Q&A with Redbook Fashion Director Audrey Slater

If you’re like most modern women, juggling all your responsibilities can be overwhelming to say the least. For so many of them, Redbook has become like a dependable best friend. The Magazine’s dedicated readers keep informed on everything from fashion, to raising a family, to staying fit and healthy.

That’s why we couldn’t be happier to have the Magazine’s Fashion Director, Audrey Slater, picking her favorite fashions for BTR December 19-26. As you’ll see from the Q&A, she really knows what it takes to get you looking gorgeous this holiday season.

Look for the Redbook icon on events to shop Audrey’s picks. Create the wardrobe of your dreams and make 2012 your most stylish year yet. From one fashion lover to another.

Q: What’s the number one style-related question you get from your readers and what do you tell them?

A: As you can imagine, I get asked lots of questions about style, both by Redbook readers and women in my life who care about fashion (which is most of them!). Invariably, they want to know how to be stylish without looking silly. “What’s the right way for me to try trends and still look appropriate and like myself?” Here’s my advice: Pick just a trend or two per season that speaks to you, make sure whatever piece you buy fits you beautifully, then wear it with the items you love the most in your wardrobe. For example, red jeans are all the rage right now, and while women are intimated by this bold look, they definitely want to go there. Red jeans are no different than any other jeans, in that you must try on many pairs to find the one that does the best things for your body. Once you achieve that, it’s easy. If you’re a die-hard striped tee girl, there’s your outfit. If a crisp blazer and button-down are your stock in trade, that’s what you should be wearing. Being true to yourself and on-trend aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact when it comes to dressing stylishly, that’s the goal!

Q: Winter fashion is all about finding that perfect coat. Which type do you think is flattering on most women?

A: Hands down, it’s the pea coat. It’s timeless, it works with both casual and fancier outfits (even over a party dress!), and it looks impeccably chic on everyone.

Q: Some women find it hard to look fab in the winter. What are some beauty tips to stay fresh when it gets frosty?

A: If your mom is like my mom, she drilled it into you to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, and she was right – particularly in winter when all is dullsville from that cold dry air. Also, use a cream blush rather than a powder, which will give you a nice dewy glow and wake up your complexion. Finally, take a few minutes to give yourself an intensive hair mask in place of your everyday conditioner once a month or so.

Q: Let’s talk fashion-related New Year’s Resolutions. What’s a faux-pas you think women should avoid for 2012?

A: I’ll tell you what my resolution will be, and I think it applies to all women: Buy less stuff! Instead, invest in only a few pieces that are wonderful, and that fit perfectly– I always think tailoring is a very wise investment! Remember to be an editor when you shop: Only pay for what delights you, looks amazing on you, and that you’ll want to wear over and over with what’s already in your closet.

Q: Holiday fashion is all about getting dressed up and attending fab parties. What are some trends for dresses right now?

A: There’s no stopping the one-shoulder dress this holiday season. And you can find a festive one at just about every price point. Also, longer dresses are looking really fresh, and– according to a major designer I know– are outselling cocktail dresses. A long gown is elegant in a way a short dress can’t be, and women are really responding to that. Rich color is key this holiday season, as is sparkle. Black will always be classic, but navy is definitely trendier!

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