90210’s Michael Steger picks his top looks for men

If you’re like millions of other 90210 fans, you don’t miss one episode of The CW’s hit show. And you know Michael Steger’s character, Navid Shiraz, is the cutie with a heart of gold who always dresses to the nines. Whether he’s dealing with relationship drama, or running a successful company, this charmer’s style is always on point.

Today, he’s here to help guys add a hip vibe to their overall look. The stylish Steger has picked his fave items from today’s menswear events – so you’ll be fashionable enough for any zip code.

Read our Q&A with Michael and find out how he manages to look super fly, on and off-camera.

Q: Navid Shirazi, the character you play on the hit CW show 90210, comes from a very privileged background and his clothing (and his Ferrari!) reflects this. How is your personal style different/similar?

A: My personal style is much different. I tend to dress much more casual and relaxed. Navid was and is much more preppy and clean cut.

Q: It’s always such a treat to see what the students are going to wear on 90210. Do you get to work with the wardrobe department when it comes to Navid’s look? 

A: Yes. Our main designer is Kime Buzzeli. She’s always looking out for Navid’s wardrobe. They tend to go a bit overboard with Navid. I looked at a pair of shorts they gave me season two, and the price tag read $500. I would never spend that kind of money on a pair of shorts. But they have expensive taste for Navid. I have to give it up to them, they do a great job though. When you want to take your wardrobe home, you know the stylist is doing a good job.

Q: Has your knowledge of fashion and designers increased since you joined the show? If yes, who is a designer that you follow?

A: The only two designers I follow are my brother J. Steger, and ALLSAINTS. Having a brother that’s a designer is a huge window into the fashion world. So much goes into a suit, a pair of jeans, etc. One never really understands the level of work crafted before something is made.

Q: Which female character’s style appeals to you the most and why?

A: I would say Ivy or Silver. They have that classic laid-back bohemian look. It’s very chill.

Q: If you could give one tip to guys who have no clue where to start when it comes to fashion, what would you say?

A: Don’t try too hard. Dress comfortably and simply.

Michael Steger’s picks can be found in these events:

Etro: men’s shirts, Tommy Hilfiger, Lion’s Crest, For Men Only, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

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