America’s Got Talent competitor David Garibaldi showcases his art

You’ve seen him mesmerize the judges and the audience on America’s Got Talent with his wild speed-painting routines. And now, you can own a cutting-edge piece by David Garibaldi.

Influenced by the color and culture of graffiti art, Garibaldi begun using his hands and body to create his pieces. By combining music, color, and rhythm in his creations, he really developed a style that is entirely his own.

By watching him work his magic, you really get to see his creative genius at work. And it becomes a memorable experience for the artist, as well as for the audience.

From his humble beginnings as a graffiti artist to performing on stage, this one-of-a-kind artist has painted his way on the scene, captivating people around the world.

Shop now and bring home a seriously-cool piece of art!

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