Dressing and decorating for your age: BTR style in your 20’s

Not sure if you should be wearing tweed blazers at 21? Wondering if leather skirts still have a place in your closet in your 40’s? This four-part blog series will guide you in the right direction to make sure you’re age-appropriate, while still über-fashionable.

This week: Your 20’s.

Fashion can be an exciting part of your life at any age.

Your 20’s are especially important, as it’s a time to really experiment with fashion. Take a risk. Stand out. Rebel. Change your mind. Be loud. Be irreverent.

The beauty about dressing in your 20’s is that you’re still figuring out who you are (in life as well as fashion), and you can have fun with many different styles to create a look that is all you. One day boho, one day preppy, one day glam, for example. Until you’ve mastered your own style, have a blast trying out all the fashions available to you. (Tip: shopping BTR allows you revamp your look without breaking the bank).

Blake Lively is a perfect example of a celebrity who knows exactly what she’s doing. It’s no wonder Karl Lagerfeld chose her as his latest muse; her playful charm mixed with personal style has made her the one to watch.

How to copy Blake’s style

Get bold accessories like sky-high stilettos and designer handbags.

Highlight your best feature. Blake shows off her legs by wearing micro-minis but then balances it out by wearing a more conservative top.

Make it all about the dress when attending glamorous events. With a knockout dress, your jewelry and accessories should be minimal.

Do not forget the details. Whether you catch her grabbing coffee or headed to the Golden Globes, nobody accessorizes like Ms. Lively.

Swingin’ 20’s fashion:

Rocawear sunglasses.

Aysha Saeed Collection dress.

Coach bag.

Andy Warhol print.

Qupid heels.

All events on now!

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