Fashion Editor Amanda Eliasch picks her top spring fashions and accessories

Fashion is art. And no one knows this better than Amanda Eliasch. Her book British Artists at Work was commissioned by Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Italian Vogue. As a poet, photographer, and fashion editor, Amanda is the perfect fashion maven to help you devour spring’s loveliest fashions and accessories. Shop her picks and read our Q&A to be one step ahead of the fashion pack.

Q: Spring is such an exciting time for fashion. Which trends are you looking forward to for the upcoming season?

A: As you already have a lot of black in the wardrobe and pastels only look good in hot temperatures, you can mix both. For instance, cream looks fabulous with black, and a neon belt (which has also become fashionable) looks great on a black dress and brightens up the day. I like very sharp tailoring and this looks especially good in white. A pastel dress on a really hot day looks terrific, but shall remain in the lookbook at Balmain – try cheaper versions. Little shorts with a button down shirt, a gold chunky belt with a very tailored jacket.

Q: As a photographer and editor, you know high fashion. How can our shoppers incorporate some sophisticated glamour into their 9-5 wardrobe?

A: A 9-5 wardrobe can be both practical and glamorous. The main thing for me would be scent. I have recently gone back to old fashioned scents like Caleche at Hermes, and the men say it smells delicious. You are working hard so you need clean hair out of your face in a ponytail, and your makeup should remain looking fresh – so generally less is more. Nails should always look good and I am a regular user of gels. Always make sure that the back of a suit looks as good as the front. Simplicity looks best. You can buy cheaper dresses and suits, but shoes and belts are are better when you spend a little more. A handbag from Marc Jacobs is enough to make everything else look up-to-the-minute with a Zara black dress. I live in them and have about five Zara dresses (all in black of course), which looks smart every day.

Q: What are your go-to accessories for office wear?

A: For me a good briefcase and a pair of sunglasses is a necessity, I love Prada’s briefcases, but they can be expensive – their sunglasses are affordable. So I would try to find what I could at Target and mix. As I said before, accessories should be the most expensive thing in the wardrobe but you may need your handbag to look good at night, so check out H&M and then reach for the bottom of your pocket for the handbag. Cheap looks cheap generally. Buy in the sales, I do, and check out vintage shops for something different.

Q: If you could give only one tip for busy women who want to look picture-perfect, what would it be?

A: Ask around and see which of your friends is a makeup artist. Then see if she can come to your work place to help you get ready. Also for special evenings, make sure you have your hair done on a lunch break or first thing in the morning. I find yoga incredible too, but I am better exercising in the evening. You need to be fit to look fit. Eat plenty of greens.

Q: What types of shoes would we find you in during the day? Who is your favorite shoe designer?

A: I like two brands of shoes: YSL and Robert Clergerie. The latter makes the most comfortable shoes for running around in, but I can run in YSL platforms equally.

Amanda’s events for today: The Wish Collection, Machi, Tommy Hilfiger and Larry Levine coats, Wow Couture, and Segolene Paris


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