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Get a taste of the Orient

There’s a minimalistic beauty and exotic appeal to the Japanese aesthetic. With the Nights In Tokyo event, you can bring this coveted look into your home.

Do you frequently have friends over for coffee? Why not make a charming little change, and serve tea in one of the adorable tea sets instead? Go out for sushi often? We love the idea of making it yourself at home, and serving it on one of Miya Company’s elegant sets. Not only will it be fun, you’ll also save money.

The design experts at Elle Décor are fans of Miya’s gorgeous porcelain items, and so are we.

Here are our faves:

Calligraphy tea set

Peony sushi set

Ariaki green bowl set

Red plum tea set

Kanji teacup set

Visit the Nights In Tokyo event to get a taste of the Far East…sayonara!

Find the perfect present

Giving a decorative element that you think suits the space or style of a loved one can be both an unexpected and appreciated gift. Small delights with a “where did you find this?” factor that’s guaranteed to please.

If you’re looking for that perfect gift, this event is certain to have something perfect for someone special in your life.

Eiffel Tower wine holder

Abilene piggy bank

Butterfly bottles

Lotus vase

Cassiodorus book boxes

Shutterbug bookends

Moonlight globe

Wildside coasters

Shop ‘Tis The Season For Gift Giving, and make it memorable this year.

It’s a charmed life: shop the most dazzling jewelry trend.

Get in on the jewelry trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down: Charms!

Whether you’re a newbie or a charmed veteran, this sale has everything your collection needs.

Choose from leather or sterling silver bracelets and necklaces, and then simply adorn them with as many charms as you’d like. Decorate with Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, hand-blown glass beads, birthstone beads, and more.

These are some of my favorite pieces:

Lobster Clasp Bead Bracelet In Sterling Silver

Lobster Clasp Bead Necklace In Sterling Silver

November Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bead In Sterling Silver

Red Italian Murano Bead In Sterling Silver

Multicolored Italian Murano Bead In Sterling Silver

Teal Floral Hand-Blown Glass Bead In Sterling Silver

White & Black Hand-Blown Glass Bead In Sterling Silver

Scalloped Spacer Bead In Sterling Silver

Be sure to stop by all the Must have jewelry events tomorrow.

It’s a charmed life. And we’re happy to be in it.


Get fit, fresh, & fabulous

It’s a story many of us are all too familiar with. Winter rolls around, and leaving the house starts to seem less and less appealing. The extra time spent at home can mean less physical activity, and more snacking. Before you know it, you’ve packed on winter weight. We’re helping you nip this problem in the bud.

Fit & Fresh create a variety of inventive products that will make it easy for you to enjoy fresh, healthy food, even if you have a busy lifestyle. For those who aren’t weight watchers, these products are still a great way to bring your meals and snacks with you, while keeping them crisp and appetizing.


We had a hard time narrowing it down, but here are our top choices from the Fit & Fresh event:

The Salad Shaker is pure genius. An integrated ice ring keeps your salad chilled, and a separate dressing dispensing compartment ensures your veggies don’t get soggy.

The Downtown Insulated Lunch Bag is so chic, people will think it’s your handbag! This one comes with a seven-piece Lunch-On-The-Go set, but you can also purchase either item individually.

If you’re in too much of a rush to sit down and eat the most important meal of the day, the Fresh Start Breakfast Chiller is your savior. It holds cereal, milk and fruit in three separate compartment, and a removable ice ring keeps your milk and fruit chilled. It even features a reusable, folding spoon that snaps into the lid.

The Smart Portion Prep Center is a calorie counter’s dream. It boasts a scale and a clip-on side measuring cup to control your portion size, all on a textured cutting board base with folding legs.

Not only will Fit & Fresh help you live a healthy life, but you’ll also save money by not ordering in. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Canadian Home Trends Editor-in-Chief Marc Atiyolil picks for BTR home

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the tricks, tips, and picks from The Real Housewives stars and deco experts Dina Manzo and Brad Boles. Up next on the list is Marc Atiyolil, the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Home Trends magazine. Marc can also add celebrity designer, internationally syndicated newspaper columnist, and TV host to his list of accolades.

Decorating your home and buying kitchenware can be quite the feat if you’re not sure where to start. Sometimes a little help from an expert goes a long way.

Marc is all about making the design/décor process simple for those who might be overwhelmed by all the options available today. His mantra “Be bold. Be different. Be unique, yet keep it simple!” is apparent when you see his original picks for BTR home.

