extra to keep mommy looking good in her corporate job and we often find ourselves shopping at second hand stores. Amazing what you can find there… but this mothers day.

    I would really like to have some new clothes that fit properly so that I can maintain a professional image. Believe it or not, the biggest HR nightmare ever, my boss said to me “you are a smart girl, start dressing like one or no one will take you seriously”… (OK close your mouth as I am sure it is open in Aw…) So you can imagine how I feel getting ready in the mornings now…

    Not pulling the pity card at all, we are a happy couple of monkeys, but as there may be a chance, D nominates her mommy as the prize winner…


  140. Amelie Gallant

    I have to much reason .. My mom is so special.. She always there for my.. i have 2 child and one of this 2 is blind and shes there for me since the day my child is born, she work very hard at her job and she have my sister little boys in charge… She never think for her self she always think about us.. I think it’s her turn now.. So that’s why i think my mother need to win that… I love her so much.. HAppy mother’s day

  141. Nicole

    trying to condense all my thoughts on why my mom would deserve to win is a difficult thing to do! i’ve been blessed with an amazing mom, who i’ve come to discover over time is much more than a mom to me. she’s become a very best friend. it took years of being defiant, not behaving, and resisting “parenting”, for me to really develop the appreciation that i have today for her. she has definitely set the bar high for me when it comes to being a mom. i hope that someday, when that it’s my turn to be a mom, i’m able to be to my children what she is to me.
    as far as commenting on why i should win…i definitely don’t feel i “deserve” to win over others…BUT it sure would be nice :) especially since i’ve been a loyal customer!


    My mother is a widow after 56 years of marriage. She deserves to do something for herself as my father had a long protracted illness & she cared for him without complaints. I truly would love for her to shop for lovely things for herself!!

  143. Chelsea

    So mothers day is about honoring and showing appreciation for the women who gave life to you right? Well this year and actually the last couple of years have been really hard on my mom and dad alike, but specifically my mom. My mom has done so many things for us, sacrificed so much for my brother and I to have what we have and I just wish that I could reciprocate somehow. I am graduating high school this year and she has made my whole education career an enjoyable experience. She was willing to take out any loan she could to get me into the college I wanted to go to, granted I was accepted. She has even tapped into her retirement twice to make sure that our family did not go without, recently when the economy took a turn for the worst my mom was all we had. She works 8-5:30 Monday through Friday, she then comes home and does some sort of cleaning, goes to bed and then gets up and does it all over again. My dad and I are the only ones in the house and my dad is exhausted when he gets home from working outside so that leaves me. I try to help as much as I can but I still feel it is not enough. I would love to get this money for her to get her anything she desires! Money is running low so I bought her a little something yesterday but goodness would I love to give her something really nice. I also think I should win because I am battling some pretty serious health concerns and I could just really use a pick me up right about now.

    Thank You for Listening to my story! PICK US!

  144. Michelle Tiemann

    I think my mom deserives to win because she is one AMAZING woman…aside from having 4 children of her own rainging from 26-10 my mom (and dad)have adopted …4 girls (one sister “set” and a special needs girl) from overseas in the past 3 years (ages 11-5)and they are heading back overseas to adopt yet again to bring home a brother with special needs(who is also 5, she will have 3 5 year olds!!! two who are special needs)…my mom is 50 and she can do circles around me and I only have 4 little ones!! Aside from taking care of a full house she homeschools, cooks amazing meals for everyone, loves adores and takes care of my dad and she still makes time to talk to me everyday on the phone and we go out often for mommy breaks together :) My mom deserives this because she has unselfishly devoted her life to be a mother and she deservises a little “extra” :) I dont think I deserive this but it would be nice as I have had 4 children in under 5 years and a little wardrobe pick me up would be lovely :)

  145. Laurel

    My mom deserves this because she always puts her kids first. She never wants to spend money on herself! This would be a wonderful chance for her to look as wonderful on the outside as she is on the inside!

  146. Jessica

    I have thee World great mother. SHe is a wonderful Woman whom is always tehre when you need her no matter what. She has been helping me raise my own daughter. She watches here while i am at work. She is also taking me on trip to Bali for my 30th Birthday! How amazing is that. I would love to be able to give her the Shopping spree so she can outfit her self for the Trip!

  147. Bridget Kozlowski

    I believe it’s a great time to spend with your mom shopping, mother’s are great people, and i absolutely love your store and products, they are great… It would be a great mother’s day gift to her and a I..

  148. Patricia

    Hi…There are many reason all mothers should be rewarded…not only did they carry us children for 9 months but they sacrifice many things in life their sleep they prefer to give what ever they could to the children than themselves….Mothers are very thoughtful and caring women. There is a saying that their children will always be their babies not matter how old they get….My beautiful Mom she turn 80 years old on Feb 19 this year she gave birth to 9 children all living,. and seeing her with all of us together gives us such a joy as that is always her dream to have all her babies with her and her saying is always she doesn’t want anything for her if she had a million dollars she will make sure first she will help her kids that need it the most she doesn’t ever say I want to buy a mink coat have that expensive dress she always wanted or that ring or that pair of shoes that could allow her to walk nice and comfortable, My Mom loves gardening and her spirit is always calm…I will love to surprise be able to give to her a wonderful surprise as many times tried to….HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL OUT THERE…..

  149. Kathrine

    I believe my mom and sister deserve this gift. My mom has fought, and won, a battle with breast cancer & the subsequent complications due to over radiation during treatment. She came out on the otherside strong and vibrant! Her body is now quite different & seeing as she is the Mother of 4 fashionistas, it would be great to dress her up and make her feel fabulous again! I live pretty far from my parents so I couldn’t always be there when times were tough but- my little sister lives at home and was there for my mom 100% of the time. If I won this I would give my half of the prize to her. My sister has recently made some major life changes; She quit smoking and has started working out and eating well- She has lost 20+lbs and she has been smoke free for over 3 weeks! I am proud of her and think she and our mom deserve a fresh new look for the1st spring of the rest of their lives!

  150. Becky Stalnaker

    I have had the pleasure of Denise being my stepmom for almost 31 years. Four years ago I gave brith to a beautiful baby boy, Aidan. When Aidan was 8 months old, he was severely shaken by his sitter. Since then, Denise has given up so many things to help me with Aidan. She went from full-time to part-time at her work and works Sundays so that I can continue to work. She watches Aidan Wednesdays through Fridays and takes him to preschool and numerous therapy appointments. I could not be the mother I am without Denise. She loves Aidan as much as I do.

  151. Margie

    My mother raised four children on her own. We are all grown up now and she lives alone. We visit her as do her 14 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. She struggled to raise us and gave up alot for us. I would like to make these latter years for her some of the best. I can not afford to buy her clothes but it sure would be nice to see her wearing them. She has simple taste so it wouldn’t have to be anything crazy but nice things. Thank you for this opportunity.

  152. selena

    I would like to win the prize for my mom and me because she is a great mom who loves her children so much, also she is my best friend. I go shopping a lots with her, she only looking the sale items (under $10) for herself, because she has a very low income. But she lilkes to spend more money on her children or grandchildren if she could. I want to win this prize to give her a big surprise in her whole life as a biggest mother’s day gift.
    Thank you.

  153. Greg Sop

    I would like to win this for my mother this mothers day because she is 65 years old and currently her and my father are going through a divorce and I thought that it would cheer her up at least a little bit, unfortunately my father had opened a business right before the economy went south and used up much of her retirement money in the endeavor. Thank You for your consideration.

  154. Michelle Wilson

    I would like my mother to win because not only is she an amazing mother & grandmother, but also a wonderful wife, Christian example, neighbor and friend. She is beautiful from the inside out–from her soul to her sweet heart! She raised 3 children and a disabled husband. She is the most unselfish, loving, caring, kind, giving person I know and could find 1,000+ more people who would same the same. She never missed a ballgame, banquet, class party, or field trip while also working 2 jobs and taking care of a disabled husband! She was never too tired for other people. She was always the first person to take supper to the sick at church and volunteer for the chololate chip cookies for our classrooms! My 2 brothers and I took up alot of her time , yet she always found time for church and helping everyone but herself! She has NEVER done anything for HER! She has had kidney problems (2 surgerys), shoulder surgery, both knees totally replaced and female surgery in the past 2 1/2 years and her health is fading each day! I would love to give this special day to the most special, beautiful, compassionate, gracious, generous mom I know!!! :) MY MOM!!!!!!

  155. Kristin

    My mom and i deserve to win because we have been through alot together. Currently i live on the east coast and she lives on the west coast so we do not get to spend that much time together, it would be a great thing to win so we can skype and go shopping together! Let me spend time with my mother this Mother’s day. xxo

  156. Catherine Fisher

    In 1998 my mother passed away from brain cancer. She was quite simply my best friend. We had spent more than 40 years taking on life together. I was born when whe was a young woman of 21 and we had, as unmarrieds both, spent our lives in partnership until she was too tired to carry on.

    When she died, I did not know if I could survive – quite literally. I was facing my own illness at the time and was simply physcially finished from caring for my mother over ther final few years. The sadness that emminated from me was surely overwhelming. I credit the loving kindness of my closest friends that helped to me regain my peace and my happiness. Today, even as I write this, I feel some tears for my loss but also joy for one of my dearest friends who stepped forward to become my ‘mother’. She told me the day of my mother’s passing she would be there for me and she has never let me down.

    Alice was about the same age as my mother. I first met her so many years ago when we were both at University as part-time mature students following our dreams. We encouraged each other to continue our studies, even when we both felt it would be easier to simply quit! I am delighted to say we both attained our goals.

    Alice’s determination, her faith and her spirit have surely carried her though life’s challenges. She has been there for so many and never forgets her ‘daughter’ who now lives across the country from her. Recently, I had to have knee surgery and to my absolute delight, Alice had sent me beautiful roses for my rehabilitation on Valentines day – my first since my own mother had died.

    Alice visits nursing homes, offers services for those who can not make it to church. She is a loving wife for Winslow and a mother to me and I suspect to a few others – besides her own children. She is the personification of love and commitment . I am so blessed to have her as my mother.

  157. Jessica Hart

    Now that I have the honour of being a new mom I now understand the challenges and with such an amazing role model I have made a commitment to raise my daughter with the same love, encouragement and faith.

  158. Rebekah Mercier

    I believe my mom and I should win the giveaway because most of all she has always been there for me throughout my entire life and did whatever she could to make sure I had what I needed and wanted on a single moms salary. But right now becasue I kind o lost track in my life for a bit and it casued us to drift apart we are workin gon our relationship now and I think this would be great for us.

  159. Stacey Olinski

    I would like for my mother and I to win this because she is amazing! She used to be very “fashion forward” but about 4 years ago she became very envirometally involved and all of the things that she did for herself went by the wayside. I am very proud of her for all of the things that she has done, but I would like her to be able to have something nice for herself. I am also getting ready to have my 3rd baby (after having my other two over 10 years ago) and it would be nice to have some clothes to use as inspiration to get my old figure back :)

  160. David

    Why does my mother and I deserve to win?

    As everyone else who believes their mothers are the most treasured jewel in the world, I see my mother more than just a jewel, she is my best friend. She is the main reason why I wake up in the morning with such a positive attitude. My mother, mother of four (all sons beyond 20’s), endured many hardships to support us. To avoid any specifics or anything too personal, I will say that her sons were her life, and she was ours. From life-giving surgeries to thankful recoveries, struggling poverty to a comfortable living, and empty bellies at night to gluttony, my mother gave us hope, pride, and will to succeed in our lives.

    My father was there doing the best that he can, but this isn’t about him (waiting for father’s day!).

    As for myself, I’m just a shopaholic! But I will finish this blog entry, as I am sitting next to my mother on our couch watching television, with an, “I love you Mumsy.”</b

    Thank you.


  161. sharon norman

    My mom has been through so much as she grew. She didn’t have much of a family to count on, she has been through foster homes being split from her brothers, and when she had cancer she almost died but she fought through it and survived cancer free. My mom is really special to me and she deserves to win this shopping spree because she is a mother who cares about others and her family before taking care of herself. Even when she didn’t know how to help me with my homework, she still tried to help. Even when being mistreated, she doesn’t let that stop her from showing how she cares. My mom tries her best to give us what we want even when we say we don’t want it. And i do the same for her when she sees something she likes i buy it for her because she deserves it.
    I love my mom, and I will Love for her to win this shopping spree because it will really make her happy.

  162. Jessica Hart

    My mom has struggled through devastating obstacles but has always maintained her dedication, support and love for her children. My father walked out of our lives when I was two years old and left my mother without a job and two babies to raise. Then shortly after that her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She then not only had to find a job and raise two small children alone, she had to care for her terminally ill mother and helplessly watch her suffer until she passed away at only 53 years old. Then she was left with two elderly grandmothers who needed her care and support. She is amazing! She found a job and built a career while raising us and looked after my great-grandmothers until they passed on. We never heard from my father again nor did he pay a dime for support. My mom dedicated her life to raising us with love, encouragement and faith. She always had time for us and would spend her last dime to make sure we had what we needed. She has spent her life giving to others. Now she suffers from debilitating arthritis and is in constant pain. I would love to be able to give her a little shopping spree to give back the joy she has so selfishly given to others this Mother’s Day.




  164. Maridel Soriente

    My dad was the one who always picked out my mom’s clothes…he had more fashion sense, you can say. Since my dad passed away several years ago, my mom has been recycling her clothes (all the way back from the 90’s if you can believe that!). She never wants us to spend money on her, especially on clothes. My sisters and I can always tell, year after year, how much she is in need of a new wardrobe and how much she would love one (she’s too proud to admit it). My mom goes to church everyday and wears very solemn/somber outfits, which don’t fit her personality at all! I would love to win this shopping spree for her, she definitely can’t complain that I was spending my own money on her. She is a wonderful, caring, spiritual person who always puts everyone else and their needs before her. I have never met a more unselfish and loving person and that’s why she deserves this so much. Thank you for the opportunity :-)





  166. Jewel

    My mom is a simple and honest person from a country with a very righteous mind. My dad married her for her angelic heart. Even when she was really tight in budget, she gave away her lunch money to a poor old man near her work place when she was in her 20’s. When she had us, well all her giving heart was devoted to our family and my relatives all recognize that. She is so selfless and always considering others before herself. The whole neighborhood adores her and with reason. I only aspire to become half of what my mom is as a person when I become a mother myself which we plan soon. I never took her to a shopping spree due to my limited budget. If I win this, I can make that come true and one day, I plan to send her to exotic destinations.

  167. Juanita Bean

    My mom is the best and sweetest mom you could ever know. She is my best friend. She has a very kind heart. She would take her last penny and give it to you. My mom and me always help our family out when they are in need. We do just about everything together. She is always there when you need her. No one could ask for a better mom. I think she deserves to win, she has never done anything special for her self, she uses all her money for others. I LOVE my MOM very much!

  168. Sarah Becking

    My Role Model, My Best Friend and My Mother
    Out of all people I believe that me and my mom deserve to win this the most. Without a doubt my mother is the kindest, most caring person in the world that I know and have ever met. She is willing to give you the shirt off of her back no matter what the circumstance. My mom is always putting everyone else first before herself. Ever since I can remember my mom has always put her kids first, and she has sacrificed so much just so that we could have a better life.

    Not only is she the best mom in the world, she is also my role model. Because I cannot afford to treat her like she should be with gifts, it would be amazing if I could win this contest so that now my mom has ‘her time to shine’ and not have to worry about putting anyone else first, but herself. My mom deserves the best mothers day and I think that winning this contest would be amazing.

  169. Emily

    Good Morning!
    I wanted to write a quick message to tell you all about how much my dear mom deserves this shopping spree. Right now we are sitting beside each other looking at fashion magazines and adorably she is clipping out things she likes. My mom raised 3 daughters on her own, helped me through University, bought and maintained a house on her own and still managed to devote herself to her career as an advocate for the disabled. Her mantra: Be kind, be kind, be kind. She is the strongest women I know, and she devotes all that strength to those in need. Sadly, all this pressure has caught up with her and she has been diagnosed with stress related adrenal disorder. Pretty much bed ridden for the last 3 months, my mom is finally starting to feel better but with out her regular salary there is no way she will be able to afford those new spring must haves she so desires. She is responsible for making sure the Pan-Am games are accessible, so she is really anxious to get back to work. This shopping spree would give her the chance to get some exciting new things for her return. Either way, after our mother’s day brunch my sister and I are going to pool our money so she can get an new pair of bright colored wedge heeled sandals we have been watching her quietly covet. She has just informed me that she loves the bright colored trend, as well as the lovely florals at D&G, although I am quite sure she has never seen any of their clothes in person. My mom deserves this shopping spree because besides all the wonderful things she does for the disabled, besides her incredible strength and kindness, she loves fashion and although she has never been able to afford any of the things she loves so much, she appreciates their beauty with such pure sweetness. I am really lucky, she is a beautiful person and instills hope and wonder in those around her. Have a great day everyone and: be kind, be kind, be kind. Thanks for reading.

  170. isabelle gagne

    Ce serait un très beau cadeau a faire a ma maman mère de 4 enfant (33-32-28 et 13 ans)et étant maman(4ans et 2 mois) moi même ca me ferait un beau cadeau pour moi aussi!

    Les derniers moi non pas été facile pour ma mère et ce serait une belle attention qui lui ferait changer les idées. Elle et son conjoint on été opéré a 1 mois d’intervale en plus de sa mère ( ma grand-mère)qui est tombé malade et du mari de ma grand mère qui a été opéré.
    Cest pour ca que nous devrions gagner ce magnifique cadeau merci Isabelle

  171. Laura Gomes

    My mom and I deserve this just like every other mom out there. We are not different or unique to other mothers because I believe all mom’s work hard, sacrifice harder and love unconditionally and although everyone has their own mothering style, I believe every woman who considers herself a good mother is sooo deserving of any good things that come her way! Good luck to all the mother’s out there! A shopping spree would be awesome, but being a mother is already an amazing gift in itself. Happy Mother’s Day everyone. And thank you Beyond the Rack for such great deals!!!!

  172. thumpa

    come a great grandma this year and I will have my first grandbaby so mothers day is exciting this year but money is tight. If I could surprise my mom with this gift it would not only mean the world for her (who barely ever buys anything for herself, like most mothers i`m sure!) but it would also enable me to give her something she really deserves for all the hard work she does everyday. I know my mom would love to shop and have a great time buying cloths for 2 of her grandchildren who are graduating..she could use a great outfit!

  173. Michele DiStasio

    My Mom is simply amazing. When I was 15 my Grandmother (her Mom) passed away and then just 2 months later, and 5 days before my sweet 16, my father passed away. Although her heart was mangled with grief she threw me a surprise sweet 16 anyway. She said that my Dad would have wanted it that way. I rejected her after he went home to be with the Lord. I was so angry that God took my Dad away. I would come home from school, throw my stuff in the house and go out. I didn’t talk to her and when I did, nothing but hateful garbage came out. My Mom hung in there. She prayed and loved me through it. As a young adult I left home and came back a year later pregnant and not married. She took me in when my son’s father threw me out. She was the one in court with me 3 and 4 times a month after he hurt me. One night Richie had an aweful ear infection. He just wouldn’t stop crying. Mom came into the living room with me. She tried to hold him but he cried even more. Mom gave him back to me and sat on the couch with me. I told her that she might as well go to bed. Mom stayed up with me all night talking and helping me with the baby. She left the house at 6:30am to go to work and never batted an eye. It was effortless for her. She has seen me through 32 doctors while I continue to battle a rare metabolic bone disease. My Mom, Alice Santiago, is my best friend. I’m married now and Richie is 15. She walked me down the aisle and danced with me at my reception. She lives in the same apartment that she raised us in. Now, my younger sister and her son live with her and she is taking care of them just the way she took care of Richie and I. The difference is that my Mom is 71 now. That lady just keeps going with strength and love. I live an hour and a half away. I visit her every week, we go to church together and we get our nails done together every other week. She is still my best friend. I can call her no matter what and she is there to listen and then pray with me. She is amazing and deserves much more than $500 to shop with but that’s a good start.

  174. Tamara

    Its 7am, I’ve been working since 5. I juggle 3 jobs, keeping up a personal fitness regime, and training/teaching highschool students in culinary competitions. But truly, the hard worker is my mom. She deals with so much stress on a daily basis, its unbelieveable, and I know if I were in her position, I wouldnt be able to manage. Out of all her 4 kids, (I am the youngest at 21), Her days are spent taking care of my brother (28) who is severely autistic. I recently moved back home, to hopefully relieve the burden a bit, but you can not even begin to imagine how hard it is. Even for me, Ive been looking after him my entire life, and even a few hours is draining. My mom deserves nice things, but she spends all her time couped up in the house and taking care of others, that she rarely if ever, has the chance to spoil herself. For this reason, and so many others, she deserves it.

  175. Michelle

    My mother deserves to win this since she is so generous to every one around her and does not take time to pamper herself. She stopped buying new clothes so that we can afford school costs since we are tight on money at the moment. She has sacrificed so many things to make a better life for our family and I think that it is time that we can pamper her in return.

  176. Colette Bordeleau


    Je suis la maman mais j’aimerais vous parler de ma fille qui sera maman pour la première fois cette année. Après 4 ans d’espoir et d’essaies de toutes sortes, le miracle s’est enfin produit. Quelle belle façon de fêter ça, grand-maman et future maman, que de magasiner dans les plus beaux endroits, mais confortablement installées chez soi. Nous erions encore plus heureuses
    Merci à l’avance,
    de la mamie Colette

  177. Angella Lawrence

    I have been living in Canada since 1994…since then I have seen my mom and dad once…in the year 2000 when I attended my cousin’s wedding. I have not had the previlige of crying on her shoulder when anything goes wrong, nor has she had a chance to meet her 2 of her 3 granddaughters. I would have love to take her out shopping and spend some time just us girls. Although we speak time and again over the phone, its not the same.

    She’s an awesome mom and today I use her method of raising kids with my children…we were not easy to handle sometimes, but she always have an answer for everything…and she always know what to do in any circumstance. I do believe she’s a jack of all trades. Winning this prize would be one way for me to give back/show her how much she means to me. I would give her the money and tell her to go wild…lol, as ‘mothers day is all about her…after all she’s the best mom in the entire world!

  178. Amy Parsons

    My mother is amazing. She raised six children and we are all independent and successful at family and career. She was an amazing role model.

  179. PBell

    My mom and I have come a long way and I was a stupid teenage girl who thought she new everything. It wasn’t until I had kids of my owen did I understand my mom. She is AMAZING!!I don’t know how she did it, she was and still is a wonder women. She could do it all. She has always put us (four children ) in front of herself. So willing to give us the clothes on her back. If I could I would give my mom the world! She recently graduated from collage, yes after almost 30 years of her being in school she finished. She works with special needs children. What a better way for her to celebrate than to have a new wardrobe to kick start her new job! I recently had my forth baby. What a better way to feel good about yourself than to have awesome clothes to go with that.

  180. Jenny Nguyen

    I think there are tons of reasons for me to say, but I don’t want nothing much. I just want to send my mom, in Vietnam, a surprise. I have been watching her working, taking care of me, and raising me this “big”. And thanks to her, I am able to study in U.S. now. So it will be a great thing I can do for her.

    Love can only be described by what we do!

  181. Tina

    I know my mom deserves to win. She is a breast cancer survivor now for over 12yrs. She took care of both her mom and dad they had hospital beds she would change their diapers and feed them one at a time. She raised 2 children boy and girl, all she has done in her life is take care of ppl other then working a regular job then start taking care of others. Now I hope she wins because she never wants anything in return for what good deeds she has done in life for others an always putting herself last and would do without just to help someone else.

  182. Kristina S.

    My mom deserves to win because she is the type of person who never spend on herself. She is always putting the needs of her friends and family above her own. A shopping spree would be a wonderful gift for her!

  183. Leslie

    My mother deserves to win because she never thinks about herself, never buys herself anything….unless my siblings and i convince her….which is rare. She never stops working around the house, she never takes naps and is always tired, she never asks for help even if shes tired(i would help her clean, cook or drive my sis and bro around where they need to go but i live 45 miles away:() . She loves fashion but would rather buy groceries than splurge on something nice for her!! It makes me sad the way she is sometimes because she’s the best mother anyone could ask for and she never thinks about herself!…. i wish she could be selfish at least for a day. My dad takes her to get mani/pedis sometimes and she feels bad for doing it! She also needs an update on her wardrobe…like a major update.

  184. Nichole Webster

    My mom deserves to win more than I do, but this would be an amazing gift to give her. She is so giving and careing and always puts herself last. She has had surgery on her feet and had to quit her job because of the pain it causes her to be on her feet. She also is unable to shop for very long because of this, so online shopping is a great option for her. Although money is tight for my parents as my dad is in the mortgage business, she always makes sure that she helps others out: giving to needy families at Christmas, supporting local kid’s, and doing special things for myself, my sisters and our families. Money is very tight in my house and I would very much like to spoil my mom for a change and let her be on the receiving end for a change. She has been an inspiration and I strive to be as good a mom as her.

  185. Carolyn

    Why should we win its no we in it it’s my mom that shouldwin she is the most special person in the world. She would get someone else something before buying for herself. She’s disabled and she don’t get out much and when she does she don’t have any clothes to wear. She takes care of my 8 year old when he gets home from school no matter if she’s really sick or not she’s there waiting for him wearing pajamas because she mostly lives in them because all the clothes she has don’t fit anymore or she just don’t have money to buy any. She only gets so much a month and that goes to bills so it don’t leave her with any money to buy anything for herself. My mom is the only one I have left my dad passed while I was pregnant and she helped me thru it all. All she has ever done all her life is work and take care of my sick daddy till he passed away now she’s sick and she needs to go shopping with her daugther that she’s not done in a long time and shop for herself and no one else. My mom has done so much with my brother and sister and her 7 grandkids she will never say no and give you her last dollar f she had one to give. My mom is the most special person in the world mom you deserve to win because you don’t do anything for yourself and it hurts me. Love my mom so much

  186. Joseph Kirsch

    Well, both women in my life deserve this, and are both amazing mothers.
    My mom, had a tough time, 3 boys, and pretty much raised us on her own. My oldest brother was always in trouble, my middle brother just did what he did, and I put my mom through alot.
    With trying to work 2 jobs, just for us to live, she was constantly there for me, when I was shot. She was strong, even though, I’d died 5 times during everything. Now, mom, is still picking up pieces after my brother, who is always in jail and threatens her and everyone else. But Mom, still won’t hear anyone saying anything negative about any of her 3 boys. She is a rock, and is still trying to take care of us all.

    My fiance, and I have 2 girls; 3 year old daughter diagnosed with Autism and a nineteen month old daughter who has speech delays, and minor deafness. My fiance, Carla, is with her own medical problems, she’ll keep working through them with the girls though. Whether it is a major migraine or a seizure, she keeps going strong trying to teach the girls through play lessons. Even after the girls are asleep she makes her plans for the next day, and then tries to find the best deals around to save money on regular needs, so the extra can go to pay our bills and clothes and special items for the girls. She wears herself out doing everything and not asking for anything for herself, only asks if it is something that she finds at a good deal for the girls. She won’t take cash gifts that she’s gotten from holidays and buy for herself, she spends it on our girls or even me sometimes.

    I think my Mom and fiance, really deserve this, they both are incable of doing anything for themselves and it is about time that they splurge and shop and feel beautiful and just to take a break from everything else for just a little while.

  187. Azia

    My mom truly deserves to win because no matter how hard life gets she always keeps a smile on her face. She is my role model and gave up so much just to give me a life, she had me young and raised me as a single mother working a few jobs and taking allot or responsibilities. She has been through a lot the past year from the death of her father, to the divorce of her husband. In my eyes my mom its the best mom in the holes world <3

  188. Debbie Tyler

    My mom deserves to win this shopping spree because she’s so giving to all of us. She is always taking my sister and myself shopping, on day trips or to lunch. We are the best of friends, and she’s been sad… as she lost my dad last October! So this would be so totally uplifting and really great fun for her. It would be wonderful to finally have something I can do for her, instead of her always doing it for us! I love her more than anything and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to give great back to her in such a big way!

  189. Briana

    I believe my mom deserves to win this shopping spree because she is a single mom who works super hard to support me and no matter what she is always putting me before anyone. We may not always get along but we work through things and she knows how to understand me and she usually knows me better than i know myself. I have seen her go so through so many life struggles such as breast and cervical cancer and many more life changing events. If she won this shopping spree it would be a great way for her to have a fresh start, from her recent struggles. Thank you for your time in reading this!

  190. Claudia

    I am a single mom of one 2 year old boy and can’t afford to buy myself a full wardrobe for about 3 years now, so I use hand me downs and appreciate it. I’ve been trying to save for christmas to buy nice clothes to go out in or special occassions. I would like to improve my outer image so when I saw the $1000 contest from Beyond the Rack I just had to give it a shot. Thanks for the consideration.

  191. Fidelia

    Am a mother of a beautiful little girl…as a mom my heart opened up so much towards everything. Now I know why my mom is the why she is towards everything. My mom is a very loved person by everyone. She works a lot and still has time to help everyone. She never has time for her self and never likes to spend any money on her self unless she needs to. She loves to spend time with the family and always buts the family first before anything else. That’s why I think that my mom and I deserve to win because we as mothers we always try to do our best in pleasing everyone first then us. This would be a great gift for the both of us because we would be pleasing our self with a shopping spree.

  192. Claudia V

    My mother deserves to win because throughout her entire life she has had to support herself, her siblings, and pretty much my grandparents as well. Being the oldest of three children, and with my grandfather being an abusive alcoholic, my mother was the stability of the family. All three children had to work in farm labor from a very young age while my grandfather would spend any money the family had, on alcohol. When it came time for her to go to college and be on her own, she did it with absolutely NO help from her family. She payed for college with her own, hard-earned money, as well as for her first car. When she got older and met my father, she decided it was time for her to settle down. Unfortunately, my mother was told by a doctor, that due to ovarian cysts, she could never have children. The doctors were wrong, and my mother became pregnant with my older brother at the age of 25, but at the same time, it was found out that her little sister, and her best and only friend, was diagnosed with cancer at a late stage, and she passed away one month before my mom had her first child. I could never even begin to understand the pain she felt, and still feels… Sometimes I feel so horrible for my mother because she had a horrible childhood and her present life isn’t much different. She supported us, and my father who could never hold a job for very long, while putting up with the horrible way he treated her. When I was five my mother was diagnosed with cancer as well. Luckily for her, it was found at an early stage and she was able to overcome this enormous obstacle. Even after all of this he puts everybody before herself. She is constantly looking for ways to please my brother and I, and not to mention my father, who doesn’t deserve a single thing she does for him. She may think of herself as weak, or consider herself a push-over with some people, but I have never met a person stronger than she has been her entire life. There is no one I admire more than her, and there is no one I love more than her. I could give reasons why she deserves this all day. She is the greatest blessing in my life and I truly wish you choose to be a great blessing in hers. Thank you very much for your time and God bless you.

  193. Miriam

    My mother deserves this for various reasons. All her life she’s been doing nothing but being giving, and doing anything she can to keep us fully clothed & well fed. This would be the perfect gift back in return for all the appreciation. Raising 8 kids is deffinetley not the easiest task, that’s why she deserves this and more. She would be rewarded for all her hard work, especially For the fact that she never asks for anything, this would give be the perfect chance to go all out on all her desires.

  194. Laura Prothe

    My mom and I don’t get along that great and I think it would be nice if I were able to take her shopping and have some bonding time. My sister buys her expensive gifts in which we cannot do and do not believe in that. If we do go shopping she talks herself out of things because she is convinsises heself she doesn’t have the money to get it. It would be nice to take her to shop and not have her have to worry about if she has the money or not.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  195. Stacie

    I am putting this in for my Mom and sister to win…..I can’t think of any 2 women that deserve it more. For all my life I’ve watched my Mom sacrifice and go beyond motherhood for not only her own children, but all children she came in contact with. My sister has done the same. From simply words of incouragement, to hugs of comfort so much you’d think she was your Mom. Always putting children first. They never expect anything for themselves. They both Mother from the soul it seems as though they were born Mothers. I would love to see them have something for themselves to share with each other…:) thank you

  196. Rene

    My mom deserves to win because ever since she was a young woman, she always spent her time looking after others, and putting herself last. I would love this opportunity for my mom to win so I can pamper her with new clothes, or some new things for the house.

