Smart storage solutions

We think it’s never too early to get a head start on spring cleaning, so we’ve pulled together a selection of our most popular clutter-busters, and thrown in some fresh ideas as well. Now there’s no more excuses to put it off: Order the items that suit your needs, and your space. It’s time to get organized!

Take a look at our example closet. If you had an organizing system like this one custom-made, it’d set you back hundreds of dollars. But thanks to our Organized Living events, this modular storage solution can organize your space for a whole lot less. Think about your shoes, for instance. Does your shoe collection make you wonder if you need a bigger place? Shoe storage options like the 50-Pair Stackable Shoe Rack (see #5) can be set-up to house your current footwear wardrobe (however modest), then built-up to accommodate all those future purchases you know you’re going to make!

Here’s just seven smart storage ideas from the photograph above (there’s plenty more inside today’s events!):

1) Home Basics 5-Pack of wood hangers in Cherry

2) NeatFreak 10-Shelf Shoe Organizer

3) NeatFreak 5-Shelf Shoe Organizer

4) Honey Can Do Adjustable Hanging Closet Doubler

5) NeatFreak 50-Pair Stackable Shoe Rack

6) NeatFreak Large Drawer

7) NeatFreak 3-Drawer Wheeled Unit

This week we shine the spotlight on your storage space—next week it’s your bedroom.

The home of your dreams is just around the corner!

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