Actress Tamala Jones picks her favorites for BTR and BTR home

Need some extra help shopping for the holidays this season? This multi-talented celebrity can guide you in the right direction.

Actress Tamala Jones stars on Castle, the #1 ABC drama series, where she plays the sassy and sexy coroner, Lanie Parish. Jones also dazzles on The Tracy Morgan Show and many additional guest starring roles on Everybody Hates Chris, ER, and My Name is Earl with real-life best friend Jamie Pressly.

The Los Angeles-raised actress has also appeared in movies, most recently in the Oscar-nominated film Up in the Air, opposite George Clooney.

It’s Tamala’s love of style that makes her a perfect person to choose fashion and home picks for BTR. She’s an expert bargain hunter and fashionista. And as a woman who enjoys designer names but not designer prices, she has become a skilled and sensible shopper. With a closet worthy of envy, we’re excited to hear all about Tamala’s fashion secrets.

After suffering a life-threatening aneurysm at age 23, Tamala is a huge advocate of annual check-ups and healthy lifestyle choices. Her grandmother sparked the actress’s passion for delicious yet nutritious cooking, teaching Tamala her first recipe at just 14 years of age. Today, Tamala is notoriously known for her delicious gumbo and dessert recipes, always finding herself with a full house entertaining family and friends.

Read this Q&A to learn more about the starlet.

Q: You’ve been voted one of the sexiest women of the year. What type of outfit makes you feel the sexiest?

A: A fitted or flowing maxi dress with a pair of big earrings, a cocktail ring, and lots of bangles always makes me feel sexy.

Q: You play a Medical Examiner on ABC’s #1 drama series, Castle. Your character Lanie Parish is seen wearing scrubs most of the time. What’s your personal style like, off-camera?

A:When I’m just relaxing, I’m in sweat pants and Uggs . If I’m hanging with friends, I’m very bohemian with my everyday style. Jeans, knee-high boots, vintage rock T-shirts, and a hat.

Q: If we were to look in your purse, what 3 items would we find?

A:Three items you would find in my purse…Hand sanitizer, hand cream, and lip gloss. FYI: my purse is my little apartment on the go, I have everything in there!

Q: How do you prepare for a red carpet event? Who’s your go-to dress designer?

A: I have to have 3 hours to get ready. Make coffee, take a shower, pick out what I’m wearing, do my hair, then make-up, and I’m ready to go. My go-to designer is Herve Leger! I always know that with Herve I’ll hit the mark of beauty, sexy, and classy!

Q: Beyond the Rack members LOVE shoes and handbags. What’s one fashion item you can’t live without?

A:I can’t live without my Zagliani bag! It’s so bad, that my friends put me on punishment for carrying it for awhile. I carried that bag for 2 years straight!

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