  197. paki

    I would absolutely love to spend some money on my sisters. My mother, 86, has not been very nice to us through our lives. She had a very hard life, growing up in a tiny village in mexico where she was the oldest child and was made to work all day, not enjoying any type of childhood. My mother took a turn for the worse when we lost our brother 40years ago. She has been bitter and narcissistic ever since or since I can remember. It was painful to finally figure that out 2 years ago. My sisters really stepped in when we lost my brother, taking over the household (they were in high school), my mother rejected us and would not interact for us for five years. My dear sisters have raised me and have stuck by me for years. We just lost my dad and my mother is again, very angry and is rejecting all of us. She is so bitter. My dear sisters still go visit her (they live in the same town) and take her abuse. They have compassion. My mother, although she is so bitter, makes my heart ache and I still love her. I wish she loved me. She wouldn’t like any gift we could get her except money. My sisters have gone through much more than I have. I would love to treat them to a shopping spree! I am so lucky to have them in my life. Thanks!

  198. Sandy

    This is a great Mothers day contest. I believe my mom and I should win because #1 she never buys anything for herself she is always caring and nurturing everyone else. it would be nice if she became first for once.#2 She loves all her grandchildren and gives herself to them. #3 She has had a hard 5 years my brother disowned the family for no good reason and this has disheartened her.This was devastating to her since she is all family oriented. however she has gained a great new son and family one she gave up for adoption when she was 17, . the rest of the family reunited. Yes its a little like a soap opera . She deserves more hopefully one day we van give her more .Thankyou

  199. Laura

    Being a mother is one of the most important roles a person can have and I believe all deserve to be loved and honored, and not just on Mother’s Day. Few others offer unconditional love, support and care when we need it the most. My sister and I are blessed to have one of the best moms we know. She has been selfless and caring throughout our lives, always giving us the best of herself, and teaching us to love and believe in ourselves.

    She is the kindest person I know, and would not only do anything for our family, but even for a perfect stranger. She is an inspiration and is constantly performing random acts of kindness, so it would be wonderful if she were the recipient of one.

  200. Dale

    I’d love to see my mom be chosen. She is a mother of five children. Her hard work and generosity never ends when it comes to her family…but she always leaves herself last when it comes to everything else. She has never had a salary, as she has been a homemaker all her entire life. I’d love to see her win, and I’d love to be with her, helping chose the wardrobe of her dreams. My mother holds the real secret behind motherhood….love, the thing that money can’t buy.

  201. Bobby

    My family has never had much money. What little we had always went to the necessities like food and shelter. My mom rarely spends money on things for herself. She’s currently having trouble finding a job due to medical issues, so it’s even less likely that she’ll buy anything for herself. It would be nice to give her an opportunity to get some nice clothes for herself — especially since she’s lost some weight in the past year or two.

  202. Simon

    I think my mom deserves this because she’ll never know how much I appreciate her, I never get to spend enough time with her to make her life a little Better. She gets up everyday and goes to a morning job with husband working in night and never complains. All i want, it’s make her smile a little more, it will make me so grateful. I have been a shopper of btr since it got started! Help me show my Mom how i love her!

  203. Chelsey Rothman

    This past year has been one of the hardest year for my mother. After battling a devastating divorce, my mother still holds her head up eye and demonstrates the strength and grace that I will to have myself when I grow up. Her positivity is contagious and she brings joy and laughter to all of those around her. She is an inspiration to me and to other women and for that, I love my mother. My mother taught me to be confident and most importantly to love yourself. For these reasons, my mother deserves this prize, because she truly defines ‘special’.

  204. Erica Zhu

    My mom is, in my perspective, the worlds best mom. Our family does not have the finacial support to keep both my mom and myself looking nice, yet my mom is always willing to spend that last quarter on a nice shirt or dress for me. Ever since I was 12 years old, my family was never able to buy a new shirt for me. We only went to garage sales and picked out the cheapest clothing for both my mom and I. On my 12th birthday, my mom was able to save enought money to buy my a new and beautiful dress. I never forgot that moment when she gave me that dress. I wore that dress everday for the whole summer.
    Now, everytime my mom and I go shopping, she never buys anything for herself; even when I tell her I would love to pay for her outfit, she always tells me to keep it for myself. My mom never buys any clothes, all her clothes are leftovers and unwanted clothes from friends or sometimes, even my leftover clothes. She is never complaining about how ugly the shirt is, or how out of style those pants is. Every week, she wears the same outfits, she even remembers that 2 days ago, she already wore that outfit, but she has no choice. I often see my mom browsing on the internet, especially Beyond the Rack, for clothes, and I know my mom would love to buy all those dresses and shirts if she could finacially pay for them.
    This mothers day, I would love to give her a gift, but my mom never accepts any gifts from me because she thinks its a waste of money. My mom always puts me as her top priority and herself as second. She cares about our family and has spent 16 years, spending every last penny on me to make me happy. I believe this mothers day, my treat to her would be for mom to win this shopping spree and fulfill her dreams of buying the clothes she loves.

  205. Norma Jean Thompson

    Knowing now that we are spirit incarnated on earth to discover our true Self through our physical form, and knowing that Spirit does not die, it is only a transition and a ‘return to home’, If you were to die tomorrow, can you say that you lived a full life and that you impacted positively on the lives of those around you? Would there be any regrets of things left unsaid or undone? My mother loved life and impacted not only her 6 children, now adults, but everyone that came in contact with her. She had a heart of gold, despite us being poor while we were growing up. Despite this, she would give her sewing talents, clothes others gave her, and most important, her ‘ love’ to all she met. The best “MOM” and the best friend a person could have. No where did you say my unselfish, loving mother had to be alive, so if she wins, I will give her part to a charity, because if she were alive, this is what she would do, right Mom? Pauline R. Cruz is her name, and her spirit is very much alive..

  206. Vince B

    My mom and I deserve to win because I’m most certainly the only guy to participate in this contest, which obviously makes me real special… and thus my mom for making me! Seriously, what reasonable, self-respecting grown man would go shopping with his mom?!? Well, I sure would!! It’s been years since we did that, and we always had a lot of fun doing it. She totally deserves it because she’s responsible for my fairly decent taste in fashion, which is what lead me to BTR in the first place…She’s so patient and passionnate about clothes-shopping she usually looks for used branded clothes. For once in a while, I think she deserves to treat herself with new stuff.

  207. Diane

    There are so many beautiful stories above as to why someone feels they should win and I’d like to add mine.
    I was never blessed with a child though I desperately want one. I was, however, blessed with wonderful nephews and I am truly much more than the cool Aunt Di to them!
    My mom has been the best role model for my family in showing the true meaning of unconditional love. My father died when I was young and she finished raising 3 daughters alone. My eldest sister passed away 6 years ago and I watched my mom handle this devastation with such grace and faith that I could only hope to possess. Seing my mom lose two members of our immediate family and still continue to be the loving, nurturing, and strong woman without bitterness, resentment and anger has taught my other sister and I the meaning of what being a mom is: Even though you must deal with the pain that life brings along with all of the j oy…it is your responsability to be the glue that holds your family members together despite whatever tries to tear it apart. It means putting on a smile when you would rather cry, going to a baseball game to watch your grandchildren play even if it’s raining, and making sure your children always look their best even if it means you go without.
    These characteristics are but a few of what my mom has lived throughout my entire life. She sacrificed so that my sisters and I could have the latest fashions and now, it would be amazing to give her the shopping spree that not only does she deserve; but that she would enjoy as if she were young again. Her chronological age may be higher but her spirit is as bright as the first day she became a mom!

    such grace that

  208. Natalya

    My mother deserves to win because she is very strong and pacient women .She born and grow up in the eks Soviet Union,now it’s Uzbekistan.I going to tell you her story.Her nationality is Kazax.And when she was 20 years she fall in love with my father .and they decided to married.but it was hard because my father originally is corean.Her family are Muslim .and her parents said if you marrie him you will be not our daughter .it was hard time for my mom ,but she decided to marrie.after it was difficult for small new family,no money,no home.but my mom is very strong ,she decided work in market ,she sales some salads ,she makes the salad during the night and sales during the day.and I was very little maybe 3 father doesn’t work I don’t know why.and now she also sales salats on the market it’s also hard time for her.she never wear nice clother .may be some people understand me why I want to win this gift.actually I want just for my mom 500$ . Thank

  209. Alyssa Gaukel

    I think me and my mother deserve this because of our history. I have always been known to family and friends as a daddy’s girl, but me and my mom have grown closer over the years. It all started on a trip to California to see my grandma who has breast cancer. Her and my mother are very close, so when my grandma passed away because of the breast cancer, it brought me and my mother closer together. Since then we do so much together so I think this shopping spree would allow us to have a lovely day together to remember… mother deserves it!!!

  210. Stacy

    I think my mom deserves to win because she truely is the best mother. She works really hard to provide for her family. She raised us so well, tought us everything we know. She is kind, patient and loving. Not only is she the best mother but she is the best friend a girl could ever ask for. She is very special to me. She lovesss clothes so this would make her mothers day the best mothers day!! =)

  211. Bianca

    I deserve to win so that I can provide my mother with a wonderful gift from BTR. Unfortunately, no gift, regardless of the size or value, will ever amount to what she is actually worth. There is no price tag to assign to a woman like my mother. Strong, confident, loving, caring, selfless and influential, my mother has, is and always will be there for my brother, my father and I. Supporting us throughout our endeavours, bringing us to early morning practices and ensuring that we are always in tip top shape to conquer the world, my mother never takes a break. These are only a few of the reasons why I believe my mother and I should win the generous $1000 gift from BTR.

  212. Yih

    I was born significantly premature, with my skin transparent and afflicted with scarlet fever. My mother went through many obstacles to keep me alive, and it was difficult with all the hospital bills since my parents came to America with almost nothing. When I was strong enough to leave NICU, my mother took me home, only to have the fever recur. We only had one car at the time, and my father used it to go to work, so my mother hitchhiked through the rain while trying to shield my feverish body.

    My parents continued to work hard to raise and support my brother and I and it was quite the struggle for our family to keep us fed and clothed, subsisting for many years on Salvation Army, Goodwill, and food coupons. Now we’re doing well, but my mother still lives as if each penny would be her last.

    I would love to give my mother this wonderful gift and be able to pay her back in some small manner for all the love that she’s shown us, as my mortgage and other financial responsibilities make it difficult to splurge on such things.

  213. Linda Le

    Ce message est dédié à toutes les mères du monde:

    Premièrement, vous méritez toutes de gagner ce concours. Pour moi, les mères sont les femmes les plus fortes au monde:
    -vous avez passé à travers les bonheurs et malheurs de la maternité;
    -vous avez passé a travers des nuits d’enfer sans sommeil pour nous;
    -vous avez passé à travers nos coliques;
    -vous nous avez appris à marcher, courir, jouer, à apprécier la vie;
    -vous étiez là à notre premier spectacle, à notre premier amour;

    Vous étiez toujours présentes dans tous les états de notre vie, quels soient bonnes ou mauvaises, vous étiez là pour nous…
    Vous nous avez tout donné depuis notre naissance et c’est à votre tour maintenant de se faire choyer par la vie.

    Merci à toi maman pour tout et grâce à toi, j’ai compris la beauté d’être une mère à mon tour!!!
    Peu importe qui gagne ce concours, vous les mamans vous le méritez!!!

  214. Kelly Green

    I think i deserve to win because I’m on a very limited income but I always make sure my 4 children and 6 grandchildren everthing they need and don’t have any left to get me what I need.And I also try to be the best friend for my family ,friends or anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on. I have been a mother to people that my children bring to me some are older than i am.Thank You and May you have a wonderful Day.

  215. Jim

    Hmmmm…i do not think there is enough words in the world to express why my Mom is the best Mom in the world and she deserves the best and anyone who has ever shopped at Beyond the Rack know that all products is of the highest quality and there is nothing but the best for my Mom who is the greatest Mom.

  216. Susan Moore

    My Mother is one of the kindest, patient, and most selfless women that you will ever meet. My Mom and Dad have been married for almost 54 yrs. now and she is still as devoted to our family as she always has been, never waivering. Since she retired, she devotes a great deal of time to her church. She is always there taking care of someone who is sick or “elderly” as she calls them and then the next thing she says is “oh my, I’m elderly now”, but, you would never, ever know that she is 73 yrs. old.

    I love my Mom more than anything and I treasure her dearly….she is a wonderful Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Sister, etc. to all who know and love her.

    She never does anything for herself and never buys herself anything. This shopping spree would be a treat that she has never experienced before. Thank you for providing this entry opportunity.

  217. Brittney

    My mother was also first a mother at a very young age. We don’t have much money, and we never have the right time to go to the city. When every we have money to spend she spends it on us. She never asks for anything in return or to do chores after. She is a server, cook, cleaner, bar tender: that’s just at work. Then she’s our cook at home, cleaner, homework helper, organizer and the best mom i could ask for. She is SPECTACULAR. She never complains. Please help me make this Mothers day the BEST!!!

  218. George Azcurra

    There are so many heart felt stories that have been submitted that they all deserve to win. My story is about hurting the most precious thing in this world and that is my wife(mother to my beautiful 3 boys). 3 years ago I cheated on my wife; mainly for selfish reasons and insecurities. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret my actions and wish I could take those moments back. Life has been very tough on her since that day and every day I work on rebuilding her trust. There’s a lot of work ahead and I hope that she has the strength to survive this. My wife and her mother deserve this because of strength she has shown to keep our family together. She’s been a rock and survivor. I wish I had one ounce of her strength; she’s an amazing mother and wife even after the pain I’ve caused her. I believe this prize would allow help her find herself again and allow her to shine as the woman I once knew; before all the pain I caused her.


  219. Liv

    My mom deserves to win because for her entire life since she had us kids she has spent all her time and money one us never on herself. She cares so much about making everyone around her happy she never spends any time or money on herself. I think something like this would make her really happy and show her that she needs to treat herself sometimes too.

  220. Julia L

    My Mom is a FANTASTIC lady. She’s a full-time nurse and works in the NICU (that’s the ICU for babies). I have three siblings and she has always sacrificed things that she wants so that we could have and do things that we wanted. Since we’ve grown up, I still have trouble getting her to devout some time and attention to herself. She doesn’t like to spend much money on her own wardrobe because she’d rather buy things for us, even when she really needs to! A $500 Beyond The Rack shopping spree would be amazing for her! Her wardrobe really needs to be revitalized with some items that make her feel as awesome as I keep telling her she is.

    Personally, I would thoroughly enjoy my half of the spree with purchasing some new work clothes and house items! I just got engaged and we bought a house in the fall, right when I also started a new job, for which I am still needing more career-wear! I would greatly appreciate the help with furnishing my new home and wardrobe!

  221. Brittney

    I think my mom deserves this shopping spree because my mom works 24/7 for us. My mom has not been shopping for herself such a long time. When she does she only buys one shirt or something. She also works around the clock as our mother (obviously) , a mother of three. I can never give my mom the present she knows how much I love her, so I want to win this… just for her, so please, help me get her the best gift I can give. I LOVE MOM…and Beyond the Rack!

  222. Meagan Collins

    I would like to win this for me and my Mom for a few reasons. I got pregnant and had a baby when I was 18, she was upset but was really supportive of my decision and was always there to help me. I still live at home and my daughters father was never around, so my mom did a lot of things for me and my daughter that he should have done. I went bak to school when my daughter as very young, my mom was very supportive and help me A LOT through the 2 years that I was at school. I am currently just finishing school and I so wish there was something that I could do for my mom that would show her how much I appreciate all her support, help and that I couldn’t have done it without her!

  223. Gail Sherman

    My Mom has macular generation and has 10% vision only. I would enjoy picking out some nice things for her from Beyond the Rack web site. No rushing at the shopping center, jostling with the crowds! What a treat to be able to be her “eyes” and choose some clothes, jewellery or items that she would appreciate. Thank you for considering my entry. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and mothers-to-be out there!

  224. lakeisha jesters

    My mom and I deserve to win the shopping spree because this will be the first mothers day we have ever spent together in all 32 years of my life. We can do something we both love SHOP ON OUR FIRST OUTING.

  225. Justyna

    My name is Justyna and my mom is the strongest women I have ever met!!
    My parents along with my sister and I moved to Canada in 1991 from Poland. My parents were always very happy and in love and my mom was the greatest mom ever! Six years ago my dad left my mom after 27 years of marriage and moved back to Poland leaving my mom with lots of bills. The first two years my mom was a mess and I was so scared for her. She pulled through and worked 12hours a day so that she did not loose our family home. About six months ago she got injured at work and now she is getting very little money, just enough to cover the bills and myself and my sister help so that she can have food but its hard for us because we also have 7 kids between the two of us. My mom is a very strong lady but she is slowly giving up on herself and I would love to win so that I could bring her some happiness in to her life.My mom was always so positive and happy and I have not seen her smile in a long time and I would love nothing more than to see her smile again!!!! Love U Mom!!

  226. Wil Gilyard

    Hello people of Beyond the rack my name is Wil and my wife is a great mother who always puts her family first. My one desire is to be able to do something so special for my wife, because of the years I wasn’t able to do for her. As you are well aware the economy is horrible right now and because of the type of work she does I would love to sort of give her a wardrobe make over just to say that we appreciate her.

  227. Sandie Aliprantis

    I deserve to win because my house was just burglarized. The burglars took all my jewelry that I had saved throughout the years. One of the pieces was my cherished mother’s ring. I was not fully insured, either. I know nothing will ever replace what I lost but I definitely deserve something nice in my life.
    And since, my Mom has passed on, I would love for my daughter in law to win in her place. She is a great Mom. She struggles juggling a full time job which takes her all over the world and being a very devoted Mom. She definitely deserves the best.

  228. Kari

    My mom has been my best friend and has helped me through some very difficult times. She deserves this much more than I do. My mom suffers from severe asthma and allergies. Her health has made many activities and just normal every day tasks difficult. She has always been there for my brother and I even during some of her worst times with her health. I just can’t imagine what I would have done without her during the first few weeks when my daughter was born. Thank you for the chance to show her some of my appreciation.

  229. crystal H.

    My mom and I deserve to win because we are very close and always shop together! We have similar tastes and really support each other. She is a sweet woman and I am glad to be her daughter!

  230. Rachel

    I would love to win, and deserve to win because recently i moved across the country after living in the same city since i was born. I miss my mom so much. I never knew how much i loved her and depended on her until i was gone. I know she misses me too, and being able to get her something nice for mother’s day would be so great. I haven’t been able to work since i moved because of the language barrier and i can’t afford much more than a phone call to wish her happy mothers day. I would love to be able to give her something as awesome and beautiful as she is.

  231. Marce

    My mother deserves to win because she is a giver and never a taker. My mom has 4 children by herself. An now that the for of us are all grown she is raising her granddaughter who is 6. She is always there to help us kids. Besides being the best mom she can be to us kids and grandkids, she has a very hard job. She works long hours and is on the road alot. I would love to see my mom smile and have a great shopping spree and get what ever she wanted..

  232. Sarah Stelmaschuk

    I believe that my mom and I deserve to win because I’ve been poor for the past year and a half as my new husband has been sick for the past year and a half and unable to work. I would love to update my wardrobe. Also, because my mom is one of the most generous people I know, hard working and never stops for herself. She lost over 50 lbs in the past year and needs a new wardrobe to replace the old one. She looks fabulous and needs your help to look even more fabulous! :)

  233. Denise Lane

    I posted me and my Mom to FB on my 3rd birthday in honor of Mothers Day, it went thru Gma’s fire. What a beauty she is, my best friend, my confidant, and nothing surprises her when it comes to her children. THAT’s my Mama Grizzly…I love you with all my heart Mom, and then some. Thanks for being there.

  234. justin castillo

    I’ve never gone shopping with my mother just for her and her alone. With all the work she does at home in Sheridan even when she watches her grandson and mother on the weekends and works in both McMinnville and downtown Portland on the weekdays, she deserves to give into this.

  235. Susie

    My Mom is wonderful! She will be 85 in June and has always sacrificed her own needs for those of her children. My sister and I grew up with the true meaning of family. Our Mom was always there for us, even if it meant giving up her own pleasures. I got married and had to move away from my Mom. She missed seeing my children grow up on a day to day basis. She would fly anywhere to be with us. I want her to have the best life has to offer. She never buys anything for herself—just her children and grandchildren. It would mean so much to me if she were able to shop and buy the things she would really love to have. Her whole life has been taking care of her family. She was always last on her list. She is a very giving Mom and I would love to win this for her. I love her very much and could never repay her for all she has done for me. This would just be a start!

  236. Natalie Hecht

    Being the youngest of 4 children, it is finally my turn to get ready for the college experience. For the last 3 years, it has been just my mother and I living together in our home. Without the rest of my siblings, my house has been different– very quiet and lonesome. I can’t imagine how painful it must feel for a mother of 4 to witness her last child go off onto college.

    As I have grown in age and maturity, I have realized how much I appreciate my mother and all that she has done for me and the rest of my siblings. She provided me with everything that I need–unconditional love and support. This Mother’s Day, I’d like to do something memorable & special for my mom to show her how much I appreciate all of her efforts.

  237. Micah

    i believe that my mother should receive this money because she is the person that i owe my life to. She is my role model and the exact person I want to be as I get older. She would do anything just to make her clients, her family, and her children gratified. My mother IS my backbone and without her I am brain dead. She has the most perseverance a woman could ever have. She never has the opportunity to do something for herself because of the other things she’s doing for others and I take most of the blame. Since, hard economic times, its been hard to get wants and needs. I think my mom deserves this prize because she sacrifices SO much not get this prize.

  238. Krista

    I think that my mother should recieve this shopping spree cuz she does everything for everone else she never spends money on her self not even for special things like a wedding she is going to attend. She puts her kids and she grandkids before her self at all times. I have never found my mother to buy anything new for her self since i was a young kid my youngest brother that is 28 now wasn’t even born yet. Everytime my kids go for a sleep over they come home with any where from 1 or 2 outfits each. My mother still has clothing that she bought before I was born which these items are literally straight from the 70s. My mother also works 2 jobs and has been doing that for as long as I can remember. She was been a single mother for many years and has done a wicked job raising us 3 kids. My mother took me in when I left my childrens father both times. She did everything she could for me and my kids. I was a stay home mom so when she took me and my kids in a never had an income at all. She paid for everything for me and my kids since their father wouldnt do anything for them and he still doesn’t to this day. My mother helped me get my self back on track and get in rolled in school again to make a good living for my self as well as my kids like she did. I just wish my mom could get a break for just once in her life. She has had nothing but bad luck . She still drives the same car that my grandpa passed on to her just after I was born which is over 30 years old. So as far as i can see my mother is the most unbelieveable woman in the world that never puts her self 1st. My mother is the best mother ever. To this day I have no idea how she did it with 3 kids all in school cuz my god I have 3 kids and only 1 in school and most days I want to pull me hair out. Back in the day when we were kids the wages were a lot less and living was just about the same and today the wages are higher and the living is bout the same when u add it all up. Cuz you could make it on a wage of 1 job these days but back then u need 2 jobs to make it. Today we have many government organizations that can help us like child care subsidy and housing subsidy back then we didn’t have those things. So I pray every day that either my mother or I win the lotto so I can giver her everything she needs. So far neither one of us has won anything ever.

    thank you for your time

    I’m prying that we win this shopping spree


  239. Karin Hamann

    My mother is not only an incredible woman, but a highly fashionable one! Her style is diverse and classic (and versatile enough to be “borrowed” by both my daughter and myself).

    Unfortunately, her usual eagerness to dress-up has faded due to a recent cancer diagnoses. I’m hoping that this prize could boost her spirits enough to get her excited about doing something not cancer related. The extra time I would get to spend finding great new stuff with her is my own selfish reason for entering this contest.

    My mom is one of many moms out there that have worked hard for their kids while sometimes ignoring their own needs and desires. I hope all the worlds moms get some pampering and spoiling this Mother’s Day.


  240. amanda

    My mom deserves to win because she is a wonderful woman with a big heart that would help anyone but needs a little help herself. She has always tried to keep up with the latest fashions but in the last 5 years she has given up. If we won the shopping spree I could help her bring out the fashionable lady I know she is under all that outdated clothing from the late 90’s. Happy Mother’s Day mom I love you!!!

  241. JackieB.

    She’s the best. She has picked me up off the floor when no one else had the strength to. She smiles to you if you frown. If your hungry, she’s there with homemade muffins. She believes in everything… everyone. She hates, no one. She judges no one. She opens our doors to everyone regardless of the shape their in. She treats me like her baby but respects me like the adult I am. She would take the clothes of her back and the food from her mouth to help anyone. I call her to cuddle when I need to cry. She has some weird 6th sense and can tell if someone is doing badly even before they do so! She’s supermom. She’s supercajafrajalisticexpealedocious- as Mary Poppins would put it nicely.
    She is my best friend.

    To all the years you’ve spent putting up with our shananigans,

  242. Kelly Mott

    To be honest I’m just writing this for my Mom. I don’t think I did anything special to deserve to win but my Mom does for sure! She is a wonderful woman with an awesome personality. She has overcome many hard times in your life like losing two children. Her second son died from SIDS and then only 11 months later her first son was kidnapped and never found. Actually the only reason I am here is because of this tragedy, she decided to have another child. Even though she went through such an awful experience she chose to live and to be happy. She did not let this ruin her wonderful spirit. Another thing that makes me so proud of her is that she has felt a calling to Africa and is there right now in Uganda teaching nutrition to orphaned children. She has been there for 3 months. She also went to Nigeria 4 years ago and did the same thing but was there for 6 months. The living conditions in Africa are beyond any of our imaginations. I would also like to say that she is 70 years old and retired and did fund raising to finance her trip there. I also helped her to fund raise for this last trip. She will be returning home in a couple of weeks and this would be an awesome way to say thank you to her.
    I would like to add that I have read some of the others submissions and feel that they all deserve to win but since there can only be one I hope it is my Mom!
    Thank you!

  243. Emmanuelle Breton

    I have two moms, living together. But past thursday, one past away, so I think that it could be a beautiful gift for my mom, she love to shop and also need new clothes! This could be a little surprise for her. Thank you

  244. June Taylor

    I feel my mom and I should win because when it comes to my mom…she is the lady who always puts everyone first…never asks for anything…never complains. She does everything for everyone and never expects anything in return. She is one of a kind. She would never let me spend that kind of money on her, but if we won it she sould have no choice. It would be the best feeling to me to give her this.
    Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

  245. Nikki H

    I recently visited my mom in Alberta (I live in Ontario) and her closet is sad and sorry. She is a beautiful woman who looks less than her years but she needs some serious fashion updates. The problem is, she hates shopping malls! I have turned her on to Beyond the Rack, and I hope it will help, but a 500$ kick start would be great. She has always been very generous to everyone else but doesn’t spend on herself. Winning this prize might be just the kick she needs to put a bit more focus on herself. I am also a mom, and I believe that “when mom is happy, the whole house is happy” so please make my whole house happy by giving my mom and me this Amazing prize!!! We would be so grateful and, of course, would Pay It Forward too :-)

  246. Katie Radford

    I know my mother deserves this special gifts for mothers day because she is the best mom/wife anyone could ask for. She has been my best friend since the day I was born. My family is a family of 6 and I am the only girl out of my siblings. My mom and I have always been really close because we are so similar. Shopping is one of our favorite girly activities that get us away from our boy filled house :) It would be so much fun to win this because my mom deserves this the most out of anyone I know. She is this most unselfish person and does everything for everyone. My mother is always working and volunteering. Her job is even fund raising. I dont think my mother would be as happy if she didn’t have some way to help someone out everyday. She is always there if you need her, the best listener and i’m never scared to tell her anything. She always has the best advice. Especially fashion advice, she is inlove with designers. She can spot out something designer from a mile away and she’s taught me all she knows about them. I also think this would be really fun because my mom doesn’t like to spend money on herself and she always puts her money for fashion into my wardrobe because she thinks shes had her time for fashion already. I would love to give her a chance to get something designer again and not feel guilty about it :) Everyone loves my mom. My house is always full of people because my mom always makes my home such a welcoming environment, she is always happy, fun and makes the best food. All my friends even call her mom. She will also be there whenever you need her and she has always gone to every event my brothers and I have ever been in. My mother is always helping people too and she never asks for anything in back. She even told all of us kids this year to get her nothing for her birthday because she said it would be more satisfying for her to see all of us put our monet together to donate to a charity. My mom is also always there for people that are going through hard times. She cant pass soemone in need on the street without giving them a coffee and a sandwhich or a couple bucks. If you ask anyone of my friends, my family, her friends or co-workers they would all agree that she deservest this gift. There are so many stories I could tell you about my mother and the things she has done for people but I think I would run out of room very quickly.

    Please consider her :) Thanks!

  247. michelle

    I would love for my mom to win. Cause after 27 years of living in the same city in the same house. She is packing up and starting over. It will be a huge change to her emotionally. So it would be nice to help her make a hugh change physically as well with a whole new look. A new look on the outside to match all the changes she will have to make on the inside. She is an amazing women who at 66 years old is moving forward like never before.

  248. Mandy King

    I am a mommy to 5 (4 sons and a daughter). I had them all in 6 years time. It is very rare that I ever shop for myself.

    My mom is the real hero, though. She has been battling stage 4 melanoma for the past 5 years and has recently been declared cancer-free. She has lost a lot of her leg so it is hard for her to find clothes that fit her well. She is always worried about other people. Right now she wears all o my late grandmother’s clothes- and they are NOT fashionable!

    My mom really deserves this! And I could use a few things myself! =)

  249. Jenai Finnigan

    I think my mom and I should win this wonderful prize is because my mom raised 9 wonderful children on her own and she deserves to buy herself all the things she did without while she raised all of her great children.

    M is for Magnificant
    O is for Outstanding
    T is for all the tough things she had to deal with on her own.
    H is for all the hugs she handed out.
    E if for everthing she did without and every thing she did for her kids
    R is for her to just relax if she could since she still worries about us all.

    I just feel that my mom did the very best that she could to put food on the table working overtime and always worring about what was going on at home.

  250. Eva Kriz

    If I could give you diamonds
    for each tear you cried for me.
    If I could five you sapphires
    for each truth you’ve helped me see.
    If I could give you rubies
    for the heartache that you’ve known
    If I could give you pearls
    for the wisdom that you’ve shown.
    Then you’ll have a treasure, mother,
    that would mount up to the skies
    That would almost match
    the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.
    But I have no pearls, no diamonds,
    As I’m sure you’re well aware
    So I’ll give you gifts more precious
    My devotion, love and care.

  251. Carly

    I really feel my mom and I deserve this prize b/c I just recently got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago and my mom has been the strong force in getting me back to being healthy and happy. She has assisted our family sooo much in taking care of my husband and my 2 beautiful babies while I was in the hospital and even after I came home she has been there to help w/ our kids and to help me!

    She has taken me out shopping, out to lunches, set up craft projects for her and I to do together w/ my 2 babies just to occupy me primarily b/c she knew I was going through a little depression after coming home from the hospital.

    My mom has been my rock this last month and she deserves this more than anything.

  252. Sally

    Growing up, my mom and I rarely seen eye to eye on anything. I always thought she was too strict, and didn’t let me have much fun. Now that I’m older, and have moved out, I can see that my mom was an awesome mom. She taught me how to be strong, and independent. She pushed me hard so I wouldnt sell myself short, so that I could reach my potential. She has always supported me. When I dropped out of college and moved across the country to find myself, and now 5 years later when I am moving back to finish school. She has held my hand through all of the dark moments in my life, stayed up all night talking to me when I couldnt sleep. Shes flown across the country to help me whenever I’ve needed her. As a kid, she worked hard, helped my brother and I with our homework, volunteered for our schools, and our sports teams. She drove me to hockey tournaments every weekend for 13 years. She sacrificed her wants and needs so that my brother could have the things we wanted. My mom has taught me not only the meaning of family, but of unconditional love. And I can only hope that when I become a mom, I can be half as good at it as she was.

