BTR home and Brad Boles: a truly fabulous team

Last week, we told you about the lineup of celebrity guests we have in store for you on BTR home. Today, we’re extremely excited to introduce interiors guru Brad Boles!

You know Brad from his appearances on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York, but what you may not know is that before beautifying spaces, Brad beautified faces at MTV, including artists like Grace Jones and Pat Benatar. After that, he worked in Hollywood with actors Kim Cattrall, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bernhard, and more.

In 2002, Brad opened a store of exotic interiors in New York, and designed Real Housewife Jill Zarin’s fabrics and home furnishings showroom, for which he is now Creative Director. Today, Brad serves as Editor-at-Large for fashion site Focus on Style. He also has his own TV show and a coffee table book, The Art of Extravagant Luxury, in the works.

To assist you on the path to your dream home, Brad’s chosen his favorite items from the upcoming week’s events. We also sat down with him to get the insider’s scoop on interiors.

Q: How do you start the process when it comes to decorating extravagant homes like Jill Zarin’s?

A: I love creating worlds that are aesthetically compelling, some with an edge, some of them more traditional. I like to spend time with a client to get a sense of who they are and their lifestyle before I begin the process. With Jill Zarin, we have a deeply personal relationship thus making the inspirational vision much easier. I started with a color palette that would reflect Jill’s skin tone and that gorgeous red hair. It’s always been my mission to demystify the world of interior design in a way that’s attainable – I believe I achieved that with Jill and Bobby’s apartment, using a mix of contemporary and classic elements. Whatever your style, it should look and feel irresistible.

Q: A lot of people want their home to be warm and inviting, while still being trendy and fashionable. What are some tips you can give our shoppers?

A: I’m often asked to create a warm and cozy, yet contemporary home. My advice to anyone leaning towards trends is to use them in accent pieces such as splashy pillows, wall art, and china. I mix traditional pieces such as a classic area rug with modern accent pieces to create a more urban look. Many times people are overwhelmed at buying big ticket items, so I say accessorize and fill your home with beautiful accent pieces.

Q: What are some more budget-friendly ways to make a home more stylish?

A: One of the ways to get more impact for your dollar is by using large pieces of art to fill the walls. In today’s market, there is so much affordable art out there to suit anyone’s taste.

Q: You’ve worked with some of the most glamorous women in show business. What is the most in-demand decorating style?

A: I’ve worked with some amazingly glamorous people in my life, and what seems to be a prevailing theme is “mid-century modern” – which for my taste is a bit too stark, but you can mix and match certain elements to create an eclectic mood. Lighting is paramount when designing a room. It serves two functions: a source of light and a beautiful embellishment. Whatever your style, always be true to your heart and you won’t go wrong.

Q: It’s almost time to start thinking about the holidays. What are some decorating tips you can give on how to decorate the dining room for dinner parties?

A: The thought of family and friends enjoying a fabulous meal becomes so much more wonderful when the host has put as much thought into the tablescape as they have to the food. There are so many ways to get creative with the center aisle of a long dining table using lots of candlesticks in different sizes and interesting flatware and wine goblets. I always have different sets of china that I rotate. As the holidays near, I tend to break out the more colorful sets. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different china patterns – it will surely delight the eye. The adrenaline rush of getting ready for a dinner party is so much more fun when your guests are treated to playful and artfully set table.

You heard Brad: be true to your heart and embrace your space.

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