Dressing for your age: BTR style in your 30’s

Turning 30. A scary thought for some. The official end of youth and the realization that you’re a full-blown adult. Hold your horses – your 30’s can be even more exciting than your 20’s because you’re more self assured and independent than ever.

That’s good news for your fashion sense as well. You’ve probably tried out different styles in your 20’s and have settled into your own look. Now is where the fun begins.

As for dressing more conservatively as you get older, that’s up to you. If you want to rock out in a mini skirt or wear bold colors, don’t hesitate. Do what feels right.

Eva Mendes is a celebrity I think best represents chic 30’s fashion. She knows how to dress it up and dress it down all while looking flawless.

Fashion tips for dressing in your 30’s:

Get that perfect little black dress: Whether you’re 25 or 45, you need a quality black dress for parties. When you’re in your 30’s, opt for one that is classy and not too mini. Formfitting and flattering is the goal.

BTR Recommends: Decode 1.8 dress. 

Invest in quality pieces. You’re no longer a struggling student, you have a great job, and you deserve some quality goods. Now’s the time to get that designer purse, tailored coat, or jewelry you’ve desired for so long. It’ll always been in style so it’s worth the money.

BTR recommends: Majesty Diamonds Cocktail Ring.

Get a sleek suit: Whether or not you work in an office, it’s important to own at least one suit for business-chic occasions. You never know when you’ll have an important meeting or job interview.

BTR recommends: Sharagano suit.

Look for shapewear: Even though you still might have your amazing 20’s body, sometimes a gal needs extra help to squeeze into her favorite dress.

BTR recommends: Mission Control slip.

Pick up a classic black tote: An elegant bag will last you for many seasons. Get one that goes with almost every item in your closet. No need to worry about clashing or keeping up with the trends.

BTR recommends: Elliott Luca tote.

Regardless of if you’re about to turn 30 or pushing 40, you can still have fun with fashion and try out tons of fabulous looks. All items listed are on sale now at BTR!

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