  253. Alison Richardson

    If there is anything my mom and I love to do, it is to shop. We love to dress up and make sure our earrings match our outfits or just browse in stores, looking for the deals. Itbis either a learned behavior or just in our genes.

    I recall eight years ago sitting in her living room and telling her the results of our ultrasound. “We are having triplets.” I will never forget seeing her head shake, her arms wave in the air, as her legs shook, all in disbelief.

    Parenting is the most difficult yet most important and rewarding job on earth. I am making a difference in the lives of three beautiful little people and I know that is because of my mom. She gave me that unconditional love we all so deserve. Thank you mom.

  254. Jael Rochon

    I think my mom should win this because she is a strong, beautiful woman who raised 5 beautiful kids; 4 of us on her own! I have just moved to Australia and am not going to be able to see her this mother’s Day which breaks my heart, because my mom has given up so much for myself, my siblings and her 7 grandchildren. She is an amazing woman as she does not fit the typical mould of a mother, or grandmother, for that matter! She stands well over 6′, she is a city councillor, has just run for MP for our region with the Conservative Party, and is so involved in her community she rarely has time for herself. Because of this she does most of her shopping on-line and BTR is her favourite on-line store. So this would be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift to her!

  255. manal el-sayed

    My mon deserves to win because she has given up so much of her life for us.. We are like sisters and together as one always..She is so special in her ways of helping her kids and grandkids; she is so special in giving her words of wisdom to us as we were growing up; she is so special because of her devoted time on all occasions to he children and grandchildren; she is so special because she caring for a sick husband and never has she complained once about it. My mom has given up so much to becaome a full time care taker that her own health issues have been put aside. She is the best role model a person, daughter , granddaughter and wife can look up to.. My mom has taught how to live in the most challenging ways that God can give a person. All the money in the world wouldn’t be enough to thank her.. All the love in the world wouldn’t be enough to give back to her.. I LOVE YOU MOM WITH ALL MY HEART AND I HOPE THAT GOD GIVES ME THE PATIENCE AND ENERGY TO GIVE TO MY FAMILY AS YOU HAVE GIV EN AND OUR FAMILIES THROUGHOUT THE YEARS.. HAPPY MOTHER’S TO ALL MOM’S OUT THERE!!!

  256. Lexi S.

    My mom and I deserve to win because we need new clothes! My mom has sacrificed buying clothes in order to afford gasoline to visit my grandmother in NY. My grandmother has had and overcome 5 different cancers and main other ailments so it’s important we spend time taking her to doctor’s appointments and as a result have had to go without. If we could win this, it would be the ultimate mother’s day gift for my wonderful mother! Thanks!

  257. Brian Wang

    I think that my mom and I should win because although we are not wealthy, but we both work hard to earn money and live a great life. We could use the $1000 to buy new clothing, new accessories and this would all be brilliant because it would cut of a whole year’s worth of clothing shopping. I have been a btr member for over 1 year already and just don’t have the money to buy many of the items you offer. The $1000 would be a great blessing to my entire family. Because my dad does not work, my mom deserves this more than anyone because of all the work she has done for the family. This would be a great gift to her after all the hardwork she has put in.

    – Brian Wang, Kathy Chen

  258. Jennifer Roberts

    My mother deserves to win this contest because she is the greatest Mother and Grandmother in the Universe. She is my inspiration. She is incredibly philanthropic most recently going to Israel to help bring a wonderful Math program to the United States. She has supported The Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America an organization that is so close to her heart as both my brother and I are affected by this disease. She helps out everyone in the community and goes to school’s to teach Math all the time without taking a penny in return. She is a role model to everyone around her. As a grandmother there are no words to describe the blessing she is to my children. My daughter who is now 12 was born on her birthday and the bond between them is amazing. She has always been an advocate for my son, born with several disabilities, always helping to make sure he is given every chance in life to succeed. She adores him and he adores her. There is nothing in life more important to my Mom then family. She and my dad have been married almost 42years. She spent the past 10 years taking care of my grandfather until he passed in 2010. To the World she is one person but to me she is the World.

  259. Helen Belford

    My mother in law, Betty, has been my “mom” for more years than my own mom was. I was so very close to my mom as Betty was with her daughter, Barb. On September 5, 1975 Barb was raped on murder when hitch hiking home. The following three years were riddled with police investigation, constant questioning, finally an arrest, then the trial, the sentencing and finally the return of Barb’s personal things. It was a very difficult time for the family.

    In November of 1978 my mother suffered an anarism that took her life after a month long battle. I so grieved the loss.

    Betty and I survived and we survived in spite of one another. We struggled with our relationship for years. I could never be Barb and she could never be Mom. It was a very difficult time for both of us.

    Here we are, nearly 35 years later. Betty is 82 years old and I am 55. I love her with all my heart and will value every moment we share together in this lifetime. Next week we are fulfilling one of our ‘Bucket List’ dreams and going on a hot air ballon adventure together. We’ve come a long waysbaby!

    What we share now is a gift. She is my confident, my advisor and my cheer leader. She calls a spade a spade and beats me at scrabble every chance she gets. She supports my ideas and mops the tears when I face failure only to kick me in the butt and put the fight back into me.

    I only hope I do half as much for her. I love her with all my heart.

  260. Lilien Astuto

    Ever since a was a little girl my mom and I have been best of friends. When I was growing up she worked a full time job to come home to her 3 daughters, my dad and her mother in-law (my grandmother) whom she didn’t have the best relationship with since my dad was an only child my grandmother always felt that her son was right. My mom dealt with her and when my grand mother had a stroke my mom was the one who stopped working to stay home and take care of her. I made a promise to my mom that when I married I would never leave her and live in the upstairs apartment to be there for her when she needed my help and until today we are together. I have been married for 23 years with 3 wonderful child and husband who have grown to love my mom as much as I do. My husband has named my mom the family blanket. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to share my mom with my children and husband who have fallen in love with her as much as me. She is a one in a million kind of person who put everyone family and friends before her.
    My mom raised 3 daughter who she would anything for, along with her sons in-law and grandchildren and her 2 new additions great grandchildren. Mom always puts herself 2nd 3rd …… behind everyone else. Her motto is “I want to see you all happy while I’m alive I don’t want to miss any smiles”. My dad has been diagnosed with dementia and for past 10 year she has been there by his side, cooking, cleaning, dressing, and dealing with his drastic changing personalities. When I come home from work my first question is “so how was your day” and she never has a negative feedback. She’s amazing, always making us all what we love to eat for Sunday dinner all 19 of us. When a Sunday goes by that her table is not full she calls it BLACK SUNDAY. I am blessed with seeing her grow old but still so strong and she is blessed because I am and will always be here for her. My mom and I do our weekly shopping together every weekend while one of my children or husband stay home with my dad since he can’t be left home alone. My mom depends on the internet and catalog shopping unless I take her out. She believes that my fathers best medicine is his family and when ever there’s a family affair she make sure that me or my husband are around to get her and my dad there. She will do anything to make us happy and see the smiles on our faces, it’s funny when my sisters and I try to keep any sad or bad things in our lives a secret and she will ask me “did you talk to your sister today, she didn’t sound to good to me”. It’s amazing how she knows us all and would do anything for us. She has put her life on hold to take care of my father and it hurts so much when she has a hard day but will not admit it. My mom and I truly deserve to win this contest, we are both special women, moms, sisters and wives and should be able to go on a shopping spree together since shopping is what we love to do,

  261. Kim Slocum

    My mom has never asked for one day to herself or one thing that she keeps just for her. She always makes sure that others are involved or even if she would like a day to just relax, if there is something that others need of her, she would gladly give up her spare time to help them. Especially her family. I know i don’t show it enough but i have a truly amazing mother. She is an example to me in soo many ways. By winning this shopping spree, not only would i be giving her the best gift ever!! but this could be my way of saying that i appreciate everything she does for me. And that I love her :)

  262. esperanza

    My mom is my world! She raised me as well as my 3siblings as a single mother. At a young age I became a single parent and she has always been more than just a mother she’s a father,a grandmother and a best friend :). My mother got diagnosed with end stage renal disease when I was pregnant..she also had 2 amputated toes during my pregnancy and yet she would still manage to go with me to my gyno visits bcus I had a troubled pregnancy…my mother recently suffered a stroke which led her to become bedbound and fully dependent on myself. I love taking care of my mother everyday that goes by I thank god that I still have my mother with me and my daughter is getting to meet her grandmother. I believe my mom deserves to win because she has been through a great deal of health punches and has managed to get back up. Even if she doesn’t win…hey she is still the best mom in the world! May the best mom win :)

  263. Keisha Downer

    Mi madre es una mujer muy paciente, amable, suave y cariñosa. Ella tenía un stoke el año pasado y estuvo en el hospital. Todo el tiempo en el hospital su preocupación fue con su familia. Ella tiene la presión arterial muy alta y ella se ha ralentizado abajo dedicar el año pasado. Recuerdo sus trabajo tres puestos de trabajo para cuidar de nosotros. Siempre estoy en el hospital para alguna cosa (siempre he sido una persona enfermiza de nacimiento) existe para siempre para mí. Incluso cuando estoy enojado y pido a Dios por qué tantas cosas malas ocurren… ella toma mi mano y besar mi mejilla y me dice me quiere y todo estará bien. Ser una madre soltera no fue fácil para ella y a través de todo ella nos ha tratado con sólo puro amor incondicional. Nunca fue a la escuela porque su madre no podía darse el lujo con 12 niños pero hizo que los tres nos iban a la escuela. Si ella no era mi madre sería envidio a cualquier persona que llama a su mamá. Mi madre es una bendición de Dios (Jesús) y estoy muy orgullosa de llamar a su madre.

  264. Keisha Downer

    My mother is a very patient, kind, gentle, and loving woman. She had a stoke last year and she was in the hospital. All the while in the hospital her concern was with her family. She has extremely high blood pressure and she has slowed down allot over the past year. I remember her working three jobs to take care of us. I am always in the hospital for some thing (I was always a sickly person from birth) she is forever there for me. Even when I am angry and ask God why so much bad things happen…she take my hand and kiss my cheek and tell me she loves me and everything will be fine. Being a single mom wasn’t easy for her and through it all she has treated us with only pure, unconditional love. She never went to school because her mom couldn’t afford it with 12 kids but she made sure all three of us went to school. If she wasn’t my mother I would envy any person who called her mom. My mother is a blessing from God (Jesus) himself and I am so proud to call her mother.

  265. sheri rabold

    My Mom and I live in seperate cities, and rarely get to spend quality time together…..we both have very busy lives, but one of our favorite pastimes when we do get a chance to see one another is SHOP! We would love to win this prize, it would give us an excuse to be selfish and steal away for a Mom and Me weekend:) Thanks!

  266. Meghan Branche

    My mom deserves to win because she is the nicest person I’ve ever met. She goes out of her way to help people and always puts others first. 11 years ago her baby boy died, it was Christmas Day and Mother’s Day is always a little tough for her. I always try to my best to be with her on both holidays.
    She’s moved to GA to help my husband and I raise our 3 little ones so she can watch them grow.

  267. laurel

    Me and my mom deserve to win because we are both have survived a lot of stress and heart ache in our lives and can still laugh about it, and know we learned many good lessons., This would be nice if we would win. Thanks LK

  268. Valeria

    My mom and I deserve to win because, we just adore, idolize, cherrish and are motivated by Haute Look!!

  269. Ashley

    I think that me and my mom should win. My mom is honestly the best mom in the world. I know everyone says it. But for her its true. My mom decided once her and my dad had my older brother that she was going to be a stay at home mom. I am one of three siblings. My mom has aways been my biggest fan and supporter. She’s helped me through the stresses of school and has always encouraged me to do and be the best and I can be. And if I fail she their for that too. Me and my siblings are all young adults now and are no longer living at home. I think that this would be a great way to let my mom know that I appreciate the unconditional love that she has always given me. Please pick my mom as the winner :)

  270. Laura cremer

    My mom is my best friend. We opened and ran a successful scrapbook store for six years together. We actually worked and played together almost everyday. Yeah, we fought but we always made up because she taught me that is what family does. We started a scrapbook store because of our love of family photos. Together we have documented our entire family fun and many of our customers fun. Unfortunately the economy finally took its hit on us and we had to close our dream business. I will never love working anywhere like I enjoy those six special years my mom and I had. Times are tough and you have to move on, we did. I am a retail manager now and she is substitute teaching. We have been through alot together and continue to live, laugh, and love our way through it. It would so much to me to be able to surprize my amazing, strong, loving, caring, best friend with this prize. Please consider us and thank you for allowing me to share our story. Laura

  271. Kayla McRae

    Even though I’m a mother of 2 small boys, I think my mother deserves this more than me. She’s worked her life away, never living any other way than paycheck to paycheck. She fell in love with the wrong men, those who were deadbeats, so to speak. It left her broken-hearted, but never broke her spirits. She knew she had to do what she had to do in order to provide for her two children, never receiving a penny in child support. I know there are many people who experience the same thing, I’m simply telling her story. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She took care of her dying mother for years, never once hesitating. Brought her to all of her appointments, whether or not it was hours away. Sat beside her when the chemo made her sick and held her hand as she took her last breath and told her it was “okay to go home”. My mother has dealt with a lot in her life, but losing her mother was by far the hardest challenge. My grandmother was her best friend. That being said, my mom has only recently started acquiring a fashion sense, but has never had the money to spend on herself when it comes to clothes. I think this would be one of the most amazing opportunities to come her way if she were to win. I know she would finally feel like the woman she deserves to feel like. Shes my best friend, my mother, my father, my everything.

    She has no idea of this contest and I’m entering her solely in secrecy but if you were to choose her to win, I would love to donate what would be considered my portion entirely to her. She deserves it :)

    Thank you very much for your consideration!


  272. Nicole

    My mom never had a lot growing up and even now, sacrifices what money we do have to make sure my sister and I can get things that we want (and maybe not always need). Every time we go on a shopping trip together, she never buys anything for herself, but instead helps my sister and I pick out new outifts. I would love to win this shopping spree for her so she can finally be rewarded for all the sacrifices that she has made for us and for the great mother that she is.

  273. Cindy Procter

    My Mother passed away in 2004, although I am a mother of 3 girls, one of which is a mother now too. So she now is the same way I was when my girls were growing up. We sometime go shopping intending to buy a clothes for ourselves because we need them but end up spending and buying the kids new clothes etc and end up with nothing new for ourselves. Moms always think of someone else in the family needs something more then we do.
    I would so love to be able to take my daughter out shopping so we both could spend on ourselves,
    Thanks for this great opportunity.

  274. Jennifer Patzkowsky

    Please pick my mom. She is the most selfless person I know. She would do anything for my family. She shows me unconditional love and I can’t wait to be a mother like her some day. She deserves to win this prize because she always puts others before herself.

  275. Judette Lynch

    Winning this shopping spree would mean the world to me and a super surprise for my mom. My mother gave birth to me when she was 36 years old, she taught me and my other 8 siblings how to read and she only went to school until grade five. She started a preschool in our local church when I was 4 years old and was so successful, now all the kids she taught who are now grown commend her for giving them a great start. I am now 39 and my mom is turning 75 this May 14. I believe it would be a wonderful gift for her as she had never had anything so special as spending $500 on herself at once.

  276. Taylor DiCiocco

    My mom deserves to win this contest because she is the best mom in the whole world. She is always there for me and my brother. She will do anything to make sure that we are all happy. Even when I am being rude to her, she helps me out. She cooks and does my laundry for me and never complains. My mother helps me achieve all my goals and dreams and expresses her love for our family whenever she can. She is the greatest and i hope you will choose her to win this contest. I love her just as much as she loves me <33 Thank you for reading and considering me and my mother to win this contest. <3 :)

  277. Leah

    My Mum deserves to win because for the past 12 years she’s been taking care of mine and my siblings children so we can work…..
    Up until recently, I was a single mom with a management position which meant a lot of hours at work with little time with my son. Not only did my mom care for him while I worked but, she also lived with us so we could spend time as a family……
    As the lady said above my comment, my mother never buys herself clothes, she cuts her own hair and spends much of her time worrying about others…..
    She has given up a tremendous amount of freedom for my siblings and myself…..
    She is my rock, my best friend and the most beautiful person I know…….
    To top this all off, my mother never asks for payment or many favours in return……
    She will do anything for us and never ever expects anything from any of us….
    She is AMAZING!

  278. Jessie

    My mom is the best mom ever. I am her only daughter, but she has two sons as well. My mom deserves to win because she works so hard. She tries to be super mom and do everything and she always refuses to treat herself to anything. I’m pretty sure her wardrobe contains things she’s had since high school. Lately, she’s been a little blue. She has chronic chrons disease which makes every day life absolutely exhausting for her and she recently developed skin cancer. The combination of the two has left her exhausted and unhappy. I figure, what would cheer her up more than getting something amazing for mother’s day? Also, when she needs to go somewhere to make a good impression i more or less dress her. We joke around about how when i leave for college in the fall (12 hours from home!) i’m going to have to ‘train’ my brothers to dress her and keep track of her purse :D. If she had a new wardrobe, then i could rest assured that she’ll look fabulous while i’m gone.

    Love my mom!

  279. Goldrie Huenink

    My Mother and I are worlds apart when it comes to fashion…but as close as two peas in a pod when it comes to loving the good things in life. Unfortunately, we can’t generally afford them.
    I am a die hard hard coupon shopper and online shopper, she’s a second had store shopper. She raised me the best way she knew how with what she had to work with. Then to top it off, I turned out to be a fashionista, cheerleader, with social “needs” that left her scraping.
    She’s a die hard hippie, whose needs lay more in “good supportive shoes”, and flowing skirts! Couldn’t be more different, couldn’t love each other more! She’s a woman from a large staunch Catholic household, I’m a single child partially raised on a commune!
    That we are good friends, and respect-if maybe make fun of-each others’ lifestyles, is nothing short of amazing! Having a son more like me, and a daughter more like her, makes life quite interesting, frustrating, and eye-opening!
    It would be a kick to be able to see what she would spend her shopping money on–will she opt for a couple of high quality items, or go with a lot of little things? Will I opt for that one gorgeous bag or pair of shoes, or opt for several high quality items that are on sale?
    What fun!

  280. Brooke

    I have an inspirational mother. In turn, she has inspired me to be a great mother. In addition to being an amazing and selfless mentor, teacher and friend to myself and my brother (her two biological children), she has adopted five others, all while working to bring children into this world safely as an obstetrician at a major hospital. Luckily, she gets to wear ‘greens’ at work because she really needs a fashion update. It would be the best thing in the world to be able to share a makeover with one of the most deserving people I know, my mother.

  281. Beth Genson

    My mom and I both love to shop, especially together! We are always emailing each other with sales information or new sites to look at. Unfortunately we can’t buy much. Mom is retired and is watching her money. I quit my job nine months ago to start my own business and get back into my artwork. Three months ago my husband got laid off. So there isn’t really any shopping money.
    Mom and I still have fun though! Exchanging emails and window-shopping is almost just as fun because we are doing it together. Almost.

  282. Corina Walsh

    HI, Even though my mother and I are separated by many miles, we connect all the time thanks to the wonders of the internet and social media. We both shop online and when we see something the other might like, we immediately copy it and send it to the other. This includes searching BTR for great styles for each other as well. So even though we can’t hit the mall we still enjoy shopping everyday online.
    My mother is my best friend and she has taught me everything I need to know about being parent, especially since i just had a precious little baby of my own, who we also shop for online.
    So please pick us for the shopping spree so my mom and I can keep having fun and connecting through BTR!!
    Thanks – Corina

  283. Rose

    oh ps errr my kids saved me from suicide gave me reason to live even if life is very tough n hasnt been easy on me i owe them everything

  284. diane grambo

    Yes, Winning would be great since my birthday is tomorrow and Mother’s Day on Sunday!…

  285. Rose

    i spent my life giving to others and sacraficing myself i give and i give expecting nothing in return but for once it be a nice break if i could be blessed too i sacrafice much for my children outtta love i havent since i was a kid hardly ever owned NEW clothing even my kids we go used money is always hard and my mom her health is deteroirating n id love to get few more good memories with her n her to rlly know i love n appraciate her ever so and im srry i was a problomatic child for her im srry im agoraphobic i would like more a bond with her dispite my disability to be round her more its so hard trying to get her any gifts or others in my family cause we can barely care ourselves with the kids is a constant scarey struggle but im always trying my best im doing this on a whim outta bit a desperateness i feel im not fortunate to catch such a break but worth a shot i suppose i havve very low self esteem n think myself ugly being poor rlly sucks but i do my best to make do with what i got n i push to give my kids the best i sadly have to sacrafice my family gifts on special days cause my kids come first i try at least make a card for them .i dont know what to really say here :/ i just hope n pray i and my mom might be concidered though u’ve got lotta great stories here i guesss i’lll just keep dreaming for nice things thank you n srry

  286. Erika

    My mother deserves to win because she is an amazing, loving and most caring person i know! She has two daughters whom she would give the world to. She always puts everyone else before herself because if everyone else is happy, she’s happy too. She never spends the money on herself. She recently lost 43 pounds and all her clothes fit her ridiculous baggy but she still won’t go spend money on herself. She seriously needs a wardrobe makeover to show off all the hard work she has accomplished. With this gift she will not feel guilty about spending money on herself. i hope she wins because she really really deserves it. thank you for considering my mom for the prize.

  287. Kristina

    I believe that my mother deserves this wonderful present for Mothers day because she is the most sincere, attentive, warm and loving person not only as a mom but also as a friend. She has always put us(me and my brother) before her own needs. She is very supportive in everything we do, she listens and give advise. She did everything in her power to make sure that we lived comfortable, happy lives. She undermined her own needs for ours. I am grateful everyday to have such a mom and forever will love and give back the same love as she gave to us. I Love You, Mom!!

  288. Jesse

    My mom and I both live fast paced lives and rarely have the time or the financial status to shop. When I was younger, I was rather unpopular and didn’t focus alot on my clothes, and my mom was busy with finishing college and we could barely afford to pay the rent, let alone find personal styles of our own and fufill them. I am now in college and working full time while my mom is travel nursing. If we ever do shop, it is online. We both have now developed a fashion of our own and at times live frugally so we can afford a certain pair of shoes or outfit. This gift of $500 each would be the highlight of our lives!



    It is impossible to put into words why my mom (Pat) Otherwise known as “Mother Earth” deserves this shopping spree. In reality she deserves much much more but would never even think to ask or even want for it. Selfless is to small a word to describe her.

    As a single mom of two kids in the seventies wasn’t necessarily the norm. She had many obstacles to over come as I have since found out. With no family near by to help, she alone made sure we had everythig we needed and more. And by more, I mean affection, love and genuine interest in the silly things we said and did as kids.

    She also took in our friends, who also call her Mom, the neighbor kids, stray animals, dying plants and anything else that needed a little extra care.

    She must have struggled but she never let it show. She has a strength and dignity that very few men could even dream of having. She cultivated my talents, encouraged my dreams, and most importantly calls me out on my crap. Of course through it all she supports me whether she agrees with my choices or not. This is what a real mother does. Loves unconditionally. I hear that term thrown around quite a bit but my mom emodies it.

    I could go on but like I said words are inadequit to describe such a formidable and giving force of nature. A mother to all living things. That’s my mom!



  290. Etienne Dugas

    Why my mom deserves to win ?

    Cause she is just the world’s most wonderful mom !! I love her so much and i am sure that this little son-mom spending would be totally fantastic !

    She is awesome, funny, lovely, so helpful and by far the best mommy on the entire universe!

  291. Tiffany

    My mom really deserves to win this because she has done so much for me and my family. She doesn’t have time to go shopping for herself anymore because of all this stress on her and it would be really great to see her happy and not so tense. With all four kids running around the house, she is cooped up cleaning after them and I never see her relax. When I do, there are always people bugging her and all up in her buisness In the passed two monts, she was planning my surprise sweet 16 party.She rarely has time to treat herself for a day at the spa or a day of shopping for herself. She spent to much money and effort and it was all. It would me nice of me if I could give back to her. She would extremely appreciate this gift.


  292. Leanne Pare

    I have the most amazing mom in the world! She’s the bravest and strongest person in know. She is truly my best friend. I believe that my mom deserves this gift because she is always doing things for others and never asks for anything in return. She is so kind and caring and she has always put her children before anything else. She is always so busy caring for others and doing nice things for my sister (27), and my twin brother and I (24), but she rarely takes the time to treat herself to something nice. She is about to retire after 35 long years of a stressful job and this would be a perfect way to tell her to throw away her work clothes and treat herself to a fun new wardrobe!
    We both really love to shop, and we often do so together. But shopping with my mom can be a long process that I normally have to physically and mentally prepare for, as she likes to try on almost everything in the store, only to leave with one item! And that is why I think I also deserve to win… I’m pretty much the only one who has the patience to shop with her… no matter how sore my feet are at the end of the day! An online shopping spree with my mom would be ultimately rewarding (and my feet would be truly grateful!)
    Love you mom!

  293. linda

    It is truly heartwarming to see that there are so many daughters who value their mother. It is also sad that so many people have gone through such hard times; honestly, you should divide up the prize so more people deserving people can win. My own mother has always been my best friend, and I am so truly grateful I have her. She is elderly now, and it is difficult for her to get around, so a gift of shopping online would be nice.

  294. Olivia Johnson

    My mom and I deserve to win this shopping spree because we never really have a lot of time to see each other. My mother has a very busy job and most of the time she is so preoccupied that she does not come home until around 10:30 pm. This shopping spree would be such a blessing to get because we would be able to spend time with each other as we laugh while recommending different things for each other as we are on Beyond the Rack. This would also be such a surprise to her and I know it would be her favorite Mother’s Day present and she would love it very much. Thank you for taking your time to listen to me and I hope you might think of us when you decide your winner.

  295. Cassie Wells

    My mom and I deserve to win because we have been through everything together the last few months. I have been battling hard symptoms that would keep me awake at night. I’ve been in and out of the hospital and I wasn’t eating and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. We later found out it was Crohn’s Disease. My mother stayed strong and by my side the entire time. I don’t know how I would have handled it without her support. She stayed by my bedside for weeks at a time, (WITHOUT A BED), she slept in chairs, uncomfortably and never left the hospital. There were times where she hardly ate anything throughout the day because she didn’t want to leave my side for more than a second. She knew exactly what to do when I was scared for surgery. She was there through the symptoms, the surgery, and the healing process and now she is helping me adapt to the lifestyle changes required for Crohns. I haven’t been able to put in words how much I appreciate her being there for me. I know any mother would do the same for their child but this woman deserves the world. She wouldn’t dare buy complain about anything, she is always putting our needs before her own. I think a shopping spree for her would allow her the opportunity to splurge and not worry about bills, children, or anybody else but herself for the day! She is truly an inspiration, and I hope that I can be even half the mom to my children that she is to me.

  296. Alicia Williams

    My mom deserves to win because she has often times gone without to make sure that family members have what they need and never buys herself anything. She has not felt well the past year and this would be a nice way to boost her energy up. She’s not a flashy person but having some new items for different occasions would make her feel better. As for myself, I feel I should be a winner because I love fashion and willing to try new things. I feel living outside the box and expressing yourself through fashion is what fashion is about. When you look good you feel good. I’ve embraced being in my 40’s, and feeling fabulous!!! Having a wardrobe expressing this would be appreciated.

  297. Apryl Randall

    I believe that my mother and I deserve to win. Myom has always been the best and most supportive mother (even to my friends). I am married now with 3 small little girls and she is a constant source of light in our life. At the beginning of this year, my mom’s mother had several heart attacks and passed on March 25th. During this time, my mother helped care for her and remained constantly by her side. Additionally, she fulfilled my grandmothers last wish by flying myself, my newest daughter (7 months old at time) and my brother out to see her. It was a wonderful experience and to have my mother provide, support, and encourage all of us was just the icing on the cake.
    My mother has a constant need to help people either financially or emotionally. She has great shoulders to rest your head and cry on or a huge heart to hug! I would be nothing without my mother and hope that I am following in her footsteps with my children. She is the ABSOLUTE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD!!

  298. Max

    My mom and I deserve to win because we are both avid Beyond the Rack shoppers! We love you! And tell everyone about this incredible website. Many of our friends have become addicted to Beyond the Rack as well. We love you and would love the shopping spree!!

  299. Caroline

    My mother turned 83 this May and remains my lifelong fashion inspiration. From the time I was a little girl and she sewed me lovely clothes (including outfits for my 8 siblings!) to the present; she gave me excellent fashion advice when suggesting I wear a red coat this winter rather than dreary and predictable black. Mom taught me that style is about personality rather than a particular designer’s vision or a high price range; I have never been afraid to put together a unique outfit that isn’t necessarily runway inspired but says everything about who I am. We both enjoy designer clothes but we get just as excited over vintage clothing. My mother is stylish and kind, the dearest woman I know: After raising nine children despite a bitter and emotionally draining divorce, she had never an unkind word about my father and remained true to her faith and hard working her entire life. Growing old does not worry me at all because if I age even half as beautifully as Mom, I will be very happy. And if lucky, like Mom, I will continue to turn heads even when I’m eighty years young!

  300. Mavis Weisenburg

    I would like to do something really special for my mom this year on this special day. Mother Day ! I would like to beable to give her something special as she derserve it. My mom has been through so much in her life she has battle breast cancer and has lost two twin sons as well as her mother and father. She never got to do any traveling as you see my dad was in the navy and she had to do what she could to raise us five children. I can remember when we were little how I would cry cause I was hungry but you see Mom did all she could do it wasn’t easy for her while dad was away on ship in the navy gone for long periods of time. Mom told me a story one time where she beg her mother for food to feed us little ones.I to have had a rough life but Thank God he was there for me and my family or I know I wouldn’t be here today.She use to babysit to make money so she could buy things which was hardley nothing. I’m so proud of her spite all that we’ve been through. My Mom is now 81 years old and she can barely get around and I know she is getting so tired so you see before It’s my Mom time to be called home I would like to say I did something special for my Friend who I call Mom. Love You Mom !

  301. nnaola

    i think my elder sister deserves to win .i was raised by my dad. i lost my mum as a baby but has grown up to appreciate motherhood and always envy those that has someone they can call mum. thank god for my elder sister who has been a mum to all of us 5 siblings at the death of our mum. she has been the greatest mum to me, i can always count on her for motherly help,advice and suggestion. she is the kind of person that gives herself completely without expecting anything in return, she will always say ‘dont spend the little money you have to get me anything’. she hadly gets things for herself but rather will spend it on us.she is a mother of 4 kids 3 boys and a girl. she has done so much for me and i want to surprise her a little, if i win this it will be a nice mothers day present to her which normally i cannot afford.

  302. Inhae Choi

    My mom truly deserves to win because she only has less than 10 pairs of top and bottom… She barely spends money for herself.. SHE NEEDS CLOTHES..!!! Please let my mom win this shopping spree!!!!! Thank you!!

  303. jojo goldenhersh

    I have a had diabetes for 13 years (I’m 15) and every night for the past 13 years, my mom wakes up at 12 am to check me. No mom would ever want to do that, but my mom loves me too much to not. She is the best mom ever, and funny, and deserves the best for this Mothers Day. She is a one of a kind, happy, and mom who deserves this more than anyone else. :)

  304. katie

    Being a mom of three is tough. Raising three teenagers while your husband is away in Iraq, is even more tough.

    My mom, Lisa, has been married to my dad for over 25 years. Seeing as he was in the Marine Corp for 30 years, a good portion of our childhood was spent him being deployed whether it was desert Storm in the early 90s or his SEVEN tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, which subsequently left my mother to raise myself and my two siblings alone.

    I’m not going to lie, we definitely gave my mom a few headaches and some grey hair during the time my dad was away, but we recognize the sacrifices she’s made both for us and our country as a military wife.

    This gift would completely brighten her day, week, and year and would be a terrific way to say ‘thanks’ for all she does and has done in the past. And now that my dad has finally retired, it would remind her that she can relax (and stop worrying) and treat herself to a well-deserved day of fun.

