Best In Shoe – Trend Watch 2012

Shoe addicts – you asked us for more options, and we’re more than happy to oblige. Today, we have a group of events catered to those of us who can never have too many pairs.


The wedge started out as a trend, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Added height, minus the teetering around on a pin-thin heel makes this one solid style. Visit Wedging Out for a wide array of wicked wedges.


Platform Perfection is aimed at those fierce females who like themselves (and their fashion choices) to stand above the rest. Browse this event for the pretty platforms that make sure every entrance is a grand one.

Riding Boots

There’s something inherently elegant and refined about the classic riding boot. Many brands have interpreted it, choosing to stay with the iconic silhouette, or give it a modern update. See both sides (and everything in between) at Riding In Style.


The New Year Shape-Ups event is cut out for those trying to get into better shape. Sporting these sneaks improves posture and circulation, reduces joint stress, and provides an extra kick for your muscles. Resolution to get into better shape? Check!

Shop all the Best In Shoe events, and snap up some must-have styles.

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