Real moms of Montreal pick their favorite pieces for your trendy tots

We want to give a shoutout to all you amazing moms out there by making this day all about you and your precious kids. Let’s make them even cuter (we know, not possible) with the sweetest outfits.

These real moms of Montreal are here to pick their favorite kids’ items. Yours deserve the very best and that’s why we’ve put together a day that moms (and their tots) will absolutely adore.

Whether you’re a new mom who’s not sure where to start or a mom who’s looking for fresh new outfits for their little ones, we’ve got the events for you.

Q: What’s the first thing you look for when buying clothing for your babies and young children?

A: It has to catch my eye, it can’t look like all the other stuff out there. A very close second is price – kids are really messy and they grow like weeds. There’s nothing worse than realizing that they have either outgrown the ‘fancy’ outfit you just bought them, or that the finger paint stain is never coming out.

-Allison Weigensberg, Mom to Connor, 2 years old

Q: What are some tips and tricks you can give mothers for building a great kids’ wardrobe on a budget?

A: Babies only need one pair of good jeans and lots of tops! I buy things that are versatile, that can be worn fancy or casual, as most of the time babies are making a mess and everything they wear goes immediately into the wash. For this reason, I always buy stuff on sale. The best place to find these deals are usually online, Beyond the Rack being at the top of my list!

-Regine Shaffer, Mom to Billy, 8 months old

Q: Do you follow trends in kidswear? If so, what are some fun ones moms can look into?

A: This season colorful hues, like electric blue, peach, and light pink are showing up everywhere. I like to keep my little girl on-trend while making sure she dresses for her age. They grow up too quickly!

-Natalie Ben-Zur, Mom to Ella, 6 years old & Evan, 5 years old

Q: Kids grow up so fast! What’s a smart way to shop for babies who will outgrow clothes quickly?

A: My suggestion is to always get a size bigger, that way it will last longer. It works for me.

-Jasmine Lawrence, Mom to Jahziah, 14 months old

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