His passion for design is contagious – and we hope you’re inspired to create the home you’ve always wanted.

Keep checking BTR home for his picks, running from October 21-28. Here is what Marc suggests for you today:

Brie Cheese Baker With Spreader            Hand Painted Giftware and Serveware

Catch season 2 of Marc’s show in January 2012 every Thursday at 2 pm on You’ll get the inside scoop on all things home décor, food, entertainment, celebrities, and so much more.

Let the redecorating fun begin.

Trend watch for fall: brights and metallics

Summer may be long gone, but fierce fashion is here to stay.

Pump up the volume in eye-catching clothing and accessories. You can go loud and proud like Victoria Beckham, or simply opt for understated, chic extras.

Whether it’s a bold cocktail ring by Giorgio Martello Milano, a watch by Tissot, or red hot pumps by Qupid, the goal is to have some fun. Even your little baby can be bright and beautiful in this dress by So La Vita.

Stop by all the Brights and Metallics events today.


Q&A with the associate fashion editor of Girls’ Life Magazine

Being a teen girl today is complicated stuff. Balancing school, family, extra curricular activities, friends, a social life, boys…

Sometimes a girl needs a little guidance.

Girls’ Life  can help teens face the world (and all its glorious challenges) in style.

Read this Q&A with the associate fashion editor of Girls’ Life magazine, Jessica D’argenio Waller to get the inside scoop on teen fashion, body image, and following today’s trends.

Q: Where do teens get their inspiration from in terms of fashion?

A: Teens often look to celebs and entertainment icons for fashion inspiration, rather than runways or hard-to-emulate editorials. Of course, older sisters and friends are a major source, too, but a lot of our readers also love real-life style and street style blogs, which they use as inspiration to create new outfits from things already in their closet.

Q: How do most teens rate their sense of style?

I think most teens wouldn’t consider themselves extremely stylish—when you’re getting ready for school in the morning, it’s hard not to fall into the jeans-and-tee rut, or if you have to wear a uniform, there’s hardly any room for creativity there. At Girls’ Life (GL), we try to publish really relatable stories, like how to update your weekend wardrobe, or how to make that jeans-and-tee feel fresh.

Q: What is the most important thing that makes them feel stylish?

A: When you’re a teen, it’s not always about the brands you’re wearing—your body is going through all these changes, and it’s hard to get used to that. Our ‘Love Your Bod’ section in the magazine is dedicated to dressing for your shape, whether you’re a ruler, apple, pear, hourglass, curvy, etc. Feeling good and looking good go hand-in-hand!

Q: How can teens follow the latest fashion trends while staying age-appropriate?

A: This is something I’m very conscious about! I want to showcase the latest trends, but they have to be accessible and age-appropriate. I’ll refuse to include teeny tiny bikinis or 5-inch platform peep-toe stilettos in our issues, because I don’t think our readers (ages 10-17) need to be wearing those. I’m also sensitive to hem length and skimpy clothes—we want to make sure that girls are respecting their bodies (along with parents’ wishes).

Q: Do you think it’s important for teens to be aware of the latest trends?

A: I think if a teen is interested in fashion, it can be quite fun to keep up with the latest trends. But we always tell GL readers to splurge on classics and key wardrobe pieces, and save on trends that won’t last more than a couple seasons. Plus at that age, you’re likely to still be growing! So we mostly focus on fun trends that have staying power and are flattering to different body shapes, like wide-legged flares or peplum skirts.

Q: How can teens create a unique look while still feeling like they fit in with their peers?

A: When you’re a teen, there’s so much pressure to fit in and look like everyone else! We try to encourage girls to push their style boundaries a bit by standing out, whether that’s by going thrift shopping, holding a clothing swap, mixing prints or embracing a new trend.

I also love to encourage girls to try creative layering. You can still wear your basic pieces, but try something new with them—whether you pop on a chunky sweater with denim cutoffs and tights or a throw a tee-shirt under a sundress, it’s little changes like that which can help a teen stand out from the crowd while still fitting in.

Q: Who are some of the celebrities that teens look up to in terms of fashion? Which teen celebrity do you think has the best style?

A: Our girls love Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Victoria Justice, among other starlets. I think they all have great style, but I’m partial to Taylor’s. I love how she goes for a dress or floaty skirt and sweet heels, even on her off days!