It’s time to refresh your home

With all the time you spend in your home, it can fade into the background of your life, so to speak. With this week’s Refresh Your Home events, it’s an amazing time to revitalize your space and bring it up to date.

Not sure how or in what room to get started? We’ve got a hot tip. A great way to create a pulled-together and cohesive look is to choose a concept you love, and place an element that ties into it in each room of your home. Could be something as basic as stripes or as specific as Art Deco-inspired mirrors – you’re sure to wind up with a homescape you can’t wait to show off.

Having a common thread that runs throughout the whole space will really give it a designer’s touch. We’ve chosen shades of blue as our idea to get you started.

When your wardrobe needs an update, you buy new clothes or accessories. Why shouldn’t it be the same for your home?

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