  305. Jacqueline W.

    My mommy deserves a shopping spree after years of hard work of raising me single-handedly me since my dad passed away five years ago. Before dad died, she had a keen interest in fashion and frequented boutiques. And as the smart cookie that she has always been, even when my dad could afford a lot of things, my mom always taught me to scout for great deals and to buy things only when they go on sale! However, since that fateful day when dad died, my mom transformed from being a fashionable homemaker into the sole breadwinner of the family, working long hours in a blue-collar job. She has made many sacrifices to provide for the family. She avoids going to the malls and boutiques in order to save up enough money to assist me financially with my post-secondary education. I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree this May, and giving my mom this shopping spree would be a great present to thank her in return for all the years of hardships she has endured as a single mom. Finally, she deserves a little fun in her life! BTR is definitely the place to provide her with the chance to dress in style again while allowing her to stay true to her own philosophy of shopping for great deals!

  306. Sterling

    My mom has been so great to me and my siblings, and my mom always wants to give me and my siblings the best,and my mother works hard to afford things to make us 4 happy, even if we dont ask for much, and she doesn’t try to make anyone feel bad for her but instead she realizes some has it worse. Also she is fun, loving,and enjoys joking with people,and bringing them into a happy mood.This is why i think my mom deserves this prize.

  307. Lauren Chapman

    Work dominates my mother’s life. She works two part-time jobs, in order to help pay for my sister’s upcoming wedding as well as our college educations, at low wages. She once had her dream job working at a museum in the Education Department. She would plan educational programs for children and she would go to schools as a historical interpreter; dressed as Susan B. Anthony, or a woman from the time of the American Revolution. Unfortunately her job was taken away from her when the museum decided to cut the Education Department because it wasn’t making money. My mother slipped into a horrible phase of depression. She was a woman with two Masters degrees and nobody wanted to hire her. Her only option was to take two jobs. Going from a 9 to 5, 5 days a week job to a 6 day work week with two part-time jobs has not only been hard on my mother, but on the whole family. We hardly get to spend any time with her, and just as she starts to relax, she has to prepare for work the next day.
    I worry about my mom’s health and happiness. One of the things that my mom used to love was going shopping with her daughters. Back when she had a decent income we would shop together a couple times a year. We haven’t been shopping for years now. I know that something like this would be so much fun for her and it would take her mind off of the stress that she endures constantly.

  308. Courtney

    Ever since I moved away for college a few years ago, my mom and I find little time to spend together anymore. One of our favorite activities has always been shopping, and we also love swapping clothes and sharing shopping websites with one another online. My mom has been such a great support for me during my life, and especially through college. She couldn’t be any prouder of the fact that I will be getting my degree in Design and Merchandising this June. Since she has given so much to me, I would love to be able to give something back to her, and what better than a shopping spree?

  309. Claire

    Though I’m sure everyone else’s mother deserves to win, I think that my mom really deserves to win because she is always thinking of others before her. She is always buying my new clothes but she doesn’t spend a penny on herself. She doesn’t even own a Coach bag (which I’m pretty sure everyone owns)! She feels guilty everytime she buys something for herself even though she doesn’t ever buy anything new. I think that she really needs a chance to think just a little about herself and have a reason to buy new clothes for herself and not anyone else. If she doesn’t have a good reason for her to shop for herself, she probably will never think of buying something for herself. She is an amazing mother and i wouldn’t trade her for anything else. Please consider. Thanks! ♥♥

  310. Mary Nguyen

    I honestly don’t know where to start on why my mother deserves this. She is an incredibly strong woman, the kind of mother anyone would love to have as their own. No matter the situation, she is always there. She is the mother of 9 children and grandmother of 10, so you couldn’t even begin to imagine the time, love, and effort she has put into our family to where it is today. Always thinking about us, and making sure that we all have what we need, making no time for herself. I am the youngest of the nine children and for 20 years, since I could remember, she has always been there for me, with unconditional love. And being a mother myself and watching her, I have learned so many things. I hope one day I could grow into even half of as wonderful of a mother that she is. She firmly believes in the motto “work hard, play later.” And I could tell you that she is one of the hardest working mothers that I know and I am beyond blessed to have her in my life. She is actually at the age of retirement, but refuses to because she is just always worrying too much and just wants to make sure we are all well taken care of. We’ve always wanted her to just sit back and relax and just have some time to herself to enjoy and this would be an amazing gift to be able to give to her. She definitely knows the value of a dollar, and not only would it be a wonderful gift to her, but an absolute blessing. The amount of money we could win from this, doesn’t even come anywhere near to what my mother has given to us. Every dollar earned, every dime in her pocket, she is willing to give and with an opportunity to give back like this, we wouldn’t be able to thank enough. She has worked extremely hard for us all, exceeding the expectations, that I definitely believe that it’s time for her to play:) I honestly really never gave credit to my mother for all the things she has done for us, until just recently, when I too became a mother. I now have a little one year old boy that I would love to spoil if I could. Being a mother and being able to walk up to him, is truly a blessing, knowing I get to have him as mine. He has changed my life in so many ways, for the better. His smile melts my heart every single time and I can’t even describe how lucky my husband and I are, to have him in our lives! He’s growing up WAY to fast, that we’re just trying to cherish every precious moment, and there’s not a day that we can’t smoother him with a million kisses! If I could win this, there is no doubt that I would spoil them. Thank you Beyondtherack! :)

  311. Jen

    My mother deserves to win. She has struggled my whole live , yet providing the most amazing situation growing up. I never realized we were poor….I never realized I was missing dance classes and sports teams…. She did everything with me and kept me close with family so my cousins played with me
    I grew up in hand me downs …. I loved to see what my cousins were wearing bc that meant one day I could.
    I love getting things for my mom now… I am 27… She still wears some things that she wore when I grew up… I’d love to give her the opportunity to go crazy and have fun
    I would love her to be confident in what she wears…. Because she would be once again be in the style of today… I mean sure she has some new stuff but I’d love her not to think of the price and just indulge for once on herself.

    It would be a mothers day to remember~

  312. Lori

    My mother deserves to win because she is the most selfless person I know. She is a mother of one son and one daughter (myself) and she has never ever put herself before her family. I just graduated from ROSS university medical school last month and throughout all 4 years of medical school she never hesitated to help me out once. Being canadian my loans for medical school did not cover all 4 years of tuition and living expenses. I can’t count the number of times she sacrificed her extra spending money for the month and gave it to me. I honestly don’t think she’s gone shopping in 4 years because of me. But she never complained not once and whenever I needed to pay for an exam or text book or even a flight home she got it for me.

    Besides offering me financial support she has also been my emotional support. I would literally call her crying about an exam I had just taken or about an exam I was about to take and she would calm me down every single time….even though she knew I had nothing to worry about. She has also acted as my personal life planner for the past 4 years. She has organized everything with the bank (because i was out of the country for all of my training), she spent her time searching for cheapest flights for me to come home when i was able to and she even helped me fill out endless amounts of paper work because she knew i was studying and thought that was more important.

    My mom really deserves a little money for herself (and since i have prevented her from having it for the past 4 years) it would be really nice to give her this gift. Her and my dad have given me my graduation present and I would love to give this to her as a sort of graduation present from me!

  313. sam

    My mother and I deserve to win “beyond the rack” because my mother is Awesome! She’s one of my best friends and has set a great example to my and my siblings what a happy, fulfilled life looks like. She is truly selfless, donating both money and time to causes she believes in, and deserves a chance to spoil herself.

    For myself, I’ve been on a “no shopping for a year” challenge to pay off my student debt and see if I can rise to the challenge… but a $500 shopping spree wouldn’t break my self-imposed vow and would help me infuse some much lusted over fresh colour and pieces into my wardrobe!!

  314. Ashleigh Share

    When I was 4 years old, I met my step-mom for the first time. Without a word said, I jumped into her arms. Since that day, she never treated me as a step-child, but as a cherished daughter who was as much her own as my sister. She raised me, instilling work ethic and compassion, drive and integrity. She has worked her entire life, starting when she was a child living on a farm in Nebraska and now as a bank manager in Idaho. It is because of her dedication and hard work that I think she deserves to win. Also, it’s because she chose to accept me and raise me when she did not have to.

  315. Karen Aalders

    My mother has been widowed for a little more than 5 years. She met a wonderful man in January and they are planning to get married…he’s 80+ and she’s 65+! I think we deserve to win so she can look fabulous at her wedding and on her honeymoon.

  316. Raine

    My mom completely deserves to win this contest. She is the kind of mom who sacrifices everything for everyone. I like to joke that I have adopted siblings because she goes out of her way to help people she just met. They no longer are strangers to her as they quickly adopt her as their mom too. My mom isn’t the kind to be lavish or buy expensive things. She loves clothes but will buy things for others first. My mom is not only the best mom but the world’s greatest grandmother. She takes care of her granddaughters everyday! If I could give my mom the world, I would because she deserves nothing less. Being out of work has not stopped her from helping out others. It would take me pages to list all the compassionate acts she has shown to others. Winning this contest would be an unbelievable experience for an unbelievable woman!

  317. Erica

    My mom is, in my perspective, the worlds best mom. Our family does not have the finacial support to keep both my mom and myself looking nice, yet my mom is always willing to spend that last quarter on a nice shirt or dress for me. Ever since I was 12 years old, my family was never able to buy a new shirt for me. We only went to garage sales and picked out the cheapest clothing for both my mom and I. On my 12th birthday, my mom was able to save enought money to buy my a new and beautiful dress. I never forgot that moment when she gave me that dress. I wore that dress everday for the whole summer.

    Now, everytime my mom and I go shopping, she never buys anything for herself; even when I tell her I would love to pay for her outfit, she always tells me to keep it for myself. My mom never buys any clothes, all her clothes are leftovers and unwanted clothes from friends or sometimes, even my leftover clothes. She is never complaining about how ugly the shirt is, or how out of style those pants is. Every week, she wears the same outfits, she even remembers that 2 days ago, she already wore that outfit, but she has no choice. I often see my mom browsing on the internet, especially Beyond the Rack, for clothes, and I know my mom would love to buy all those dresses and shirts if she could finacially pay for them. But she never even thinks about buying them for herself.

    This mothers day, I would love to give her a gift, but my mom never accepts any gifts from me because she thinks its a waste of money. My mom always puts me as her top priority and herself as second. She cares about our family and has spent 16 years, spending every last penny on me to make me happy. I believe this mothers day, my treat to her would be for mom to win this shopping spree and fulfill her dreams of buying the clothes she loves.

  318. Marie-Josee

    I’m 44 years old and my mom is 81! We always share our clothes. She’s one of a kind my mom. She loves fashion just like me. She’s 81 but looks like 60. I wish I could take her for shopping with me one of these days. I’m a single mom so it’s not easy on money. So that’s why I participate to this contest. Never did that before but if I could win, I’ll be very proud to take my mom for shopping and she won’t pay for anything. I’m French so sorry for the mistake…Thank you.

  319. Vinga Pálsdóttir

    My mom is my best friend. She’s the kindest, most genuine, warmest and strongest person I know! She always puts herself last before anyone else. She rarely buys clothes for herself, and recently she lost weight and her closet really needs an update! There isn’t a single person that dislikes her. She has spent the last ten years developing eldering homes that are homely, fun, warm and lovely. A mother of three, she never stops worrying about us and making sure we are as happy as we could be. I would really love to surprise her with a wonderful shopping spree, she would be so happy! And she truly deserves it.

  320. eva kiss

    I have a little sad story which can end a happy story
    So my mom raised me and my brother I didn’t see my
    mother in ten years now. She lives in a different country
    I came to the USA 10 years ago. I have a 3 year old son
    he is the only boy in the family he takes the family name which is
    a major thing in my culture, so finaly my mother decided that she
    will visit us so I can spend time with her. I just hope that one day I can give
    all the love what she gave me. Let’s just say that my son looks exactly like my
    younger brother so she will be suprised. I hope it’s gonna be a perfect mother’s day
    together 3 generations together.

  321. Natasha

    hello to all,

    I think that my mom deserves to win because this gift would make her feel at least a little better…I don’t like to tell people (especially that i don’t know/over the internet) what is going on in my life, and…i am sorry for that, but i also know that it will decreases my chance of wining! All I want to say is that my mom is truly an inspiration to me and people that know her!!! She has helped me and so many others and because of that I really think that my mom deserves this win!

    Thank you very much Beyond the Rack, this is an amazing thing that you are doing!!!
    good luck to you all!!!

  322. Chelsea Easton

    Like most mothers and daughters, my mother and I have been through a sea of challenges. She had to raise my sister and I all by herself because our father was an illegal immigrant from Cuba and he could not move away from his job in California to be with us. As if that was not enough of a challenge in and of itself, we got a phone call when I was only six years old to find that he had passed away from a heart attack. After that point in me and my sister’s life, we knew that we would have to stay strong for our mom… because we knew that if we fell apart, then WE ALL would fall apart. And things only managed to worsen over the next few years when my grandpa began getting really sick and I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes as well as severe asthma. But now matter how hard it became, we still managed to stay on top of everything and keep it together as much as possible. From time to time though we did have our moments… and there were times where we felt as if we could not go on. We all realized however that giving up was just not an option and that we WERE going to get through every obstacle that came our way. Our mother would not let us overcome anything alone though.

    With every moment of sadness, our mother was there for us through it all, as we were there for her. She is THE STRONGEST person I have ever met, and it makes me sad to know that I can only do so much to in my power to help her… because she really does deserve more than what she is given. She dedicates her time and energy in to educating little children and inspiring them to be anything they want to be, all the while she is still taking care of me and my sister as we get older and start making bigger, and more challenging decisions… and I know that, no matter what, she will be there for us through anything we go through. So why do you think me and my mother deserve to win you ask?? Well here is my simple answer, it’s not me and my mother who deserve to win… it’s her. I don’t deserve anything… she just deserves the world.

    I love you mom.

  323. Sarah B

    “A mother іѕ a person whο, seeing thеrе аrе οnƖу four pieces οf pie fοr five people, promptly announces ѕhе never did care fοr pie.” -Tenneva Jordan

    This quote sums up my mom. She was always thinking of others before herself. Growing up was hard. My parents are divorced and my mom had custody over my 2 sisters and I. She always made sure we had the essentials to get us by even if it meant she had to make sacrifices. “Mom I need new clothes, the girls at school made fun of me”..or “MOM! Why do we always eat the same thing for dinner!?” She would go out of her way to make our lives a little more easy, even if it meant staying up late to sew really cool patches on our jeans (thus was the style when I was younger), or making that “gourmet” meal we craved for the next evening. Raising 3 girls is not the easiest of tasks and now that I’m older I can look back and see all the hard work my mom put into our little family. Winning this shopping spree would be my way of giving back to her. Money can’t buy happiness, I know that, but it’s my way of telling her she can afford those really cool jeans with the patches… And if I don’t win, that’s okay because love is worth way more than just a shopping spree and knowing that I am who I am because of my mother and being able to tell her that is the best gift that I can give her this mother’s day and every other day of the year!

  324. Tricia

    Everyone’s mother is special in their heart. My mother is a wife to one, mother to three and grandmother to five. She never asks for anything, gives unconditionally, supports all of us in any and everything we do. Everything about her inspires me to be the best mother to my children. I hope that one day my children will feel the same way about me as I feel about my mother. Happy Day to all the Mothers and Future Mothers!!!

  325. Nandi Pointer

    My mother has not had an easy life. The oldest of nine siblings, she grew up being the caretaker and never got to experience the joys of shopping and developing her personal style as a child, teenager or adult woman. She often told me stories of searching through racks and racks of thrift store clothing, looking for items that didn’t look like they came from a thrift store. She worked hard and became the only daughter in her family to receive a Ph.d…Later in life, she went through some bad personal relationships and as a result, wasn’t always there for me, in the ways she should have been; but she’s bounced back.

    After teaching in South Korea for six years, I recently returned to my native California. It’s been a nightmare looking for work in the television industry. I hold an MJ from UC Berkeley and a BA from Howard University and have production experience at MTV…still I’ve been unable to find work. This is extremely stressful because I have a teenage daughter that I am supporting alone; well not alone, because I have the help of my wonderful mom.

    My mom bought a home, her first, after she retired last year after teaching at CSU-East Bay for over 25 years. We now live near Los Angeles, so that I can look for work and my daughter can be in a good school environment. She is sacrificing a lot of her financial freedom right now to help me and my daughter. I can’t afford to take her on a shopping spree but as a woman, slightly obsessed, with fashion I know it would be an experience that we’d remember and cherish for the rest of our lives! Happy MotheR’s Day!

  326. Vanessa Gillis

    Along with all the other women who have entered this contest on behalf of their amazing mothers, I would love an opportunity to do something to make my mom, who never does anything for herself, feel radient. My mom is a beautiful woman who, in the last 10 years, has lost confidence in her appearance, often refering to herself as a “fat, old woman”. She hides behind funky glasses and wears clothes that she thinks hide her perceived imperfections. Though her wardrobe is boarderline “What Not To Wear” worthy, and even though money is tight for my parents, my mom would rather spend any extra cash helping a recent Iranian immigrant neighbour’s daughter pay for a college class. She’s an avid wearer of bad monochromatic outfit looks and would NEVER take the time to find jeans that flatter or cost more than $40. My mom is a special education teacher specializing in Autism in Vancouver. In June, she’s leaving for 6 months to volunteer at a school in Yelapa, Mexico. She’s been walking like crazy to get in shape for all the stairs there (there are no roads and all the houses and school are up the hillside) so now her shabby wardrobe is even more ill-fitting. Please allow for me to assist in picking out some pretty new things for a great mom who always gives to her 2 kids – and everyone else’s – everything before thinking of herself. I’m also sending love to all the deserving and incredible moms whose daughters have writen such lovely things about above.



  328. Alexa

    My mom deserves to win beaucause she really is the best mom in the world. My father is on the road most of the time because of his job, so she has to deal with my sister and I almost on her own, 5 to 6 days a week. She went throw alot of hard stuff lately: she lost her mom and her dad had a really hard time because he had a real bunch of problems with his lungs and also, she just won a battle against breast cancer.

    Even with all of that, she sacrifies everything for me and I’m really thankfull to her for that. She really needs that shopping spreed budget beacause she never buys anything for her, it is always about my sister and I. My mom really deserves this because her heart is as big as the unvierse but her budget limits her alot… It is the best thing that could happen to my mommy right now… Love you mom♥

  329. Erin

    My Mom is the definition of a strong woman. She raised my sister and I alone but was determined we would have a better life. She earned her bachelor’s degree with a 4.0 and her master’s degree from Johns Hopkins in special education with a 4.0 while working full-time to support her teenage daughters. With the financial support of my Mom, I finished my master’s degree last May and my sister will be graduating with her master’s degree this month. My mom has spent the last 10 years driving a car that can’t go over 60 and for the last 3 years hasn’t had a working radio to drive 45 minutes to a job where she teaches with children with severe disabilities. I can’t remember the last time she bought herself clothes that weren’t on the sale rack at Marshall’s. I would love for my mom to finally be able to treat herself to a day of fun and shopping. She truly deserves it.

  330. Alexandra

    Thereason why my mother should win is because throughout the past 5 years of her life she hasn’t gotten to do anything for her, she cares for myself and my five younger sibblings 24/7 and has a husband who is filling for divorse and has a store which is going through a tuff time(sales have been low) and so by choosing me I you can help me give her something she hasnt done in a long time and that is treating herself to a little something special,I know for a fact that by doing this you will certainly put a smile on her face, a smile that hasnt been there for a very long time…

  331. wendy mathers

    I would of said my mom because she was the best, always here for us. She was sick and struggled to stay here for us….the dr were so surprized she made it this last year. She stayed for us!!!!! My mother passed away in oct….. this is our first mothers day with out her, my sister and I are both mothers but it is so surreal on celebrating this day with out the person who brought us in to this world…So it would be great to celebrate this day with my sister in this way! I cant say we deserve this but my mother did! She was there for my dad,her girls, grandchildren and family and friends. She was my sunshine! thanks Wendy Mathers

  332. Elaine Ma

    My mom and I deserve to win this shopping trip because we just paid off my student loan. We’ve been saving for years, and it’s all paid off now! I would like to do something special with my mom and if we had this money to shop, it would be a very nice surprise for her. We’ve never had very much, but my mom started saving for my university education since I started high school, and I’ve been saving my money from the part time jobs I’ve worked over the summer. We’ve been living extra frugally for the past few years just to cover my loans. We’ve always been responsible with our money, but it would be nice to have the money to buy something luxurious for once. I love my mom so much and am so lucky I have a mom who loves me enough to help me out as I begin my search for a career. I hope to make her very proud. Winning this prize would be a pleasant bonus!

  333. Taylor Bowers

    : Our house was broken into two weeks ago and countless stolen. All of my moms jewelry was stolen. And among here jewelry wasn’t grandmas old very expensive jewellery that has been passed down in the family for countless generations. Such as the fire opal ring surrounded by rubies. And that ring was supposed to go to me. And then my grandmas diamond cross and loose diamonds from my grandfather. And I know if we win this that it wont be the same as getting back all the things that we have lost both sentimental and cost value but hopefully we can get something like it andbit will fill in the hole of missing sentimental value a little bit. And also we deserve to win this because my mom and I have been thru alot but we are still amazing!! Or atleast she is most amazing. So please pick us!

  334. Megan

    My mom and I should win because we have such totally different taste, are completely different sizes, live in different climate zones of the country and usually don’t do too well shopping together in person – but this would be our perfect virtual shopping trip together!

  335. Fathia osman

    Hello my name is Ayan I have two sisters am the middile child of three siblings so We thought this would be a perfect way for a mothers gift to get her also to show how much mothers day mean to us. Am also a mother of two and my older sibling has two of her own we are both divorced at two different times and this is one of the resones why we should appreciate our parents my mom was there mostly when I was finishing school getting my career life in order after the divorce. She has been there for us since day one we actually think she’s a wonder women lol due her being three different places at once I know impossible but she does it so let’s not drag the story I just want to say today the person I am and the life I lived I thank my mother and for pushing us to our goal and if we don’t win this shows how much we love you .

  336. Lily G

    I am orginally from Australia now living in LA, its so hard every year not spending time with my Mum on Mothers. However to those that have lost a mother is way more difficult to cope with. What I would do with the shopping spree is share it with my friend here in LA who lost her mother to cancer. For me not seeing my Mum for a few years is ok but for my friend who will never see her Mother again that is my gift to her.

  337. Tina

    Hello :)

    I know my mother and I should win because she works tirelessly for my younger three siblings and I. She recently has gotten surgery (uterus ) and it has left her very weak. She is a very beautiful women and even at age 41 she could pull off as a young 25 year woman. My father and her work long hours and never get breaks. My mother always wants what’s best for her kids so she NEVER spoils herself. Since I’m still young, and don’t have a job, this would be a great gift! This whole year I haven’t gone shopping for myself either in order to help my mother out with the bills. My father could only make so much to feed 6 hungry mouths! I am blessed to be a loving family and wonderful home in CT. Winning this shopping spree would mean so much to my mother and I. By I, I also speak for my younger siblings, I would love to buy clothes on BTR for them as well! I’ve already bought my prom dress from this website as well. Please choose us! :) Thanks!

  338. Alexa

    Dear BTR,

    My name is Alexa, I’m 23 years old and living in Chicago, quite a distance away from my two BEST friends, my mom Micki and my little sister, who live in my hometown right outside of Pittsburgh, PA. My mom deserves this more than anyone I know. She has been a single parent since I was 9 years old and has raised my sister and me better than any two parents ever could. She has always done whatever she could to make sure we were not only well cared for but comfortable and happy (even if a few bills had to be late, she would never miss out on taking us to the beach!). If it wasn’t for her hard work and compassion, I would not be the successful young woman I am today. I worked hard in school since I was a little girl to make her proud and pay her back for everything she’s done for me, and was able to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the nation, regardless of the financial burdens we were faced with. She is the strongest and most selfless woman I know, and she deserves this little treat as recognition!

    I’ve also included, for your amusement, a very sophisticated poem that I wrote when I was in 3rd grade for her on Mother’s Day that she still has:

    My three best friends are really cool,
    There’s one and home and two at school,
    The two at school are Jessie and Nikki,
    The one at home, you’ll just call Micki,
    You may think I’m kinda dumb,
    Because my best friend is my mum.

    Please give my mom the chance to treat herself to something sweet, after everything she’s done for me! :)


  339. Carmen Arenas

    My mom and I deserve the grand prize because we are each entering new stages of our lives. My mom is a retiring teacher if 42 years, and she needs a style makeover for her life. I am returning to my career in real estate, and I need a makeover as well.

  340. natalie

    Even though we have all moved out, my mother still doesn’t spend money on herself. We have never done a shopping spree together as I too still feel the need to spend all my money on my kids, or the home. Just going through a divorce now, I feel the need to spend more time and money on myself but funds are lacking. This would be a great for us to both get new wardrobes and a new begining for myself.

  341. Heather Jensen

    I think that my mother and I deserve the mothers day shopping spree for many reasons: To start with my mom she is an amazing women and has raised 5 kids on her own while battling severe Chrohns disease which she is having major medical and life threatening medical problems because of the progess of the disease in the past year. She made sure that all of us kids had everything we needed growing up even when money was tight she had a smile on her face and made sure us kids had a childhood we could be proud of. When I turned 16 I was pregnant and my mother supported my decision to keep my child and helped me become the mother I am today and helped me deal with the negative appeal you get as a teenage mother. My pregnancy was not easy as my daughter was born with severe heart defects and at 6 months had to have life threatening surgery and became an angel in heaven at 6 months and 3 days old. My mother was my rock and helped me survive the death of my daughter and help me realize that life does go on. My mother pushed me to stay in school even with everything against me, I graduated high school, and now have graduated with my bachelors and working on my masters. I now have 3 other children that I am raising on my own. My kids are all healthy and happy and a blessing from God. I may not have all the money or finer things in life but I teach my kids values, and morales and raise them as my mother raised me. I have survived the worlds worst and still have the positive attitude on life and wont let the negativity in this world damper my views on life that my mother taught me growing up. So I think my mom and I deserve to have some pampering and especially so I can thank her for making me into the women and mother I have become.

  342. Amber

    My mom re-married when i was 5. I was an only child until she married. She took on two little boys, one 9 months the other 6 years old and together her and my step father have been two of the best parents anyone could ask for. Now, at 32, she has helped me become the woman i am today. She is extremely involved in all of our lives, the grandkids adore her. She has always put everyone first before her. When she walks into a room she is the light, everyone around her would agree. She’s a strong, Christian woman who is involved in giving back to local women in jail, the food banks, women’s shelters, etc. It has in turn molded my own community involvement, which is a blessing in itself. There are so many positive and wonderful qualities i could go on about as to why my mom deserves to win. In short, she is our world and for once i would like to give back to her the way she gives to everyone around her. Thank you for your time :)


    My mommy should win this because she is a wonderful father friend and mother. She took care of 4 children alone she was a child raising children and has worked all her life to support us and make sure we had a roof over our head and clothes and shoes on her feet. We never had much but we had alot and enough of what we needed sure it was a struggle but we made it through With GOD’s help she kept our family together and through that we all remain in good health respect and we have everything we want and need. I love my mommy a strong dignified heaven sent lady and i’m thankful for her.

  344. michelle cantu

    My mom and I definitely deserve to win. My mom is a 56 yr old mother of two. She has been married to my father for 32 years. I grew up in a household that lived paycheck to paycheck. My fathers business went through a very hard time and my mom has been the main source of income for the past 3 years. She deserves the world and living to barely make ends meet week after week is just not what she and my father had in mind for themselves. I am a stay at home mother of three beautiful boys 10, 2 and 3 months. My days of shopping for myself are far and few between. All my extra money goes to my boys looking cute.

  345. Mary

    I am writing to nominate my mother to win as she is a wonderful mother, grandmother, sister and aunt. She always has a kind word for everyone and goes above and beyond to help someone in need. She does not pass judgment, or harsh words, and knows that a kind word or deed in life can take you far.

    In life she has taught me to never give up even though I may fail. She has always been my biggest cheerleader. She has taught me the value of hard work, humility, grace and how to be a friend. No matter what life may throw at me I know she will always be there when I need her and she loves me for who I am.

  346. ana prieto

    I should be the winner because my poor mom and I have had a hard time …she is making her house payment out of four hundred social security monthly check after a modification
    I help her with the difference… she is wonderful and she’s just thankful…

  347. marjolie

    Bon par quoi commencer, ma mère mérite le tromphé de la meilleure mère et ce n’est pas des jokes. Elle qui m’a eu a 18 ans, je n’ai jamais manqué de rien et même je suis gâter par elle ! Elle m’a toujours fait passer en premier et maintenant c’est a mon tour de la gâter !! Elle a combattue son cancer et celui de mon père la tête haute et toujours avec le sourire, donc je crois qu’elle mérite amplement ce petit cadeau !

  348. april

    My daughter in law and I deserve to win because she is a great mom who has neglected her own attire and needs new cloths.

  349. Hayley McAllister

    It wasn’t until recently that I was able to even attempt to understand the sacrifices and perseverance required to be a mother. I grew up thinking that having someone who loved me, no matter what I did, was a right, not a privilege. My mom would come home after working all day at child protective services only to lend a sympathetic ear to my rants about teenage angst and how my latest blemish ruined the day. I got mad at her when she tried to give me advice, and accused her of not caring when she failed to give me such. Raising a daughter through their adolescent years is not for the faint of heart, and yet somehow my mother managed to carry herself gracefully throughout. The fights about cleaning my room or sneaking out at night all seem so trivial in retrospect compared to what she did for me. Working for twenty-four years as the sole breadwinner in our house, in an emotionally straining job, my mom has more than paid her dues. And every day she continues to do it, to put me through school, to ensure I have all the opportunities possible, even when I fail to fully appreciate them. She is the kind of woman who puts our family’s needs before hers, and even after the roughest day at work, she still finds the good in people. She is the most personable, friendly, professional, efficient, and productive person I know -I have often wondered (and envied) how positive she has always been able to be, and although no one can be that 100% of the time, I don’t think anything or anyone can ever take that away from her. Each day I find myself coming to a heightened realization of how much she does for me, but I don’t think I will able to ever fully grasp it. I love her with all my heart, and I can only hope that one day I will be there for her and my prospective children like she has and always will be there for me.

  350. CD

    My mother NEVER goes shopping for herself. Any free money she gets she spends on her family. Her clothes and hair are stuck in a time warp. I would love to be able to win this for her and modernize her look and show her off in all the beautiful clothes beyond the rack offers. She deserves it and so much more.

  351. Kat

    Today is my birthday, and i made my mom miss her train for work, but she couldn’t get mad at me. If it were any other day, she still wouldn’t be mad at me. Some people wish their mothers to be their best friends, allow them to do anything. But, I am happy with my mama having the role of a mother. And, through my 17 years it turned out that my mama is actually a friend to me. Now i know it is possible to be both.

    We have been through very many hard times together, and though my mom doesn’t take anything lightly, she has a way of comforting her children no matter the situation. I feel reassured knowing that anything that happens can be openly discussed with her, with no judgement.

    Most importantly, we disagree, we argue, we fight, we may not have the same principles or morals or beliefs, but I have her full support in all my dreams. And, for that she has allowed me to discover myself and be the best person i am capable of being.

    My grandma jokes that my aunt is the beautiful one, and my mom is just nice. She said that my mama’s smile makes anyone happen, even in a bad mood. And, for that i think being just nice is totally fine. But, whenever i think about this, i realize it isn’t true. My mom is beautiful, inside and out.

    She just needs better fashion sense. 😉
    and thats where this contest comes in.

    P.s. just in time for mothers day, i have taken 5 minutes out of my otherwise busy student life to appreciate my mother. Something i should do way more often.

  352. Kim

    I believe we deserve to win as both my mother and I have not pay much attention to ourself; our looks. We are so focus on the people in our lives and that we neglect ourself. If we win, we will spend the winning money on ourself; we will have a make over and we will shop and shop :) for new clothes…………………..

