Shop What Dad Really Wanted For Father’s Day

You try to be the very best dad you can be – and we applaud you! As a reward for a job well done, we think you should get yourself everything you really wanted for Father’s Day. From sunglasses to toy helicopters, you’ll find items that’ll allow you to be father of the year in style!

We spent the day with some real amazing dads and their adorable little ones – besides taking their picture and giving them heartwarming new photos for their family albums, we had a sit-down with the proud papas and asked them all about Father’s Day gifts.

Q: What’s an affordable way to celebrate Father’s Day if your family is on a budget?

A: We are so fortunate to commemorate Father’s Day along with the beginning of summer. And being in Montreal, an outing focusing on the occasion is an amazing way to mark the event.

Personally, seeing my daughter Vivi having fun is a celebration in itself. Father’s Day is a family day, and so a nice BBQ at the beach with family and friends is a classic. Focus on building memories while sharing some as well. I love hearing people’s stories and sharing mine. Nothing wrong with being cheesy every once in a while!

– Amilcar

Q: What was your most memorable Father’s Day gift and what made it so special?

A: My most memorable gift was a placemat made by my daughter with all the activities we we did together printed on it. It’s very special – she made it herself and I still use it from time to time.

– Eric

Q: What would be a cool Father’s Day gift for a sports-lover?

A: The best thing I can think of is tickets to a game with your kids. I definitely think that one of the joys of fatherhood is being able to introduce things you really care about to your children. Spending a day with your kids and your favorite team is one of the best things I can imagine.


Q: What would you recommend for dads who are all about electronic gadgets?

A: A lot of things are coming to mind but what I really love is remote-controlled helicopters. They’re fun, easy to play with, and can help relieve stress. Also, your kids would love it too – but don’t let them to play with it until they turn to 18!

– Miguel

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