Shop what mom really wanted for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, we think the top moms of the world should get exactly what they want – which may or may not be what you they received – oops!

Today is all about treating you hardworking moms to something special – whether that’s a hot new accessory or functional pieces for the home.

And in case you’re not sure where to start, we found amazing moms just like you and we talked mommy style, the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and more!

Q: What is the most meaningful Mother’s Day present you’ve received?

A: The most meaningful present I’ve received was crafts my kids made just for me for Mother’s Day.

– Connie F, mom to Maya and Samuel

Q: How does your personal style reflect what kind of mother you are?

A: I would say my personal style is pretty laid back. I try to own things that are versatile, for as a mother you wear many hats! I look for items that are trendy yet comfortable, because I am an active mom. I am always on the go, so my intention is to look good, while feeling comfy.

– Regine S, mom to Billy

Q: As a mother, what would your ideal gift be for your home?

A: A full time-nanny! Or a lovely picture frame to put a family photo in.

– Sarah T, mom to Everest

Q: If someone were to get you a fabulous new bag for Mother’s Day, which style would you prefer?

A: This season, I’d definitely pick a neon bag like the ones by Proenza Schouler.

– Randi K, mom to Madison

Q: What’s the sweetest thing your children have done for you on Mother’s Day?

A: My kids hand-made a booklet of favors for me that I could use at any time, like making breakfast in bed and cleaning the kitchen, and they honored all the coupons until they were gone. But my favorite were the kisses I got from my teenager, because those don’t happen often.

– Wendy G, mom to Ally, Danielle & Sabrina

These fashion-savvy moms picked their ultimate Mother’s Day presents for May 11th and May 12th – shop today’s selections here:

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