  353. Joan

    I believe my mom and I deserve to win. A year ago we lost my younger brother to a heart attack and my mom’s great grand daughter 10 days before that, since then I have lost 100 lbs and need to get new clothes, my mom has dementia and the last year has been hard on both my mother and myself. I think if I could take her shopping it would pick up her spirits. She has always been there for us and I would love to be there for her. She lives with my sister and her husband and it has taken its toll on them also. If I could take her shopping it would help all of us.

    Thank you

  354. Rebecca Fish

    About my mom:
    There are a lot of things i can say good and bad, but as the years go by no matter how things have gone we always stick together. She has been divorced from my father for over 10yrs, and even though they hated eachother for a good portion of that she is now allowing him to live with her. He recently had a stroke the week of my birthday and has lost the use/sensation of the right half of his body. He recently has been evicted from his residence and my mom offered him a place to rest his head. She lives in a 1br. appartment and he sleeps on the couch. For the past 4 yrs or so she was unemployed and recently found a job. Thank God ! So, things have been hard, but it goes to show we are all still family no matter what. I would love to see her win because I think it would just make her happy and encourage her to keep going strong and that we can make it !

  355. Cynthia Ayvazian

    I’m sure many people are deserving of this prize and I’m not trying to say they aren’t because everyone has a story but I’d like to tell you mine: I’m currently 19 years old and have a 22 year old sister.
    Throughout my youth, my father suffered from mental illness and as in most cases, didn’t always take his medication. My mother fought to keep him healthy and to keep my sister and I safe. He left us about ten years ago. For a couple of years, my father kept in touch, but sooner rather than later he stopped writing and paying my mother the meager alimony her owed us. My mother believed in the worth of a good education and sent my sister and I to private gradeschool and high school even though she had to spare herself some of the luxuries she would have liked. This is how she has lived the last 10 years of her life and probably the next few years as I am just starting university and need her financial assistance. My mother deserves something nice. She deserves to be treated like the queen that she is, and she deserves to have all the wonderful things life has to offer. Every day we log on to Beyond The Rack to look at all the luxurious clothes that we wish we could afford and every day we log out hoping that eventually we’ll be able to press that checkout button and anxiously wait for our long awaited purchase.
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live out this out of reach dream.

  356. krystyna b

    My mother deserves to win because she never ever asks for anything in return for everything she does for me, one of her three kids, or anyone else. When my younger brother was between 2 and 3 years old he was diagnosed with autism. My mom gave up her job and has spent the last 28 years raising him, advocating for him, and on top of that running the household–that included 2 other kids, my dad, and random pets!

    My mom never buys clothes for herself and is the most difficult to buy for because she doesn’t really want anything. She always says she has what she needs and she makes things difficult because her “needs” are always the bare minimum…winning this shopping spree would finally allow her to splurge and get some things for herself to pamper herself and reward herself! She is truly a deserving, wonderful, #1 mom in my books!

    1. Joseph Kirsch

      Moms have it hard all around. But mothers of special needs, are even more dedicated and patient and so full of strength, I’m shocked and proud in how strong, mentally and emotionally, besides physically. These are the mothers though, that don’t believe that they are deserving, because many blame themselves and others just don’t feel that they are getting or doing enough for the children and family. When they basically, just need to be on hand like any other mom, but just give a little more patience and alot more hugs and words of love.
      All mother’s of special needs and mothers that even adopt these children, deserve more than anything our love, respect and gratitude. God Bless!!!

  357. megan hailstone

    Hi I can’t tell you why I deserve it but I can certainly tell you why my mom deserves it first it would be amazing for her because we don’t have much money and the reason is because I went through a lot during my teen age years and I am not able to go to a public school so now she is paying for an expensive private school so that I can graduate also she stayed with me through all my problems I was in and out of rehab for 3 years and when no one else believed in me because I kept messing so she was the only one who knew I could do it and with her constant support I eventually got through rehab and became sober and during this time my moms older sister died so it was hard enough for her anyways and she still stayed by my side she has helped me through dealing with the hospital and my mental illness and now her best friend died and she’s still managing to be the best mom ever she is the best mom she’s super I’ve never seen a mom who was able to go through this with there child she has given me everything even though it was hard to I had everything I needed my moms a super mom and I love her more than anything she would do anything for me and I appreciate her more than anyone one or anything

  358. Kimberly Arnold

    I believe my mother deserves to win because she is truly an angel on earth. My mother was born and raised in Thailand. Her childhood was less than pleasant and she had to experience losing both her parents at a very young age. Her mother passed away when she was 12 and a year later, her father re-married a woman, but passed away within a few months due to kidney failure from alcoholism. My mom moved from Thailand to the US with the little money she inherited when she was just 18 – a decision I would never have the courage to make. She learned English on her own and immediately started working to support herself. She met my father in her 20’s and later had my older sister and I. Growing up, our family went through a lot – especially my parents. There are things that are hard for me to write here, but I will try… My dad was in the military so he was barely home so it was hard for my mom to raise both of us without my dad around a lot. When he retired from the military, my father was abusive verbally and physically and cheated on my mother. Though he has gotten extremely better with his temper, it is hard to look back at my childhood and remember how everything effected my mother. But throughout it all, my mother was still so strong and loved my sister and I conditionally and always did her best to support my sister and I and push us to our best potential.

    My whole life, I have never seen her cry or complain about the troubles she has had in her life. Everyday, I hear friends and peers complain about the pettiest things in life and it amazes me that my mother, who has gone through so much in has never once expressed pity for herself. My mom is so, so, so thoughtful and generous and she truly deserves the chance to splurge on herself. In my 20 years of living, I have honestly seen my mom only buy an article of clothing for herself about five times maximum, unless it was for work. My family begs her to buy things for herself, but she always refuses because she always puts her loved ones before herself. If we won, I would give the full $1,000 to my mom because I want her to be able to buy clothes and anything she wants guiltlessly.

    My mom is my rock – she is so strong and has taught me to be grateful of everything I have. I am extremely blessed to have the life I live and without a mother with such a kind heart, I would have never known that.

    Thank you.

  359. amanda jobin

    my mom works hard all day long and barely ever buys herself anything, this is why I think I should win to treat my mother to the things she need and to give back to her for all the things she has done for me.

  360. Laura O'Shea

    My mother always told me that you ony deserve what you earn in life. Words of hers I will always cherish, along with so many others. Unfortunately, my mother passed away so as much as would love to share a $1000 with her I can’t. However, there is one women, whom I hope one day will be mother-in law that I would love to share this and many other experiences with. She is truly an amazing women! She has raised two wonderful children, one of which I get to share my life with. She works tirelessly to improve the lives of those that haven’t a voice but need one. She is the first to lend you a hand and the first to lend you an ear, should you need one. She is everything that my mother was and should have been had she lived. More than anything she loves me for me. I am priviledged and honored to know such a woman. Love you, Karen! Happy Mother’s Day! <3

  361. Jessica Peters

    I believe that my Mom deserves to win this shopping spree because of her heart. She is the most generous person I know. My mom has epilepsy, and recently i have gone through a custody battle over my daughter. My mom was there for me EVERY step of the way, when I felt like giving up, when the lawyer bills were overwhelming and crying with me when i won custody. Through all of this, she always had a smile on her face which made me realize that I could do it.
    My mom always puts her grandchildren and children before herself….my daughter always has new clothes because of her Nana(my Mom) and we are EVER SO GRATEFUL, but I just thought that a shopping spree would be a wonderful way to thank her..
    These are only a few of the reasons why I think my mom deserves a new wardrobe….

  362. Christine

    My mom and I live 4 hours apart. We talk almost everyday and I don’t know what I would do with out that. She has saw me become a mother at a time when I wasn’t necessarily ready for it, but with her guidence I became, what my son beleives, is the best mom in the world. This he tells me almost everyday.
    My mom saw me through a terrible relationship breakthrough and help to build me back up to become the women and the mother that I am so proud to be today.
    I am proud of her for raising 5 amazing and unique children, who, at every chance they get, go back to the farm where we were raised. It is my kids, and nieces and nephews, favorite place in the world to spend their vacation, and I think that proves, more than any words can, what an amazing home and family that my amazing mother built.

  363. Andrea Darst

    My mom deserves this so much! She’s in her fifties and just scraping to get by. She never buys herself anything, and I’ve got a mortgage and two teenagers and a husband out of work, so I can’t buy much for her, though I’d love to. This would be an amazing chance for the two of us to spoil ourselves, which I can’t imagine happening otherwise. Please, please pick me & my amazing mom!

  364. Raina

    Hey people!I am in grade 8 and i wanna win this prize badly because my mom and i don’t shop toghter much.We hardly bond with each other and i think this experience will change the connection between us.My mom has done soo much for me and my sisters and i like to pay her bac by this oppuritunity.She is an ideal mother and she is proud of me too but i think she deserves a bttr daughter cuz i hardly hang out with her and talk with her.This shopping prize will change it by a bunch and she would be super duper happy and proud.This is a great prize for her and well me too.

  365. Jesika Maslowiec

    My mom and I deserve this dress because she is the most amazing person in the world. She’s been fighting a stomach virus for the past few months, and yet still finds time to put her children ahead of everything else. She’s been planning my older sisters wedding and working her butt off to try and help pay for it as well. She is cleaning lady that has put 5 daughters through college, and helped them start a life of their own. She worked day and night to ensure we had everything we needed. My sisters and I could have not asked for a better mom. Once I have a family of my own I can only wish to be as superb of a mother as she was. Please, please, please help her win!

  366. Kristin Carpenter

    My Mother is incredible. For over 10 year she has survived immense struggles emotionally, financially, and spiritually. She has taken care of my sick Grandmother by doing so much for her, like buying groceries, driving her places, and taking her to the hospital when Grandma’s chronic pain is too much to bear. Last year my Father was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes so she researched what where the best foods to eat so she could set a good example. Towards me, my Mother has had a tremendous amount of patience and strength during my struggles with food allergies and abusive relationships. Recently, she was out of work due to the recession and my Father was on leave due to a severe back injury, so she helped her Brother start a business. Now she works two jobs and loves being back at work, but she still does not reward herself with clothes or fun purchases. My Mother means more to me than anything else in this world. I want to reward her for all her patience, persistence, and celebrate what a wonderful person she is. I am so fortunate to have someone who cares so much for me and others, I really couldn’t have ask for a better Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

  367. Jacqueline Rosas

    Well, I think my mommy really deserves to have this present because even though we show her how much we love her something always goes wrong. She might not like the presents we get her or my daddy wants to go and visit his mom (who doesn’t really like us). My mommy has worked so hard all these years raising us and I honestly don’t think anyone could have done a better job. I could ramble on on how I love my mommy so much but I’d rather show her my appreciation and I think this gift would really say it.

  368. Aman

    There are so many reasons to why I can say my mom deserves this gift. My mom has always been there for me and my siblings. Waking up at five in the morning to drive to hockey practice, and sitting out in the cold,rainy weather during soccer season. No matter what she has always been on the sideline supporting us. Recently my mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was hard for all of us to come to the realization of how someone we loved could be affected by this, but my mom being the strong, will-powered person she is, didnt let this stump in the road bring her down. She not only stayed strong for herself, but for me, my dad, my siblings and countless family and friends. My mom always puts her kids first. and this is something we all want to do for her. She is the world’s greatest mom! And I would do anything for her. <3 Thanks mom for everything you have ever done for us! I love you <3

  369. Jesse

    I believe that my mom and i deserve this gift because we’ve never had very much time or money to discover our own personal styles. I am now a student and working full time, and my mom is a travel nurse. Neither of us have much time to shop, and our vices are that we both have rather expensive taste. This is something that we cannot currently indulge, so we’ll save and be frugile for months to spend on singular outfits or one pair of shoes. We both love the site, and wish we could buy more of the things we want from it. Please consider us!

  370. Maria Cadiz

    Hello :)
    My Momma & I deserve to win because my mother is a superwoman! Today is her 76th birthday. She survived NINE children & yes, I can honestly say we all turned out GREAT :)
    Three yrs. ago we celebrated my parent’s Golden Anniversary (50 yrs. of marriage!) Unfortunately, my mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t realized how courageous my mother is, until then. My parent’s renewed their wedding vows & my mom who was in treatment went through the big party looking radiant! I must say that I depended on her strength & courage to get through my sadness for her.
    This week is a double celebration for my mother…3rd. yr. breast cancer survivor & Mother’s Day ….& I would love to give her some extras because I know she’ll be cooking up a storm this weekend, yup she’s also a chef extra-ordinaire ^_______^

  371. Amanda

    My mom is not only my role model, she is my best friend. I’m not sure what I would do without her. She has been there for me through thick and thin and is willing to sacrifice anything for my well being.
    The past few years her health has not been good at all. She’s been in and out of the hospital many times, nearly suffering heart attacks because of high blood pressure.
    She also has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, which causes her a lot of pain and has been told eventually she will not be able to walk. Also, her meds have caused her to gain a little weight, which has caused her to feel a little self conscious, but through it all she has remained a strong and loving mother who always looks to help out other people than herself.
    But besides all these health issues, my relationship with my mom is so precious to me.I don’t know what I would do without her. Since we live far apart we are not able to spend a lot of time together besides phoning and e-mailing. I would just love to be able to spoil my mom for being so generous to me and being the amazing woman she is, even though she is in pain.

  372. Lillie M Epps

    My mom is longer with us. She has since passed away so I don’t have her here. However, my godmother and my mother-in-law are kinda the mom that I don’t have. I deserve this because I have taken care of my 5 children, my husband who is disabled on dialysis and my grandchildren when needed for all of my life. I deserve it because I would like to something nice in the memory of my mom or take one of mothers shopping to get something nice for them. I don’t necessarily want it for myself. It is more for them than anything else.

  373. MGB

    hi ,
    I think my mom deserves to win the contest because she is the most loving, caring, and sacrifycing person that I ever know. She sacrificied her own life(whether career, social life, family life) for myself and my siblings to be able to have a nice and comfortable life on our own. She had finished her studies and had a really good job in another country, and she decided to leave all of that behind (including all her friends and family/ her comfort zone), so my brother and i could have a brighter future, and can grow up in a free country, and being able to feel like a human being, respected and well off. So during all these years, she did not work in her field, she took a lower job so she can pay all of our bills and bring us up. So all these years she never shopped for her, or got nice clothes so she can afford things for us.
    In a way, if i win this contest, i would be able to make her feel special and give her back just a bit of what she gave me all her life.
    thank you for considering.

  374. claudia villalon

    I think it will be the best present for my mom and I. I haven’t seen her for ten years,and it;s been so hard all this years with out her.This is going to be the first time that I”m going to see her.I will love to give her this present, becouse she deserve it…

  375. Latonya Warren

    Hello Beyond the Rack Judges,

    If you want to select the mother and daughter most deserving of this contest let me tell you the two ladies are in rare form living as my Grandmother and Mother. Talk about the selfless, sacrificing, giving, sharing, loving, teaching, correcting, willing, exciting, lasting, dazzling, interesting, encouraging, supporting no nonesence and timeless duo. Whenever and whatever and wherever they are needed they rise to the occasion. Thats real love! Thank you Mommy and Grandma!

  376. Katy

    My mom is the youngest of 6 children so she’s been getting hand-me-downs her whole life, even now that’s she has her own children. She works really hard for the money that she makes but she’s never really gotten the chance to splurge on herself because she has to take care of my brothers and me. She has also been losing some weight lately and I think she deserves to get some clothes that fit her new shape. I know that she won’t go out and want to spend her money on herself and I don’t have enough money to be spending it on anything other than my education so I think this would be really nice for the both of us. :)

  377. Samantha Morris

    Hello, My name is Samantha and my mother is Cynthia and this is the reason why I believe that we deserve this.

    My mother was a single mother when I was a child and she worked two jobs she was never home and my father wasn’t in our life, and the other relationship she had was very abusive. My older sister taught me everything and took care of me, mom was barely ever home. I started to get into a lot of trouble as a young child like smoking when I was nine and running away and always being sent to the principle’s office. She was so dissapointed and upset with me but she never showed it. When I was 11 and a 1/2 my appendix burst and because I was in sports I didn’t cry it was painful but it didn’t bother me much — over the next three days I got worse and worse and worse and my mother never believed that nothing was wrong because I always pulled the “I’m too sick to go to school card”. When I couldn’t walk my mom came home from work early and took me to the emergency only to find out that the poisonous fluid from the burst appendix had gone into the blood stream and of course spread through my body. They ended up having to revive me three times and they weren’t sure if I would stay, so my family prepared themselves for the worst but always hoped for the best. I was in surgery 3 hours and 45 minutes in a surgery that usually takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and my mother never stopped blaming herself, always crying and scared to let me out of her sight.

    We then moved from our home city to the current city we live now, my mom had found her teen year sweet heart and got married. But despite that small array of happiness in high school I hardly came home cause I had friends. It wasn’t till after high school I woke up and realized that hey she’s my mom and she deserves credit. Every since high school graduation she has been there, we go shopping and we talk about everything in fact my friends are hardly in my life cause we just went our seperate ways… Last august however something happened and she had a really bad seizure and when we tried to wake her she didn’t know who I was and so my sister and I ended up trying to comfort one another and the ambulance took my mother to the hospital. The paramedics woke her up in the ambulance and she asked for my sister and I and at first was surprised that we were young adults but then remembered everything… She has since been on medical leave and just recently her benefits ran out so all of the money from my job is now being combined with my step-fathers pay checks to try to pay the bills and rent. We are just barely getting by but I would rather this then not to have my mom healthy.

    Now she is still there by my side every step of the way and I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for her dedication and loving kindness. My mother has given everything to my sister and I while wearing whatever she can scrape together so that we could have our necessities. If we were to win this I feel it is a small token to give back to her after all has gone through for me.

    thank you.

  378. Laura Church

    My mother amazes me.
    At 40, she went back to college to finish her bachelor’s degree after having 8 children. I’d like to think my parents decided to quit having kids after having reached perfection with No. 8, which, of course, is me *wink-wink*. By the time I was 7, she’d graduated cum laude with a degree in political science. WOW.
    At 75, she went back to school again and got her theological degree in lay ministry.
    At 78, she began taking extra care of my dad, who was diagnosed with end-stage emphysema. She’s taken such good care of him that he is still living at home with love and dignity surrounding him.
    My mother amazes me. Every day. Still.

  379. T Williams

    I think my mom deserves a chance to win the shopping spree because she hasn’t had an opportunity to buy herself something nice in years. She is an advocate and does alot for her community and is disabled. She also cares for and raise my disabled brother. Financially, things have been tight and bills have to be paid so there hasn’t been much of a chance to buy a nice dress or a pair of shoes. My mom was also diagnosised with liver disease last year which put her in a state of depression that she is still struggling to overcome . I think winning the shopping spree would certainly boost her spirits, allow her to buy something for herself and make her feel good even if it’s only temporary. Much Thanks!

  380. Olivia

    My mom deserves a day to feel good about herself. As a new mom myself finances don’t always stretch enough to cover clothes and my fashion has changed from everyday jeans and a t shirt to a more sophisticated look. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!

  381. Kathryn Kingcome

    I think my mother should win for so many reasons. I was classified disabled since I was 16 yrs old. I have had so many surgery’s that I have lost count. She has been there for all of them. She is classified disabled, but since she supports me, we can’t afford for her not to work. She gets up at 10 minutes to 5 AM, Monday through Friday and never complains. She has remarried and he puts her through HELL daily. She nevers buys work clothes, she usually wears hand me downs, but when she does buy clothes, she buys me more than her. She had to give up her vehicle, but kept mine instead. She is a nurse and puts everyone else in front of her own needs. I think she deserves to be put first instead of last. She had a hard life growing up, with a physical abusive alcholic father. Her mother sent her away for over 2 yrs of boot camp. Her grandmother took care for her most of her life. She even watched me while my mother went to college. She was her support system until she passed away of stomach cancer in 1995 (God rest her soul.) I just wish their was some way of showing my mother that God blessed me with a wonderful mother and a bestfriend than anyone could ask for! So, please don’t pick me, but pick my wonderful mother!

  382. stephanie norwalt

    I feel me and my mother deserve to win, because she’s been my savior and protector for 25 years and all the wrong I have done no matter what situations it put her in she stood by my side long and strong no matter what the outcome would be. I never done wrong in my mothers eye’s.I am my mother’s youngest out of three.My father died when my mom was still pregnant with me.She has done an outstanding job raising all of us on her own clear across the us from family where her job relocated her.Later in life I got married and had two girls and my life became a lifetime story. The kind you only thought you would see on t.v.My mother had to send me and my two baby girls thousands of miles away on our own for our safety from my husband and no matter what threats he made and how bad he tore her house up, she would never reveal where we were. No matter how hard times maybe for her in money if me and my kids need it we would have just to keep us safe down here. There’s so little ways I can show my appreciation to her for all of my life’s bumps in the road she was there to flatten or help me get over. Love you mom sincerely and could never thank you enough!!!!

  383. Heather

    Everyone here deserves to win this shopping spree. But I would love for my mother and I to win because I do believe that we could really use it. My mom is amazing but the real reason I would like to win this for her is because over the past 3 years, my life has been a roller coaster. I married the “perfect” man who ended up cheating on me, hitting me and stealing all the money out of our savings before he eventually walked out on me. Shortly thereafter I was laid off from my job due to corporate downsizing. I am slowly getting back on my feet now but if it wasn’t for my mothers help and support, both financially and emotionally, I don’t know where I would be right now. Especially financially, after giving me my dream wedding, helping me pay bills so I wouldn’t default, buying me food and helping me get my life back, she doesn’t have much left for herself. She deserves a nice spree to get things for herself, a small token of my love and appreciation for everything she has given me.

  384. Kyhra

    When I was younger my mother had some issues regarding substance abuse. She knew she was not able to be a caretaker for me and sent me to live with my grandmother. I was raised by my grandmother, but always stayed connected to my mother. Through my mother 20 years struggle with addiction she never stop being my mom. She was always supportive and loving. My mother decided 2 years ago to take charge of her life and has been clean ever since then. My mother and I have an amazing relationship, now and it gets better everyday. My mother is starting a new life and I believe winning Take Mom shopping will be a great way for us to bond and encouragement that good things happen when you take control of your own life.

  385. Josie Asencio

    When I was a kid growing up my family did not have a lot of money. My mom is a single mom and did not have much to give us, but whatever she had she gave to me and my sister. She saved her pennies so that we could attend private school, continually reminding us that we must pursue the higher education she was unable to receive.

    Sometimes, kids do not understand the difficulties that financial stresses add to a parent and not realizing the sacrifices she made we would be embarrassed at our mother’s appearance. We did not realize that she cared more about providing for us than she did for her own well being. Working two full time jobs with only a few hours of sleep each night my mother supported her two daughters who now have both completed Master’s degrees.

    My mother has been living on her own for only a few years now, but has taken that opportunity to take care of herself. She has been going to the gym and has started expanding her wardrobe. Recently, I commented “Mom, you look better at, almost, 60 than you did in your 30’s and 40’s!” She responded, “Well, at that age, I had to take care of you and your sister, but now I get to spend a little more time on me, and I look GOOD!”

    I know she takes pride in the way she looks and I would love to surprise her with something like this. It would be nothing in comparison to what she has done for me and my sister, but I would probably make her cry with joy :-). I don’t need the shopping spree, give it all to her. I have a good job because of her….and this is her day!

  386. Sabrina harris

    There is no doubt in my mind that my mom absolutely deserves to win this amazing contest. My Mom Bernice works 2 jobs from 6 am to 10 pm monday to Friday and weekends without anytime to herself. When she is not working she is attending my sons football games & my daughters gymnastic classes. My mom is dedicated to her family and always puts herself last. My mom never buys herself any clothes shoes etc she definately waits for my hand me downs.
    This would be the best gift to give to my Mom because she trully deserves it.
    The best mom ever :)

  387. Natalie Morgan

    I was the first baby born on Mother’s Day in 1983(our picture was in the local newspaper!) Every year, I have had to share my birthday week/weekend and sometimes my actual birthday with my mom, and vice-versa, she’s had to share Mother’s Day with me.
    Growing up, I never fully appreciated all that my mom gave up and did for our family. Now that I’m also a mom, I can say that I know how challenging it can be…but worth every struggle and hard time to see my beautiful baby girl grow!
    My mom is the best grandma and my best friend in the world! I would love to be able to share this awesome prize with her!<3<3<3<3

  388. Mersida

    My mother deserves this gift more than any other woman I know. She’s strong and intelligent and has dedicated her life to raising 5 kids. When most mothers look forward to the days they’re children are out of their diapers, walking, playing, going to school, finding love and having their own kids, my mother remains a full-time mother to my older sister Sanela. Sanela has had severe cerebral palsy and severe mental retardation since birth. Now at the age of 30, she is incapable of walking, talking, or even eating on her own. My mother’s work is literally a 24/7 job that requires her to constantly care for my sister. And while my siblings and I try to help out the best we could she encourages us to live our lives to the fullest. She has never looked at Sanela as a burden, but as a gift. This mother’s day I’d like her to receive a gift that would allow her to dedicate some of her time to herself, something she seldom does.

    1. Merima

      I agree with my sister that my mom deserves this soooo much. I’m the oldest of the 5 kids and she has helped me out a lot. I’m married with my own 3 children and when I had my first child and needed a babysitter so that I can continue to work she quit her part-time job of cleaning houses to watch my children for free. She is the greastest and true inspiration.

  389. Rebecca

    I would love the oppurtunity to give my mother a shopping spree, she is a hard working woman. She is a farmer and doesn’t take to much time for herself. She has always put everyone else in the family before her, and I think this would be just what she needs to feel good about herself. In the last year she has just started buying descent pieces of clothing that can be worn off the farm. I would love for her to have nice clothes she could be proud to wear and show off. My mother means the world to me, and I would love the chance to take her shopping!!

  390. Laurie

    My mother and I were never really that close when I was growing up. She and my dad raised four kids mostly on one income, but we were always provided for. We didn’t always have the best clothes or shoes, but we never went without. After we were all in school, she worked different jobs for extra income. It wasn’t until after I married and had a child of my own, did I truely realize what it takes to be a mother. I know now the sacrifices she made and why things were the way they where. She is wonderful with my son and that is the most important thing to me now. I would love to give her this gift because, for once, I would like to give back to her. Some of my friends have lost their mothers, and I feel lucky to still have mine. Even though we are in different cities, I have never felt closer to my mom. Happy Mother’s Day!.

  391. Shelby Shepherd

    I have to say that there are many reasons I have seen in the posts from other women as to why they should win that are all wonderful and legit reasons and I believe that everyone deserves to win based on all those reasons alone. My case might be a little different. My mother was diagnosed a few years ago with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia and has had her fair share of surgeries over the years making it extremely difficult to even participate in everyday life events. She has always been on the heavier side of life if you catch my drift and for the past year has dedicated herself to losing weight and becoming a healthier person. I NEVER thought I would see the day that my mother would be getting up at 5am everyday to hit the gym but she sure did prove me wrong! The dedication she has put in with her diet and workout plans has not only been inspiring to me and others in our family but it has allowed her to start enjoying life. With this new found weight loss not only has her health improved greatly but she has found that she has a wider range of options when it comes to clothes. My mother is an extremely strong person to have accomplished what she has given the obstacles she has had to overcome and it would be nice to reward her in a sense with an opportunity to look good. She works hard, is a wonderful grandmother to her grandchildren, a wonderful mother to her children and is the type of person that always looks out for everyone else ahead of herself. I believe she deserves much more than a $500 gift certificate because she truly deserves the world for all she has done for others in her life and for herself but winning the gift certificate would be an amazing start and if anything would allow her to add items to her wardrobe to show off her new found body. Thank you for your consideration.

  392. Gretchen

    I haven’t been able to shop since I lost my job a few months ago. But it’s really my mom who needs new clothes, and I would love to take her shopping. She has a hard time shopping by herself and really likes for me to help her, but it’s easier for me to just stay out of the stores than to try to resist the temptation to spend money I don’t have!

  393. Betty

    My mom worked very hard as a homemaker to take care of us and to make sure that we have everything we needed. She always put us first and never complained or ask for anything. She will wear the same clothings on her back until they cannot be worned anymore. She learned how to sew so that she can can sew all our clothings to make ends meet. In her spare time, she would plant vegetables in her garden for our food. She is the most loving mother and today, I know in my heart that she deserved to win this shopping spree. She is an amazing woman and winning this contest, will mean the world to her. Thank you all so much for giving us this opportunity.

  394. Ky

    My mother is far from perfect, however, in recent, she has had to go through more than her fair share of downs. My dad left her shortly after their 25th Wedding Anniversary and moved in with another woman. She has struggled to survive emotionally and financially since, while breaking her foot, suffering from IBS, and being Diagnosed with MS only days before her mother living with Alzheimer Disease took a turn for the worse, reuniting some of her broken family in the final days of her passing. MS medications are too expensive for her (or anyone) and are not covered by her health plan, therefore she is doing her best without, while still trying to work to live.
    Through all of this (and I realize this all sounds impossible, I wish it was) her weight has fluctuated and this shopping spree would be an amazing gift for her. Alternatively the other portion would be given to my wife, who is the most caring, easy going, generous, selfless person/mother I’ve ever met! She was diagnosed herself with PD three years ago and continues without a complaint to work to help support our household. I wish she didn’t have to, she never splurges on herself for anything, and would love to give her this gift! No lie, I can see them shopping together!

  395. Sarah

    My mom deserves it because she has been shopping at Savers for years and years now. After my parents got divorced she gave all she had into providing for myself and 2 sisters. Never once did he complain about sacrificing things for us. I think thats what makes her so special, she never holds things over us because she was being a true mother! I am a new mom and it would be nice to get clothes that fit me and my new body :)

  396. Anasthia Johnson

    Unfortunately, the day when I could nominate my mother and I to be recipients of this wonderful prize passed over three long years ago. But I’m hoping we can bend the rules a little bit and give me and my sister the opportunity to win this shopping spree.

    My sister, Tina, and I are two years apart, and live about 12 minutes apart, yet it took the loss of our mother for us to realize how close we really are. Before my mother’s passing, we were so busy with kids, work, and life, that we barely ever made time to call and just check in. My sister is a single mother of 4 children and I’m a single mother of 3 children, so we definitely have our hands filled with trying to live right and raise our children to make a difference in this world. With “life” going on, both of us were still a little lonesome.

    When my mom — the pillar of our family — passed, we both realized that we were adhering to Mom’s major lesson of live right and care for our families but not fully because we weren’t caring for each other as we should. That realization made a huge difference in that we now do a better job at looking our for each other and being there. We’ve learned to grieve together instead of apart, and to be an encouragement for each other and our children. And I have to say that our relationship is much stronger than it’s ever been. I now know I am not alone in this crazy world.

  397. Rosalyn Collins

    I am flipping the script a bit. My daughter and I have alwaysheld the record among family and friends for being able to shop, eat and shop some more. We have not been able to find anyone able to hang with us.I then became ill with cancer. My daughter would not leave my hospital bed, however she told God she was not worried because He knew she was not ready to lose her best friend and facetiously asked who else could shop with her? Six years later we are back to shopping. She has a daughter of her own in training to shop and all is well. Two outfits are laid out each day and my 11 month old granddaughter wears the one she grabs for that day and off we go for a day of shopping or to the internet to check out Beyond The Rack. Win or not, we are happy to be alive and able to shop.

  398. Sandy Hatcher

    My mom and I have taken care of my dad for three years. My dad had Westnile. My dad used a walker some but mostly in a wheelchair. So mom and I didn’t have alot of time to buy things for ourselves. My mom and I always made sure my dad had what he needed. My mom and I would love to take time and go shopping for ouselves since we are both on fixed incomes.

  399. alejandra claros

    i think my mom and i should win the contest because my mom was a teenage mom and working, going to univercity and raising 2 kids all by herself.
    she hasnt paid off her tuition yet and cant afford money to buy clothes and shoes for herself. she spent all the money she had on me and my brother. i think she deserves to get all the pretty clothes, shoes and accsesories she wants.
    all the money is going towards her, im not getting any of the contest money.
    my mom hasnt gotten anything new in around 8 years.
    after everything she has done for me and my brother, she deserves this and more.
    thanks for this opportunity.
    my mom needs to be fashionable and happy again.

