Q&A with stylish singer Stacey Jackson

With performances sold out in both the US and Europe, it is no wonder Stacey Jackson has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Although Stacey has embarked on several other successful career ventures, including management of her own PR firm for a decade (clients included Quentin Tarrantino, Tim Robbins, and Debbie Reynolds) and a career as a publicist for CBS, music has always been her passion.

Stacey already has five top-ten club hits in the UK – a number that is surely on the rise. The remix pack for her latest single ‘I am a Woman’ features collaborations with top producers including Das Kapital, Ruff Loaderz Est 8, and more.

Purchase the song if you’re in the US here: iTunes and for Canada, here: iTunes

Stacey has also previously collaborated with Snoop Dog on her record ‘Live it Up,’ which received rave reviews. Stay tuned for Jackson’s upcoming projects, which include her debut album which is set to drop in early 2013.

Read our Q&A with Stacey to find out all about this musician’s fierce style sense:

Q- How would you describe your personal style?

A: I still have a hint of rock chick in me. I’m a sucker for fitted leather jackets and chunky cuff bracelets. I do also love easy dresses, but with the addition of cool accessories, a fitted jacket, an awesome bag, and sky high heels or boots – it makes the dress looks totally different.

Q- What are some trends that you’re loving for Fall/Winter 2012?

A: I love that they are showing fitted turtlenecks, peplum waist jackets, and pencil skirts. It’s the sexy secretary look that I think is so elegant but again, if it’s accessorized with some fabulous boots and awesome jewelry, you give the secretary look a cool edge.

Q- What types of clothing do you like to wear when you’re on the road?

A: The safest color to travel in is black (spilling red wine on beige trousers or jeans isn’t a good look when you arrive at your destination!) It’s like a canvas that you can style based on the jacket you wear or the accessories you choose. So you’ll typically see me in black trousers, a fitted t-shirt or tank top, and a fabulous jacket. If I’m on a long flight, I will bring a Juicy Couture zippy, change into that while I’m sitting, and hang up my jacket so it’s in good condition when I land.

Q- As a Canadian, you know all about harsh winters – what are some tips you can share for looking fab when the temperature drops?

A: An awesome coat that is fitted and stylish, definitely some fur involved, and an amazing pair of high boots with wedges for stability and height. And of course, an amazing bag! The right coat is so important -it needs to make a statement. I also love capes, which are so on trend at the moment. Capes are chic and elegant but the right one has to fit properly and not swamp your body.

Q- Tell us about your new single ‘I am a Woman’ – What does it mean to you?

A: It’s an empowering track about not playing games — a woman knows what she wants and she has the power to achieve it. In my new video I play a mystical character that empowers a young women to create her own ideal man. The message is pretty clear that women are smart enough to get what they want and that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

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