Beautify your bedroom

For the second installment in BTR’s Home Makeover series, we hone in on the bedroom.  It’s here that each day begins and ends, making it arguably the most important room in your home.  With the events starting today, we’re making it easy for you to update your bedroom, from a small decorative touch all the way to a complete facelift.

Marimac and Sweet Dreams give you a variety of linen options, and Ore International offers a selection of timeless accent furniture in classic wood finishes.  Visit the Special Touch event to find just that – an interesting decorative element that will infuse the room with personality and flair.   Browse wares from Quality Art and eCarpet Gallery if you’re looking for a great investment piece.

1. We love this clock for its antique feel – one look and it paints a historical picture in your mind.

2. This refined side table is handy because of its drawer, and its classic lines have stood the test of time.

3. This seven-piece comforter set has an elegant, sophisticated pattern and includes a bedskirt, three decorative pillows and two detailed shams, letting you change your room’s entire look in one quick and easy step.

4. Quite simply, the Art Deco-like detailing on this bedside cabinet is just gorgeous!

5. The bold pattern on three towels in this set of six is balanced by their coordinating, solid counterparts.

6. We’re fans of this throw for the rich texture it adds…we also love how cuddly-soft it is!

7. We stored an extra blanket in this handsome magazine rack. Ignore convention – be creative with your space.

Remember – dress your home with the same care and style with which you dress yourself.

Happy shopping!!

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