Get caught up with Jersey Shore star and America’s hottest DJ Pauly D

Jersey Shore fans, brace yourselves – we’ve got Pauly D in the house! Your favorite Jersey DJ answered our questions about style, music, and his yummy REMIX line of drinks!

Q: Your hit MTV show, The Pauly D Project is almost finished – how did that experience compare to Jersey Shore?

A: Both experiences were great, but filming “The Pauly D Project” was really such an incredible time. I got to film doing what I love to do, all over the world, which is DJ’ing – and I got to bring my boys from home along for the ride.

Q: From going on tour with Britney Spears to making an album with 50 Cent, you’re certainly making your mark on the music industry! What can we expect for your next single?

A: Being an open format DJ, I always play to the crowd. I have always loved dance music just as much as I’m all about hip-hop. I like to think of myself as “The Bridge” because I bridge the gap between house and hip-hop. My next single will definitely reflect that!

Q: Tell us about REMIX, your line of pre-mixed cocktails – what makes it different from other drinks on the market?

A: REMIX is the first line of cocktails dedicated to pre-gaming and it is always RTD “Ready-To-Drink,” just pour over ice and serve. REMIX is available in 4 fresh, original flavors that cannot be replicated at home. It is a great way to get the night going before you hit the clubs. Of course though, it is always important to remember to drink responsibly.

Q: So many guys out there look up to you and your style – how would you describe it?

A: I would describe it as fresh and edgy. I start with the shoes and go from there and make sure everything matches. It’s all about the shoes, watches and diamonds!

Q: As we all know, staying fresh to death is no easy feat – what tips would you give guys who want to look their best for a big night out?

A: Lots of hair gel and always shower before you go out.

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