Discover natural bamboo kitchenware with Core Acacia

Discover the beauty and functionality of Core Acacia, manufacturers of the world’s finest Core Bamboo products. Allow the natural look and feel of these soft honey brown products to give a warm tone to your kitchenware. Core Acacia – where nature’s beauty shines.

What is Acacia wood? Acacia wood is used for many functions but mainly decorative housewares and home essentials because of its durability and lustrous finish. Derived from the African Acacia tree, this wood varies in shades leaving no 2 pieces alike. The uniqueness of each piece adds to the allure of the products, which we know you’ll love!

From classic to modern, find the serving bowl that best suits your needs with our wide variety of shapes and sizes. Discover extensive entertainment sets and an array of premium servers to complete your assortment of kitchen essentials.

Check out this event to enrich your kitchen décor!

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