  400. Michele

    Hi!!! I would absoutely LOVE to WIN a Shopping Spree for My Mom and I. I think that we deserve to win because we are BOTH TRYING to get HEALTHY, and by doing so… Have lost weight, so we NEED A LOT of NEW things… And we would DEFINITELY be able to cover A LOT with a Shopping Spree at Beyond the Rack!!! It would also be alot of FUN to shop for OURSELVES, as we ALL KNOW… Most of us Mom’s put our OWN NEEDS LAST!!! My Mom is my HERO, And I just know she would LOVE to spend SOMEONE ELSE’S Money on HERSELF!!! BELIEVE ME, My Mom IS a WONDERFUL AND VERY DESERVING MOM!!! I was truly BLESSED the day the Lord sent ME to HER!!! :)

  401. Alexandra Mourelatou

    My mother has been there for my sisters and myself for many many years, she always puts her children,grandchildren and great grandchildren first.
    My mom deserves to win, cause she has gone through a lot this past 5 years , since my father got sick. My dad passed away Aug. 11, 2009. My mom stays home, she is depressed and i think if we win a shopping spree together it would be fun.
    Thank you and Happy Mothers Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. Amber Sumpter

    My mother deserves to win a shopping spree because she a single mother of two. She has always been there for my sister and I and we have been grateful for all we’ve been given. If we win, the 500 dollar part of mine would also go to her because she deserves it all. I can’t explain how hard my mom has worked to get us to where we are today. My sister and I both went to college on full scholarships, but mom was the one who inspired us everyday to continue on and make something out of ourselves. I wish that there was more I could do for her, but as my sister and my financial states are limited as well we cannot. This summer I got a scholarship to go to The Dominican Republic and volunteer teaching children english and fixing up homes for single mothers, like my own mom! I’m excited to make a difference but I know when I go there I will be thinking of mom and how lucky we are to live in the U.S. Please help us win!

  403. Terri

    I feel I deserver to win because of so many reasons but to break it down, My mom has always been there for me. She has never turned me away from any help I have ever asked her for, even if it was gas money. She taught me that no matter what life throws at us we have to be brave and strong for our children. I gave them life so I must make sure they are provided with things that they will need in life. I am a single mom with two boys. I work two jobs so I am able to provide my boys with the opportunities that other children have. I work in an office and I find myself going to work in jeans and shirt because I dont have the money to go and purchase the nicer clothes that I see other team members wearing. It would be nice to go to work in something nice ! Oh ya and it was my mom who sent me the link to Beyond The Rack so I can repay her for all her hard work and for all she has done for me !!

  404. Paige Smith

    I deserve to win this shopping spree, as i am a single working parent to a beautiful child, in the last 2 months i’ve also worked hard on myself and i’ve lost 30lbs, i have about 40 more to go but i know i can do it. My mom and i both need a new wardrobe as i’m getting down to things that no longer fit me, i also know my daughter wouldlove to see her mom shine in a new outfir and a new me!!!

  405. Steph

    Every mother deserves to win this award as it is an amazing opportunity. My mother is a one of a kind, loving and caring person and is always there for me. She goes above and beyond what is expected and will always be the first to help out. She works very hard everyday to provide for her family. Most importantly, she is my number one fan and supports everything I do. She deserves this because she is my role model. She taught me everything I know about fashion and beauty. I do not have kids yet, but I know exactly who I will model myself after. I would love for her to win this because truely deserves something special for mothers day.

  406. Violet

    My mom and I deserve to win. Not only are we both awesome (and modest)…we’re also terrible tomboys. If it weren’t so embarrassing, I would sign us both up for “What Not To Wear”. I think we have gotten to the point where we need to destroy what we currently have in our closets and then salt the earth so that no fashion blunders can ever grow there again. We’d have to build a wardrobe from the ground up to do so. That’s where you come in.

    My mom has devoted her life to making sure me and my sisters had the best that she could afford/provide. She spent all her time worrying about providing for us and no time worrying about her appearance. She has now started to make an attempt and I think that the shopping spree would really make a tremendous difference.

    Pick us! Instead of Tokyo drifting to the clearance racks we’ll actually be able to get mom to build up a wardrobe of quality gear.

    Thank you!

  407. Megan McDonald

    My mom is my hero. Not only was she one of the first pregnant women allowed to continue studies at her university, but she completed two degrees at once, in three years (as opposed to four) while bearing a baby, me, inside of her. Growing up, my mom was at every single one of my sporting events, plays, concerts, etc. She did not miss one. She was the vice principal at our local high school, and put her full hear into her work. She was young, funky, hip and cool, and always got requests from her students (yes, really!) to borrow her clothes. Once I was able to fit into her crazy wardrobe, I dove right in. Throughout high school my mom and I swapped clothes daily. I would wake up in the morning with her sneaking in my closet, and she would wake up at night with me going through hers. It was a sad day when I had to go off to University and take my wardrobe with me (and also leave hers behind!) I was a varsity athlete, and every weekend my parents would drive up to 8 hours to watch all of my games… again, not missing one. Sometimes we would even bring clothes to swap on those trips :)
    My mom is now as high as she can go in her profession, running the entire education system in our province and has to run meetings and rub elbows with “big wigs” (well, I guess she is kind of one now!) so she always has to be dressed to the nines. Recently, my mom has gotten sick; she was diagnosed with Lupus (which is pretty scary). She had a gross (for lack of a better word) red rash all over her body (which is just a very minor symptom of the disease) all the way up to her face. The rash was so bad that she had to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe with all clothes that would cover her, head to toe, all the way up to her face. She is now on about 6 different medications to date, and is doing alright, although the stress of her job makes me worry. I am half way across the country, but if we could even do some online shopping together, it would be a fabulous experience. I miss my mom more than words can say and pray daily that her health does not deteriorate. With my tuition being $22,000/year (for four years, my second degree) cash is scarce on my end, and this opportunity would allow my mom to have a Mother’s day she deserves.
    Although my mom is very fashionable, her greatest accessories are her smile and her heart. Her outlook on life has not even faltered since having this disease. She is the strongest woman I know. She deserves this.

  408. Mamavalveeta03

    I would love to or should I say deserve to win because 2010 was such a bad year for me, healthwise. I had surgery on my achille’s tendon and foot, and so I haven’t been able to wear heels or any cute shoes for a year!! I am SO ready (what’s a little pain, for beauty’s sake!!??)

  409. sonia

    i have not seen my mom since 5 years, every mothers day pass without seeing her only one phone call ,i wish i could win this money and send her some lovely gifts back home , i really miss her, now thinking about her put tears in my eyes.this is why i want to win this shopping spree.

  410. LTanya

    My mom and I have not always had the greatest relationship, and it was always hard trying to get attention when you have 4 other sisters and your 2 brothers are the babies. Come to think of it, I don’t think my mom and I ever got along during my junior high and high school years…of course, I was the rebel who felt she was always “ruining my life!” It took me awhile (and my own kids) to realize that when you have siblings your parents have a different relationship with each one of you. For instance: My mom and oldest sister–work, responsibility, totally open relationship; Mom & Sis #2–family, social, understanding; Mom & Sis#3–work, spiritual, “the perfect one”; Mom & Sis#4–Careful, the one to please; Mom & Me??? Misunderstanding…until we realized that we have the greatest thing in common…FASHION! Seriously, our love of looking good and shopping is what built our great relationship. I’m now 30 and my mom is 62, and yes I love shopping with my sisters, but none of them have a greater sense of style than our Mom! We deserve this, because I can’t imagine another mother-daughter duo who would appreciate it more!

  411. cici

    As I break away from reading everyone’s postings to write my own, I cannot help but feel a myriad of emotion.

    Wherever we find ourselves, whatever our situation…. how bizarre the sharing of common experiences….

    So I’ve changed my whole perspective on what to write….

    How refreshing to see so many wonderful daughters paying homage to their life’s most important giver of life! As unfathomable as it seems to me, I think briefly for those in unfortunate situations that don’t share this bond…

    May they, hopefully, one day be blessed with “that feeling”…an almost unexplainable one! You know the one. The one I feel everyday.

    As a new mother myself, I have confirmed one of the most important messages my mother has taught me throughout my years….

    love is in the giving!

    May the winner, whomever it may be, enjoy!…. and joyfully spread that love and watch that smile appear!

    So to all the mothers, revel in your day…
    only a reminder that everyday, truly is mother’s day!

    Thank you mama. With love.

  412. Terry

    I live in Canada. My mom lives in Texas. As a result, we see each other only once a year. When we are together, one of our favourite things to do is shop together; therefore, if we win, my mother and I will be able to shop online together and share more fun moments! Happy Mothers’ Day to all moms!

  413. Theresa Yoffie

    I can think of no one more deserving of my mother to win a shopping spree. When I was young, my mother was always well-dressed and in fashion. However, throughout the years, due to financial hardships, divorce, and work disability, my mother barely has the funds to buy clothing basics from discount stores. I learned so much about ‘putting myself together’ from my mother, and it is disheartening to see that she can barely do it for herself anymore, simply because she can’t afford to buy the clothes, shoes and accessories that she would like.
    Some of my favorite memories as an adolescent and teen were going to the mall with my mom, trying on outfits, picking out shoes and bags — this was our ‘girl time.’ I’d like to get some of that ‘girl time’ back by giving my mom this amazing gift and allowing her to do something nice for herself! She has given up so much throughout the years to make sure my siblings and I had what we needed or wanted, it’s time to give her what she wants and let her splurge on herself, just this once!

  414. Marianne

    I want to win this prize because I want to treat my mom to a shopping spree. Every cent she has spent in the last 30 years has been selflessly on me, my sibilings, and the household. She is going to retire this year and it’s high time she goes on a selfish splurge. The wonderful range of products offered by Beyond the Rack from clothes to household items will be perfect for her to restart her life back home in Canada with her family, after working abroad to support us for the past five years! She needs a new walrobe that is not just filled with work clothes to celebrate life with her children and grandchildren.

    Meanwhile, I’m on the opposite stage of life, on the verge of growing my career. I will need a whole new walrobe of work clothes – shoes, bag, and all – to take on the world confidently! Beyond the Rack can help me dress for the position I want, not the position I have!

  415. jean

    hello there!
    i’d be thrilled if my mom and i won this shopping spree, and i think she deserves to win as much as all of the other hard-working, self-sacrificing mothers out there do! :)
    between raising us kids, working, taking care of her own parents through their illnesses, being a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law, volunteering at her church, supporting a mentally ill sibling both emotionally and financially…my mom has always demonstrated dignity, elegance and a great sense of style, despite being on a tight budget! i would love for her to have a chance to SPLURGE on something she wants, for once!
    btw — thank you, Beyond the Rack, for sponsoring this contest, and i’ve enjoyed reading about all of the other “supermoms” out there!!

  416. Rodger Reed

    I think we deserve to win because my mother and I look more like brother ans sister than mother and son, so naturally we need to update our wardrobes to reflect that. Thanks for the opportunity!

  417. rachael simmons

    i believe my mom should win and i cause she still wears her high school clothes from like the 50-60’s and she is a mom of six who deserves a nice treat for once. and i could use it too from all the weight loss.

  418. Xavy Alva

    My Mom deserves the the best mom’s day present because having a mother like she while growing up, was the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could ever have given me. It is because of the confidence and values that she instilled in me that made me who I am today. Because she’s been an unwavering support through out my journey.
    Because she always had hope for me when I didn’t have for myself.
    Because she told me not to give up when I said I couldn’t do it any more.
    Because she never gave up on me when I went through the dark periods, when I shut every one out of my life. When loving me must have been like trying to hold a cactus. Because she is the perfect mother and grandmother; a pillar of strength.
    Because she’s been there for me, when other people didn’t know what to do with me or for me when I was so raw with grief, when I couldn’t breath any more, when I was so full of pain. You just sat and held me and let me cry and wail. You let me be raw.
    Because she’s stood up for me, because of every thing she’s done for me, every thing she’s said, and because of all the times when she said nothing and just listened.
    Because she’s been my good luck charm, my muse, my hero, my savior, my therapist, my chauffeur, my cook, and now my bedrest nurse.
    I would like to thank her for being such a wonderful mother when her own mother never held her, never told her she loved her; for being so wonderful when her own childhood was so hard hard. I am so sorry she never got to experience how wonderful it is to have a loving caring mother.
    I wan to thank her for a million things, for everything. I don’t know what I would do without her. There are so many many more things, small things, big things.
    I love her very very much, if I could be half as good a mother to my children as she is to my children, I will have done exceptionally well.
    Thank you mother, I love you, more than words can ever express and this is my Mother’s present for you.

  419. Shirley Shumate

    I would love to win this contest as my mother is over 90 years of age and still loves to go shopping and tell her friends every little good thing that happens in her family. This would be ideal and would be the memory of her life.


  420. Samarra

    My mother is the meaning of what I would consider a mother to be. I can remember growing up and not having much to eat but she would always find a way for us to have food on the table even if it means not having any for her self. My mom is a strong woman who has been homeless, but yet she has managed to rise above everything. She manage to go back to school get her Masters while raising two children who gave her a very hard time. There is so much I could say about my mom but no amount of words could ever tell her how much I appreciate, love, cherish and must of all respect her for all that she had to endure while I was growing up. There are so many time she would see something and want to buy it but because she has us and bills to pay she wouldn’t get it. I just want my mom to be able to buy herself something nice because after everything she has been through she manages to remain grounded and kind-heart.

  421. Sayra Gonzalez

    I think my mom deserves to win this prize because all of her life she has sacrificed to give us, her children, everything she could. Being a single mother of four and starting to work from the bottom up is not an easy task. Even though she worked full time and had to be a mother full time she always had time for us. Even though she was sick and tired she still cleaned, cooked and found time to play with us. She started out as a laborer in a factory moved her way up to the office secretary and now she has her own business. She is the example of a great woman, a magnificent mother, and a fighter. She has taught all of us, her children, that everything is possible. Thanks to her great sacrifices I am able to attend college, graduate this year and attend graduate school. Not many woman can say they have been the great mother my mom is and that is why she deserves this prize.

  422. Amber

    My mom and I deserve to win! Through all the good times and the bad, over the miles and years, we have still managed to remain the best of friends…and our #1 bonding activity is shopping (mostly for my children now, her grandchildren)! Making this the perfect gift for both of us…

  423. Gail

    My mom thinks a $5 dollar t-shirt is fashion, $7 dollar t-shirt with print is high fashion! I would love for her to actually indulge herself in quality-feminine-pretty clothing that she deserves! I love “Beyond the Rack” and I would love to win beside my mom and shop together with a $1000 Contest win! We all have responsibilities but this would feel like $100,000,000 right now for MOTHERS DAY :)

  424. Annalisa

    I think my mom deserves to win because she hasn’t bought herself something in a long time. She always buys for her grand daughters. She is an awesome mom and grandmother!!

  425. Amy Taliaferro

    I have been looking for a job since November, 2011, and my mom found out her job is getting eliminated due to budget cutbacks in public education. Winning $1,000 will help my mom and me buy new interview clothes to help us both find a job. My mom, who is 50-something, is a talented, loving and giving person who raised me and my sister without a dad in the picture since 1995. She drives a 2001 old car and is turning gray; I hate to see her so worried these days. She is in a panic now looking for a new job and thinking that ageism will keep her from a new job, but winning a Beyond the Rack gift might be just the good luck she needs to help raise her spirits while she’s selling her house of 15 years to make ends meet. Thank you for considering us.

  426. Pamie

    My husband has been unemployed for almost a year & my mom has been a HUGE help with rent, groceries, & whatever else I need. She doesn’t have a lot to spare, but she would give me her last $5.00 if I needed gas in the car.

    Her wardrobe is quite limited & I haven’t seen her buy any clothes for herself in about 10 YEARS. I buy her a new pair of walking shoes every Christmas or Birthday, but that’s about all I can do. After all the help she’s given me throughout all my troubled years, I’d like to give her something in return for a change. She works hard & she really deserves it.

    Thanks for everything you do for me.
    I love you, Mom!! <3

  427. jessica

    My mother used to take my youngest sister and I shopping on a whim. It would be a regular evening and she would say lets go to the mall saturday morning, or lets go to the mall tonight. My sister and I would get prepared (if it was a saturday) for a full day excursion where a stop at tim hortons for breakfast followed by hours of shopping, lunch and a continuation. My mother would never buy anything for herself, no matter how much we tried to persuade her, but rather comment on how good things looked on us. These days were a full day of catching up, laughing and making ourselves feel special. I never realized until she passed away how important these days were. At the time I thought it was the shopping, but then I realized it was actually the time spent together with the added bonus of purchasing things to make us look and feel great. My sister and I live a couple of hours away from each other, and rarely get to continue the excursions we once shared. It would be so nice to spend the day with her and remember our mother while having a few bucks to spend frivolously.

  428. Renetta H.

    Dear Beyond The Rack,

    I think my mother deserves to win this wonderful gift, because she is contantly doing things for other people and she never has time for herself. My family has been taking care of foster children for about 10 + years and it’s something that my mother has always had in her heart to do. It takes a lot of patience to work full time and to spend the rest of her evenings by helping out those children once she gets off. It can get stressful at times for her, but she doesn’t mind because she knows that those children have a roof over their head and a nice hot meal to eat every single day. She has had to sacrifice the luxury of of going out and shopping for herself or even having a nice quiet evening to herself. This would be the perfect opportunity for my mother to finally have a chance to buy herself something nice for a change without putting others before herself. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be considered in this fantastic shopping spree offer.

  429. Melissa

    Hi everybody!
    It’s so nice to see all these responses. Same as all of you, I thought my mom and I deserve to win for all the same reasons. But, when I start to think in another of the regular reasons that I should post in this blog, it came to me a warm feeling. Feelings like joy and sadness at the same time, the feeling that can make you cry in 2 seconds and you don’t even know why. I try to focus again, but then I realized why I felt that way.
    I remembered that any time when I had a problem or felt sad, my mom was there for me. Every time she hugged and advised, I felt the same sensation. I was happy for having her with me, but at the same time worry because I knew there could be a moment that I wasn’t going to have her by my side.
    I had to move to Canada because of my work and I don’t have the chance to hold her as usual as I loved to. But I know, deeply in my heart, that she is with me at anytime.
    Now, my mom’s second passion; beside her family, its cloth. I introduced her to this website and she just loved it. Let’s be honest, I kind of felt a little bit jealous because she was always checking the latest offers when I called her (well….it could be also a coincidence), but that was the fact. But, who can blamed her, I do the same every day. It’s a way to relax and be update with fashion at the same time.
    If I have the chance to give her this gift, it will be more than great, more than super great. It will be …beyond the awesome.


    In our Country Philippines the life their is really hard, hard to find a good job with high salary… My mom go in Taiwan to work, she did everything for me and for my brother so she can give us a good future, a good food that we can eat everyday. It`s hard for me and for my brother to grow older without a mother, but we know why she sacrifice!.I did not see my mother for 12 years after i graduated i got a job and had a chance to come here in Canada were she live and i am really thankfull to our God because he give us me and my mom a chance to become together again after long long years that we are apart! Me and my mom been together now for 2 years and i know her better and we are so happyi found out that we have the same interest we really love shopping.My brother and my mom did not see each other until now its really sad but we dont have a choice we dont have enough money to go home. For me my mother is the best mother in the whole wide world! i am really proud that she is my mom! She is a mother that will do everything for her children even she will sacrifice her own happiness.What she did to us is really a tough desicions. Its really good to know BTR because the item is really cheap and it help us to save money! BTR is the Best!

  431. tameka

    My mom is the one who deserves to win not me. I am doing this for her.
    She is 64 years old and works 16 hours a day 6 days a week just to support my whole family.
    She is always giving and doing for others and I believe that she deserves to be spoiled a little too. Hopefully someone reads this and can give me the opprtunity to treat her to something nice for a change.

  432. Alia

    Simple….. My mom would give me the world if she could. She would do anything for me and I could never repay her for the amount of love and support she has given me all of these years. However, a $1000.00 shopping spree would be a good start ; ) BUT more importantly she just deserves a happy moment.

  433. Michele Minor

    Thank you for this great opportunity to win and also to tell you how fabulous my mom is! Growing up, she was always there for me and my 2 brothers. She did everything for us and helped us all become honest and caring people just like herself. My dad worked, but she worked at home as moms usually. She never did anything for herself. She would rarely drink orange juice because it was expensive and wanted us all to have some. She is very giving, very caring and would not harm a flea (maybe a spider because she hates spiders!). Anyway, last year she was diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery, when through chemo and radiation and thank God we believe it is all behind her. During this horrible time she never complained and still managed to cook our weekly sunday dinners. She lost a lot of weight and I think this would be a great way to thank her for being the best mother ever and to let her finally buy some nice things for herself! Thank you for considering her as your winner. You would love her!

  434. Lisa J.

    I think my mother deserves to win this contest because she is and has been the true definition of a mother, caregiver, and provider. For the past two years my mother became my fathers primary caregiver and support system as he battled pancreatic cancer. She was the only one working while my dad went through treatment and was in and out of the hospital. She had two full-time jobs in taking care of my father and took both of them very seriously. She also offered me her home as I had just graduated from college and was pregnant. March 22, 2011 my father was called home and his battle with pancreatic cancer was over. Since his passing we both have been struggling to pick up the pieces. We have dealt with so many obstacles in just a months time that we havent even had time to grieve! If my mother were to win this shopping spree, I’m sure it would be a boost to her confidence and help her to get some sort of normalcy back to her life. My father would have wanted it the same. She and he were young and he hated the fact the she had to take so much of her time to care for him, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way. If we were to win this spree, I would feel obligated to give my portion to my mother because she truly deserves it. I’ve learned so much from her in the past two years. Although our past two years haven’t been the ideal situation for any family to experience, I am thankful that it was her who taught me life lessons and her that was the caretaker of my father. My mother is truly an amazingly awesome mother and woman!

  435. Marianna Cutter

    I love your clothes first of all and have been a customer for a while now! I never shop anywhere else. I would love to include my mother but she passed away from Alzheimer’s March 8, 2011 this year. She was the kindest, most gentle and giving woman I have ever met. If I could go back and relive my life with her as my mother, I would jump at the chance. I am so sad I don’t have her with me this year especially on mother’s day but I know she is with me in spirit and that comforts me. I have also been through an extremely tough two years that my mother wasn’t completely aware of because of her progressing disease but I survived a life threatening brain anurysm which I spent over a month in a local Denver neurological hospital. My kidneys started failing while I was in the hospital and after I was released had to begin dialysis which I endured for almost a full year. I was actually lucky because many people endure this for years. It creates its own problems with your health because it’s not an exact science – it keeps you alive and that’s about it. I finally received a new kidney from a deceased 33 year old male at one of the finest hospitals in Denver, Colorado and will be celebrating my 2nd year as a kidney recipient on August 17th, 2011.
    All the medication I have been on (which I will be for the rest of my life) created a weight gain issue and I had never been overweight my entire life until this happened. It makes me sad that I have so many beautiful clothes, etc. that I can’t get back into because of my medication. I started working out and it has made a difference but not enough to save my old wardrobe.
    I would love to be given the opportunity to purchase some new clothes – that fit – at your wonderful store and add these to a wardrobe that just doesn’t exist right now. I have had money problems and my medication is very expensive so this would be the icing on the cake so to speak.
    God bless and thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.

  436. Tami Loftis

    Wow. This is a amazing chance to thank my wonderful, beautiful Mother as well as my three terrific daughters for all they have done for me. Always. Early Easter Morning I awoke with horrible pain in my abdomen. It was distended and I felt I had the stomach flu and refused to go to the hospital. My middle daughter, Summer, insisted on taking me to the ER. When I got there, they quickly decided it was an emergency situation and I luckily had a terrrific female surgeon who calmed my nerves. As it turned out, my appendix had been ruptured for nearly a week, and my inflamed intestines had wrapped around the infected area. I had an abdomen basically full of infection and had I waited another 12-24 hours, I apparently would have not lived. I was just released from the hospital to my wonderful Mother’s care. She is 77 and still gorgeous, active and amazing. She is nursing me back to health and I cannot thank her enough for her love and constant care. Each day she was at my bedside an now every minute she is making sure I am making healthy progress each day. Motherhood is what saved my life – thanks to my daughters who insisted I go to the hospital and drove me there, holding my hand until I went into surgery, praying for me; and now MY Mother, who still watches over me like an angel. Thank you for allowing me to share. Yes – I am still in pain – but it was their love and care that saved my life and how can I thank them??? Blessings – t

  437. lyaa

    BTR is an established quality seal for fashion. The website events portray many unique design-oriented products. Therefore, winning a BTR award is going to be AWESOME for the following reasons:
     getting an opportunity to experience same seal of quality with other high-priced distributors through BTR’s affordable introduction of quality apparel, jewelry, and other merchandise.

     I would like to win the award for my daughter in law who has been married to my son in the past 10 years.

     To me she is an epitome of a mother I would like to have for her trustworthiness, respectfulness, sense of responsibility, benevolence and adherence to decorum.

     With a demanding job, and demanding schedule of activities of their two daughters, receiving the BTR award will be like winning a grammy award!!

  438. Sarah Joung

    My name is Sarah & I think that my mom deserves to win this contest.
    My family & I moved from S.Korea to U.S when I was only 6 years old. We went through a lot as a immigrant family. None of our family members knew english and we didn’t have anyone in the states that we knew who can help us out. My parents tried hard so that me & my brother wouldn’t notice the hardships that our family was going through. My dad was working in the hot sun as a construction worker and coming home late at night with a pay of minimum wage. My mom tried to support us with part time waitress. My mom tried so hard for me and my brother too be happy so, she always sacrificed everything that she loved. Whenever we went shopping, my mom would spend all her salary money so that me & my brother would have nice “first day of school clothes.” My mom would always wear clothes that she received from other people or would goto thrift stores to buy clothes. After 11 years, I realized my mom deserves more than that. She deserves designer clothes like the other mothers. Even though my mom never talks about designer clothes and would always joke about how clearance clothes is her favorite; i know that when she hangs out with her friends who wears designer clothes, she wants to wear them also. I feel like this contest would let me be able to buy the clothes for my mom because she deserves it.

  439. Theresa

    My mom and I deserve to win because this prize would be the perfect gift to give her after all the trouble and fits I used to give her growing up when we’d go shopping together. During school shopping season, or really, any shopping season, my mom and I would make a trip or two to the mall or our favorite stores to update my wardrobe. Unlike many other moms and daughters who shop together, my mother and I boarder-line dreaded the upcoming experience. Why? Because it always ended terrible! My mom would pick out the most revolting clothes for me to try on and the items I picked out were always too short, too tight, or just down-right inappropriate for her liking. Now that I’m grown, our shopping trips have become much more pleasant, and I continue to turn more into my mother as the years go on. And although this may have been a “horrible” thought as a teen, I am happy who I’ve become and embrace my mother and I’s similar qualities. The prize would not only give us another “memorable” shopping trip but also reiterate how close we’ve become; like mother, like daughter.

  440. luisa

    Every day i see something somewhere i wish i could buy to my mom. She deservesa gift every day for giving me birth, loving me and doing anything she does for me. She is very special to me. She always been there for me and now for my children. She has taught me so much and has helped me to be a good mother to my children. My mother is a wonderful woman and she deserves to be pampered with this wonderful shopping spree from beyond the rack.

  441. kelly gian

    My mom is still working at 65 years old a full time job. I have been out of work and relentlessly trying to get a job for over a year. Its been a very difficult time. My mom lives across the country so we only talk on fb and the phone once in awhile. I need clothes for job interviews. I don’t have the money to purchase any as of right now. I lost my job April 10th 2010. My mom is a giving person and as always sacrificed for her children. She has always put others before herself. Id love to give her a mothers day gift she could really use ! I cant afford to purchase anything right now outside of paying bills to make rent. Im using money I have saved to do this. Since I don’t receive unemployment because I was a contract for hire position. It would meen so much to me to see my mom have a girls girly day with me! that would be so much fun!

  442. Stephanie Labelle

    I think my mom and I deserve to win not because we work hard to give our kids food and shelter but because we dont ever shop for ourselves. We never bought anything extravguant or have designer this and that just because the kids come first. I think everyone deserves alittle extravagance once in a while and your website really helps do that for all your members:) Happy Moms day to all…:)

  443. Gabrielle Papillon

    My mom deserves to win simply because she gave everything she had for my sister and I. She’s truly beautiful and a wonderful inspiration for everyone. I love you mom xxx

  444. Svetlana


    In my opinion, I and my mom deserve to win, because we both have experienced the joy of motherhood. My mother raised three daughters and I raising three beautiful kids in my 26 years. There is no greater happiness for every mother than to kiss rosy cheeks of their kids, cuddle their chubby hands. And the most tender and most affectionate word that can be said – the word “mom”. Whatever the problems were not expecting us in life, our mother`s is always ready to accept us, embrace and forgive.

  445. Vera

    I have been so blessed to have a mother as a mother and a wonderful friend. Because we both experienced the lost of a child, at different times in our lives, we have been there for each other through tears, laughter, long talks and even hanging out together. We are both so thankful for God’s gracy and mercy in bringing us through and still guiding us. It has been our tradition that I provide the complete Mother’s Day outfit, but I also enjoy finding great buys for my mother and family members throughout the year. To be honored with a shopping spree of this nature would be beyond spectular. It would simply be a blessing for both of us.

  446. Kimberly Doyle

    I think my mom deserves a shopping spree at BTR because my mom has helped me get through the hardest experience of my life this year.

    This past January I lost my first child at 20 weeks of pregnancy. It was a real blow because my husband and I were excited to be parents and it was the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents. My mom was there with me every step of the way including driving me to the hospital when my amazing husband couldn’t come. I don’t know what I would’ve done if she wasn’t there with me for support. The hardest part of our reality is not being a mom anymore. Even though he was only 20 weeks old when he passed, I had a bond with him that can only be understood by mothers.

    As Mother’s Day slowly approaches, it has become more and more difficult to deal with the fact that I am no longer “Mom” to a special little boy. A shopping spree would be a great gift to give to my mom who I now appreciate more than ever for the many years she has dedicated to raising me and my sister.

    So please BTR… make my mom and I a happy pair on a bitter sweet day.


  447. Jonathan Okoro

    My mommy and I deserve to win because she is the only one that works in the family my daddy lost his job and has been looking but difficult to find one.Just to take care of the household she has lost her car for none payment her boss takes her to work .I have never seen my mother buy anything for her self she has had only four pairs of shoes for over two years.I dont know how she dose it and her cloths I can not tell when I see her in new ones but she continue to manage.Me and my brother have tried to save our lunch money to buy something for our mommy but we end up using it for dinner at home so when she comes back from work to have something to eat.She will be so thrilled to bring her to get new shoes.Please consider my mommy.Thanks God Bless. .

  448. Lucette Spiro

    I have been a single parent for over 19 years, raised my two girls, to the best of my ability, I think I deserve a whole new wardrobe because I also work in a very prestigious place and would love to look like a million $. I have battled all my life for survival between jobs, dealing with people that are not quite kind.

  449. Donna Stilwell

    I would love to win this shopping spree cause I have worked hard all year and haven’t had the money to buy new clothes. I’ve had so many bills and my husband worked so hard to try to get them paid off.

  450. Mary

    I am blessed to have my mom and blessed all the moms out there. Every mom deserves to win this contest and it would be difficult to choose a winner as we all have fond memories of our mom. Therefore, I wish all participants in this contest best of luck and I am crossing my finger to win this for my mom as I know she deserves this.

  451. michelle king

    Well my mother is deceased but my sister Brandi has always been like my mom sister and best friend all in one! She was a newly wed when she took me in at 16. I know it was hard on her but she never showed it, not once. She has always been there when i need her even when I was wrong or failed there she was picking me up and dusting me off then pushing me forward! Now as i have children she is the best aunt to them and loves them as her own. She put off alot to be there for me and is now in college to become a nurse. She doesnt have the time nor the energy to go shopping (or the money) So i would love to give back to her for once. She is truly the best.

