Enjoy listening to music like never before with custom-fit earphones by eers

Earphones that you can custom-fit yourself in 5 minutes – eers – this is the innovation that Sonomax brings to the earphone market.

Your eers come attached with a ‘fitting’ system which fits on your head, so you can insert the ear buds comfortably into your ear canal. After a 5 minute setting process where the buds form perfectly to your ear- you remove the system; then separate the earphones from the head band.

You will notice that your custom-fitted eers buds do not look like usual in-ear earphones. That is because they have been shaped to your ear canals, which are unique to you. What you will hear with your eers is designed for your personal advanced listening experience, while limiting the interference of outside noise.

There are two models of eers – one that accentuates a heavy bass feeling – one that captures a wider range of musical expressions.

The singular feature that both models offer is that in whatever way you wish to express yourself while listening to your eers – whether you run, workout, or just chill, these eers do not fall out – the around-the-ear loop keep eers where you want them – in your ears!

Enjoy your listening experience like never before and pick up your custom-fit eers today.

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