Q&A with Hope Dworaczyk

With a sea of beauties competing for the limelight, it takes something really special to stand out—and Hope Dworaczyk’s got it.

Between earning the much-coveted title of Playmate of the Year, appearing on “The Celebrity Apprentice”, and hosting the TV show “Inside Fashion” in which she travels across North America for a candid, behind-the-scenes look at the industry, this savvy bunny is one serious force to be reckoned with in the fashion world and beyond.

Her knockout body and striking features may be her claim to fame, but it’s her sweet, girl-next-door persona mixed in with her street smarts that make her unstoppable. In this exclusive interview with Beyond the Rack, Hope shares her get-gorgeous secrets, top fashion picks, and more fun facts about what rocks her world.

Q – Your blog is filled with great beauty and fashion tips. Where do you get your inspiration?

A – I probably get the most fashion and beauty inspiration from my travels. I work with make-up artists and stylists from around the world and through them I’m exposed to so many products that just aren’t popular or aren’t sold here. I ask a lot of questions and am constantly trying new things.

Q – You have been named Playmate of the Year and have a role on The Celebrity Apprentice. Which has had the biggest impact on your everyday life?

A – Everyday life would be Celebrity Apprentice because on NBC I was exposed to a much more diverse audience of people.

Q – Tell us about Celebrity Apprentice fashion. What is the key to looking professional and fashionable at the same time?

A – We were told to dress “Business Savvy” and that could be interpreted many different ways. I chose to dress more conservative but used explosive colors and couture pieces that were cut beautifully to make sure I wasn’t boring. And I always rocked a fierce shoe.

Q – Insider scoop: What is The Donald really like?

A – He’s a nice guy. Likes to joke around a bit. Not as stern as you see him in the show. When the cameras aren’t on he’s a more relaxed guy.

Q – Name your top 3 favorite designers and what items from them you own, and can’t live without.

Dolce & Gabbana – My favorite piece from them is hard to choose because they fit me so well and I’m in love with this designer. I could wear some of their dresses once a year for 10 years without it ever going out of style. If you know how to shop this line it really is timeless. I’d say they make my favorite LBD. A black corset dress that laces up back with a built in bustier. Knee length. A gorgeous piece in my closet.

Yves Saint Laurent – I tend to prefer pieces that are draped beautifully but really oversized. My favorite item from YSL is a silk leopard kaftan that I found in Milan years ago. It’s my favorite item in my closet and the only thing I’d never ever without a doubt get rid of. It’s GORGEOUS.

TBT – Tees by Tina. I own more of these than anything else. I’m addicted and wear them daily. I throw them on under blazers, leather jackets, or even wear alone with jeans. The material is AMAZING! Never wrinkles and is always my go-to daily tee.

Q – You always manage to look so fresh and beautiful. What are some summer beauty tips you can give our members?

A – Less is more in the summer. Less eye make-up, less foundation. I think sunscreen, tinted moisturizer and a lip stain and tad of mascara is the best summer look. I am loving braids this summer. The best part is when you take them out you have the whole ‘beach waves’ thing going on. It’s how I’m wearing my hair this summer.

Q – As an expert in everything sexy, what is, in your opinion, the epitome of sexy lingerie?

A – I’ve worn some of the most expensive and provocative lingerie there is and my longtime and everlasting favorite is Kiki de Montparnasse. It is absolutely gorgeous, classy, comfortable and has HUGE sex appeal. I love the sexy eye masks and beautiful lace bras and panties.

Q – Our members are footwear-obsessed. What’s hotter in your opinion: sexy stilettos, sky-high platforms, or killer wedges?

A – Sexy stilettos.

Q – What in your opinion is the worst red-carpet fashion blunder?

A – Letting someone talk you into wearing or trying something you aren’t comfortable in.

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