Stylist Phillip Bloch gives you his BTR picks

Need a little help choosing what to purchase for fall? Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch is going to help you out. From styling Hollywood beauties like Halle Berry to publishing his very own book The Shopping Diet, this fashion guru knows what he’s talking about.

Shop ’til you drop. With the Phillip Bloch seal of approval, you know your fall wardrobe is in good hands.

Want more PB? Read this Q&A with Phillip to get his take on fall trends and how to shop when you’re on a budget.

Q: We are so excited for you to pick items for our BTR shoppers. Which trends are you loving for fall/winter?

A: One of my favorite trends for this upcoming season is RED, it’s such a vibrant, powerful color! And it’s the color of love. That’s why we love red!

– Polka dots (in small doses).

– Sequins big and small, but used only as an accent.

– Maxi length skirts and sweaters.

– Bold patterns and plaid.

Q: Since we (sadly) can’t take you home with us to be our very own stylist, what tips would you give people to help them put an outfit together?

A: My favorite tip is to always make sure your clothes fit well, a $50 dress can look $500 if it fits just right (not too tight, not too loose).

When adding new items to your wardrobe, look for multifunctional pieces that you can wear in different ways by mixing with other pieces.

Always remember, 15 great pieces are much better than 50 you don’t know what to do with and will probably never wear.

You want pieces you will be able to layer as the nights get longer and the days get colder.

Q: What are some budget-savvy ways women can transition into fall?

A: One of my favorite ways to transition is by wearing tights (under shorts, skirts or dresses) we LOVE that look!

Pieces that you can layer such as a long sleeve lightweight T-shirt or something you can wear under a “summer” dress.

Capes are also a great trend. Throw a cape or a lightweight leather jacket over that summer tank top or sun dress – it’s a great way to bring your summer clothes into winter.

Q: Even though our shoppers love a great deal, what is the one item for fall you think is worth splurging on?

A: A great pair of boots! Riding, platform, even a studded or sequined pair will make a huge statement with some simple items you may already have in your closet.

Q: What are some trends, fashion-savvy men should look out for this season?

A: Great white shirts never go out of style. Also, thin ties are very “in” and bold jewel-colored shirts paired with a dark office suit is a sure way to stand out from the crowd.

Q: Tell us about your show Cause Celeb on ABC. What inspired you to take on this project?

A: “Cause Celeb” has actually been a dream project of mine for quite some time, as one can’t live by fashion alone. Doing good makes you feel good. And what better way to combine all my favorite things? Fashionable celebrities and the causes that they are so passionate about it also has given me the opportunity to share a more personal side not only with models and actors but, in the music and sports worlds, which I have such an affinity for. I’ve had the honor of interviewing the likes of: Cee-Lo Green, Mark Sanchez, Karolina Kurkova, Fran Drescher, Jordin Sparks, Carmelo Anthony, Christie Brinkley, Andie McDowell, and many many more.

Be sure to check out Phillip’s picks, starting with Michael Antonio shoes on Saturday, September 24th.

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