Moms of Manhattan give us their top selections for your trendy kids

We had a fun-filled day at beautiful Bryant Park with fashion-savvy NYC moms and their adorable kids. When we weren’t fawning over the cutie pies, we talked kids’ fashion! And we’re so excited to have the Big Apple mamas picking their favorite clothing, footwear, toys, and d├ęcor for your little ones! Shop their picks starting today at 11 a.m. ET!

Find their selections here:

Oliver Swim Shorts Boys will be boys event

Plaid Swim Shorts Boys will be boys event

Tie Dye T.S Shure event

Mini Golf T.S Shure event

Kaleido Bam TopMe Too event

Martin Mini PoloMe Too event

Kimberly Sandal in WhiteLaura Ashley event

Look for the Statue of Liberty icon to browse the rest of the events for even more goodies – guaranteed to bring some smiles!

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