Congratulations to our Mother’s Day contest winners!

2011 Mother's Day winners

Nearly a month has passed since we asked you to share with us why you and your mother deserved to win a $1000 shopping spree at Beyond the Rack.

A record-breaking 667 entries later, we’ve emerged from the decision-making process with a newfound appreciation and respect for all you incredible mothers out there.

You are nurturers, survivors, role models, pillars, and personal heroes to your loved ones. Many of you have faced tremendous hardships—from illness, to loss, to adversity—and all of you have lived, learned, and loved through it all.

And while picking a winner was beyond difficult (it took us long enough), we did decide on a very special mother and daughter pair.

Please join us in congratulating Vanessa and her amazing mom, Jane. After today, each of these beautiful ladies will be able to enjoy a $500 shopping spree at Beyond the Rack—a well-deserved prize we hope will make them smile

Here’s their touching story, in Vanessa’s own words:

“Along with all the other women who have entered this contest on behalf of their amazing mothers, I would love an opportunity to do something to make my mom, who never does anything for herself, feel radiant.

My mom is a beautiful woman who, in the last 10 years, has lost confidence in her appearance, often referring to herself as a “fat, old woman”. She hides behind funky glasses and wears clothes that she thinks hide her perceived imperfections. Though her wardrobe is borderline “What Not To Wear” worthy, and even though money is tight for my parents, my mom would rather spend any extra cash helping a recent Iranian immigrant neighbour’s daughter pay for a college class. She’s an avid wearer of bad monochromatic outfit looks and would NEVER take the time to find jeans that flatter or cost more than $40.

My mom is a special education teacher specializing in Autism in Vancouver. In June, she’s leaving for 6 months to volunteer at a school in Yelapa, Mexico. She’s been walking like crazy to get in shape for all the stairs there (there are no roads and all the houses and school are up the hillside) so now her shabby wardrobe is even more ill-fitting. Please allow for me to assist in picking out some pretty new things for a great mom who always gives to her 2 kids – and everyone else’s – everything before thinking of herself. I’m also sending love to all the deserving and incredible moms whose daughters have written such lovely things about them above.”

Thank you to all for such heartwarming and inspiring tales. Moms rock!

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to our Mother’s Day contest winners!

  1. Yessy

    I saw this late, but I just read it and I think this mom deserved to be the winner!
    Congratulations for having such a wonderful mothers (we need more like her)

  2. BTRShopper!

    Will Beyond the Rack be doing something like this for Father’s Day seen as how there are many great Dad’s out there?

  3. kat

    I missed it too bad my Fiftieth birthday was on mothers day. Maybe next year. But my girl came home that made my day. Congrates to the winners!!!!!!


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