Shop King Baby Studio for edgy one-of-a-kind jewelry

Unleash your devilish rock and roll persona with BTR’s edgy King Baby Studios jewelry event. To create a rebellious biker chic look, this bold jewelry line combines chunky sterling silver pieces with precious stones and leather.  From rough daggers and skulls to feminine crowned hearts and roses, all you ‘King and Queen Babies’ you’re sure to discover your ideal accessories no matter what your style.

3 Strand Bracelet with Crowned Heart

Feminine crowned heart bracelet

For all you funky punk princesses out there – now’s your chance to accentuate your daring side. This bewitching 3-strand black beaded bracelet has a soft appeal with the dangling 3D 18K vermeil crowned-heart pendant.

These fab bracelets will let you uphold a rebellious charm while staying ultra pretty.

Dangly skull coin earrings

Fierce Dangly Earring

We can all be a little rough around the edges at times. Instead of fighting your tough mood, Why not let your tough mood inspire your style? By These fierce dangly earrings combine a the short chain with and the skull coin with along chain with and the ancient cross, these brassy earrings will to have you rocking out.

Chain Bracelet with coined skulls

Bold skull bracelet

Ever want to be the “bad boy” that girls gush over? Now’s your chance to attain a rebellious look that will attract all the ladies.

The skulls make for a dangerous edge while the contrasting sterling silver and blackened silver contribute to a gritty biker feel.  It’s time to ditch the boring good boy act and turn over to the dark side.

Check out the King Baby Studio event to find your edge!

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