  452. Kasia

    Whatever I say or write will never describe how I love my mom and how wonderful she is so I will not even try describing why my mom deserves it, she is my mom, the one and only, that’s why!

  453. Iris

    When I was a little girl, my Mother would take me shopping, she loved to dress me up in clothes and see how pretty I would look. As a child, I didn’t understand that this was my Mother’s way of bonding with me. As I got older, I rejected any my Mother’s invites to shop with her. I felt I had become my own woman and didn’t want to be my Mother’s little doll anymore; this was the beginning of a distant relationship with my Mother. At the end of last year, 2010, I got married. Living away from my Mother has not only opened doors to our relationship but has showed me just how much we love and have missed each others’ company. She has become one of my best friends, my confidant, and my strength when I am weak. She is my teacher in being a good wife, and one day a good mother. Winning this shopping spree would be a memory for my mother and myself, brought back to life, brought back into good light.


    July of last year I got engaged. I was not the only one thrilled, my mom was in Mother heaven. I knew planning my dream wedding with her would be fun, but never would I think it possible, but she made it. My venue was… more than I could afford ever, but she said “this is my gift to you”, weeks after, she lost her job. Months after, I lost my fiance to another woman. We helped one another get over our obstacles, but I cannot help feeling guilty for costing her thousands of dollars in which, the venue says, is non refundable. I feel like such a burden. I might never have the money to pay her back or treat my mom to everything she deserves, but it sure would be nice to give her something special this mothers day.

  455. Laura Paprocki

    I believe my mom deserves this shopping spree because I don’t know anyone more deserving than her. She and my father raised 5 kids, and instead of being able to enjoy retirement with my father, she was his caregiver the year they both retired. She never complained once and is one of the strongest people I know. My dad died from pulmonary fibrosis which literally took his breath away and it was so hard on my mom and especially me. I think I cried everyday for 2 years knowing what the disease would do to him which was why I held off on having children until well after his passing. Now, I am a mother of a 4 and 6 year old whom I adore so much. My mother hasn’t moved on since and I think having this shopping spree would lift her spirits incredibly. My mom is such a shopaholic so this spree is so fitting for her.

    I would greatly appreciate if you considered us for this shopping spree.
    Thank you.

  456. Holly

    I feel that my mother deserves this special gift because she is very special to me. My mother is not just a mother but she is my best friend. For 31 years my mother has nurtured and loved me and has always been there for me and now for my children. She has taught me so much and has helped me to be a good mother to my children. My mother is a wonderful woman with a beautiful heart. She deserves to be pampered with this wonderful shopping spree from beyond the rack. She has always put the family before her needs and has sacrificed so much.

  457. Bobby


    I would like to nominate my wife. Not only is my wife a new mother, but an incredible woman. Each day, my wife goes to work to assist people with their speech and language disorders. The position is certainly not flashy, but one that impacts many lives. Each day she looks professional, but this is where the majority of our money has gone for clothing. This has meant her weekend and night clothing are well out of style. When we go out with friends, she often embarrassed about not looking “good enough”. I would love to surprise her with a shopping spree to beyond the rack. Thank you! Happy Mothers Day to everyone.

  458. patti

    my mom does everything for me…she helps with my kids….and when she is here she just does without being asked….and never expects anything in return!

  459. Janeen

    My mom deserves to win the shopping spree because she has given me and my sister so much of her time and effort us along with her grand kids.
    I am a single mom of a two a five year old and a two month baby and without my mother, I don’t know how I would have done without all the help she has been giving me. My mother is a strong woman with many health issues and through all of that she still has time to care for her kids and grand kids and I’m so proud to call her my mother. I think she deserves a chance to pamper herself and not the kids! Love you mom with all my heart stay strong.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  460. Lucette Spiro

    My was widowed at the age of 32 and she decided to sacrifice her life for her 3 children. Today my mom is 86 with only one eyesight and still gives all she can for us. I have had many trials in life but my mom was always there for me.
    I wish we could win this so I can give her a little bit of the very much she gave me.

  461. stephanie

    My mom and I should win this shopping spree because, both of us take care of everyone else before ourselves. All of our money goes towards either bills or our kids. We rarely buy ourselves anything. Everyone else usually buys us things.

  462. Joumana

    Dear BTR,

    My birthmother passed away when I was just a baby. My aunt’s friend accepted to take me in for a few months. This was supposed to be a temporary situation until my dad got himself BACK on his feet but temporary became permanent. This woman became my mother the instant she took me in her arms. My life has been a rollercoaster, going through marriage, divorce, school, health and much more and she has been there through it all for me! I always knew that she was only 1 phone call away. She raised me like her own and DNA didnt matter! Until this day, I know I can always count on my mom for anything.

    Shopping is one of our many hobbies which allows us to spend time together, whether its in the mall or online. I want to be able to give her back all that she has ever given me, although I know it wouldnt be possible. She is a true blessing to me, as well as her husband, family, friends and community.

    I promise to use this money wisely! 😉

  463. Kathy Dutton

    My Mom what a lady she is its her Birthday today 5th of May and I would love her to have some good luck for once .
    Mom never had much in growing up as a child as she was brought up in an a childrens home in care when her mom died when she was 5 years old ,and she has worked so hard from that time to be a good person in growning up .
    She has been married to my dad for 27 years and had 5 boys am one of them at 18 years old, 4 years ago my parents went through bankrupey and we lost every thing they had worked for which always meant we needed to move and rent a house and start a fresh my brothers are now seeing them selfs through university and it is so hard for mom as she feels she is letting us all down she helps were she can but she always feels that she should do more to help .
    So I no this would bring a smile to her face if she won but then knowing my mom she would pass it on to us as that is what she dose we love you mom and thank you for all you have done xx

  464. Marie

    Hii Beyond The Rack,

    I really think that we deserve to win cause…My mother was always there for me and my brothers. She has been there even when I was absent. I abandoned my mother when all she was trying to do was help me. She has fought all his youth to help his twin brother to quit drugs. She was ready to give her own life to help him. Unfortunately, his brother has committed suicide because of drugs. There are now 3 years old, I was into drugs. I made ​​her relive everything she had tried to forget. I opened my eyes when I realized I was ” killing” her with all my stuff. I sincerely regret that i made her suffer. Today, all I want is her happiness. Because she deserves the best. She has spent his entire life working so hard for it lacks nothing and we must be happy.. She is the woman with the biggest heart I know. And I love her with all my heart and I know she will be there forever, in any situation because she is always there.
    And even if you do not win, it’s not important, the most important thing is what’s between me and her. And i will always do everything for her to be happy.

  465. Laura

    I think my mom and I deserve this prize because this year has been an incredible year for both of us. I had a baby boy in June so this is my first Mothers Day. Everyone is right when they say you put everything else but yourself first when you become a Mom and I sure have this year. IN addition, to this wonderful joy in my life. My mom was diagnosed with colon Cancer a few months after the birth of my child. She has been so strong and confident throughout this whole experience. Her strong sense of willingness and motivation to fight this disease was incredible. She has now finished treatments and I am returning to work. SO i feel that we both need this prize to lift our spirits and put ourselves first just for a little bit!!

  466. Christine

    I”m the eldest of four children that my mother had pretty much single-handedly raised over the last two decades. My mother came from a very poor background and although she had many relatives back home, chose to move to Canada so her children can have a better future. Having spoken no English, she worked in factories doing hard labour to put meals on the table for her children. Not too long after arriving in Canada, our father, her husband who was suppose to take care of us and protect us, left us for another woman leaving my mother all alone in a foreign land to fend for herself. My mother continue to work in factories over many years until she cannot work anymore when her hands, shoulders and back gave up on her recently. As the eldest, I feel ashamed that I cannot provide for her what she needs and she had to go on social support. Having seen what my mother has gone through, and am soon to become one, it would be a blessing to have the chance to celebrate this mother’s day with something special for both of us but more especially for her.

  467. Anne Johnson-Cheverere

    My oldest daughter, Katie just married last week and all of our discretionary dollars went towards a modestly beautiful wedding. We are both Beyond The Rack shoppers, well mainly window shoppers and the ability to spruce up would be simply wonderful and much needed. My precious daughter has much more style than I do and I always send her screen shots of things from Beyond the Rack that I would love to have. We both know how to stretch a dollar and I can not think of a better place to spend and stretch than Beyond The Rack. Thank you for your consideration. Win or loose, I will continue to enjoy and shop BTR.

  468. Emmy Kuypers

    I think that my mom should win, just because she really does deserve a nice surprise. She has worked hard her entire life, making sure that my brother and I always had everything we needed, while sacrificing things for herself. She has not had an easy life, and I always look for an opportunity to show her how much everything she has done for me means to me, and how special and wonderful of a woman she is. I wouldnt be the person I am today without my mom.

  469. Kathy

    My mother is always on my side. Since she and my father split, I have lived in a house full of men. I was the one who did all the chores at home while growing up, yet my brother was never assigned any. Whenever she missed me, my mother would often call to ask me how my day went. At one point, she even called ten times in a day! She has since eased up on that but still manages to call every other day. If there arguments broke out at home, my mother would call and ask if I was okay. She tries her best to be there for me at all times. It would be great to be able to share this prize with her.

  470. Sonja

    I believe I have a truly selfless mother who has devoted her life to being the best mother and grandmother a child and grandchild could ever have. She has provided me with the knowledge, love and compassion needed to raise and cherish my own children. My mother has recently undergone surgery and is going through a painful recovery. I would love to provide her with a gift that will lift her spirits and motivate her to get out and about and show off her fabulous finds. Thank you for this opportunity.

  471. Vera Jones

    My Mother and I have been mother and daughter for ever with a wonderfuly relationship and now we have become more great friends, if not best friends. My Mother and I have both experienced the loss of a child. I lost a daughter in 2000 and my mother lost a son in 2011. We have there to help each through each trying time, through talking, hanging out, crying and laughing. Our losses will never been forgotten, but we are so blessed that God has brought us through and is still bringing us through, and the whole newfound relationship. I love shopping for my mother and family throughout the year and our tradition has become for me to dress her, head to toe, on Mother’s Day. She does enjoy my choices, but with a blessed shopping spree such as this, I may give her a chance to pick something out nice for me for a change. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  472. Annie

    A quote that captures how I feel towards my mother is ” All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” by Abraham Lincoln. My mother is such an inspiration not only to me, but to everyone she meets. She has the ability to befriend any stranger in the grocery line. Her smile is contagious. She is the most thoughtful and selfless person I know. I truly hope that I can be anything close to what she is. Mom has always provided more than my brother and I ever needed… somehow, like magic, she always made it happen. Ultimately, she is my best friend, my helpful hand, my listening ear, and my open arms. She is always asking me for my fashion advice … so I would love to win this to TRY to say thank you, even though nothing seems adequate enough. She would be so thrilled and it would make my life to see the look on her face!

  473. Noelle

    BTR + Friends,

    What a great surprise this would be for my mother! In the past year and a half, the TA for a public middle school Special Education department has had double knee replacement surgeries. The Woman Who Cannot Sit Still was forced to adopt a calm lifestyle for weeks, until she discovered that, in addition to her physical therapy, her lifelong dream–scuba diving–would be a way to help rehabilitate her knees and get her out of the house. As a result of being able to be more active, my mother has lost a lot of weight, and this would be such a wonderful way to say thank you and show her how proud I am of her and provide her with a brand new wardrobe. As a woman who insists on asking for things she needs, not wants, I always find myself at a loss for what to give her. The past several years she has only received a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon, and I would be delighted to gift her with something a bit more… dazzling!

  474. Stephanie

    To who It May Concern: I have read the posts regarding all the “Moms” and they are great! I would like to tell you about my mom. She has raised four children who are now 23, 33, 31, and 26 years old. Two boys and two girls. My mom was married for 18 years and unfortunately divorced 18 years ago. During these past years she has held three jobs to provide for all of us. My father made it difficult for her when it came to child support (he had the money). she did everything she could to provide for all of us and more. We played sports so we needed equipment, clothing, and shoes, somehow she would be able to purchase what we needed. However, my mom went without. she does the same thing today. If I say that I like an item at the department store, she will wait until I walk away then purchase the item for me. She says it gives her joy to surprise me. My mom has been on SSI/Disability for 5 years and cleans one house a week to help us. I know that working physically really hurts her body, but she continues to anyway. She also was recently accepted into the Master’s Program. She does a lot of her assignments at home because of the pain she endures. She is a selfless person and always has been, especially when it comes to her children.
    Today is my birthday and this is the first time in 23 years she is not able to afford to purchase groceries to make my yearly birthday dinner(my sister is making it). Whatever decision you make is great because there are many other moms who are great as well!

    Thank you,

    Mallory L. Misasi

  475. Jen

    My mom is the greatest. She is always there for me and my child as I am now a single mom. She has quit her full time job to care for my child after school, holidays, and vacation. I am currently working full time and need to. We would both love to get a “break” and actually give her back what she has given to me. My mom NEVER does anything for herself especially in the line of clothing, accessories, etc. Please consider my mom!

  476. Margeaux Miller

    My Mom and I deserve this because we are best friends and are always there for one another. My father passed away in March of 2010 after a nearly 6 year battle with bone marrow cancer Multiple Myeloma. I’m an only child and my mother and I took care of him solely by ourselves. For the first 3 years I didn’t work so I could take him to appointments and be with him during his stem cell transplant. The next 3 years my mom took a part time position so she could be with him. We miss him terribly and would do anything to have him back as long as he wouldn’t be in any pain. We are definitely deserving of some no nonsense carefree fun. I’d love to win this for her. She deserves to be spoiled.

  477. xiongfeng luo

    i like beyond the rack very much, because i can find the items that i really like, and the prices
    are very suitable for me . so i visit beyond the rack almost everyday, come to join us, it is so much fun to visit beyond the rack, yeah!

  478. Melissa

    I think my mom deserves this because she’ll never know how much I appreciate her, I never get to spend enough time with her and I always want to try to do things for her to make her life a little easier. She gets up everyday and goes to a not so great job with a sick husband at home and never complains. To do something for her to make her smile a little more everyday would make me ever so grateful. I have been a supporter and shopper of BTR since it got started and I have never won anything in my life! Please help me show my Mom how great she is and spoil her for being my MOM!!

  479. Sara

    I have the greatest mother who is loved and cherish by everyone in the family and all her friends. She raised us as a single mother with my father being a pilot and away constantly. And my sister and I were a hand full for her, and with double the responsibility she never lost her sweetness or charm. She raised us to be humble, gracious and kind to others. There is nothing more we both love doing together than shopping, and this is the most special gift that I could surprise her with for mother’s day. I know she would be truly excited and will share gift not only with use her daughters but probably with a few friends too, thats how nice she is.

  480. ashley loera

    Hello beyond the rack. I think me and my mother deserve to win because 2 years ago we found she has cancer and she went through all her kemo therapy. About 2 months ago they had told her that she was cancer free. Of course we were all releived and happy. Then we got a phone call 2 weeks ago that will change our familys life forever. My beautiful mother has cancer again and its worse than ever and they give her until the end of the month to live. So plz pick me so I can give my mom the shopping spree of a lifetime. =)

  481. Akosua A

    I only joined recently and I love all the wonderful sales you have. Your items are so exciting
    I. believe I deserve to win this because am a college student studying science and being
    From Africa it hard to actually know how to dress and fit in, my mom also being a single mom taking care of me and my brother I would love to win some nice clothes for her to meet some nice people. Because of college tuition and lack of funds it very hard to think about clothes and even impossible to get some. If you help me with something nice for me and my mom you will be saving us tuition money indirectly. I hope the best and honestly those who really need it get it. I would love to get my mom and brother something nice with this gift though and I know my mom deserves this more than anybody because even though she has limited resources she helps my friends with food and provisions. She is so kind and I believe she deserves it Thank you and I love see all the things on this website it encourages me to work harder at school so I can grow up and be a fine lady who can help her country. Africa. Love BTR

  482. Sara McIntyre

    My mom taught me one of the most valuable lessons and she still teaches it to me today – the value of a dollar. With Beyond the Rack, I can really value every dollar I spend on clothing, shoes, housewares and everything else in between!

    To explain how she taught me this very valuable lesson, let me go to the beginning. I grew up as an only child to a single mother and she would do anything for me growing up. As a single mother, she had to make every dollar count. Seeing my mom work sometimes 50 hours a week with two jobs, and even juggling going back to college to get us a better life on her time off, every time we would go shopping, I knew I could only pick out a few items that I’d appreciate and wear for the year to come. My mom never got to buy fancy clothes when I was growing up. She sacrificed so much so we could have what we needed, rather than what we wanted.

    I started working at the age of 14 so I could purchase the things in life that I wanted; however, I never stopped to buy my mom anything at that age. She still made ends meet and would still get what we needed as a family of two. I was beyond lucky to have such a great mom all those years! She eventually got remarried and has two more daughters who we both teach to shop for the best value for money. The whole family uses BTR and that’s why I think my mom & I deserve to win.

  483. Elisse

    Deserve? All I know is it would be grand fun, and my 88 year old mom (who’s a WWII US Army WAC Veteran, artist, golfer, & bowler, as well as a breast cancer survivor and a lot of other things!) would get a BIG kick out of it!

  484. Ellen Wolland

    I really believe that I deserve to win, because. My mother passed away last year in April. she was my closest friend, and I miss her everyday. She struggled her whole life, with raising 5 children. But the person I would like to bring is a woman (a Mom herself) who stepped in and saw my despair when my Mom died, and has really been a good friend to me and reminds me so much of my own Mom. She has recently had hip replacement and I have been visiting her in the hospital with baked goodies. She is so grateful and yet she doesn’t even know that I should be grateful for having such a good friend to help me through this difficult time
    This would be a great way to show her how much I care about her, and let her know, you don’t have to be blood to be a good Mom.

  485. Dianna Small

    This is a very different spin to the Mothers Day specials. I feel that my daughter deserves to win, she has been a stay at home mom for her 3 special needs children since they were very little. She has been trying to get her college degree on line as it is very hard for her to get to classes away from home. She also is my basic caretaker, since I have to have supervision because of strokes and TIA’s. I am her mother. We tend to share the duties of the house as much as I am able, and she just was offered a part time job with the Autism foundation here in Clarksville , KY. They work with her youngest daughter and have helped stabilize the situation so she does not have the frequent blowups that she used to have. Being an Army wife has been a very interesting life, she has learned so much that the Autism people feel like she could help them in their office with organization and finding places to locate funds, to better serve their clientele.

  486. Suzanne

    My mom is the best mom for many reasons. We never had a whole lot of money growing up but she made sure that we always had everything that we needed, she would have given us her last $5 if we needed it. She also took in some of mine and my brother’s friends who didn’t get along with their parents when we were teenagers, her door was always open. Some of them would have ended up without a roof over their heads if my mom wasn’t there. All of her jobs have been to help people, in retirement homes or in halfway houses. Me and my brothers are finally in a position where we can now give back, even tho she still tries to give to us. I took my mom for a spa date last week for Mother’s Day and to my surprise she said that this was the first time that she had nail polish on her toes, which is sad if you ask me. If she wins this then I will make sure that she buys something just to spoil herself…. she deserves it :)

  487. Dorothy

    My mom is one of the strongest and most courageous people I know. She had 9 of us kids, has lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren and is always there for everyone – no matter what.
    Just recently she had a knee replacement and is looking forward to being able now to move around better and hopefully buy some new clothes and Beyond the Rack is the perfect place. I love shopping on your website and would love to be able to spend some time and money with my mom on mother’s day.
    Thank you.

  488. Kylie

    My mom deserves to win b/c she is an amazing person all around. She has two kids, myself & my little brother who is 10 years younger then me & she also treats my step sister as her own. My mom is such a rock for our family, she is always helping to take care of my grandmother & has been a wonderful grandma to my little boy. Since having my son I’ve had a lot of medical problems & my mom has supported me the whole way. She will take my son for me anytime I’m having a bad day & need some rest. She also has been a great support since my husband is in the military. Anytime he’s gone she always helps out a lot, because sometimes it get tough to do it all on my own when he’s gone. She’s always just a phone call away and never judges me, she’s always there to stand up for me & cheer me up when I’m down. Not to mention she helped me put together our wedding in three weeks so that we could work around my husbands military duties. She helped with everything from the dress to the venue and decorations. She even cooked all the food and created beautiful cupcakes and cookies for desert. In short she is an amazing, selfless woman who is always there when you need her and always goes above and beyond just being a “mom”.

    I really hope you choose us because my mom deserves to get to spoil herself a little since she always puts everyone else before herself.

  489. tammy tavares

    My Mom deserves this because she is on second year of Chemo for ovarian/uterine/stomach cancer. She has lost so much weight her clothes hang off her. And because she is the rock and idol I lean on and look up too. I want to go because I am greedy, I want to spend every minute I can with my mom.

  490. Celena Spry

    My mom and I are best friends. We have not lived within 500 miles of each other since 1997 when I joined the Air Force. My mom has traveled the world over the years to see me and my family. She makes sure to come see us no matter where we are, because to her family is everything! Last year my husband deployed to Afghanistan, and my mom flew to see me three times in 6 months – and I flew to see her in the months in between. I cant imagine a life that wouldn’t involve my mom, and tell her this all the time, so in the last year my mom decided to eat healthier and to exercise. She has lost over 35 lbs, and could really use the shopping spree. My mom has always looked great, and is beautiful inside and out. This shopping spree would be a wonderful way for us to get together again and spend some time talking through our retail therapy!

  491. Jamie

    Dear Beyond the rack,

    I feel my mother and I deserve this shopping spree. My mother is amazing, She raised my two sisters and myself with little to no help and was always the most caring, loving and supportive mother. We grew up very poor but were pretty much unaware because my mom always came up with fun, creative ways to keep us occupied. My mother worked for the school district so she would be able to have summers off to spend with us and I have so many great memories of park hopping, day trips to the ocean and camp outs in the back yard. My mother has gone though a lot; two unsuccessful marriages and throughout all her children have remained her number one priority. She has had cancer twice but kept most of her struggle to herself as to not add unneeded stress to us. I am now 25 with a child of my own, I pride myself on being a patient, loving and caring mother just like my mom was with my sisters and I. She is an amazing, hard working and loving mother and grandmother who takes little time for herself. I truly believe a make over would give her back the self confidence she has lost over the years and help her look and feel as beautiful on the outside as she is within.

    Thank you,


  492. Jenna

    I think my ‘mother’ deserves to win for a few reasons. My actual mom passed away 5 years ago, and my boyfriends mom stepped in and helped fill that void. Then, even though she had just lost her job and had 4 other people to support, she took me in when my dad kicked me out of the house because of a chronic illness. She has been my saviour and helped me more then I can ever thank her for. She doesn’t like to spend money on herself, even though she hasn’t updated her wardrobe in about 5 years, so this shopping spree would be a good start to me thanking her for all she has done for me.

  493. Tori Nicholson

    No one deserves this more than my mother would have, if she were still alive. I am the mother of an 11 yr old boy, and an angel, infant son, who died in my arms. In the past year we have faced loss in every imaginable aspect of our lives, from home to finance to relationship. However, I believe in restoration. The lady who acts as my “adoptive” mother is as deserving as I am. We met in college, years ago, and she is the same age as my real mom, who has passed away. This woman is phenomenal because like me, she has lost a child and recovered from it. Mother’s Day is one of those days when anyone who has buried a child knows you feel that loss very deeply. But again, I believe in restoration, and I think that winning something in the face of so much loss would be a step in the right direction towards having tangible evodence that even after loss, you will win again in life.

  494. G Buenabad

    My mom is the best teacher on how to be a great mother. She had six kids and were all raised to be honest, respecful and strong independent adults. I have two children of my own and now days society is always in a fast pace, but we need to keep our priorities in place. For me my kids are my priority. I enjoy being a super mom working full time and still have time to volunteer at school, taking them to their soccer practice, and have time to hear all their stories at dinner. I even have time to help my God children be better kids since most are kids of single parents. To all mothers keep up the good work and enjoy your day.

  495. brittany Constable

    My mom’s a mother of 5, and work two job’s, also divorced.

    She’s been through a lot, and every little thing helps.

    Since that age of 14 i’ve been working in order to provide myself, with all i wanted and needed without having to depend on mommy and daddy. We are both very hard workers, and could use a little break from our hecktic lives. i am now 20 and work 40 hours weeks and am still in school. i’m on you’re site every day at 11am to see what’s new, and if anythign’s really worth spending my money, since i’m so limited with all my payments.

    Winning this would help us both out sooo much and would mean soo much, you can’t even understand. It would be a new wardrobe for myself, in which i havent had in the last 3 years!

    I love my mom sooooo dearly and i’m soooo greatful to have her. She’s taught me so much about life and how to be an independant young woman.

    I can honestly say she’s number 1!

  496. Kimberly

    Hello beyond the rack crew!
    My mom is such a wonderful person she has overcome so many difficult situations. She came to the United states when she was 15 leaving behind her parents and family she came here for a better life. She married my father and has been happily married for 28 years. My dad lost the back of his heel when he was an infant during the Vietnam world so he walks with a heavy limp so my mom works 6 days a week to try to provide for my dad because he got laid off 5 years ago and has difficulties finding another job considering the economy and his disabiltiy. Even if my mother doesn’t win this challenge I am so proud to be her daughter and i love her so much!

  497. Ashley P.

    My mom deserves to win because she grew up the oldest of four in a not very wealthy family. She became a dialysis nurse after college and has worked in dialysis and with renal doctors since. She is now going to college to become a nurse practicioner. She is my inspiration in all that I do.

  498. Zayna - Lee Moisson

    Hi, My Mom and I should win not just because it would be great but because we are both working 7days a week and are doing our best to support our household. My little sister is in private school so she gets the attention she needs to actually succeed very far in life; the private school has drained lots of our money so it is hard for us to buy new clothes for the season change as well for my sister who is still growing. It would be really nice to receive the $1000 to help us get clothes for all of us with out the huge hassle of being careful exactly how much money we take out from paying bills and other stuff. My Mom has done so much for our little family and it would be nice to be able to give her the prize and have her be able to put it to things we really need. Since I was a baby she has been on her own making sure we have what we need to live and this prize money would help by giving her the chance to spoil herself without having to stress on where the money is coming from. This allows my mom to get a mothers day gift that didn’t take away from anything.

    Thank-You for this Chance.

  499. Marta M

    My mom is not only the best mother in the world, but she is also my best friend. My parents moved to Canada when I was 4 and they sacrificed amazing careers, and an established life to start all over again with nothing in Canada. My mom has worked over 50 hours a week for as long as I remember to ensure my brother and I have the opportunities we do, and needless to say money for shopping indulgences has always been tight. My mom taught me the art of scouring sales racks, fishing through bargain shops, and shopping at discount stores like its the olympics from an early age. Her fashion sense is impeccable and I don’t think you would ever be able to tell how much the look really cost ;). Since I discovered BeyondtheRack my Mom and I browse the online catalogue a few times a week together before bed. It has become a very fun ritual, and we don’t have to dream about being able to afford the looks – we can actually purchase them! Of course a lot of the designer wear is over our budgets still, but how great would it be if for Mother’s day I could let her pick out whatever she wanted.

    Beyond that my mom is the friendliest and kindest person you will ever meet – and even if we don’t win I think the whole world should know how great she is – and this is a great place to start!

    Every girl deserves to be able to indulge a little – and I think its my moms turn. Not to mention she has a very weak spot for shoes and we may share similar tastes – and size 😉

    Pick me and my mom !!

  500. Francesca

    Hi I don’t want this for me, it really is for my mother. She had a lot of trouble what with the family breaking apart and the issues with my father but she slaves day in and day out to take care of us and always takes care of us. she never does anything for herself and i think think would force her to have to do something for her for once and i think she really deserves it, i really hope you pick my mother xxo

  501. Chris Madden

    I would love to treat my mom to a shopping “trip”. She is 90 years old and doesn’t get out much anymore. we could “shop” together via computer and create a lasting score some cool stuff !


    Dear Beyond the Rack,
    I, truly hope that My loving mom and I will win these. My mom is 79 year old now and when I do have extra money to buy her something I take her to Savers- which is like Goodwill. I really hope we can Win these. My Mom is the best thing that happen to my life and my twin sister. We like to pay her back for being wonderful mom, best mom in the whole wide world, but I wish I can treat my mom with some extra money on my pocket to by her new clothes. These would be the best mothers day gift I’m wishing for my mom this year. Please lord let me win. Thank you Beyond the Rack. Hoping to win these waffle with my mom.

  503. Michelle Paris

    My Mom has always been my source of inspiration and has taught us the value of love, friendship,forgiveness, kindness, relationships, and everything possible that defines us today. I’ve learnt from my Mom to always give and never expect anything in return. For a change I’d like to surprise my Mom by introducing her to Beyond The Rack for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift and I am sure She’ll celebrate everyday of her life with you.

  504. Kim

    My mom deserves to win as not only do wo LOVE Beyond the Rack but we just love shopping in general! She is my best friend and we spend a lot of time together, mostly at the mall or outlets. My mom is a 3 year breast cancer surviver and the strongest and most unselfish person I know. My dad just had a stroke after going through 6 bi-pass surgery and is now on disability so money is a little tight for them. My mom refuses to spend any money on herself and this would be a great opportunity for her to splurge a little.

  505. Lulu Leman

    It is not me who would be blessed to win this shopping spree but my 81 year old mom who has survived so much over the last 2 years. My Mom suffered but survived a nasty run with hepititis A after a minor operation, only to discover another problem with her circulation which required the removal of her right leg last May. She and I were about to leave for a vacation for a Hawaiian cruise; suitcase packed with a new wardrobe purchased to show off her slim figure and great legs. Instead, a year later, Momma still battles with learning to walk again. Momma would get a great boost from a shopping spree. It would take her mind elsewhere for a bit and offer her an alternative to her current wardrobe which doesn’t cover her steel leg which makes her hide from the world these days. Thank you for considering Momma for this shopping spree prize.
    Cheers Lulu

  506. Jennifer

    My mom and I have had quite a crazy year and I believe we (especially her) are definitely deserving of a shopping spree. We both vowed to lose weight and worked very hard this year. I went from a size 16 to a size 10 and my mom is also swimming in her clothes. My mom is starting a new job next month and definitely needs a new wardrobe; we both could really use clothes that actually fit us!
    Being a mother myself, I know that feeling of unconditional love and I definitely now see how absolutely amazing my mom has been to me my entire life. I just purchased a house and am getting married in September and my mom has been there every step of the way, giving me advice and helping out with absolutely anything she can. We currently live 5 minutes from each other but my new house is going to take us several towns away and although I am going to miss living only a couple blocks away, I know that closeness we have will still remain tight.

  507. Kristina

    As I write this my mom is being screened for breast cancer. Knowing this is a public format, I hesitate to get into too many details. Life is too short and we just never seem to have enough time. I’ve postponed a trip to Vegas with her too many times and would love to jump on that and a shopping spree with BeyondThe to help pick up her spirits and maybe encourage her to take better care of herself from here on. I’m not sure she realizes how much my brother, who is special needs and I love and need her. Thank you for allowing us to honor those who have given us life.

  508. Brandi

    Dear Beyond the Rack,

    My name is Brandi and I think my mother deserves to win this contest. She is a hard working woman and she’s also a single parent! She takes care of me and my little sister, but within a month she will be helping me take care of my child. I am 18 years old and she has been a great help, she has been their for me since day one and I believe she deserves the best. She never gets time to treat herself, this contest will really make her happy! My mother is a great women and she helps a lot of people out, she also puts others before herself and I think its time for her to put herself first. Since shes helping me with my child she deserves to treat her self to a few nice things for mothers day.

  509. Rebecca

    My mom is the most selfless woman I know. She has dealt with four children and a husband with brittle bones. She has taken care of each of us when we were broken (literally) and never asked for a thing in return. This would bless her abundantly.

