Q&A with Jeremiah Brent from Bravo’s hit The Rachel Zoe Project

If you’ve seen Jeremiah Brent in action on Bravo’s reality series The Rachel Zoe Project, then you know he can do it all. The home authority for Rachel Zoe Inc. is picking for BTR December 11-13. Be sure to look for his icon and shop “The designer gifts they will love.”

Jeremiah has worked with numerous celebrity clients, designing everything from their home interiors to multi-million dollar nightclubs. He originally joined Team Zoe as a stylist, but has proven his interior design chops, having recently decorated Zoe’s 7000 square foot home in under two weeks. In addition to her home, he completely designed and prepped the nursery for new baby Skyler.

While it might have been his personality, style, and model looks that got Rachel’s attention, it was his undeniable talent that made him an essential part of the team. In the season finale, Brent made this evident by designing a fab in-store boutique space for Rachel’s fashion line.

Read this Q&A to learn more about the décor and style guru.

Q: First and foremost we have to ask, what have you learned from working with Rachel Zoe, the most fashionable lady in the biz?

A: Wow, that’s a great question! The answer is multi-layered! There has been so much I have learned from her both personally and professionally. I would say the most prolific lesson she has taught me would be to live my life through passion. Rachel really helped guide me back to interior design. It’s amazing getting the opportunity to work with her. Her work ethic, knowledge, and hunger to know anything and everything related to fashion has been such a huge inspiration.

Q: You went from working in interior design to full on fashion mode. Which do you prefer and why?

A: Interior design is my #1 passion, hands down. However fashion has been and always will be a close second. The irony is that the two are more closely related than most would guess. Often, you can use the same principles of building the perfect outfit for building the perfect room. Designing the Rachel Zoe store in stores for Bloomingdales has been one of the most fun projects because it’s the marriage of décor and fashion.

Q: Is your personal style similar to your home décor aesthetic?

A: They are definitely similar. I love the idea of blending vintage pieces with new and interesting designs. My house feels very well-traveled and eclectic and I hope my wardrobe feels the same. The truth is I just wear what feels right. I love to try new cuts, fabrics, and combinations that one wouldn’t think of off-hand. Rodger (Rachel’s husband) always jokes that my house is “garage sale chic.”

Q: It was amazing to see you completely redo Rachel’s new home so fast. What tips can you give our members who just moved into a new space?

A: I think the key to a great room, is a great foundation. Pick 3 pieces that are timeless and are a clear representation of your personal aesthetic (i.e. sofa, 2 arm chairs, coffee table) and build from there. My favorite rooms are one that feel as though they have been curated over time. Don’t get bogged down in rules. There is no paint by numbers for interior design….no matter what anybody says. Your room should feel like YOU!

Q: Let’s talk fashion. What types of pieces would you say can totally transform your look?

A: Hahaha, great question. Well, for me I would have to say a great leather jacket or an amazing blazer. Both are effortlessly chic and can be dressed down or up. A blazer with ripped jeans…perfection. A leather coat with dress pants, tie, and vest…chic.

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