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Bamboo has exploded onto the marketplace recently. Housewares, clothing, and even skincare products are being manufactured using this natural resource. If you’ve ever asked yourself “why bamboo?”, BTR and Core Bamboo have the answers.

Bamboo is the very definition of renewable. The largest member of the grass family (and the fastest growing wood), some types of bamboo can grow an astonishing 39 inches (100 centimeters) in 24 hours. Bamboo wood is extremely lightweight, and exceptionally stiff and strong, making products crafted from it remarkably durable. Bamboo is also naturally anti-microbial, meaning it stops the growth of bacteria.

Aside from creating their wares using this Earth-friendly material, Core Bamboo takes their planetary responsibility to the next level. All the bamboo used is organically grown, and even their lacquers come from cashew trees. Every item produced is made in an ethical and socially responsible way, by one of their team of artisans located throughout the globe. Providing housing and medical care to over 2000 people, Core Bamboo really go above and beyond.

But there’s more to this brand than a good conscience. Core Bamboo offers a wide range of kitchen and dining room options in a rainbow of gorgeous shades.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the green movement – do it your own way. BTR and Core Bamboo invite you to start here, today.

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