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We found our Redbook Real Women Model Search winner: Torri Taylor from British Columbia!

Thousands of you entered our Redbook Real Women Model Search Contest and we enjoyed reading all of your entries.

Unfortunately, we could only pick one person as the grand prize winner.

And that lucky lady is Torri Taylor from Coquitlam, BC!

Here’s her heartwarming story:

“I had my first child last year; now a stay at home mom, I struggle to wear anything but comfy clothes every day as I don’t feel like I have anywhere to go other than play group.

As a former career woman and fashionista, I look forward to magazines and daily BTR emails to see what fashion is like out there!

This would be an amazing opportunity to get a super fun part of me back! I believe I represent millions of women who don’t want to lose themselves just because they had a big change in their life!”

Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at Torri’s makeover and experiences at BTR!

Josh Altman from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing picks for BTR Home

If you’re looking for prime real estate in the most posh areas of LA, Josh Altman from Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” is the guy you want to be talking to. Josh has worked with entertainers, athletes, as well as other high net-worth people around the world.

And we’ve got the king of real estate picking for BTR Home August 14-16. So even if you’re not in the market for a luxurious new home, you can certainly make your current space as fabulous as possible!

Read our Q&A with Josh to learn about his personal home aesthetic and what’s the most lavish property he’s ever sold.

Q: Congratulations on your incredible success in the real estate business. You’ve sold some of the most luxurious houses to an A-list clientele – what’s the most extravagant piece of property you’ve sold?

A: Two properties come to mind when I hear the word extravagant. The first sale being a 16.5 million dollar house in the famed gated community of Beverly Park in Beverly Hills, which funny enough I leased out after I sold it for 85K month for four years! The house was an amazing 20,000 sq ft architectural masterpiece on 7 acres. The other extravagant home that comes to mind was the largest and most expensive condo ever sold in the history of Santa Monica. It was 8000 sq ft of interior and 8000 more sq feet of a rooftop deck with 360-degree views of LA from the Hills to the ocean.

Q: When it comes to your personal home décor aesthetic, what’s your style?

A: I love Hampton’s style homes. I need lots of light. I love a huge kitchen with Carrera marble countertops that leads into an open living floor plan that all flows to the backyard. Being born on the East Coast I like houses that remind me of home.

Q:  What are some home décor tips you would give to new homeowners? What’s a good place to start?

A: Simple is good, clutter is bad. I like to also mix materials and textures to give a room some depth. I also love art so I like to have one piece in every room to take each room to a different level and give it a personality of its own.

Q: On Bravo’s hit TV show, Million Dollar Listing, we get an insider’s look at what it takes to sell multi-million dollar properties. What’s in store for you now?

A: I am on the verge of selling over 100 million in real estate in the first 7 months of 2012. With the little free time that I do have, I tend to look at investment properties to build my real estate portfolio.

Q: While it’s nice to live vicariously through your glamorous real estate adventures, our members are a bit more budget-conscious! What are some investment pieces you would suggest for the home?

A: If I were to invest in a room it would always be the room where most people hang out in. For me that is the living room off the kitchen. Invest in a comfortable yet classy looking couch. It’s easy to cheap out on a couch but you can always tell the cheap couch from the more expensive couch. I also think it’s important to invest in a nice bedroom set. The master bedroom is your temple. If you can’t be at peace there, then you’re in trouble. Spend a little extra money in the master and make it a place where you’re happy to lay your head down in at the end of a long day.

His picks can be found in these events, with some events starting today at 5 PM ET:

Fabulous new furniture

U.S Polo bedding

Kitchen supplies

Kitchen, closet, and laundry essentials

Look for more of his picks August 15 and 16!

Fall 2012 menswear trends

All you guys that are on the conservative side style wise are going to do back flips over the direction menswear is taking for Fall/Winter 2012-2013.

What’s old is new again as men’s fashion pays homage to the past while sprucing things up with a colorful and adventurous new twist on things, emphasizes bold patterns and colors.

Suits are fitted and double-breasted, with lapels that are wider than they’ve been in a while. It’s a tailored look that’s reminiscent of menswear from the 40’s and 50’s. Dapper. Very.

What’s also back is something that never left—the blazer. What’s interesting this coming season, though, is the new and ‘old-that-is-new-again’ take on this classic look. We’re talking about patterned blazers, (think checks, stripes, or, if you’re really confident, flower motifs!) and tweed flannel sport coats like your dad and grand dad wore.

