Get a taste of the Orient

There’s a minimalistic beauty and exotic appeal to the Japanese aesthetic. With the Nights In Tokyo event, you can bring this coveted look into your home.

Do you frequently have friends over for coffee? Why not make a charming little change, and serve tea in one of the adorable tea sets instead? Go out for sushi often? We love the idea of making it yourself at home, and serving it on one of Miya Company’s elegant sets. Not only will it be fun, you’ll also save money.

The design experts at Elle Décor are fans of Miya’s gorgeous porcelain items, and so are we.

Here are our faves:

Calligraphy tea set

Peony sushi set

Ariaki green bowl set

Red plum tea set

Kanji teacup set

Visit the Nights In Tokyo event to get a taste of the Far East…sayonara!

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