  510. Nancy B.

    Sincerly, it would be an honor to give that gift to my mom. We used to shop always together, before I moved far away from her to be with my husband and my child. Since, as she lives alone, she’s sad to not see each other as often as we used to. We could do our shopping together again ! I love you mom.

  511. Brandi

    I would love to win this for my mom and I… I have a hard time buying her gifts because she tends to mention she loves something, then turns up with it before I get the chance to gift it!

  512. Tara

    Because my mother is wonderful…that’s why she deserves to win. She has been there for my 2 brothers and myself through all of our ups and downs, our victories and our losses. No matter that her life was difficult with our father and continues to be difficult, she is always there with a hug, a smile, a kind word or whatever we may need. She is the best Nana anyone could ask for (and I have to add that her Mother was the best Nana as well). When she shops, she comes back with one article for herself, and a dozen things for her children and grandchildren. She is selfless, kind, patient, understanding…and I only hope to be as good to my 2 children, as she is to all of us. I am blessed to have her as my Mother!

  513. judy

    My mother and I deserve to win because it would be great to surprise her with this, she would be so happy and probably cry! Thank You

  514. Jessica

    My mom and I deserve to win for a few reasons. First, she has recently lost a lot of weight and her clothes are too big on her now! She is also going through a divorce and all of us women know that new clothes can help build confidence. =) I have also recently lost 12 lbs and being 5’1 a lot of my clothes do not fit either!! I would like to treat my mom to something special this year so we can bond and share some smiles together. We both could use a break from life. Not to mention, with the divorce my mom is responsible now for over 90,000 and he is getting half her retirement. I have a commission only job and the last thing either of us can afford is a much needed new wardrobe. =( Thanks for reading. Happy Mothers day

  515. Esther

    For as long as I can remember my mom has dedicated her life to her children. I have seen her sacrifice nice things for herself to make sure we all had lunch money or school supplies or necessities. She has taught us all how to scrimp and save. How to stretch every dollar and how to be proud of everything we do.She taught us to buy the best with what we had. It was better to own a few good items than a closet full of junk. When she started working full time, I remember her coming to every school event, award ceremony and open house. Performing on the school stage I can still remember looking for her and always catching her smile from the back. She couldn’t stay for the entire performance because she would take her lunch time to do this. Even to this day, my mom is the most generous, thoughtful, spiritual and wise woman I know. I’m proud to be her daughter and If I can be half the woman she has become I will be blessed. I love my mom and would love to give her this so she can finally spoil herself and know how important she has always been to me, my siblings and all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you for your consideration. :)

  516. Jeri Kay Sharp

    My mother is a fabulous woman and should have been the Marilyn Monroe of her time! She has 3 of us girls and believe me, we have put her through the ringer with trials and tribulations (divorces, children issues, money issues, etc.) ! But yet throughout it all, she has always been there 100% to support all 3 of us and never thinks twice about brightening our day with some gift. Ya see, we grew up bonding by shopping together and this would be such an awesome gift now that my father is no longer working and they have to live on social security. I would love to give her back just a little of what she has given me………more emotional support than material……….but this would allow us to spend some time again thinking about “the good old times” and how we combed all the stores for discounts and dressed ourselves to the T because we knew that if we looked good, we felt good. I love my mom to death and she deserves the world! Thank you for letting me participate in this fun contest. Sincerely, Jeri Kay Sharp

  517. Monique Bryant

    I do not deserve to win, but my mom does she has raised my daughter from birth since I was only 16 when I had my daughter. She has also worked two jobs to take care of me and my daughter because she is a widow for almost 10 years now. Even thou she has had over 9 back surgeries and had to change jobs due to her surgery, she still continues to open her heart for me and my daughter, and I am expecting another child but now I am 24 years old. My mom has the biggest heart, she opens her heart and home to anyone that needs help.

  518. cindy c

    My mom deserves to win because she is the most amazing mom ever! She is so loving, kind and supportive. My mom taught me the importance of forgiveness. I have always tended to hold grudges and usually if a friend or someone I loved betrayed me, I just wrote them off completely. Well when i went through a painful divorce, I realized that I could not let go. The feelings were tearing me up inside. I was so unhappy and all I could think about was how much I wanted to get even with him. My mom let me vent to her and helped be my rock while I went through it. She taught me the importance of love and positivity. She helped me see the good in the situation and she helped me focus my energy into something more positive-furthering my career. She taught me to love him even though I wanted to hate him so much. She showed me how to forgive and let go of the hurt so that I could move on with my life. She was the most amazing support I could have had through something so traumatic in my life. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I think I would still be focusing on hating him and I know what kind of negative effect that would have on my life. Instead I’m exactly where I want to be and happier than ever.

  519. June Kim

    Hi, My mom lives the other side of the world because I got married and moved away from home. We enjoy go shopping together so we come up with a new trick to have fun together by looking at the same web page and talk about it. It would be nice to win the prize then I can give it to her for mother’s day gift. Not just talking about what she wants but she can have what she wants!! Just thinking about it make me smile. June

  520. Kelsey Josue

    I think my mom & I should win this b/c she has done so much for me and this would be something we both would love. We absolutely LOVE shopping and getting GREAT deals. I would not be selfish as if some other people are & keep half, I would give her the whole thing cause shes done so much from raising me on her own, dealing with me during my teenage years, to being supportive during hard times for me & supporting me while I was in school, putting a roof over my head & food on the table. I honestly dont know where I would be without her. She has literally gone to work during her sick times/ being ill with thyroid just to support me and really hope we win this so I can actually give her something in return to thank her even though I didnt really buy it times are really hard with the way the economy is and she really would appreciate this no matter how I got it. Mahalo! (thank you)

  521. Jason Yoo

    First of all happy mothers day. I believe my mom and I deserve to win because we went through many hard times by loosing lots of money by being scammed and loosing her occupation. She had to start all over at the age of 53. She worked hard without even complaining at all. She never bought a designer bag or anything just because she thought of providing for the family even though our financial situation got better. She went through soo much and it really made my heart break. When I found out she lost her job I was devasted. She came home and just cried on my shoulders and I could not think of what to say. She has done so much for me and the family but I at that moment I could do nothing. I reassured her and tried to ease the pain. Eventually she found a new career but it was very stressful that she basically worked 24/7. She would always come home from work at 10. When it is early she comes home at 8. Even working on weekends when she could take the time to rest. Because of this I ended up having to help out a lot and put a halt on my education. I believe my mom is the best and deserves something better and I would be just estatic if she and I would win this because she really deserves to actually own something better.

  522. Doris Taylor

    I think I really deserve to win this shopping spree, Last weekend was the first time I’ve been able to take my mom out in a few years. Just to see the joy on her face from being taken to the movies and out to dinner was awesome. To be able to take her shopping would be even better. I just wanna see her smile.

  523. Lydia D

    I’ll keep it short and clear.
    My mom is hero, my best friend and no one can take her place in my life. I wish she lived next to me for so many reason. She lives miles and miles away from me and i miss her so much. I only get to see her ( if im lucky) once a year. I moved to America almost 10 years ago and its not easy to be apart from your family. Life is beautiful but not easy to live it…!
    I Love shopping and i take that from my mom ;-)) this is why me and my mom should win lol
    I wish everyone good luck…

  524. Leslie Luu

    My mom and I deserves to win because…
    my mom runs her own hair salon and she has a tough time keeping up with the times so her fashion is very outdated. I help out as much as I can and also constantly remind her to update her wardrobe. It’s not a high end salon or anything but appearance is important in the hairdressing industry! When I bring up this topic, she gets pretty sensitive and always tells me that all the money from the salon is going to my school tuition so she has none left to buy herself some nice clothes. I would love to win this money so that the two of us could buy some nice clothes that we can both wear to work (and kind of match the outfits in a way).

  525. Olivia Gill

    Ok, Why my mom and i should win… well First it really has nothing to do wiht me, my mom is so great and works so hard to makes sure us kids have everything we need. she always is putting us first no matter what. When my mom goes shoping she goes to places like wins, and urban thrift, both second hand stores that are well Blah, she is always put second, and puts us first and i think that she would deserve alone to win. :)

    now of course to go shopping wiht my mom would be great so there would be an up side to this for me too! :) I love my mom and i feel that there are times when she should get the very best this is a time life that, she has done again EVERYTHING for us, and i wnat to have somethign done for her.

    That is why i hope for my mom that she wins!

    her daughter olivia

  526. Michelle

    We weren’t always close when I was growing up. I couldn’t wait to move away from my hometown and stopped living at home full-time when I was 14. I didn’t come back until I was over 30 (my hometown is like the Death Star: all tractor-beamy) shortly before my dad died suddenly of a heart attack. Since I came back, and especially since we lost my dad, my mom and I have grown ridiculously close. We talk almost every day. She lives less than a mile away. We have become each other’s rock, each supporting the other whenever we need it. It’s the perfect give and take relationship, and I am so grateful to have been able to grow into it.

  527. Amy

    I think that this gift would be amazing for my mother and I. We have both lost a tremendous amount of weight this past year and are finding our crazy selves again!! With so much ugly in our lives we need hot shoes and other great items to bring the happy on!
    I am all about giving to everyone around me and this would be a great thing to do :)

  528. Jesse Davies

    Ever since I can remember, my Mom, my sister and I have been a fierce shopping team.

    Over the years, we have tried on, bought, sold, put on hold, laughed, cried and occasionally even argued, all for the love of clothes.

    I would sincerely love the opportunity to thank my Mom for the deep bond we share, and not just over shoes, and give my best friend the ultimate shopping experience at Beyond the Rack.

    Thanks, and happy shopping!

  529. Samm Leska

    My mom is really the one who deserves the entire 1,000 dollar shopping spree. My mom has raised my sister and I as a single mom for such a long time now, and she has done such a wonderful job with both of us. She is helping me get through a wonderful college, and she is about to do the same for my sister. The thing about being a single mom is you do not have a lot of time or money left over for yourself at the end of the day. When I went out with her two months ago and she bought herself a 15 dollar pair of earrings I was shocked because she never buys or does anything for herself. I am still in college and cannot afford to get her anything nice this mother’s day, and if I was able to give her money for a shopping spree it would really mean more than anything to me. There is no amount of money or gift in this world that could quite repay my mom for all the love and support she has given me over the years, but giving her a shopping spree would at least let do something for herself for a change. My mom has been through so much over the years, and she is the most fabulous woman I have ever met so please, please choose her!

  530. Julie Brooke

    My mother was my very first stylist! What better way to celebrate the woman who molded my fashion sense by enjoying a shopping spree on the best on-line shopping experience there is, Beyond the Rack. This will also give my Mom a chance to practice doing more on-line. She’s a tough cookie to teach new technology! Thanks for the opportunity BTR.


  531. Kristin Hazzard

    My mom deserves to win this because she is truly amazing. She is a role model to not only myself, but so many other girls. She is selfless, caring, hard working and passionate about everything she does in life. She lights up a room with her smile and positive energy when she enters it and makes people feel important and loved. She volunteers so much of her time to drive and support her 3 children playing 7 different sports. She always takes on the role of team mom and team trainer (for free) because she loves to be involved in her children’s lives. She has literally no free time to herself because she is always there supporting us. She loves fashion, but will always spend her hard earned money on her children first. She is so deserving of this and I really hope she wins this!

  532. sharmila

    my mom is almost 70 and still came to help out with the birth of our second baby. she came 2.5 years ago for our first son and came this time too. i had a c-section so she really helps me recover and helps take care of the baby, stays with me in the hospital, cooks, cleans and gives his all her love and support!

  533. MK Morris

    Dear Beyond the Rack,

    I think we deserve to win because my mom is one of the most amazing persons I will ever be honoured enough to meet. She has helped me through some tough times, and God knows I’ve probably put her through hell on occasion, but the one thing I can always help my mom with is fashion; she gets all flustered and worried when she has to go out shopping, and she gets just as equally excited when she finds a great deal on something she looks good in. I want to be able to give my mom the great deals and the great looks she deserves, and is the perfect place to start. A spending spree just my mom and me, I can’t think of any better mother’s day present.

  534. Melissa

    My mom came to Canada at the age of twenty 21. She was newly married and missed her family back in the states. She wondered how she would manage without her family. She was a shy growing up and very quiet. But although she was alone in a new country with my Dad, she knew that she could get through it. My mom has incredible faith and is the most happiest person I know. Sometimes I wonder, can someone be happy like that all the time? And yes, that’s my mom. Every time she tells me that she was a quiet growing up, I think she is talking about a different person because if you knew my mom, she loves to talk and talk to people. She loves hearing about other people’s stories and lending a helping hand. She is your biggest cheerleader, a great shoulder to cry on and has a laugh that is very contagious. She wants the best for everyone because she truly believes everyone is special and deserves the best. My mom deserves this because she has always been there for everyone and sometimes she forgets to take care of numero uno, her self. I would love to win this for my mom so she can have the chance to indulge and not feel guilty about it. Even if she wins, I know my mom will not take the full amount for herself, but would want to share it others too, and that’s what makes her the best.

  535. Linda

    My mom deserves this gift as she has worked very hard and sacrificed much for her three girls and especially my handicapped brother.

    She has always given and never taken and it would be fantastic to give her such a wonderful gift.

  536. Ameena

    My mom deserves to shop with me and win this contest because she has me as her daughter who is a big fan and member of Beyond the Rack.
    There is a beautiful relationship between us . My mom has helped me learn every bit of life from sharing things to helping people who are in need.
    I have tried my best to follow her steps. She is the one who taught me real meaning of sacrifice which is not there even in a dictionary. My mom being the eldest daughterlaw in a joint family always taught me good family values. That is the reason even though I am 32 I still enjoy being in a big family. My mom is the best cook in the world . Her love added more taste to everything she made. She always told me that no matter what we make just make or prepare with good heart and the taste automatically comes. Today My husband enjoys my cooking.A beautiful mom,caring with lot of values who has taught me wonderful things. I would definitely want to shop with her on a best site I like so we would like to win.:)

  537. Elaine

    My mom deserves to win the shopping spree because she unselfishly gives of herself both financially, emotionally and with her time, to everyone around her. Whenever I have an emergency meeting she’s there to help do whatever I need for my kids, or for me! She helps with the community, cares for elders, and hasn’t been able to treat herself to some of the nice things that she really deserves! She is one of the most caring and accepting people I know. She gets along well with all of our family, friends, neighbors, and her immediate family. I hope she’s chosen because she’d be tickled pink and would likely share her shopping spree with someone else who needs it (so I’d definitely give her mine to use on HERSELF if that were the case)!

  538. Maureen

    I would love to share a shopping spree with my mother because the two of us haven’t been shopping in some time. I have had a hard year (healthwise) and my mother has been helping my sister who is 8 months pregnant with her 4th child. (My mother has been helping with my sister’s three older children all boys who are 6,5 and 2). My parent’s also just celebrated their 50th anniversary and my mother because of the time that she has been spending with the grandsons hasn’t had a lot of time to devote to herself.

  539. Tanya Gabriel

    I’ll never forget the year I wished my mother a happy mother’s day and she said to me “thank you because without you I wouldn’t be a mother. Its your day too”. That was so touching and when you think about it…true! Mother’s day should be all about mom’s as they are repsonsible for us after all but without us, they wouldn’t be mom’s. A mother daughter shopping spree would perfectly incorporate that. I also have the “bonus” that my birthday often falls on Mother’s day. (My birthday is May 10th-this year its on a Tuesday though)

    I moved away from my mom 5 years ago now and only see on 3 times a year. She’s been having a really hard time lately being able to pay her rent and stay a float but she’s working hard. She is 64 years old and had just written her own text book for the class she is teaching! She is an amazing woman. She’s made some mistakes but really who hasn’t. She’s human, she’s my mom and I love her. The shopping spree would be a wonderful gift for both of us.


  540. Moira H.

    My mom is someone to look up to. She is such an inspiration to me and so many others. She is a business owner. She’s owned a successful Merle Norman Cosmetics studio for 25 years. My sister and I have both been working with her for many years and it’s a blessing to work with each other! She is very active in the business and loves to make others feel great about themselves. Give her the chance to spend a little extra on herself! :)

  541. Anik Bélanger

    My mom and I deserve to win…
    I am a single mom of a 2.5 yo. Without my mother, I don’t know how I would haev managed being alone with a 11 months old baby.

    She has always been there for me and she sacrificed a lot of her personal life to hlep me and my son. I would need to repay her by indulging her in some much deserved clothing and accessories.

    Also, being a single mom still looking for love, I could use a new wardrobe… I haven’t taken care of myself since the separation, and money would be of some very very great help! I need a moral booster!!!

    Thanks and happy mother’s day!

  542. Sam Leung

    I want to win, because my mom has given me so much of her time and effort in raising me. She has sacrificed so much to raise me properly.

  543. Blakeley Carroll

    Cause i have the worlds best mom she went back to nursing school just for me and my sister. My mom spends alot of her free time caring for me and my sister. I really think that my mom and me need to do something just for mother daughter time cause ever since ive gotten older we have grown apart and me and my mom really need to reconect with each other.

  544. Nicole

    I believe my mom and I should win this because my mom and I haven’t been able to spend much time together. She has been care taking for my dad’s parents the past 8 years and they both recently died. She is just getting back into actually being able to relax and do what she wants with her spare time, shopping. We do when we can, but since I live 2 hours away that isn’t that often. I believe this would be something really fun to go and do as well as something good for the soul.

  545. Tiua' Graham

    I would really love for my mother to be able to win this shopping spree. I am the oldest of my mothers 3 children. I have 4 children myself. I had my first child at 16 and the second one at 17. My mother turned her back on me and always pushed and encouraged me to turn my situation around. She was always proud of me regardless of how bad things looked. She never had an ill word to speak. She gives her last and does whatever she can for any and everybody that seems to need a little help or encouragement. She has never had much but has “illusions of grandeur” 😉 This would be something she could really get excited about because she has always had “caviar taste” but a “tuna fish budget”.

    Thank You in advance

  546. Jamie Lyn

    I think that my amazing mother deserves to win this Shopping Spree ( I think she actually deserves it more than I do). My mother, who is a nurse, should win because #1. she has raised 3 daughters and runs the house and #2. she has always given others more than she gives herself. She has never gone shopping for clothes since I can remember. She uses mine and my 2 sisters old outdated clothes from the 80’s up until now. Whatever clothes we don’t want, she wears them. She buys the essentials and has never spent more than $10 on a piece of clothing (minus dresses and even then she tried to only spend $50 because she can’t affored it). She does have the money to purchase clothing, only she would rather use that money for donations and giving money to the church. My mother deserves this shopping spree because she is the most selfless person I know. I think Beyond The Rack would do my mother a favor by #1. providing her brand new clothing and changing her wardrobe from my sisters’ and I outdated clothes and #2. really suprise her by showing how truly special she is and how deserving she is of this.

  547. Lynne C.

    I would love for my Mom to win this contest because she is a Style Queen!! Growing up, I always admired the way she could pull anything off with style and class… quite a feat in the late 70s and early 80s!! We live in different cities now, so it would be great to be able to go “virtually” shopping with her again. Things are tighter than she would like right now, financially speaking, and she deserves a treat beyond what I would normally be able to afford for her… I wish I could give her the World but, hey, with Beyond the Rack’s help, anything is possible! :)

  548. Lauren Cruz

    It’s impossible to say that ‘Mother’ is the only word I would use to describe her, because my mom is so much more than that. She’s a student, employee, wife, friend, sister, daughter and mother every single day and she gives life her all. My mother has always been there for my brother and I, growing up with a single parent. She is the realest person I know; the most honest, truthful, and loving individual in my life. She has overcome divorce, sickness and raising my brother and I (which I know we must have been a handful). She brings happiness to everyone around her and always has our best interest at heart. She has embedded the importance of love and family in my brother and I. Not everyday is footloose and fancy free for her but she comes out of every situation life brings her with a smile and open arms. She deserves to spoil herself for once. Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mom, and to all mothers, you are all loved not only today but everyday. xo Lauren

  549. Julie L

    I deserve to win because my mom is such an amazing woman! She NEVER spoils herself! I would love to win this for her so I can treat her to an amazing chance to splurge for things for herself. After her years of selfless devotion to her family, and going without a lot of things to give my brother and I the best–she DESERVES this!

  550. Sameea

    My mum took care of three daughters by herself! And now that two of us are married I feel like we need to do something special for her. I’m constantly guilty about not doing enough for her, shes a wonderful woman who sacrificed her relationship, her job and her youth for us.

  551. Sarah Huggins

    I think we deserve to win this because I lost my mother (the best most giving mother in the world) 3 years ago to breast cancer this past March and my sister has given her all to fill the void I have. I just recently got engaged and she has been there every step of the way just as my mom was for her wedding. When we do things together in preparation it reminds me of watching my mom and her plan her wedding. While she may not be my real mom, she couldn’t be a better replacement and for that she deserves all the best!

  552. Deborah Cooper

    What a wonderful gift this could be for two hardworking Moms. Why do I think that my mom and I deserve this gift? Well, the past year has been a very tough one for us as a family. My mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer five days before her 60th birthday last year. Happy freaking birthday, eh? Since my dad had passed away from lung cancer three years ago, she just had my brother (a student) and I to lean on for support. She lives two hours from the nearest cancer center, so I offered for her to stay with me, my husband and our two-year-old for the length of her treatment.

    Last Mother’s Day she spent in the hospital recovering from her hysterectomy and the next day underwent a second surgery to fix a part of her bowel that had been nicked during the surgery. She emerged from that with an infection in the incision and a temporary colostomy bag. The six (plus) weeks of recovery were tough on her, and me, as she was still living with me and I was helping with her personal and medical care. Next followed three months of chemotherapy that kicked the crap out of her and radiation therapy once the chemo was over. It was November before she would go back to her home and before she could pick up her granddaughter.

    Last month she had surgery to close the colostomy. This week she had her check up at the Oocologist and got the all clear! We can finally close the book on this chapter of our lives and I can’t think of a better way to do that but a SHOPPING SPREE!! Mom and I have had our best moments shopping and this would be such fun. Help us celebrate life and health by making us two of the happiest moms (and best dressed) in Canada this Mother’s Day!

  553. Shawn

    I hope my mom and I win. I would love to honor her with a gift like this. Does she deserve to win? I certainly think so. She has devoted her life to raising her children and takes great pride in her grandchildren and family. Has she done anything extraordinary or outstanding? Just raising a happy, healthy family is an accomplishment that deserves to be recognized. I hope you agree!

  554. Tamika Wilks

    I Deserve to win this Mother-Daughter Shopping Spree because my Mom and I both have just had to relocate to different states and we barely see each other. We both are Great Moms, Love Fashion and need some mother-daughter time together, and what better way to spend it Shopping Together on Beyond the!!!!

  555. H. Ying

    For 20 over years, my mother has been extremely supportive of my brother and I. She has been taking care of us since we were born and has been extremely thrifty. I’ve seen pictures of my mother when she was younger, and she was quite a fashionable person, but she became a thrifty person when my brother and I were brought into this world. She wears the old clothes that we don’t wear anymore, and she has had the same purse for as long as I remember. Unfortunately, my father spares little to no money for her to shop for new clothes, and only spends his time on other miscellaneous people. My brother recently got a job, but since it is low paying, he can only afford to spare so much for my mother to shop. I am about to graduate, but still does not have the ability to let my mother have a change of wardrobe. To be honest, I never really noticed how awesome my mother was until recently. The previous mother’s days were never really anything special, therefore, if I had the chance to, I would like to give this a shot, and hopefully win the $1000 shopping spree for my mother to make this year a special day,because she truly deserves it. Hopefully, Beyond The Rack would help me out with making this year’s Mother’s Day special for my wonderful Mom.

    Thank you all so much!

  556. Hossein

    I am touched with the stories mentioned here and I am happy to get the opportunity to tell my story. I lost my father when I was young and my mother was only 27. She spent all her life caring for her three children. We have been apart since 1987 and about a month ago at age 61 she suffered a stroke that caused half her body become paralized. She is recovering and doing better now, I like to do something nice for her. No matter what I do it will never be enough for what she has gone through in her life.

    Warm Regards,


  557. Jen Leonhardt

    I think me and my mom deserve to win for the following reasons. Due to my husband’s work we have had to move about 12 hours away from my family. Not something we would ever choose to do, but were told to do for work. I have a very close relationship to my mother and this has been really hard for her and my children. We only get to see eachother every couple of months and because I have a very large family that she still takes care of at home, she is unable to make the trip. This means that if I want to see my family, I have to spend the money to make the drive(as we are 6 hours away from an airport as well)and put my 2 kids who are under 5 in the car with me. This means a very expensive trip and less money for me to buy myself things I need. But who can choose between family and clothes that are newer than 10 years old? Also, my mom has recently lost alot of weight. After having 6 kids, this is a major milestone for her and she looks fantastic. We have planned a family vacation all together and it would be wonderful if she could have some nice beach attire. She deserves it, after spending the last 25 years raising me and my siblings.

  558. Clorissa Sereda

    I would love to be able to win this prize and go shopping with my daughter. I am nominating myself because I am the worlds greatest mom. I do everything for my children and rarely get to go shopping for myself, I am in need of an updated wardrobe! I am a single mother making it in this world with 3 children, so this mother/daughter shopping trip would let me spend private time with my 13 year old girl who needs it so much! I have never been able to take 1000$ and go shopping with my daughter, this would be an ultimate dream experience! Thank You, Clorissa Sereda

  559. Samantha Tao

    I think my mom deserves a chance to win this shopping spree, because she is a single mom, and she took me when my dad, wasn’t mature enough to take care of me. She did all she can to buy all the things that I would like, and in the end..I might be a tad bit spoiled by her. I love her so much that I am hoping that I can do something for her, and to spoil her instead for a change. Her wardrobe hasn’t changed in a couple years and I want her to be able to spend what she likes, since her income can’t afford shopping much. We live with my grandmother as well, so she works really hard, and I just wish I can do something for her instead.

    Happy mother’s day! I love you!!

  560. Jennifer Anderson

    My mom and my dad have both been unemployed for over two years, and unfortunately one of my brothers is disabled, the other is in college and can’t have a job while studying, and I just graduated college but have yet to find a job. On top of it, it’s come to light that my mom has a degenerative bone disease in which her spine is collapsing inward, choking her blood flow and pinching her nerves, and so she’s in constant pain. She’s only 48, but she’s enrolled in physical rehab activities for senior citizens and has a rough go of it. To help pay for the bills, she’s attempting to open her own consignment business for children’s clothes online, but she finds it difficult to work most days since she has trouble sitting or even typing on her laptop. She hasn’t been able to buy new clothing for herself in two years since there’s no money, but she still tries to help out the families around us, giving their children free clothes that fit since they can’t afford to dress them, even at used prices. She also donates uniform shirts to the Boy Scouts for troop members who can’t afford them, and to the children of women in drug rehab. I’d like to see her be able to buy some clothes for herself, since she’s to the point where she’s borrowing shirts from my dad since her forced inactivity has caused her to gain weight, and hers no longer fit well. I’ve tried to buy her a shirt here and there when I could spare the money, but I just can’t afford to give her a new wardrobe, much less a fashionable one she would be proud to wear! I love Beyond the Rack, and I know that she would have a blast purchasing clothes for herself for once!

  561. Kristina

    My mother deserves this prize because she chose to stay home and raise me and my brother and, although we have had our differences over the years and still continue to, I love her from the bottom of my heart. This would be a wonderful way to show her how much I appreciate her. She is always there for me in times of need and I know she only means best. I look at myself and my brother and know that she did a pretty good job raising us and I am now using her positive qualities towards raising my 22 month old son and 11 year old step-daughter!

    Thank you to Beyond the Rack for hosting this fabulous giveaway!

  562. Lauren Knoll

    Hello Contest Judges!
    I believe that my mother deserves this gift for several reasons. She truly is my best friend and I would not be who I am today without her. She has taught me strength, grace, beauty, courage and so much more. She has spent her entire life devoted to others, if she was not spending time with myself or my three brothers she was with her parents helping with what ever needed to be done or lending a friend a shoulder to cry on. She never complained or let us get the feeling she was over whelmed. She continually puts others first and I would love to be able to pamper her in some way (with your help of course) so she can treat herself for once.
    Thank you for creating this wonderful contest. There are a million women out there who are deserving.


  563. michelle

    Hi, I think that my mom is the greatest and stongest woman! She always puts everyone ahead of herself. My mom has just retiered in Jan. and is moving to the town that my husband and i do so she can help out with the kids. She looks after her mother inlaw 24/7, and my father as well. She doesn’t really spend money on herself, we usually get her gift cards for clothing stores so she will go and buy new clothes. She is the kindest, loving woman i have ever met!
    That is why i think she should win!!

  564. Jill

    My mom has been the best mother a girl could ask for. She supported me when I made decisions that she didn’t agree with, encouraged me to shoot for the stars, and EVERY time I complain about being the “neglected middle child”, she reminds me of all I have to be thankful for – especially her. My mom is always there for me, and I can’t think of a more deserving woman to win this :)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  565. Ann

    I think I have a good reason to win. I lost my mother when I was 30 years old. I loved her so much and she was a great person & teacher. I have 2 sons and now a grandson. During this hard time, me and my 2 sisters have become closer. We can talk, fight and just be best friends. I would take my sisters with me if I win, and we can have fun together.

  566. alexandra moscoso

    I will like to chare this gift with my mom, but she is not here with me, she live in Ecuador and she cant come over here, but i have my dear aunt martha, who have take her place until i see my mom again, she have being like a mother to me, always there for me to help me when i’m down, always there to listen to me and give me the best advice, there was a time when I was going to loose my too kids and she was the only one to say, I take them and take them until she is on her feet again, i have my kids now in good health and with me because of my aunt, she is my hero and there is nothing in this world i were do for her, she havent being shopping for her self in a long time, she always put her kids, her nieces and grandkids before herself and because of her now i become a good woman a good mother to my kids, and i’m proud to be the mother i am because of her, and i deserve to win becuase i’m a single mother of 2 kids, i have 2 jobs my first job i have to wake up at 2am to be on the ny subway at 3am to be at work at 4am them after my first job, i work on my second job cleanning, them get home around 6pm to fix meal for my kids, I work hard because i want my kids to have the things i didnt have as a child and i dont want them to go to the street and try to steal or do crazy things just to get what they want, i want them to have a decent education and be somebody in the future, i wish everybody the best and i think we all deserve to win just because we bring life to this world, thank you

  567. Kelly Gaytos

    My mom deserves to win this because she is a single mom with two kids and has done anything and everything to keep us happy . She just recently moved to another state to start her life over and has nobody there with her . Even with her thousands of miles away she still manages to send package after package of little things to us . This will be the first year she has been away from us and her new granddaughter . My mother is very hard working and has bought 2 houses all by herself . She is an example to all the single women out there that you can do it by yourself . She has taught me that all you need is to have faith in yourself and what you do to be happy . My mother has never really spent much time on picking out clothes so this would definitely be much of a surprise to her !

  568. Shauna

    My mother lives across the country in B.C. and still works full time even though her health is failing. We don’t have the chances to see each other as often as we should, one a year as I live in Toronto. I would love to win this prize for her so I could shower her with the opportunity to make her feel and look better and show her love and support she deserves for just being my mother. She would be so thrilled to have such a spree!

  569. Jennifer Ariyo

    While all the above and below responses are well deserved and heart touching, I believe myself and my mother deserve to win. My mom raised two children on her own and little did I know at the time, we were very poor. My mother was so thrifty with money and only purchased good quailty items. We may have only had a few items in our closet but they were well made – similar to the items sold on Beyond the Rack (great prices and exceptional quailty). I found out later in life that sometimes my mom only had $10 for the two weeks to buy groceries but again, she spent her money wisely and was creative with the meals she provided for us. Again, I never knew we were actually struggling. She never showed it.

    Now as a mother, I realize the sarcrifices you make in order to provide for your children. My first born, who is now 5, was born at 24 weeks gestation (4 months premature) she has CP and struggles to walk but is really brilliant and people are drawn to her. She is definately a Miracle child and God has blessed me with her. My second daughter will be turning 2 soon. Being a mother is a self-less act…we all make sacrifices for our children. Whether it’s not taking care of ourselves so they can have their needs