Packing tips: the dos and don’ts for trendy travels.

If you’re like most travelling ladies, you don’t joke around when it comes to packing. Some might be able to just pack shorts and flip flops and hit the road. But you? You need…options.

Planning for weather changes is one thing, but toting around your entire summer wardrobe is another. Here are some tips and tricks to have you looking fab without going over the luggage weight capacity at the airport. (You know who you are.)

DO your homework. If the weather in Playa del Carmen calls for a week of blistering hot sun, you might be able to do without those knit sweaters you live in at home. Chance of rainstorms? A light raincoat, an umbrella, and a pair of closed shoes will do the trick.

DON’T over-pack “just in case”. While I’m all for costume changes, try to stay focused, people. Plan for outfits that you’re actually likely to wear. Don’t bring that sweater Aunt Fern knitted you for Christmas. Also, keep in mind that you might pick up a few things on location, so better save some room.

DO bring fun accessories that you might not have the chutzpah to wear at home. That cowboy hat that’s been gathering dust or those zany bright shades you bought at a flea market are perfect examples. Vacation is a time to let loose and do things a little differently. Take pictures at your own risk.

DON’T bring you entire makeup kit, either. If you’re going to the tropics, your heavy foundation and eye shadow risk melting into a goopy mess. Mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, and a light concealer are all you need. And please don’t skimp on the sunscreen, unless you’re going for the lobster look.

DO bring comfortable shoes as well as heels. You never know where your feet will take you on vacation. As fashionable as it sounds to spend your days in neon-colored pumps, always err on the side of comfort when in new lands. Ever tried walking in the sand in heels? Not fun.

DON’T bring a bunch of purses you won’t need. All you should have is one beach bag, one day bag, and one evening bag. Pack a basic, versatile clutch that goes with everything. And for security as well as convenience, best not to bring designer goods. Salt water and Chanel are never a good combo.

DO bring more than one bathing suit. Since they’re so small, packing a few shouldn’t be a problem. I would suggest having one two-piece, as well as a one-piece (in case you’re burnt or you’ve spent too much time at the buffet).

DON’T lug around the same old used luggage you’ve had since ’94. Invest in attractive, quality pieces. If you have to drag it around airports and hotels for a week, make it something you like looking at. Check out the Travel Pro event for a durable piece that’ll have you jet-setting in style.

DO make a list of everything you need. Your mother had a point. Because without your passport or cards, having this season’s cutest tote won’t take you very far. Make sure you have everything you need to make it a trip to remember.

Here are my fashion picks for your next vacation:

BB Dakota dress, Faith Connexion shorts, Christina C swimsuit, and Bebe platforms. Events on now!

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