Tops score top marks for looks this fall/winter. Buff chests are in (hit the gym, guys!) as the V-neck rules in sweaters, cardigans, and vests.

Shirts are all about expressing yourself, as demonstrated in patterns and florals showing up on the backs of the most style-savvy gents. Be fearless! Pair them up with patterned ties and/or jackets (just be sure to have your color elements coordinated).

Styling cue: Whatever top you wear, add a rugged edge to your persona by rolling up those sleeves!

The lowdown on trousers is that while flat-fronts still rule, pleats are coming out of fashion exile to make a big comeback.

In a scene that’s representative of the direction men’s clothes are taking this coming season, look out for a rebirth of the fashion standby’s that we have come to love and revere.

We’re talking about leather bomber jackets, cashmere sweaters, denim jackets (just make sure they don’t match your jeans), straight-legged jeans and black-leather shoes or boots. All are must-haves for Fall/winter 2012-13.

Top your look off with accessories that use color as your signature. Ties, scarves, and pocket squares in eye-catching reds, yellows, and deeper standout-colors, such as teal, raspberry, and cedarwood will go a long way toward differentiating the dressed from the well-dressed.

The moral of the story? ‘Tis the season to take some fashion risks!

Today Show and E! News fashion correspondent Jene Luciani picks for kids

Today Show and E! News Fashion Correspondent Jene Luciani is picking her top fashions and toys for your trendy kids. Read our Q&A with the fashionista to learn some tips and tricks for keeping your kids looking good and feeling confident!

Q: As a Today Show and E! News fashion correspondent, you know your fashion! What are some of the biggest trends in kidswear right now?

A: For kids, it’s all about allowing them to express their individuality, while still keeping it age-appropriate! Kids are having so much fun with fashion and the nod to the ’80s trends by mixing neons, fun prints, and of course, accessories!  I believe in teaching kids that fashion, just like art, is another way to express yourself, to think about wearing what makes you feel happy, and to not be so concerned with what other people think. Just be yourself! For my daughter’s nursery school pics this year, I decided to dress her up in a polo shirt with a denim mini skirt, with a boys’ striped tie loose around her neck. It was such a fun look – she loved it and looked adorable in it! It isn’t ‘traditional’ but it made her (and me!) happy. I also let her pick out her own clothes as much as possible.

Q: When it comes to dressing your daughter, what are your favorite brands and why? Does she have any favorites?

A: Well since she’s only three, her favorite brands are my favorite brands essentially since I pick out most of her clothes. Although she does go shopping with me occasionally and pick out her own stuff! We like everything from sparkly shorts at The Children’s Place and printed T-shirts from CrewCuts (J Crew kids) to colorful skinny jeans from Joe’s and Tractor and tutu’s and fancy dresses from smaller, niche designers. I’m not about teaching her about labels – designer or otherwise. I want her to have quality clothes that will last through school and playtime, but will also have some sort of fun fashion element to them as well.  I’ll even mix it up and buy her the boy’s clothes sometimes, like a pair of shorts with skulls and cross-bones or a tie. I don’t want to teach her that “this is a boy’s item” and “this is a girl’s one” because I want her to pick out and wear whatever catches her eye, not some item society tells her she should be wearing.

Q: Do you have any tips for shopping for your kids when you’re on a tight budget?

A: The toughest part about budgeting for kids’ clothes is that they tend to outgrow them so fast and there’s no way to really tell how much you’ll ‘get’ out of a particular item.  If you’re on a budget, be sure to invest in as many basics as possible that can be mixed and matched, and then also look for anything with adjustable features so they will last you, even as your kids grow. One thing I believe you should never skimp on is shoes. Kids always need good, quality shoes that offer them proper support.

Q: Thank you for picking your favourite kidswear and toys on Beyond the Rack! Which pieces caught your eye the most?

A: I of course loved the fun printed tops and because I am a girly girl, the tutus! Be-dazzled velour tracksuits are always a comfy but versatile item for girls and will stretch with them as they grow, so they tend to last a lot longer than say, a pair of jeans….plus they’re good for school, or play! And, of course, the fashion design kit for budding designers and fashionistas!

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You can shop her picks August 1st and 2nd, starting today with Joe-Ella.