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Winter 2013 Fashion Trends

As seasons change and winter rolls in, so does that time of year that every fashionista adores: new trends! This means a new wardrobe and a fresh new look.

So what’s hot for 2013? Here’s a guide to make sure you have all the essentials to help you keep up with the fashion world this season.


Leather, leather, and more leather! As seen on the catwalk during fashion week, this sultry material will be a  must-have for Winter 2013. From leather gloves to belts and shirts, Yves St Laurent’s catwalk was abounding with leather accents.

Hot tip: For the perfect look, indulge in a bold pair of leather leggings with leather gloves. Top this outfit off with a faux-fur vest over a white blouse et voila! You’ve just created your own fashion-forward ensemble!


Whether you’re a daring creature or the definition of innocence, this next look is perfect for all. Metallic accents were famously showcased on the Givenchy and Chanel catwalks. Chanel’s noted signature piece was a dainty pair of metallic tights, while Givenchy’s catwalk was awash with shiny beaded embroidery and fringes.

Hot tip: Head out and purchase a pair of metallic tights and throw on a knitted sweater dress. For a subtle yet modish look, tie this look together with a long gold pendant necklace and matching bracelet.


For the finishing touch, every outfit needs to be tied together with the right accessories and shoes. This season’s must-have shoes are thick-heeled pumps and booties, and of course the timeless thigh-high boots. As fashion is renowned for recycling, you can take your thick belts and necklaces out of hiding and put them to use again.

Hot tip: To keep warm, throw on a thick knitted scarf, with a matching woolen beanie, and long gloves.

Now that you’re up to date with the latest trends, give your wardrobe the makeover it’s been yearning for!

Shop Vigoss Jeans, as seen in Teen Vogue, Nylon, and People Style Watch

As seen in magazines Teen Vogue, Nylon, and People Style Watch, Vigoss has been famed for highlighting the inherent beauty of denim, by creating washes and treatment that bring out its unique characteristics.

Vigoss takes its denim seriously and takes pride in each pair of jeans.

Today the brand continues to push the boundaries of quality, design, and fit through the integration of new materials, constructions, lifestyles, and trends.

Get your authentic pair and shop the event today.

Also look for brands Vigold and Standards and Practices.

Buy a S’well water bottle and get a $10 credit to Beyond the Rack

As seen on The Today Show, InStyle, and Glamour, S’well is making waves for re-inventing the way you look at standard beverage containers.

S’well bottles are sleek, elegant, and completely fashionable. If you want to do your part in helping our environment (no more plastic water bottles!) then you’ll want to pick up your very own.

Double-walled insulation allows beverages to stay hot or cold for incredibly long periods of time – so you’ll be set no matter where the day takes you.

A bonus? With every sale, a portion of the proceeds go back to WaterAid, our charity partner. WaterAid is an international non governmental organisation, who’s mission is to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene, and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.

Shop S’well now!

Follow S’well on Twitter @swellbottle and Facebook

Beyond the Rack and Power2Gether join forces to support anti-bullying – shop the event to make a contribution

Sticks and stones may break your bones … but words can hurt more.

In honor of Anti-Bullying Week, Beyond the Rack and Canada’s newest anti-Bullying and empowering movement Power2Gether have joined forces to make cruelty in schools a thing of the past.

Power2Gether’s goal is to ensure youths are inspired to stick together and embrace their differences. In a cyber-age where it’s extremely easy for young people to attack one another, Power2Gether is determined to create a better tomorrow for all those affected by bullying.

Join the movement and take a stand against bullying with the purchase of a bracelet or tee from our exclusive event. A portion of the proceeds will be donated in support of Power2Gether and the Amanda Todd Legacy and Memorial Fund.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the heartbreaking Amanda Todd story. Amanda was a wonderful girl who thought her only hope was to take her own life. We’d love for young people across the nation to know it doesn’t have to come to that – and that there are other people who share the same struggles.

Whether you’re a parent, a student, or a concerned citizen, you can make a difference!

Please take a moment to donate to Power2Gether and to The Amanda Todd Legacy fund

Watch the video of the Power2Gether teen rally in Montreal – Presented by Virgin Radio.

Shop King Baby Studio for edgy one-of-a-kind jewelry

Unleash your devilish rock and roll persona with BTR’s edgy King Baby Studios jewelry event. To create a rebellious biker chic look, this bold jewelry line combines chunky sterling silver pieces with precious stones and leather.  From rough daggers and skulls to feminine crowned hearts and roses, all you ‘King and Queen Babies’ you’re sure to discover your ideal accessories no matter what your style.

3 Strand Bracelet with Crowned Heart

Feminine crowned heart bracelet

For all you funky punk princesses out there – now’s your chance to accentuate your daring side. This bewitching 3-strand black beaded bracelet has a soft appeal with the dangling 3D 18K vermeil crowned-heart pendant.

These fab bracelets will let you uphold a rebellious charm while staying ultra pretty.

Dangly skull coin earrings

Fierce Dangly Earring

We can all be a little rough around the edges at times. Instead of fighting your tough mood, Why not let your tough mood inspire your style? By These fierce dangly earrings combine a the short chain with and the skull coin with along chain with and the ancient cross, these brassy earrings will to have you rocking out.

Chain Bracelet with coined skulls

Bold skull bracelet

Ever want to be the “bad boy” that girls gush over? Now’s your chance to attain a rebellious look that will attract all the ladies.

The skulls make for a dangerous edge while the contrasting sterling silver and blackened silver contribute to a gritty biker feel.  It’s time to ditch the boring good boy act and turn over to the dark side.

Check out the King Baby Studio event to find your edge!

Discover natural bamboo kitchenware with Core Acacia

Discover the beauty and functionality of Core Acacia, manufacturers of the world’s finest Core Bamboo products. Allow the natural look and feel of these soft honey brown products to give a warm tone to your kitchenware. Core Acacia – where nature’s beauty shines.

What is Acacia wood? Acacia wood is used for many functions but mainly decorative housewares and home essentials because of its durability and lustrous finish. Derived from the African Acacia tree, this wood varies in shades leaving no 2 pieces alike. The uniqueness of each piece adds to the allure of the products, which we know you’ll love!

From classic to modern, find the serving bowl that best suits your needs with our wide variety of shapes and sizes. Discover extensive entertainment sets and an array of premium servers to complete your assortment of kitchen essentials.

Check out this event to enrich your kitchen décor!