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It’s a story many of us are all too familiar with. Winter rolls around, and leaving the house starts to seem less and less appealing. The extra time spent at home can mean less physical activity, and more snacking. Before you know it, you’ve packed on winter weight. We’re helping you nip this problem in the bud.

Fit & Fresh create a variety of inventive products that will make it easy for you to enjoy fresh, healthy food, even if you have a busy lifestyle. For those who aren’t weight watchers, these products are still a great way to bring your meals and snacks with you, while keeping them crisp and appetizing.


We had a hard time narrowing it down, but here are our top choices from the Fit & Fresh event:

The Salad Shaker is pure genius. An integrated ice ring keeps your salad chilled, and a separate dressing dispensing compartment ensures your veggies don’t get soggy.

The Downtown Insulated Lunch Bag is so chic, people will think it’s your handbag! This one comes with a seven-piece Lunch-On-The-Go set, but you can also purchase either item individually.

If you’re in too much of a rush to sit down and eat the most important meal of the day, the Fresh Start Breakfast Chiller is your savior. It holds cereal, milk and fruit in three separate compartment, and a removable ice ring keeps your milk and fruit chilled. It even features a reusable, folding spoon that snaps into the lid.

The Smart Portion Prep Center is a calorie counter’s dream. It boasts a scale and a clip-on side measuring cup to control your portion size, all on a textured cutting board base with folding legs.

Not only will Fit & Fresh help you live a healthy life, but you’ll also save money by not ordering in. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

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