Fall 2012 menswear trends

All you guys that are on the conservative side style wise are going to do back flips over the direction menswear is taking for Fall/Winter 2012-2013.

What’s old is new again as men’s fashion pays homage to the past while sprucing things up with a colorful and adventurous new twist on things, emphasizes bold patterns and colors.

Suits are fitted and double-breasted, with lapels that are wider than they’ve been in a while. It’s a tailored look that’s reminiscent of menswear from the 40’s and 50’s. Dapper. Very.

What’s also back is something that never left—the blazer. What’s interesting this coming season, though, is the new and ‘old-that-is-new-again’ take on this classic look. We’re talking about patterned blazers, (think checks, stripes, or, if you’re really confident, flower motifs!) and tweed flannel sport coats like your dad and grand dad wore.

Tops score top marks for looks this fall/winter. Buff chests are in (hit the gym, guys!) as the V-neck rules in sweaters, cardigans, and vests.

Shirts are all about expressing yourself, as demonstrated in patterns and florals showing up on the backs of the most style-savvy gents. Be fearless! Pair them up with patterned ties and/or jackets (just be sure to have your color elements coordinated).

Styling cue: Whatever top you wear, add a rugged edge to your persona by rolling up those sleeves!

The lowdown on trousers is that while flat-fronts still rule, pleats are coming out of fashion exile to make a big comeback.

In a scene that’s representative of the direction men’s clothes are taking this coming season, look out for a rebirth of the fashion standby’s that we have come to love and revere.

We’re talking about leather bomber jackets, cashmere sweaters, denim jackets (just make sure they don’t match your jeans), straight-legged jeans and black-leather shoes or boots. All are must-haves for Fall/winter 2012-13.

Top your look off with accessories that use color as your signature. Ties, scarves, and pocket squares in eye-catching reds, yellows, and deeper standout-colors, such as teal, raspberry, and cedarwood will go a long way toward differentiating the dressed from the well-dressed.

The moral of the story? ‘Tis the season to take some fashion risks!



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