Shop Kari Whitman’s eco-friendly dog beds: Greener Pup

Greener Pup was created by Kari Whitman, designer to the stars, dog rescuer and environmental advocate. Greener Pup eco-friendly dog beds not only keep your dog cozy, comfortable and stylish, they are also part of a bigger quest to save the earth and dogs in need.

Each bed comes with a removable washable cover in an upscale upholstery fabric and also features soft, durable fibers that are breathable, non-allergenic and won’t attract insects. The fillers are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Beds keep their shape very well but can be easily “re-fluffled and re-nested.”

Born out of Kari’s desire to create beautiful interior designs while also raising money to support her non-profit dog rescue, Greener Pup proudly donates all proceeds to Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue. Pick up an eco-friendly dog bed today – you’ll help Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue continue saving lives, and you’ll have a beautiful dog bed to boot!

Shop the Greener Pup event today and make a difference!

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