Fashion resolutions for 2012

Now that 2012 is in full effect, have you given any thought to your wardrobe resolutions? Go ahead – try on those extreme heels. Accessorize with bling that would make Jennifer Lopez jealous. Put your most fashionable foot forward – at these epic prices, your other resolution to save money will be easy as pie.

Dare to rock bold footwear

We think it’s safe to say you don’t need another pair of black boots. This year, shake things up a bit and pick up some bold and beautiful shoes. Stop drooling over the artistic creations you find in fashion magazines – it’s super affordable to get stunner styles. Shop the Red Kiss and Two Lips events to find your new ‘sole’ mate.

Embrace your shape

So you vowed to work out more and eat healthy this year? Great. And with some quality shapewear, you’ll look sensational every step of the way. Wear the pieces under that tight black dress or any outfit that demands a sleek silhouette. Stop by the Siluet and Intimidea and Sassybax events to be on your way to a superstar body.

Wear statement jewelry

Remember how much fun it was going through your mother’s jewelry box? Somewhere along the way, we lost that passion for playing dress-up. While understated studs and pearls will remain classics, some outfits call for a little more drama. A vivid necklace, a knockout cocktail ring, and glistening hoops, par exemple. Have a look at Fashion Victime‘s assortment.

Pick up a luxurious watch

If you haven’t worn a watch in years, now is the time to rethink your wrist situation. A dazzling watch can add instant glamour to your look. Whether you’re a golden gal, a diva who loves diamonds, or a silver belle, there’s a killer watch waiting for you. Stop by the Premium Watch Event and the European Fine Watch Boutique for some inspiration.

Stand out in wild prints

Add some wild prints to the mix and have some fun. 2012 is your year to take some fashion risks. Gone are the days of simplistic style and monochromatic clothing. Check out the Pattern Play events to mix and match to your heart’s content. Psychedelic baby, yeah!

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