Denby’s best-selling stoneware pattern comes to BTR

Any company that’s still going strong over 200 years after their inception must be doing something right.

Denby’s high-quality, everyday stoneware can be found gracing tabletops across the world. Every piece that hits store shelves has been designed with real life in mind; nothing is meant to be displayed in a china cabinet, never seeing use.  Everything is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, making it built to last.

We’re proud to announce the premiere Denby’s most popular pattern, Truffle, to BTR. The classic silhouettes and versatile neutral colors give it a timeless quality.

In today’s Denby event, we’re offering each item in the collection individually, or in sets of six. We love the idea of mixing and matching the pieces in the  Truffle, Truffle Wide Rim, and Truffle Layers lines for a look that’s modern and eclectic, but still manages to be cohesive.

Shop Denby, and find out why they’ve been a dining room mainstay since 1809.

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