Soak up the Sun: celebrity spotlight

Summer is in full effect here at BTR and we couldn’t be happier. We brave long, cold winters in Montreal, so if anyone can appreciate the rays, it’s us. Gone are the days of hiding under layers to prevent frostbite, scrubbing salt from our poor boots, and locking ourselves in so as to not front glacial winds. Now it’s time to soak up the sun, and what better way to gear up for a sizzling new season than by drawing style inspiration from the hottest celebs.

Sure, they’ve got it easy, what with their personal stylists, sunny California weather year round, and that fun little thing called unlimited disposable income. But good news, BTR shoppers: you, too, can look like stars without withdrawing from your retirement fund. These SOAK UP THE SUN events were created with you in mind. Now grab some iced tea and let’s get started.

The floppy hat. Leave it to super glamorous Kim Kardashian to sport this ultra-trendy look. She wore it on her hit TV show “Kourtney & Kim take New York” and it instantly became a hit. Here she pairs it with shorts for a sweet summer look. For those who find this one too bold, check out the San Diego Hat Company event for more options.

Twilight’s Ashley Greene is spotted wearing her beloved Paul Frank shades. These cool styles are perfect the young trendsetter who’s always on the hunt for exciting new looks. Turn a simple outfit into a showstopper with these snazzy frames.

Some people were blessed with dark, sun-kissed skin; others have to put in the time to get the results. They either lay out in the sun, hit the tanning salon, or try some tanning lotions. If you’re scared of looking orange and streaky, fear not: they don’t make ‘em like they used to. This Immoral tanning lotion will give you a dark yet natural look you’ll love—enough to make Jennifer Aniston jealous.

If you’re like me, you have your share of black outfits. Put those aside for the moment and welcome some seasonal white into the mix. Minka Kelly shows us a fun way to wear a simple white blouse: tie it into a knot and pair with a long, hippy skirt. Relaxed, cool, and effortless.

Let’s make this a summer that goes down in the books as being the most fun, eventful, and of course, the most stylish. Whether you get sun all year (grrrrr) or only enjoy it for a limited time, these SOAK UP THE SUN events are just what the doctor ordered.

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