Today Show and E! News fashion correspondent Jene Luciani picks for kids

Today Show and E! News Fashion Correspondent Jene Luciani is picking her top fashions and toys for your trendy kids. Read our Q&A with the fashionista to learn some tips and tricks for keeping your kids looking good and feeling confident!

Q: As a Today Show and E! News fashion correspondent, you know your fashion! What are some of the biggest trends in kidswear right now?

A: For kids, it’s all about allowing them to express their individuality, while still keeping it age-appropriate! Kids are having so much fun with fashion and the nod to the ’80s trends by mixing neons, fun prints, and of course, accessories!  I believe in teaching kids that fashion, just like art, is another way to express yourself, to think about wearing what makes you feel happy, and to not be so concerned with what other people think. Just be yourself! For my daughter’s nursery school pics this year, I decided to dress her up in a polo shirt with a denim mini skirt, with a boys’ striped tie loose around her neck. It was such a fun look – she loved it and looked adorable in it! It isn’t ‘traditional’ but it made her (and me!) happy. I also let her pick out her own clothes as much as possible.

Q: When it comes to dressing your daughter, what are your favorite brands and why? Does she have any favorites?

A: Well since she’s only three, her favorite brands are my favorite brands essentially since I pick out most of her clothes. Although she does go shopping with me occasionally and pick out her own stuff! We like everything from sparkly shorts at The Children’s Place and printed T-shirts from CrewCuts (J Crew kids) to colorful skinny jeans from Joe’s and Tractor and tutu’s and fancy dresses from smaller, niche designers. I’m not about teaching her about labels – designer or otherwise. I want her to have quality clothes that will last through school and playtime, but will also have some sort of fun fashion element to them as well.  I’ll even mix it up and buy her the boy’s clothes sometimes, like a pair of shorts with skulls and cross-bones or a tie. I don’t want to teach her that “this is a boy’s item” and “this is a girl’s one” because I want her to pick out and wear whatever catches her eye, not some item society tells her she should be wearing.

Q: Do you have any tips for shopping for your kids when you’re on a tight budget?

A: The toughest part about budgeting for kids’ clothes is that they tend to outgrow them so fast and there’s no way to really tell how much you’ll ‘get’ out of a particular item.  If you’re on a budget, be sure to invest in as many basics as possible that can be mixed and matched, and then also look for anything with adjustable features so they will last you, even as your kids grow. One thing I believe you should never skimp on is shoes. Kids always need good, quality shoes that offer them proper support.

Q: Thank you for picking your favourite kidswear and toys on Beyond the Rack! Which pieces caught your eye the most?

A: I of course loved the fun printed tops and because I am a girly girl, the tutus! Be-dazzled velour tracksuits are always a comfy but versatile item for girls and will stretch with them as they grow, so they tend to last a lot longer than say, a pair of jeans….plus they’re good for school, or play! And, of course, the fashion design kit for budding designers and fashionistas!

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